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Round 1: Big Dog& Dan Ryan vs Chad & Matthew Kurtis

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Jun 28, 2005
Chicago burbs
The New World

A man sits atop the hood of a Jeep Wrangler. He's parked at the end of a pier looking out over San Francisco Bay. He's not the biggest man you've ever seen. Lord knows in this business there are some monsters around. He looks like somebody your dad might work with. Just an ordinary guy. He's not ripped top to bottom with muscles upon muscles. He doesn't have movie star good looks. He's just a simple man.

No, BigDog has never been a man that's impressive to look at. He saves that job for men like his partner, Dan Ryan. Now that guy is chiseled out of granite. No, BigDog doesn't win matches based on his physical attributes. His biggest asset is buried deep within his barrel chest. The heart that beats inside him is unlike any other in this business. He does not give up, he never quits. Quite simply, to beat him you will have to kill him. In all his years in this business, it hasn't been done that often.

Dressed only in jeans and a green hooded sweatshirt, he looks out over the bay toward the Golden Gate Bridge. He's always had a fascination about historical places. His mind often wonders at the thought of the millions of people who must have crossed here.

BigDog: I don't get to San Francisco all that often. It's a beautiful city. This week I happen to be here on some personal business, but soon I'll be making my way to the opening round of the Tag Team Invitational.

I thought this setting would be somewhat appropriate. This beautiful, red bridge connects two sides of the Bay. Neighbors really, hardly more than a stone's throw apart, would take an extraordinarily long trip around to see each other were this bridge not here. It brings people together, and for my money there are very few purposes in this world more noble than that.

That's why I signed on for this tournament.

There are a lot of people in the wrestling world that have never heard my name. And the ones that have heard it probably just chuckled to themselves and wrote me off as a nobody because of the sheer silliness of it.

That's certainly their choice.

But you see, there's a man behind that name. Call me BigDog, call me Paul Bennett. I'll answer to either one equally quickly. That name, however, is not something that I just gave myself on a whim. I didn't roll out of bed one day and just strap that on for size. No, that name was given to me in days long left behind me. Back when I used to strap on a helmet and a pair of shoulder pads and slam into people for the sheer joy of it.

I never went to the biggest schools. Never got a scholarship because I never really had the grades for it. Never really cared about school at all. But I loved playing that game, and I was pretty good at it. The other guys on that field started calling me 'the big dog' because wherever the play went on that field, I was there. Everything went through me, and that's just the way I liked it.

Once I came to this business, I kept that nickname because that's the same position I wanted to have. I wanted to be on top, and I wanted everybody else to have to come through me to get what they wanted.

Some might say I succeeded. I'll leave that to the historians to decide. I just know that I'm happy with what I've achieved in A1E. Multiple time tag team champion, longest reigning world heavyweight champion in its history. Not saying those things to brag. Just trying to help you understand where I'm coming from.

You see, up until a few short months ago, I've spent my entire career in A1E. I've watched countless people come through there, but I was one of the very few constants. Sure, I heard about other federations. Heck, my current tag team partner OWNS another federation. But I've been content to rule my own 'yard'.

However, that's no longer good enough.

Much like this monument in front of me, organizations such as TEAM and MCW are bringing people together. I participated in the Dupree Cup just last month, and it was my honor to represent A1E. I poured everything I had into that tournament because I owe everything I have to the fans of A1E. They have given me so much, and it was the absolute least I could do to give just a little something back to them. I only regret that we got cut short of our ultimate goal.

It wasn't long before that phone rang again though. The folks at MCW said they were having a tag team invitational, and they wanted the biggest and best teams in this business to take part.

Last year, I'd have probably respectfully declined. But now I've got a taste for it. I've got a taste for the new challenge. Fresh blood. The Dupree Cup gave me a chance to measure my skills against a whole new set of opponents, and I'm looking forward to doing that again here.

First up, we have Chad and Matthew Kurtis. Quite honestly, I know little about them right now. Rest assured though, by match time I will.

Dan and I are meeting up shortly to craft our strategy. Then, well ... let's just say we'll be showing up for the first round of this little shindig looking to show the world just exactly how two of the best in this business take care of business.

Kurtis Brothers

(((Josh Reynolds is waiting in the backstage interview of NAPW, to interview the Kurtis Brother who along with The New and Improved D-X, The Celtic Assassins and the rest of the teams representing NAPW in the MCW Tag Team Invitational, as "The Show" Chad Kurtis, "The Angry American" Matthew Kurtis, and "Lovely" Lyndsey Valentine walk up to him. They surround him and they start to talk....)))
JOSH: Matthew, Chad, and Lyndsey thank taking time to speak to us. I know you're busy this so I won't take up a lot of your time
MATTHEW & CHAD(at the same time): Well you know some...
(((The brothers stop and look at each other and shrug...)))
MATTHEW & CHAD: As i was saying...
(((The brothers stop again and shake their heads at each other...)))
MATTHEW: I'm the older brother I get to talk first.
CHAD: that might be true, but I'm the better talker.
MATTHEW: Oh yeah is that so?
CHAD: It's fairly obvious.
(((The Kurtis Brothers take a few steps back and start bickering over who gets to talk first. Lyndsey looks at Josh and shrugs apologetically and starts talking to him...)))
LYNDSEY: How's it going Josh?
JOSH: Um...okay I guess. What's with them?
LYNDSEY:I really don't know they're okay apart but put them together they become 12 again.
(((Lyndsey looks at Matthew and Chad again...)))
LYNDSEY: What our they doing now?
((Matthew and Chad have decided to choose who talks first by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. The first time they both pick rock, the next turn they both pick scissors, and on the third turn Chad wins by picking scissors to Matthew's paper. Matthew start to let out some obvious fake sobs and cries on Lyndsey's shoulders...)))
LYNDSEY: Will you two boys stop acting like a couple of goobers and come over here and talk to Josh and let him do his job.
(((Matthew and Chad stop goofing off and stare at Lyndsey. They look at each other, shrug, and walk over beside Josh. Matthew props his elbow on top of Josh's head and Chad uses Josh's shoulder...)))
JOSH: My question is this why, with you both being newcomers to NAPW and having both said you’d rather not wrestle tag team matches with each other, would the two of you decide to take part in this tournament?
CHAD: Whoa, whoa, whoa there Joshie there you go putting words in The Show’s mouth again. We said we would rather not be a permanent tag team. Special events like this are an exception to the rule. We decided to enter the MCW tag team invitational to compete against the best of the best. Like one of the great philosophers of our time said, “To be the man, you have to beat the man.” Plus every once in awhile we like to get the band back together. You know me on lead vocals and Matt on lead guitar. Am I making any sense. Oh well. In opinion of “The Show” we seem to have a good shot of winning this tournament. I mean just look at Matt, the man is huge and agile, and you put that together with the extreme style and the skills of “The Show”. Oh man, that’s I combination I wouldn’t want to step in the ring against. Chad and Matthew Kurtis….the true “Power and Glory“. “The Show” knows he gets a lot of flack because of his confidence and he know he rubs some people the wrong way, but when it comes down to it when the band is back together they are going to make some noise. I mean we got the “Big Cat Daddy” Matthew Kurtis, the man who proves size does matter and “The Show” who’s got the skillz to pay the bills. If you know what I mean. Chad and Matthew Kurtis…AKA “Thunder and Lighting”. Wow, it’s a lot harder to come up with a team name that I thought “Power and Glory” and “Thunder and Lighting” just don’t seem right! How about “The Bluegrass Connection” or “The Kurtis Connection”? Oh well, none of that matter, what really matters is when we get in the squared circle together me and Matt will be kicking ass and taking names. To paraphrase my big brother, we entered this tournament to do two things kick ass and chew gum and we are all out of gum! (Smiles) I guess I done enough talking for now, so over to Matthew with the weather. (tosses microphone to “The Angry American)
MATTHEW: Damn, Chad you are one long winded S.O.B you know that? By the way did my girlfriend really call me a goober?
LYNDSEY: Don’t act like one baby and I won’t call you one.
MATTHEW: Thanks a lot Sweetheart. Anyhoo as to way we entered this tourney, well it’s like Chad said sometimes it’s fun just to get the band back together and make some noise. And we may me new to NAPW Josh but that don’t mean we ain’t proud to be representing them. Now are first round opponents are Big Dog and Dan Ryan, damn I hope they don’t come out here and say something corny like “if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch”. Now there are no personal issues in this match, but I agree with Chad I would hate to be staring across the ring at us, our styles mesh very well and between the two of us there’s no style we can’t adapt to. We also have the sexiest manager in the biz to help inspire us. So “Puppy Power” and “Danny Boy” I hope y’all enjoy your one match at this year’s MCW Tag Team Invitational because when the Kurtis Brothers hit the ring it’s definitely B.K.T…BUTT KICKIN’ TIME!
(((Matthew then tosses the mic back to Chad…)))
CHAD: And one more thing, My name is Chad Kurtis and I approved this interview!
(((Chad tosses the mic to Josh Reynolds who fumbles with and finally drops it. Matthew, Chad, and Lyndsey walk towards the exit.)))



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
FADE IN.....

Dan Ryan sitting behind a large mahogany desk, leg propped up on one side, sunglasses pulled over his eyes.

Ryan: "So I got with my man Big Dog earlier today to go over strategy and we managed to get a private viewing of Magoo #1 and Magoo #2 on the big screen tonight."

"And I have to say that it sent a warm fuzzy shooting through me to see such a thing. Now, I'm not an MCW guy and I've never done any business with them before but upon seeing you two Kurtis boys and listening to you talk for a few minutes it does my heart good to see that the MCW folks are continuing the McJobs program started by McDonalds so many years ago."

"From what I can tell, the guy who played Corky on the 80s hit 'Life Goes On' has a twin brother...and they wrestle now."

"But see, I'm gonna do what you two didn't have the common decency to do."

"I'm gonna make my point quickly, concisely and as painless as possible."

"No one cares about your cutesy little 90210 dialogue anymore than anyone believes you have a solitary shot in HELL of winning this match."

"Let me introduce you to people who get remembered after matches rather than become enhancement talent for independent cards in the Fiji Islands like the two of you. My partner you know....as for me? I'm a freakin' legend in this business, nay a GOD. Together we are the most dominant tag team in wrestling."

"We are the A1E World Tag Team Champions. We have single handedly wrecked an entire tag team division and are suddenly facing the unenviable truth that one day we'll simply have to lay these belts down and walk away to become anything else because quite simply - as a team we're damn near unstoppable."

"So while you may say it's BTK time, I say it's STFU time. Because when the bell rings my good little short bus riding friends, the only thing you'll need to adapt to is how to walk with a limp."

"Good luck in your singles careers - your special little reunion is ending early."

"Oh and uh...by the way....I assure you...."

"No one approved of that interview. I could've eaten a bowl of Alphabet soup and crapped out something more interesting than that tripe."

"Conratulations on being the lamest entry into this tournament."

"I'm glad the McJobs thing is working out for you guys though. Just a few more months and you'll be promoted to milkshake machine operators."



League Member
Dec 2, 2006
Fade in as "The Show" Chad Kurtis and "The Angry American" Matthew Kurtis are just finishing sparring in the ring...

Show: Did you hear you what Big Dog and Ryan had to say about us. I mean that called our dialogue 90210 dialogue and implied we got our jobs through the McJobs program. Oh and they said said we don't stand a chance in hell against the AIE World Tag Team champions, so I guess we need to just pack our bags and go home...

Matthew: (Interrupting Chad) That's enough, Chad, sometimes you are just too long winded. Let me simplify this for our opponents. We don't care about their titles, we have had titles, too. We don't care if they think we don't have a chance in hell, but when the band gets back together in the ring and focused we have a chance against anyone. We are enjoying being the underdogs in this match, so win or lose when the match is over you guys will know that you have been in a hell of a match. I know my brothers comments are "American Pie" like alot, but when he climbs in the ring he is all business, and as for me I am always business, so bottomline...Don't underestimate "The Kurtis Brother"! And like I said last time it is going to be BKT....Butt, Kickin', Time when we climb in the ring!

Show: (Focused) Big Dog and Dan Ryan, I hope you are prepared for this match. 'Cause we could give a damn less about your accomplishments. We have been there and done that , too. All that matters is when we get in the ring together is who wants it more, and I'll tell you one thing WE WANT IT! We want to take the title home to NAPW, so if you don't like it, well you have to deal with it!

Scene fades out as "The Kurtis Brothers" grab their bags and head out of the gym...

co-written with "The Angry American" Matthew Kurtis
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