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Jan 22, 2010

Weight:240 lbs

Hair color:Black (if and when he ever has any hair)

Hair style: Bald

Eye Color:Hazel


Facial hair: Black goatee and mustache.

Clothing Style: Like to wear black leather jackets with muscle shirts on underneath. Likes to wear blue jeans, sneakers, and Oakley sunglasses. Will also sport black leather gloves that are cut off at the knuckles.

In Ring Clothing: Blue jeans, black leather gloves and something a blood red muscle shirt or bare chested.

Theme Music:Unbreakable by Cage 9

Previous Employment: Shootclub Wrestling Alliance from March 2002 until his banishment in August of 2008. For a link to his profile there. http://www.shootclub.com/SC/S/Profile?unitId=4288&cd=bio

Accomplishments: Former two time SWA World Heavyweight champion and seven time SWA World Tag Team Champion. Riddick has held numerous championships on three different continents. Australia, Asia, and North America. A prolific promo artist. He won Promo of The Week on 28 different occasions out of 246 promos posted. Is still in the top ten all time in SWA history with the amount of promos aired. He looks to further his resume in the IL.

Wrestling Backstory: Riddick is perhaps one of the most vile men to ever grace a SWA ring. Now he brings his craft back to where it all began for him. With the Clerk family in the IL. Riddick started his career in RSW of the SWA. A Japanese league headed by the infamous Joey Clerk. Riddick became the cornerstone of RSW and perhaps it's heart and soul as RSW won two League Of The Year awards under Joey Clerk. Riddicks promos were over the top. Urinating on his dead brother at his funeral. Torturing many superstars. Using colorful, vulgar metaphors to insult and humilate opponents. Also making a mockery of many opponents using various themed promos. Such as game shows, interview segments, reality TV style promos and Riddick's rarely used favorite. His very own style of shoot promo. Riddick debuted in March of 2002 and in one of his first promos ever he helped a fellow stablemate kill off a wrestler named Wally Walmart. Following that, it was straight to the top for Riddick. As he trained, honed, and perfected his style of doing things. He is not afraid of hard work and dedication to make it in this business. He will attack, anyone, or anything at anytime. Animal, innocent bystander, wrestler, partner, boss, referee, ring announcer. Hell even an elderly old lady is not immune to Riddick's verbal barrage of insults and physical attacks. Riddick will make fun of anything at any time. Often being politically incorrect and poking fun of current events, catastrophies, and diseases.

Riddick only aired one shoot promo in his time in the SWA and that shoot promo became a thing of legend, and also began his downfall into all time banishment. In his shoot promo he revealed to many workers and members of the industry the in's and out's of the SWA and how it was ran, and how he felt many of the top stars in the Alliance's past made their way to the top. This promo brought the house down revealing the fact the superstars had writers for them and indeed their promos were scripted. This controversial promo enraged the powers that be in the SWA and they harbored their rage until the time was right for them to ban Riddick from the SWA for life. He was banned, blackballed, and never allowed on SWA programming ever again. However, the powers that be also have respected his illustrous career and have inducted him into both the Superstar Hall Of Fame wing and the Honorary Hall Of Fame wing. If Riddick had been allowed to continue. He perhaps would've been inducted into the Legend's wing of the SWA Hall Of Fame. Only time would've told on that. http://www.shootclub.com/SC/S/Promos?promoId=74651 < Riddicks controversial promo.

Favorite Match Types and Wrestling Style: Riddick is well versed in the technical arts of wrestling, with a twist. Riddick is about as hardcore as they come. Riddick would just as soon greco roman throw you through a stain glass window or drop a fireman's carry takedown onto a bed of barbed wire than punch your lights out. He knows just about every various form of suplex known to man. However he is also not afraid to get downright vicious with various weapony of any shape, or size. If it can be used as a weapon, Riddick will use it. Even something as simple as a bag of flour could be used as a weapon for Riddick to blind people. Or something as inane as an eraser, Riddick would use to gouge an eyeball out. His finish moves are sick, twisted, and capable of maiming or seriously injuring an opponent if they are not ready for it. Riddick has killed men with some of these various moves. These moves will be described in full detail.

Riddick is also not afraid to take things to the air from time to time. But he'd prefer not to. He loves the Northern Lights Suplex, Turnbuckle DDT and will throw in a powerbomb against other smaller opponents. He is definitely one of the more well rounded wrestlers one will ever see. Think of a hardcore Kurt Angle.

Riddick also has signature match types. These are some of the most brutal, insane, types of matches ever held inside a wrestling venue. They include the sixty minute Ironman Deathmatch, where anything goes for sixty minutes. The Real Deathmatch. Yes, the Real Deathmatch. Where the rules are simple, there is a doctor on standby watching the match and the match does not end until, yes, one of the wrestlers is DEAD. Riddick lost one of these matches and was miraculously revived in the ambulance directly following the match. Riddick was legally dead for several minutes. He is also known to be involved in Glass House matches, Barbed Wire Hell In A Cell matches, Pumpkinpatch From Hell matches. However the deathmatch is where Riddick makes his living. Although he can compete in any technical, or puroresu style of match thrown his way. When you've been "The Man" before. You learn to adapt.

Signature and Finishing Moves: Highlighted in bold:

Riddicks Rage: A reverse Pedigree. Riddick will drive a knee into an opponents back to double them over then hook his opponents arms and jump up and drive the back of his opponents head into the mat, concrete, bed of nails, glass, barbed wire. Whatever Riddick is standing on at that particular moment.

The Reckoning: A submission hold much like the "old school" Walls Of Jericho. Riddick however will add a twist to this hold and actually step on the neck while having them in the elevated version of this sickening hold.

The Paralyzer: Formerly named C'est La Vie. This is a Russian Neck Drop that will compress the spinal column at the neck. Not used often at all, Riddick will use this to make an impression or to attempt to paralyze an opponent.

Rabies On Fire: One of Riddick's angles during his career was that Riddick contracted rabies from being bitten by a dog. During this stage of his career before the rabies was treated, Riddick would go nuts during a match and whip his opponents into the turnbuckle and charge them full steam and deliver a crushing running headbutt into his opponents mouth, or jaw or entire face. People who are victimized by this move will end up leaving the match needing facial reconstructive surgery sometimes.

Balls To The Wall: An illegal variant to Rabies On Fire, however instead of targeting the face, Riddick targets his opponents genitalia. If caught this is immediate disqualification, unless it's a deathmatch. This move might make it so that his opponents can never have children again. Male.. or female. As Riddicks head strikes the crotch and lower abdomen. Riddick will get creative with this move and use it in all sorts of situations, depending on the match type.

The End Is Nigh: A full nelson facebuster (One of my favorite moves) Can be modified in numerous ways to incorporate weapons into the move.

Banned Finisher THE CARNAL NECKVICE: Only used TWICE in Riddicks entire six year career. This move is outlawed everywhere Riddick has performed for good reason. It could easily, kill, decapitate, or maim a person to the point where their career is over. This move is where Riddick wants to end someone, perhaps permanently. He grabs a chain, or a rope, or a spool of barbed wire and wraps it around his opponents neck, he then runs with his opponent at the ropes and flings them over the top using the rope or the chain or barbed wire. If the whiplash from the toss over the top doesn't break their neck, the opponent will choke out to their demise. If razor wire is used, Riddick could possibly decapitate someone with this move. Two people have endured this sick move. Both have recovered from it, but never been the same. One mentions it as a turning point in HER entire life. Not just her career.

Alliances: Right now in the IL he only has one ally. Joey Clerk. That is it. Riddick and Joey have been allies if not friends since the days of Twilight Stand in RSW. Riddick could not stand by and watch as Joey got banned for life from the SWA. Therefore Riddick ended up with the same fate by lashing out against the powers that be in the SWA for banning Joey. Riddick also brought more attention to himself and his shoot promo and wound up with the same fate. Riddick was working as a "problem solver" freelancing for various mob bosses and political figures all around the world when Riddick got the call from Joey Clerk about the IL. Riddick at first didn't pick up the phone nor have an answer for Joey. However the allure of carnage, and the ring, and the opportunity to ply his trade in an unknown environment is too much for Riddick to turn down. During his career in the IL, Riddick will also have various political figures and mob bosses assist him financially, and weapon wise, as they are paying Riddick back for services past rendered.

Riddick is also married. To the first ever womans SWA World Heavyweight Champion in it's history. Elizabeth AKA Lady Despair. We will see her from time to time in Riddicks promos, as they always have a way of schemeing up something to screw with opponents minds. She is the love of his life. Only because she is more like him in every possible way a female could ever be like Riddick.

Entrance: Unbreakable hits on the PA and Riddick comes out to a chorus of loud booing as he walks down the aisle. He might threaten a fan or two, or actually beat on a fan, depending on his mood. Blood red pyro will "drip blood" onto the stage as Riddick will walk underneath it. If he is a champion he will carry the belt on his shoulder and mock any fans telling them they will never amount to anything close to what Riddick is. (Thank God for that!) He will enter the ring and bounce off the ropes sometimes. Preparing to wet some necks!

Riddicks current "Gimmick": His gimmicks are just side things that help make Riddick who he is. From time to time during his stint in IL. Riddick might mention a certain "mission" that he is on. What this mission is and what it entails, only he knows. Not even Joey or any future tag team partner. Not even his wife Lady Despair, even knows what this mission is. But to Riddick, it is one of the driving forces in his life as well at this moment.

Riddicks favorite quote: " A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once." - Tupac Shakur
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