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Rage In The Cage Update


Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: Blur's "Song 2." CUT TO: Various shots of Troy Windham-- in a limo with three girls, in his hot tub, on top of the cage with Eli Flair, doing the Fargo Strut with Eddy Love. The music abruptly stops-- the sound effect is like a needle coming off of a record. Replacing Song 2 is "Get Off My Cloud" by The Rolling Stones. CUT TO: Various shots of Troy Windham being hurt. CUT TO: Troy and Eli brawling in some arena somewhere. CUT TO: Eli dropping a steel grate on Windham's neck back in their locker room. CUT TO: Eli hoisting Troy through a table at ringside after their cage match. CUT TO: Eddy Love and Troy Windham going toe-to-toe as the crowd goes nuts, each guy slapping each other in the face. CUT TO: Mike Randalls putting Windham in the Devastator as Troy screams in pain, tapping. Troy's face, right as he taps out, is frozen and is shrunk to the upper-left of the screen. Rudy Seitzer sits in the CSWA A2K1 Control Center, as the television sets behind him blare with the latest CSWA images.)

RUDY: In a few short days, at Anniversary 2001, the CSWA will be hosting a grudge match that is simply entitled RAGE IN THE CAGE. Two men whose pasts are irrevocably tied into each other... whose rivalry is one of the all-time greatest in this sport... will once again do battle. Troy Windham. Eli Flair. In a cage. To win the match, you have to make the opponent say I Quit. Folks, let me tell you, extra security has already been taken for this match. The last time Troy and Eli fought one-on-one, it went all over the arena. The last time Troy and Eli fought... well... words can't even begin to DESCRIBE what happened.

(CUT TO: A graphic that reads "COURTESY: SATURDAY CSWA." on the bottom of the screen. CUT TO: A bloody Troy and Eli brawling in the alley-way. CUT TO: Eli dropping Troy on the floor out in the concourse with his Fallen One. CUT TO: Eli dropping the metal grating from a refreshment stand onto Troy's neck. CUT TO: Eli and Troy brawling again out in the upper deck. CUT TO: Troy teetering as if he is about to go over the top, only to backdrop Eli off the upper deck to the floor below. CUT TO: Troy leaping off the upper deck onto Eli, both guys laid out. CUT TO: Eli wrapping a T-Shirt and using it as a tourniquet around his leg. CUT TO: Eli and Troy brawling at ringside again, both guys looking like aliens from all the blood. CUT TO: Eli torpedoing Troy head first into the cage. CUT TO: Troy, screaming "OHHHHGOOOD MYYYY NECK." CUT TO: Eli Flair hanging onto the cage for dear life, then falling back first to the floor. CUT TO: Both guys on top of the cage as the crowd ERUPTS in a standing ovation. CUT TO: Troy hitting the SlackKnife on Eli on top of the cage. The cage buckles, and both guys fall to the mat. Flashbulbs pop. CUT TO: Troy shaking Eli's hand. CUT TO: Eli throwing Troy over the top rope through a table at ringside. CUT TO: Troy being stretchered out.)

RUDY: Today, there have been SEVERAL developments regarding this match... earlier this morning, Commissioner Chad Merrit released an announcement regarding this match via conference call.

(CUT TO: A graphic of a phone. The words spell out on the screen as Chad speaks, his voice muffled as he's on a cell phone.)

MERRIT: "As you all saw from the last time these two men fought, the match between Eli Flair and Troy Windham is expected to be a gruesome affair. While I may not have always seen eye-to-eye with both Flair and Windham, I cannot in good faith allow a matchup like that to occur again and allow two competitors as popular as they to once again take life-taking risks. As such, I am ordering that extra security be hired to make sure that both men stay in the ringside area once the bell rings. And also, I am mandating that the finale of the match MUST take place inside the perimeter of the cage. To win the match, you MUST be in the cage. Bottom Line."

(CUT TO: Back to Rudy.)

SEITZER: On top of that announcement... there was a SECOND press conference regarding the match today. This time, CSWA VP Steve Day made an announcement regarding the health of Troy Windham, who recently wrestled a grueling match against MIke Randalls and Eddy Love.

(CUT TO: Steve Day, in front of an A2K1 graphic. Various falshbulbs pop as reporters line the stage.)

DAY: I've just been informed by one of our staff doctors that he CAN NOT in good faith give his approval to Troy Windham to wrestle this match. Today, like before all of our cards, our medical staff examined Troy Windham, who failed the examination. While doctor-client privlidges do not usually allow us to know the reasons for medical failure, Windham has chosen to waive this right. Damage to his neck, specifically damage caused to him from Mike Randalls at our last card in Dallas, has caused him to lose thirty percent mobility in his vertebrae range. In lay terms, this means Windham cannot move his neck with the full range of motion. In addition, he is succeptible to permanent injury if any more damage is accrued to his neck. Our doctors have told us that they cannot grant Windham medical clearance for this match to occur. As a result of this, Troy Windham has threatened the CSWA with legal action, but a settlement was quickly reached. Windham WILL be allowed to wrestle in this match, as long as he waives the CSWA of all responsibility from the outcome of this match. Thank you, and have a good day.

(CUT TO: Seitzer, as the Control Center.)

SEITZER: A shocking announcement, indeed. And as you could guess, The so-called King of the Slackers has issued a response.

(CUT TO: Troy, hair pulled back in a ponytail, is wearing a neck brace on top of his usual get-up, standing in front of an A2K1 backdrop, holding a house mic.)

TROY: So, ya'll wanna KNOW what I'm thinking? The doctor's today told me that The Boy Troy ain't fit, that The Boy Troy can't hang. They told me that my neck's been beat up so bad over the years that I could be permanently injured... THAT I COULD BE PARALYZED... if something happens in my cage match against Eli Flair. The doc's told me that I could be in a wheelchair THE REST OF MY LIFE if something happens. The doc's told me that they don't want me to wrestle... that Big Daddy T should HANG IT UP for a while until he gets better... that The Epitome, Troy Diggiddy might want to cash in his insurance policy and go to Hollywood full-time.

(Troy stares at the camera, smiling. Then he slowly starts to nod his head-- nothing to pronounced, being he is in a neck brace-- and as he does his smile turns serious. The camera zooms in on his face.)

Maybe once in my career that would've happened... but not now. You see, I ain't going to quit before my time. There's still a lot of fight in this Texan, there's still a lot of things that need to be settled. I've listened to a lot of these loudmouths talk the talk for as long as I can remember. I've heard Hornet blab away about how he's the greatest of all-time, yet oddly I make a *HELL* of a lot more money than he does.

(Troy nods his head.)

I've heard Mike Rambles bragging about his way and his path and how he's the only one who can take it over the line... yet Mike Randalls has never taken me out, he hasn't taken my smile and he hasn't TOUCHED Eddy Love, who is going to roll over him at A2K1.

(Troy nods his head.)

I've heard young punks like Shane Southern and Evan Aho... I've heard over-the-hill veterans like Tom Adler... I've heard never-will-be's like The P-Are-Oh's... bragging about how they deserve to be in the main event, about how they're the only thing worth watching, about how they should be given their respect... yet the only time anyone watches any of their promos is when they drop *MY* name. Hell, I've supported ENTIRE PROMOTIONS in the indy's who keep their leagues afloat by passing off rumors on the Internet that I might show up as a guest timekeeper. Now, I'm not collecting royalty fees from any of you guys... but just keep in mind the next time ya'll open your mouths to criticize me, I want ya'll to realize that the only reason *YOU* can afford a nice car and *YOU* can afford a big house is because Troy Windham's name was on the marquee.

(Troy nods his head.)

But the most talk I've heard comes from the lips of Eli Flair. Eli Flair, your entire career has been spent trying to get out of the large shadow that I cast. Eli Flair, whose entire career has been spent trying to prove that he's legit, he's a main eventer, he's a superstar of MY magnitude. Eli Flair, a man who has said time and time again that HE is going to be the man to retire Troy Windham... that HE is going to be the man to end the greatest run of success that this sport has EVER seen. Flair, you came close last time. You threw me off of cages, you tossed me through tables, you made my bones go snap, crackle and pop. But you didn't get the job done last time. You didn't get the job done.

(Troy shakes his head. The camera comes in TIGHT against his face. Tears are welling up in his eyes.)

Well, Flair, here's your chance. The doctors don't want me to wrestle this match. My neck... (Troy rips off his neck brace and tosses it aside, grimacing for a second, but his adrenaline makes him impervious to the pain.) MY NECK IS PRACTICALLY BROKEN ALREADY, FLAIR. Come on and make me say I QUIT. COME ON AND TAKE ME OUT FOREVER, FLAIR. MAKE ME CO-STAR IN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT WITH CHRISTOPHER REEVES, FLAIR. This is YOUR chance. I'm going to show up in Greensboro, Flair. And I'm going to strut, I'm going to dance, and I'm going to BRING THE NOISE like I've ALWAYS brought it. And I want you to turn your speakers all the way up to eleven... I want you to shine up your crown that labels you THE KING OF EXTREME... I want you to bring EVERYTHING you CAN to the ring. And I want you to do whatever you can to END MY CAREER. Do it, Flair. But DON'T do it for yourself. (Troy's voice is almost like a whisper.) DO IT FOR ME.

(Troy pauses, staring right at the camera.)

Because I want to show all the fans watching in Greensboro... I want to show all the fans watching at home... I want to show all the young bucks and the has-beens in the dressing room... I want to show Eddy Love... I want to show Hornet... I want to show my brother... I want to show Mike Randalls... and, most importantly, I want to show YOU, Flair... why I do what I do. Because from the FIRST DAY I signed a contract to become a professional wrestler, I told ya'll that I was going to do things the way *I* wanted to do them and I was going to do them *BETTER* than anyone else. Because from the FIRST DAY I signed a contract to become a professional wrester, I told ya'll... (Troy pauses a while, nodding his head, once again smiling.) That I was going to be the greatest of all-time. And I intend to show that no matter how hurt I am, no matter how messed up my neck is... (Troy puts his dukes up.) I'm still the greatest.

(CUT TO: Seitzer, at the booth.)

SEITZER: Folks, I don't know what else can be said. Troy Windham versus Eli Flair. That match is worth the price of admission alone... and then some. (FTB)

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