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RETALIATION 2: 12.22.2009

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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
(CUE UP: I Don’t Wanna Be Me by Type O Negative as the cameras begin to fade into The Palms, in Las Vegas Nevada. The crowd up in arms and cheering as the camera’s pan and tilt to the ramp way that leads to a caged octagon. Fireworks explode from the ramp way as the camera goes to ring side where two men sit. Troy Young and Andrew Parker, Troy to the left a younger looking fellow, mid twenties wearing a blue dress shirt and Andrew to the right in his late forties wearing a full suit.)

YOUNG: Everyone in the desert is here tonight to witness Jonathan Marx enter his second mixed martial arts bout against a sure fire Edward Rain! Hello I am Troy Young.

PARKER:: And I am Andrew Parker! Jonathan Marx proved a few weeks ago in Chicago that he is not to be taken lightly as he pulled a TKO victory right over David Abbey.

YOUNG: Marx proved that he is more technically sound than many were expecting; his clinch game is by far the best I have seen in the sport.

PARKER:: The clinch game of Marx was by far amazing, there was no hope at all for Abbey when he was planted against the cage to escape, but nonetheless Marx is in the cage again tonight to show that this was no fluke.

YOUNG: Question I really have for Marx is if he takes Rain down to the ground will he be able to counter the jiu-jitsu of Edward Rain.

PARKER:: It all depends on positioning, this isn’t a submission wrestling match this is an MMA fight, so if Rain can work past the shots Marx throws to get a submission in then we may see Marx unable to cope with that.

YOUNG: Well Jonathan Marx isn’t the only one that has gained some light in SWIFT, we are happy to announce the arrival of a promising training team The Crown Point Assembly, the fighters in that group are sure to grind up the ranks.

PARKER:: As well as Jimmy Rollins and Liu Kuan, the division is truly starting to shape into a place to be.

YOUNG: One SWIFT.com we held a poll asking if there is one professional wrestler other than Jonathan Marx you want to see in the octagon who would it be? Well the responses are in from the fans watching at home, top three are Shawn Jessica Hart, Dan Ryan, and Rocko Daymon.

PARKER:: Those would be interesting fighters to get in that very cage, Troy.

YOUNG: Tonight is actually the last night of piloting programming, after tonight all Retaliations will be on prime time, so congratulations to all of the SWIFT staff for accomplishing what was thought to be impossible!

PARKER:: Very true, and the more fighters we secure the more fights we can toss in the cage in a night, but for tonight we are having only one fight, no prelims, Marx v. Rain and that is all!

YOUNG: Still highly exciting! Tonight’s matchup is scheduled for three five-minute rounds with three judges scoring each round of the fight. The winner of the round will receive a score of ten, with the loser receiving nine or less.

PARKER:: And it seems our referee for tonight’s bout is Anthony Russell!

YOUNG: Tonight’s fight is sponsored by AT&T!

(CUE UP: Mama Said - LL Cool J as Edward Rain makes his way down the ramp way and towards the cage. Rain stands out of the cage as a trainer puts a mouth guard into his mouth and a doctor examines him. Rain checks his cup then enters the cage running it a few times before getting to the blue corner.)

PARKER:: Rain looking solid in that octagon, wearing white trunks, this is going to be a great matchup for Marx.

YOUNG: Our tale of the tape! Brought to you by AT&T! AT&T your world delivered. This SWIFT MMA bout, you are looking at Edward Rain weighing in at around 205 pounds and Marx just right there at 203 pounds, practically identical. Marx giving away one inch to Rain though coming in around 6’1 and Rain at 6’2. These two fighters are right down the wire exact.

(CUE UP: “The Touch” by Stan Bush as Jonathan Marx starts his way down the ramp way. He gets a large pop from the audience as he works his way over to the cage. Receiving the same treatment as Rain from the trainer and doctor he begins to walk into the cage pounding his gloves together as he warms up a bit on his side.)

PARKER:: We send it down to Jeff Harper for our official introductions.

(Camera goes to the octagon facing an older gentlemen who is Jeff Harper.)

HARPER: The following fight is scheduled for three five minute rounds and is sponsored by AT&T! introducing first fighting out of the blue corner which is directly to my left, this man is kick boxer and jiu-jitsu fighter, he stands at six feet two inches tall, hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!!!!! He is….EDWARD ‘THE HEAD HUNTER’ RAINNNNNN!!!!!

(Good sized pop for Rain as the camera gives a quick shot to him, then back to Harper.)

HARPER: And introducing the man that stands in the red corner directly to my right, this man is a wrestler and holds a Mixed Martial Arts professional record of one win with no losses and one technical knockout! He stands six feet one inch tall, hailing from none other than Princeton, New Jersey! ‘GENTLEMAN’ JONATHAN….MARXXXX!!!!!!! And when the action starts the referee in charge of this matchup is Anthony Russell.

(Harper leaves the octagon as the door is closed. Camera goes to dead center octagon.)

RUSSELL: Rain are you ready? Marx are you ready? Let’s f-ck this **** up!

PARKER:: And we are underway!

YOUNG: I can’t stop laughing at the way Anthony Russell started this fight, that’s trademark there. Marx in the black trunks, Rain in the white, both men in the center, touch of gloves. Marx has a way better stance than his last appearance in the cage.

PARKER:: Doesn’t surprise me that first round with David Abbey made Marx look like a punching bag, Marx and Rain circling, Marx on the outside trying to close distance, Rain resetting himself, attempted leg kick fails as Marx backs away from it.

YOUNG: That’s the thing about the leg kick, it needs proper distance and it can’t be telegraphed like it was. Three five minute rounds though here tonight, and we will see where this is heading soon. Marx with a snap jab, looking to clear something.

PARKER:: Rain with a high kick, misses. MARX WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN!

YOUNG: This is not where Rain wants to be with Marx on top of him throw big bombs . Marx working the ribs, Rain looking comfortable here in butterfly guard. Marx needs to pass, Rain has Marx’s head clinched close to his chest so Marx isn’t really throwing hard blows.

PARKER:: True Troy, Marx trying to push Rain against the cage, good thinking by Marx, try to get some leverage. Rain with an elbow to the head of Marx, and Marx may be bleeding here. I can’t tell if he is cut or if Rain cut his elbow with that exchange.

YOUNG: I think its Marx, Marx is actually bleeding pretty good, the blood is going down the middle of his nose and not his eyes so that is good. Raining moving into rubber guard now, Marx needs to be careful! RAIN GOING FOR A TRIANGLE CHOKE FROM BOTTOM!

PARKER:: Great thinking from Edward Rain! Marx fighting him, Rain has no where to back up to the really lock that choke in though, Marx stacking him against the cage and throwing some downward shots, Rain lets go of the choke.

YOUNG: Anthony Russell has stopped Marx telling him to go towards the door, I think they want to take a look at that cut on his head.

(Crowd boos loudly)

PARKER:: That cut could be serious, and it is a big cut at that, take a replay of the shot that made that cut open up. Rain was on the bottom clinching Marx head with his left hand, Marx went to pull his head away to get in an open guard positioning and Rain unleashes an ungodly elbow to the hair line of Jonathan Marx.

YOUNG: Marx telling the doctors he can see fine, no issues land lets go. Anthony Russell going to start this back in the middle since Marx got to his feet after the release of the triangle choke. So here we go, Marx and Rain in the center, Marx with a double jab, ONE CONNECTS! Sends Rain against the cage!

PARKER:: WOW! Marx unleashing hands Rain covering himself, Marx with some more shots, big hook! Rain I trying to clinch Jonathan Marx! NO! Marx just pushes him away and is still throwing punches!

YOUNG: Rain diving for the leg of Jonathan Marx, Marx sprawls, hammer fists to the side of Rains face, Rain is just covering, he needs to do something or Anthony Russell will call this fight. Marx has the back of Edward Rain!

PARKER:: Marx looking to sink in a rear naked choke here! Marx searching while Rain is still fighting, Anthony Russell warning Rain not to grab the cage for assistance. Marx slipping in the choke!!!



YOUNG: WOW! Just WOW! Rain took a flurry of shots when he was pressed against the cage, looking to try and escape, but Marx pursued and just pummeled him down.

PARKER:: We take it to Jeff Harper for our official decision.
HARPER: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Anthony Russell has called a stop to this match at four minutes and thirty-five seconds of the first round. Your winner by way of rear naked choke! ‘GENTLEMAN’ JONATHAN MARX!!!!

YOUNG: Marx with just an impressive display, he is just getting better every time we see him in the cage. I just can’t believe that was a text book choke.

PARKER:: Well, from us here at SWIFT and Shiner we want to wish everyone a very festive Christmas and a safe New Year. We will see you in 2010 for Retaliation 3 from Huston, Texas! On behalf of myself, Troy Young and all of SWIFT Good night and happy holidays!
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