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Recovering From The Crash of 'O4



Okay, just to let everyone know, that the "Poser Machine" will be getting back on track soon. In case some of you were unaware, my desktop recently crashed and burned and while I'm still in the process of breathing life back into that system, I did manage to have the fore-sight (if not luck) to back up nearly all of my poser stuff and files onto DVD backup discs. As a result of this, I was also locked out of the Poser Hosting Site which I use to upload all the poser files because the PW was set-up as an autologon on my desktop before it crashed. I'd like to thank Chad for resetting my PW and acting as the locksmith to let me back into my Poser house so to speak. All I need to do now is to re-organize all those poser files I had backed up and load them onto my laptop, which should take me a few days. (an average Poser file size is between 10-25 MEGAbytes, I currently have nearly 8 GIGAbytes of poser files to sort through, do the math and visualize the nightmare that awaits me.... :eek: )

Anywho.... I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten about anyone's poser. The Poser Machine should be back up and in operation again within the week....



Alrighty.... it seems as if I'm "finally" back up and running on my desktop. (laptops are cool but I just realized I'm a desktop-type person) It seems like I've lost only a minimal amount of "poser" files (everything else on that drive was totally lost). So, I'll be resuming work on the poser submissions once again. While I still won't be giving out any ETA's regarding poser submissions, you can still check to see whether or not I've finished or started work on your poser by clicking on the link below.....


-Joe Lebron

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