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Round 1: Cameron Cruise vs. Ikan Jobtayoo (j)


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Midnight Special

(Fadein, The Dangle Brothers Bar & Grill. Another shift ends and the Midnight shift begins, as waitresses hustle and bustle back and forth to a packed house. The Bar lines with patrons as two bartenders keep busy as well, pouring shots, performing bottle tricks, which more importantly, catches the "KA-CHING!!" of Cash registers as they pop open and slam shut, o. With his partner and "Dangle-In-Law" Jared Wells out on a "Kiss Ladies and Shake Labee-Ahs" Appearance/booking tour in between events with Empire Pro Wrestling, former Champion Cameron Cruise is back in Baltimore, managing the Daily Operations. With a "Million Dollar Smile", Cruise slowly paces the floor of the restaurant, nodding at visual satisfaction passing in front of him as he occasionally stops at a table and talks to customers and fans alike, occasionally signing an autograph, taking a picture and shaking hands.

Finally, he makes it back to his office as he sits back in his office chair with a sigh of content. On the BUSINESS end of things, things were finally falling into place. Ratings were up in Empire again, with Dan Ryan"Dangle Brother" merchandise is on back order via an overload of orders being sent out as fast as the orders are being placed. But more importantly, he was finally getting the notice he was due in getting the opportunities that passed him over for the one coveted title left in Empire Pro Wrestling that he'd hadn't won--The EPW World Heavyweight Championship, currently held by The First, a man he'd previously beaten in defense of the Intercontinental Championship, but a veritable challenge nonetheless. His eyes shifted about his office to the Championships that he'd won over the course of his career. The CSWA Presidential Championship. The Empire Pro Intercontinental, Television and Tag Team Championships he'd won with Joey Melton. The A1E Cyber, and World Heavyweight Championship as well as the 2009 Pier Six Brawl he'd won in a BRUTAL Barbed Wire Cage-slash-Battle Royal, the MWCW World Heavyweight Championship, as well as countless other titles.

Life wasn't just good...it was GREAT.

Then Cruise shifted his eyes over to his desk as he noticed an envelope on his desk addressed "Urgent" and he quickly tore open the envelope and opened up the twice-folded letter, marked with the return address for "The Offices of Chad Merritt and CS Enterprises. He quickly scanned the letter, his eyes lighting up at the notice of trademark tournament of the famed "Ultratitle" Championship.

He'd vied for such a title before, though it'd been YEARS since he's even thought about it, much less competed for such an accolade. He sat back with his feet on the desk, leaning back. He had fought HARD those days for the Championship, competing with the likes of Jonathan Marx, Joey Melton, Kazuo Shizaki, Kin Hiroshi as Shane Southern and others, but through the playoff format he'd been given back then, he came up short.

And now, here he was roughly a decade later...the Ultratitle had returned, this time in the form of which it was intended....in a tournament. However, it wasn't just a 64-man tournament as it was in the past, this is 2012; there's a total of 127 other men fighting for the same prize he was.


All cliches aside, this was more than that, this was a test to prove to the entire world..not just one company or two companies...but the entire WORLD....of just what he was made of. Sure, there was a good percentage of the entries that looked past him, he knew that going in, but that wasn't that what concerned him. It didn't concern him at all that out of the remaining 127 competitors there might be SIX at most that would show dignity for his efforts.

That wasn't exactly the percentage he was hoping for, but then that's been the same song and dance for Cruise his entire career, even now in the First Round of the Ultratitle Tournament:

Proving people wrong.

He swung his chair forward, leaning over his desk. He noticed the second paper that had come with it, a proper setting of the tournament Bracket, his eyes shifting down until he had seen his First Round opponent: Ikan Jobtayoo.

Nevermind the lack of attention he paid to it earlier in the week, he was gonna do exactly what he intended to do, and that's provide Ikan Jobtayoo with not just a loss, but a humiliation.

Because that's just a REALITY CHECK that Jobtayoo just...wouldn't like.


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