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Riddick vs. Marx headline Lesson 1, three other matches announced

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
TOKYO – Isamu League wanted to stamp their mark as a premier force in the wrestling world with it's hybrid product of both traditional puroresu and hardcore brutality, and Hall of Fame promoter Joey Clerk knew the perfect main event for Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 1 – Riddick vs. Jonathan Marx.

With a host of title belts and worldwide acclaim between the two superstars, it's the showdown everyone has wanted to see ever since Marx became the first official wrestler on The IL roster. Everyone knew that wherever Clerk was, Riddick would soon follow and it would be a matter of time before “Mr. RSW” would make a new start for himself.

While Riddick has soul searched and enjoyed time off after his Shootclub Wrestling Alliance ban in 2008, resting up from years of competing in the most gruesome bouts the world has seen, Jonathan Marx has kept his career going and has ventured into mixed martial arts. Marx has established himself as a top fighter in the cage and has an opportunity to become SWIFT: MMA's first champion after going 4-0 since the company first started in December.

Marx may be down as the favourite at JapBet, but not by much. Even though Riddick hasn't competed in a match since 2008, he will be unlike any other opponent Marx has ever faced.

“The two match up evenly in a straight up match. If it went hold-for-hold and they traded hip tosses, they could match each other,” expert Ken Yaga said. “Should it turn into a brawl, that is where Riddick will get him. It's Clerk's first show as a Promoter in years, his style of production is what suits Riddick, the environment will help Riddick find his feet after two years, and the hardcore RSW nuts will back him. I would back Riddick for this one.”

Japanese natives Masaharu Keichigawa and Jun Nakagawa will compete against each other. Both wrestlers have established an underground following and the news of their bone-crunching style of puroresu being set for a collision course has already sparked many debates across the puroresu message board landscape.

JapBet has given a slight advantage towards Keichigawa.

“This is too close to call,” Yaga stated. “I wouldn't bet on this one. It could go either way. Keichigawa is the bigger guy, and watching him on the indie circuit here in Japan – this guy is a big match fighter. Nakagawa has experience abroad and from what I have seen, he has a very interesting American approach for a kid from Iburi. Seriously, don't bet on this match. Either man could win. Just sit back and watch the future of puroresu shine brightly. If you really need to bet, go for the draw at even odds.”

Nineteen year old prospect Naoki Inoue will go up against thirty-four year old blood brawler and California native AK-47. The “Diamond Child” from Omuta has made a quick leap into Japan's biggest promotion after one one year of training while AK-47's journey hasn't been so easy. With several Iraq tours from 2003-2007 between independent wrestling stints, he eventually became too violent for most American promotions.

With Joey Clerk being the king of promoting violence, he was probably the only promoter left that was willing to take a chance on AK-47. Luckily for AK-47, Joey is a rebel as much as he is a leader, and has always been glad to let the inmates run his asylum.

Inoue has mixed reviews from people across the puroresu internet community. Many love his style and hope he can be a future champion, but he has his share of haters who find him to be “brash” and “cocky.” AK-47 on the other hand is expected to make a vulgar display towards the Japanese people upon arrival, and the crowd could heavily back Inoue for this match. He'll need it according to JapBet, who have AK-47 as quite the favourite.

“I think the odds are a little unfair to Inoue,” Yaga defended. “The kid is talented, but I do agree – he is the underdog. He's shot up so quickly, but AK-47 is a thirty-four year old psychopath who has wanted a chance like this all his life. Inoue is more skilled, but AK-47 has a height and weight advantage that will be difficult to overcome if he takes control of the match early. I also think AK-47 wants this more, so I would bet the favourite here.”

Randall Beetwix has AK-47 beat as being the oldest member on the roster. At forty-three years old, the Los Angeles veteran will need to dig up all the tricks in his bag when he faces 6'6” 354 pound goldFISH. With Beetwix in pursuit of success at this point in his career, he can't be too happy going up against a big man like this right away and being listed as the underdog on JapBet.

“I wouldn't write off Beetwix,” Yaga remarked. “He's the underdog, and this goldFISH fellow is odd but the man is a physical monster. But this Beetwix fellow saw The IL as one last shot at some real glory. He came so close to being Ringside Pro's Heavyweight Champion and then they went bankrupt. So he gets booked against a big man like goldFISH, but be real. This isn't the first big man he's ever faced in his career. He may not have the accolades Riddick and Marx have, or be an internet darling like Keichigawa or Nakagawa, but this is a man who knows where he's at in his life and I don't think he's going to let a man mountain like goldFISH intimidate him too much. If you like betting on an underdog, this could be the match for you. With that said, goldFISH has an overwhelming array of slams that could be too much for an ageing wrestler.”


Event: Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 1
Date: March 9, 2010
Venue: Pitch Black Nightclub (Tokyo)

Riddick (+100) vs. Jonathan Marx (-100) [DRAW: EVEN)
Masaharu Keichigawa (-100) vs. Jun Nakagawa (EVEN) [DRAW: EVEN]
Naoki Inoue (+250) vs. AK-47 (-150) [DRAW: +400]
Randall Beetwix (+300) vs. goldFISH (-280) [DRAW: +600]

Who will top the ranking points table before National Threat I?
Who will be the first Tsunawoharu Champion?
Who will be the first wrestler to win five IL matches?

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