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Ronnie Valentine Vignette


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Apr 12, 2004
(Bright Light Flashes...A Silhouette of a Man appears in the bright white light....We Hear A heartbeat. A Pink Flash Goes Off Everytime the heart throbs...The Figure Begins walking towards the Camera...

The Screen Cuts To Black With The Text: "One Man..."

We Go Back To The White And Pink Flashes, The Heart Beats, And The Figure now closer Hearts Beating Faster...

Cut to Black again W/ Text: "Has Done More In This Business..."

Previous Screen...The Figure Is Closer, Heart Beating Faster...

Black Screen W/Text: "Than Any Other Man..."

Previous Screen...Figure Closer...Heart Faster...Flashes just as fast as the heart....

Black Screen W/Text: "What Has He Done More Of?"

The Figure Comes Right Up To The Screen...The Beating goes to a flatline...Flashing Stops, We Can See The Figure Now...An Extremely Handsome Young Man Named Ronnie Valentine Is Standing There...)

RV: Women Of Course...

(Cuts to black Screen...the chorus of Fozzy's "L.O.V.E. Machine" plays...Text Appears: "RONNIE VALENTINE DEBUTS THIS WEEK"

A Quick Flash Of A Heart With An Arrow Through It Pops Onto The Screen. And The Screen Goes To Black...)
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