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Roleplaying eagerness


League Member
Apr 15, 2004
Willimantic, CT
Hey everybody, just thought I'd pop my head out of my cave to introduce myself. Here goes:
I've much experience in the roleplaying field, and my first tastes actually came from an efed years ago. Since that time, I have drifted from roleplaying system to roleplaying system and finally, the circle is complete, and here I am. To be completely honest, I haven't followed a wrestling match for a number of years. Interest completely drained, and I moved on. This being my freshman year in college, my roommate has re-introduced wrestling to me. Excited, I've eagerly scooped up the opportunity to join this efed, and I hope to leave a somewhat lasting impression.
That's about it. Thanks for letting me ramble.

Please be gentle.

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