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Redemption from Reykjavik


League Member
Nov 5, 2005
(OPEN: Plain white wall, a flash of light gleaming off it. The view shifts roughly, downward to an empty plastic outdoor chair and with a rattle and thud comes to a stop. An errant finger glances off the lens, a man comes into view rounding stage right. Adorned in zipped-up brown bomber jacket, greying hair brushed back, un-trimmed beard equally colored and scraggly, JAVID DONES sits down into the view. DONES takes in a breath of frigid Icelandic air as he leans towards the picture to fiddle, adjust, and with a noticeable grimace, leans back into the plastic, gently placing his hands into his jacket pockets.)

JAVID DONES: "Ultratitle... A prestigious championship. One that has evolved through the ages. A historical purview that would peak any wrestling thespian's interest. Joey Melton. Hornet. Doc Silver, old friend. Michael Manson. Through its various machinations, the Ultratitle has withstood the test of father time, and is ready to flourish once more, like the mythical phoenix!

Yours truly can... (clears throat) ...understand the wanting of that feeling.

Through the maze of life, yours truly weaved many a wicked web to the delight of masses, but in recent years... dead ends have abounded. Nary has there been a corner nor track that hasn't led to a wall akin to the one behind yours truly's seat. No stop sign to warn of the impending terminus that impedes progress. Instead... instead its been pure regression.

Here, Javid Dones sits before you, in frigid temperatures, banished to the realm of Reykjavik, Iceland. (JAVID takes hands out of pockets, spreads arms out forward like a priest to his followers)

Here, Javid Dones sits before you, laying witness to a flicker of fire coming from the distance, from beyond the wall.

Here, Javid Dones sits before you, with one final opportunity to right the trajectory. To right the path taken. To right wrongs, and present to all that yours truly has well withstood the ever-quickening ticking seconds of life.

For yours truly, too, shall floruish once more! The wall shall disappear under wing, for I (raises arm to the sky, looks up at it!), Javid Dones, shall too rise like the phoenix!

Rise above the misery, the tortures, the pain and suffering, and piece together an astounding return to the sqaured circle! An epic for the ages shall be written between the ropes' pages, and nothing beyond the wall, competitor nor white walker, shall ground this flight to the flicker of fire.

(JAVID DONES stands up!)

To the flame!

(Puts both arms and face toward the air!)

To the Ultratitle!

(DONES calmly brings his limbs down, takes in a deep breath, gently putting his hands back into his pockets.)

And yours truly shall do it... with Elegance.

It's over. It's really, really, over."



Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
(CUTTO: Castor Strife in his hotel room)

CASTOR: If you're here...then who did I buy that cheesesteak for?


League Member
Feb 24, 2009
Santa Monica
(CUTTO: Castor Strife in his hotel room)

CASTOR: If you're here...then who did I buy that cheesesteak for?

[CUTTO: Pete Whealdon smoking a cigarette.]

[Eyebrows raised.]

[Pete Whealdon stroked his mustache bemusedly.]

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