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Role Playing Outline

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009

Role playing in The IL is very free-spirited and open-minded. We don't have role play battle threads, and you don't have to write your promos in any specific way. The role plays don't even have to take place on-camera, or even be about wrestling for that matter. Would I like you to get involved with the other handlers and promo about matches and title belts? That would be preferred, yes. But if you'd rather write about screwing a mule or some bull****, then hey, fair play to you I guess.

Brent and I have extremely thick skin and probably should be in prison. Be as ****ing nasty and vulgar with your work as you want to be, I don't care. Brent and I are both writers, we're use to writing for sick adult audiences and didn't grow up watching ****ing Disney movies like most children. In The IL, not only do we want the **** to hit the fan, but we want it to spray all over the ****ing room.

Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be a total maniacal badass serial killer rapist to make in The IL. Our differences make the world more interesting... or some **** like that... yeah... I'm just saying that if you want to get sick or drop a few naughty words, be my guest. Does that mean we go around thinking we're tough because we can say "fuck" a lot? No, but I won't babysit you. You be your own judge on what's acceptable for you.


There is some structure as to how things are done here, so don't get too carried away. In The IL, we believe in quality over quantity. Because of our hectic schedules, and due to the bi-weekly show schedule, YOU TECHNICALLY ONLY HAVE TO DO ONE RP EVERY TWO WEEKS. If you pack the punch and deliver one RP every two weeks, you can make it in The IL.

You can reply to other RP's because that's where the interaction and fun is at. But I don't want people cutting RP's every day, because then you ****ers probably think you deserve the Tsunawoharu title because you don't have a bloody life and you only RP all day. WITHIN A TWO WEEK PERIOD, I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYBODY ROLE PLAY MORE THAN THREE TIMES. Seriously, go outside or something...

To quote Brent: “We want quality over quantity. But we can't just have some mother ****er who cuts the promo of a lifetime expecting the belt even though he roleplayed once a month. So a happy median is good.”

It's not about getting the last word here in The IL, it's about telling a good story.

Role playing will usually be due 3-4 days before a show. We're consistent with meeting due dates, but shows will generally be out whenever the **** I feel like it, so live with it you cock suckers.

Basically, we're trying to make a balance that keeps us fresh but will still move angles and feuds along. This is better for everyone in the long-term, and will be crucial in our success.


If you RP, there's going to be something for you on the show. It may not always be in a match, but there's going to be something for you. That means that I don't want any crying from some tosser moaning about not being on the initial card. Be patient, wait for the show and enjoy the magic.

If you cut three good RP's before the show, that's awesome and I thank you for making for an active environment. But I don't want to burn people out here, or myself out, so honestly – if you do one RP and it's really good, you can be successful and still have a chance to win on the show and maybe even get to hold our title belt some day.

It would be nice if your RP's involved interaction with other wrestlers to some degree and advanced storylines, but if you think you can entertain us with an off-camera look at your character making toast in the morning, then nobody will stop you here. Before each RP, it would be nice if you mentioned whether what we're looking at is off-camera or not. Some of you old school rasslin' fans may think this is dumb but **** you, nobody is forcing you to join. I'm just saying that it would be retarded for Wrestler A to comment on Wrestler B shooting heroin up his dickhole when something like that caught on camera would obviously lead to Wrestler B getting into loads of legal trouble.


Yes, I'm talking about using other people's characters in your RP. We're a liberal and light-hearted bunch, and we'd like to think that anything goes here. We here in The IL actually don't care if you use other people's wrestlers in RP's or not. Would it be nice to ask first? Yes, but as long as you respect the integrity of the character and portray them properly, then it should be ok.

Is it ok to hit someone's character with a chair in your RP? Yes. Is it ok to make them look like they only have an IQ of -4? Unless you like looking like a prick and being excluded from the community, then no. Is it ok to cut off another character's penis and throw it in a blender? Obviously not, though it would be hilarious and a huge credit to a roleplayer if they can work with their character having his dick severed. IN FACT, IF SOMETHING THAT MESSED UP DID HAPPEN AND THE VICTIM'S WRITER DOESN'T GIVE A **** AND SAYS FAIR GAME – IT'S ON, *****ES!

So if you're going to cry about people attacking your little fake rassler, then this is not the place for you. If you're a grown ass man you would learn to take it in stride or hit back rather than cry about something this dumb.

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