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Ronnie Valentine Vignette no.2


League Member
Apr 12, 2004
(Cheesy Music Plays In The Background As A Pink Screen Comes Up And A Fancy Handwriting Text That Reads: LoveLink Video

The Screen Fades Into an Obvious Low Budget Studio. On The Screen Is An Amazingly Handsome Young Man...This Man's Name Is Ronnie Valentine...)

RV: Hello All You Beautiful Women...Ronnie H. Valentine Here. I was sent along this little program from my brother...and well, I think it is a good way to meet some beautiful women. So that's whatI am doing...I love doing anything you want, I am easy to deal with. Ladies, I Will Just Give You The Lovin' You Need...

(Camera Fades Out...We See Ronnie Valentine Sitting On His Couch In His Fancy Appartment Watching Old Tapes of NWL...The Doorbell Rings. He Gets Up...And Goes To The Door. Opens It And There Is A Large Crowd Of Women In The Doorway...He Turns Around Smiles And Shrugs His Shoulders with his heart stopping smile...

The Screen Flashes To A Black Screen With The Text: RONNIE VALENTINE DEBUTS THIS WEEK.

A Heart With An Arrow Through It Flashes On The Screen Then The Screen Turns Black.)

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