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Rocko Daymon


Jan 1, 2000
Name: Rocko Daymon
Nicknames: The Undying; The Paragon of Professional Wrestling Excellence; The Legend, the Myth, the MAN

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 234 lbs.
Handedness: Right
Alignment: Face / Neutral

Hailing From: Seattle, Washington, USA
Theme Music: “At the Well” by Neurosis
Entrance: Song intro plays with a video package. Steps out as the first riff hits and pumps a fist before going to the ring, fierce determination furrowed on his brow. Very subdued and focused, and non-theatric. Will acknowledge the fans and slaps some hands, but doesn’t overdo it. Time-edited entrance just cuts out the first minute of the song.

Appearance: Late-thirties, but in optimal shape for his age. Trimmed off some pounds over periods living off the land in exclusion, but still cut, and his skin is a tapestry of runic tattoos scars from previous battles. Has a mane of thick brown hair which runs down his jaw into a thick, Lincoln-styled beard.
Ring Attire: Knee-length, loose-fitting athletic shorts, colored silver with brown trimming. Accessories include elbow pads, knee pads, wrestling boots, and fingerless grappling gloves, all black.
Entrance Attire: Comes to the ring with a silver robe with brown trimming, matching his trunks. Removes this immediately before he enters the ring.

Gimmick: Seasoned veteran and ancient grandmaster of the ring, returning after a spell of seclusion in the mountains in the Pacific Northwest. Age has only tempered his already vaunted determination and focus, and he carries himself with an almost god-like level of wisdom. His one goal is to define himself as the epitome of professional wrestling -- a task he refers to as “the Path”, which he pursues with a unique and somewhat religious standard of conviction. Though face, he fights more for the integrity of the sport than for the fans.
Wrestling Style: Self-developed hybrid of grappling and brawling, which utilizes a lot chaining together of holds, slams, and strikes. A little Japanese puro style, a little bit of Mixed Martial Arts. Will occasionally go to the top rope, but only when appropriate. Will always go by the book, up until the moment he feels disrespected enough to lash back with a relentless flurry of closed fists. Adapts and changes tactics depending on the style and size of the opponent.
1 - Career expands fifteen years, minus a few breaks. His experience and sage-like wisdom give him the ability to adapt to any situation and properly control his emotions.
2 - He can be an enduring warrior in the ring, dragging matches out to epic lengths due to his constant refusal to give in. He seldom goes down at the first finisher unless it’s out of nowhere and perfectly executed.
3 - Relentless and strong on offense, meant to prevent the opponent from finding an opportunity to catch his breath or regain his bearings. Often chains sequences of maneuvers into slam-strike-submission combinations for maximum effect.
1 - Right shoulder has given him problems in the past, and he’s sustained a few concussions. Will back off if he feels these nagging injuries may re-occur by overgoing his limits.
2 - Somewhat confined to his own code of honor. Never breaks the rules and never takes short-cuts. Though he tries his hardest to prevent it, cheaters can find ways to take advantage of this.
3 - Often successful in keeping his rage in check, but in the few cases where somebody does something to push him off the deep end, he explodes, destroying a part of himself along with whoever he’s taking it out on. For example, he’d willingly break his hand and losing time waiting for it to recover if it meant punching a hole through your head.

Basic Moves:
- Verticle Suplex
- Spinebuster
- Double-Arm DDT
- Jumping Knee Lift
- Spear w/ punches
- Chained Russian Legsweep
- Forearm Strike
- German Suplex
- Tilt-a-whirl Side Slam
- Chinlock w/ knee in back
- T-Bone Suplex
- Wristlock w/ axe kick
- Fireman’s Carry w/ backbreaker
- Guillotine choke
- Superplex
Signature Moves:
- Discus Elbow/Punch
- Tacoma Cloverleaf
- Northern Lights Bomb
- The Brain Rocker (Lifting sit-out double-underhook facebuster)
- The Ascent (Over-the-shoulder modification to the Brain Rocker, when the first doesn’t get the job done)

Title History:
-EPW World Heavyweight Title (2008)
Grew up in the Midwest, trained on the West Coast, and cut his teeth in Japan. Broke ground in Superior Championship Wrestling starting in 1998, taking the SCW World Title once, kindling his rivalry with Jason “Stalker” Reeves, and making first contact with prominent names like “Triple X” Sean Stevens, Christian Sands, and “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan going into the early part of the millenium, before switching over to Global Xtreme Wrestling.

Rocko was one of the first generation of Empire Pro Wrestling stars when the company opened in 2004. Though he quickly grew to be an early prime contender to the EPW World Heavyweight Title, he was beset by a series of setbacks in crucial matches, and left for a few years to work the independent leagues after announcing a premature retirement. He returned a few years later, working his way up the ranks and succeeding to claim the EPW World Heavyweight Title in 2008 at Black Dawn after a hard-fought battle with “Triple X” Sean Stevens.

His victory was short-lived, as at the following event, Stalker coaxed him into a brawl, which ended with both men falling through a three-story window into the parking lot. Daymon severely injured his right shoulder in the accident, and subsequently dropped the title to pursue a path to recovery rather than risk permanent and irreparable damage in an effort to defend it. He sat out for nearly a year before returning, failing to reclaim another stint with the title as he continued to pursue vengeance against Stalker.

The war escalated into a Last Man Standing battle at Sin City Showdown in the year 2010, where both men put their Empire Pro careers on the line. Daymon lost after falling unconscious to a Fujiwara Armbar applied to his weak right shoulder, and thus left the company again. Since then, he has established his own wrestling school in his home of Seattle, Washington, and has made sporadic appearances in indy wrestling events in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. His ex-wife, Caitlyn, continued to make appearances in Empire Pro. At Black Dawn 2012, she played a hand in Stalker’s scheme to take the Intercontinental Title from Impulse.

When Stalker was subsequently fired, Daymon quickly gave the call to the Empire Pro offices announcing his intentions to rejoin the company.
Notable Appearances:
- Aggression 1 (vs. Christian Sands) - First EPW appearance
- Aggression 31 (vs. Sean "Triple X" Stevens) - King of the Cage Semi-Final Round
- Black Dawn 2008 (vs. Sean "Triple X" Stevens (C)) - EPW World Heavyweight Title Contest
- Wrestleverse III (vs. Sean "Triple X" Stevens (C) and JA) - EPW World Heavyweight Title Contest
- Sin City Showdown (vs. Stalker) - Career versus Career Last Man Standing Match

Handler: Strawsma
E-Mail: rrstrawsma@gmail.com
AIM: Rocko the Otter
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