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Question about the CSWA personel???????


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
I have a question regarding the CSWA personel

I was wondering who could we use for like interviews (which whom do we might have or be given free reign and/or automatic permission to use) that we will not get penalized for?

(You know vialating the cardinal rule of efedding, using characters without prior permission.)

I wanted to write an rp for Bobby Karma with the idea of potentially having someone from the CSWA personel section to interview in hype for the Road To Anniversary section, but then I abstained because I wasn't sure who was free to use and who was off limits (special permission) And the profile page wasn't very clear as to whom each one was or could be attached to.

So I was wondering if some CSWA veteran or front office person when then get the opportunity could clarify who do the handlers have permission to use. I would most greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and I appreciate a response of some kind or anykind at any particular time as soon as time is made convenient to anyone who knows the answer to this.
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