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Round 1: Derrick Allen vs. Christopher Ryan Eagles

Chris Eagles

League Member
Apr 14, 2012
“The following message has been paid for by Christopher Ryan Eagles”.

The Cancer of TWOstars, Christopher Ryan Eagles is sat in what looks like a dressing room, in the background, we can a TV, Eagles’ suitcase and in the far corner we see Co-GM of TWOstars Brice Perrino and Eagles’ follow superstar Randy Roko deep in conversation.

The camera pans round to show the man who has walked from the outside in, in his goal to become the Ultratitle Champion.

CRE: “As you should know by now, my name is Christopher Ryan Eagles. I am a four-time Television Champion, the longest serving superstar in TWOstars history. Now that the few who have been living under a rock, and didn’t know me now do. Let get down to why I have paid for this time.”

The Ultratitle outsider straightens up his tie before continuing.

CRE: “In this tournament, you have the who’s who of pro-wrestling. You have Chris Hopper… You have Spooky Doom… You have the two-time Ultratitle winner Joey Melton. Guys that the world has hear of, but I’ve been drawn against the who of this tournament… Derrick Allen, who I heard is apart of the IWF. So being the scouter that I am, I asked Mr Perrino over there, to get a hold of as much information on Derrick Allen as he could, and believe it or not, the man, like always delivered.”

A sly grin appears on Eagles face.

CRE: “Unlike me, you’re not the top dog in your company, unlike me, you have trouble keeping business and personal live away from each other. You see Derrick, I now know all of your strengths and most importantly, I know ALL of you weakness.”

***Ring, Ring***

CRE: “Excuse me”

Christopher Ryan Eagles answers his phone.

CRE: “Hello! Oh yes. Really? Wow! Thank you for letting me know Mr Douglas.”

Eagles closes the phone ending the call, before looking back up from his phone and straight down the lens on the camera.

CRE: “Well, well, well. Looks like I have the final nail in the coffin so to speak. And I will name that nail, Courtney. I’ll be seeing you real soon Derrick, until then get ready.”

Chris Eagles starts removing the microphone on his jacket but not before we pick up his last comment.

CRE: “Quick turn this bloody thing off before they charge me anymore as I’m not in the circle of ass-lickers.”

The screen quickly turns to black.


New member
Mar 6, 2012
South Carolina
Round 1 oh what fun...

(FADE IN: The screen comes up to an ESEN TV backdrop. From off screen comes "ADD" Derrick Allen wearing a black wife beater, khaki cargo shorts, and a pair of silver aviators. Allen looks dressed more for vacation than he does for round one of ULTRATITLE. Derrick rubs his hands together before speaking.)

"ULTRATITLE...round one...The beginning of one of the biggest spectacles this sport has ever known."

"You have a slew of talent from all over coming together to see just who is the best. All I have heard lately is of guys past their prime coming out of whatever hole they have been in claiming they are the man to beat. You have your Eli Flairs...your Joey Meltons...your Deacons...all claiming their old asses are the ones to beat."

(Derrick lets out a little chuckle)

"I find that some what amusing. Doesn't bother me one bit. I guess they have earned it in their minds. All these once greats can claim their stakes but it doesn't phase me one bit."

"I am FASTER..."

"I am STRONGER..."

"I am more ATHLETIC..."

"I could go on and on listing these factors but I don't want to come off too full of myself. Every old dog still can have their day."

"On the other hand you have a number of guys, who like me, trying to claim their stake to fame. Some names I've heard talked about lately are guys like Spookydoom, Minstrel, and countless others. It is quite evident that these clowns have a long road ahead of them if they plan on making any kind of wave in this tournament. Every man claiming they are the best. Claiming they are the best for things they once did, have done, or plan to do."

"At the end of the day someone has to fall and I will be there shaking my head when that happens."

(Allen takes off his glasses and hangs them on the neck of his shirt)

"That brings me to one Christopher Ryan Eagles. A man who thinks he is just oh so smart. He thinks he has done his homework on yours truly."

"That, I must say..."

"Is very amusing..."

"Chris, frankly, you don't know jack. For one, you think mentioning my sisters name is some how going to make me go quiver in a corner?"

"You should really screen your calls a little better and fire the guy who gets you your information. If you really had your facts straight you would know the last man to bring my sister into my affairs had to bust a whiskey bottle over my head to get me off of him. All you are doing with that is stoking the fire."

"Your claim to fame I suppose is you are a four time television champion of a promotion that no one knows or cares about."




"You have a lot to learn Mr. Eagles. This business is my life. So yeah I tend to take things personal, I don't know of any other way. I might take it personal when a little peon like yourself opens his mouth and actually thinks he has what it takes to take Derrick Allen to the limit. You have no clue just what you are in for, but it is just fine."

"This is going to be fun."

"The start of this yellow brick road called the ULTRATITLE Tournament."

"You claim that you have me all figured out."

"You know my strengths and weaknesses huh?"

"Well, GOOD! Maybe you will not be wasting my time by me having my boots laced and entering the ring across from you. Maybe you won't disappoint, then again maybe you will. When we enter the ring you will find out just how strong my strengths are and that my weaknesses shouldn't be taken lightly either. I only see one outcome of our match. Of course that is my hand raised and round two waiting for me."

(Derrick puts his glasses back on)

"Christopher Ryan Eagles...see you soon..."

"And if anyone has a problem they can just blame it on my ADD!"

(Derrick exits as the screen fades to black)
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Chris Eagles

League Member
Apr 14, 2012
Re: Round 1 oh what fun...

The screen goes live and we can see the mean streets of Seattle, Washington. The cameraman slowly routes allowing the people at home to see everyone going about their normal day.

Suddenly the camera picks up on a longish line. Slowly the screen shows screaming fans until it reaches one man not cheering or screaming.

CRE: “So you found me”.

The Cancer of TWOstars is wearing a cap, leather jacket, plain white t-shirt and ripped jeans. Almost as if he is trying to hide who he is.

CRE: “I’m here in Washington because I heard that Derrick Allen was here, signing autographs for his hometown crowd”. “So I though let’s meet the guy”.

Eagles pulls a microphone out of his pocket and taps the shoulder of the man in front of him.

CRE: “Excuse me sir! I just have a few questions while we stand here waiting to meet Mr Allen”.

Random Man: “Sure”.

Chris Eagles rubs his chin.

CRE: “Did you know Derrick Allen has entered this years Ultratitle tournament? “If so, what chance does he have”?

The beardedman grins.

RM: “Sure I heard”. “In fact, I can’t wait until he faces that other bloke in the first round and beats him”.

Looking slightly annoyed, but hiding it well, Eagles continues on.

CRE: “You mean Christopher Ryan Eagles, from TWOstars”? “You really think Derrick Allen has what it takes to beat him”?

RM: “Yes I do, I even bought tickets to see it happen”.

The fan shows Eagles his ticket for the up-coming match.

CRE: “Personally, I know Mr Eagles, and I do think everyone is underestimating him”…

A younger looking male walks into view.

YoungerMale: “Excuse me”. “Is this place that is selling the Ipad 2”?

Looking abit confused, Eagles still answers him.

CRE: “No”! “We're here to meet IWF star, Derrick Allen”.

Young Man: “Who”?

Looking dejected, the man walks away.

CRE: “Okay”!!! “Let’s see if we can film the rest of this from inside the building”.

Leaving the queue, Eagles begins to walk past the remaining crowd, pointing to the cameraman to make sure he doesn’t miss anyone. The Cancer of TWOstars walks upto the man on the door and shows him some type of pass, before pointing towards himself and the cameraman. The guard nods before moving to one side allowing the pair in.

CRE: “That was easy”.

The cameraman sets his stuff up, while Eagles moves behind the few people that arecurrently ahead of him.

Derrick Allen: “Nice to meet you”.

“ADD” Derrick Allen shakes hands with the next person in the queue.

DA: “Thanks for coming, nice to meet you”.

The Cancer moves along, placing down a promo sized photo of Derrick Allen himself.

CRE: (In a deep voice) “My son is a big fan, can you sign this”? “Also I have come from The Sun, newspaper from England to get a word with you about the Ultratitle”.

Derrick looks at his rep, who nods.

DA: “Sure, but make it quick”.

Moving the microphone slowly towards his unnoticed opponent.

CRE: Eagles had some strong words about the stuff with your old friend and your sister”. You have vowed that it will make you stronger, it will put you ahead as the favourite”. “But I ask this”! “You stated that the last man to do that had to remove you by smashing a glass bottle over their head”. “You do that to Chris Eagles, you would lose by disqualification”. “So are you willing to do that”?

Derrick Allen looks at the “interviewer”.

DA: “Well…”

Eagles moves the microphone away before he can answer.

CRE: “Derrick Allen…”

Before he finishes his sentence, Eagles tips the table over causing all the photos and drinks on it to go flying. The Cancer of TWOstars jumps on top of the fallen IWF star and lands blow after blow to the head and shoulder area. Officials scramble to get out of the way as one radio’s for security.

The few fans that have managed to stay in the area chant “let them fight”. But four large security members arrive and the first two grab a hold of Eagles and they pull him away just as Allen started to get some shots in himself.

CRE: “Come on then”.

The other two guards hold Derrick Allen down while the first two drag Chris Eagles and remove him from the room.

CRE: “See you soon b***h”

The camera stays on Derrick Allen, who now released from the grip, wipes away the blood from his lip as he stares towards the exit, where Eagles was taken.

DA: “I will get the prick”.

Back outside, minus his cap. Eagles is jeered by the crowd that heard what was happening. One fan oversteps the mark by throwing a half eaten burger at him.

CRE: “Yeah hide behind the crowd, I’m more shocked that you wasted food you fat Yankee bastard”.

The Four-time TV Champion is pushed into the back of a waiting limo, while speeds away from the area before anything else can kick off.

Fades to…


New member
Mar 6, 2012
South Carolina
that's a bunch of bull****, seriously...

"What a waste of time and money..." Derrick Allen mumbles to himself as he steps out of The Palms Casino Resort into the cool night air of Las Vegas.

"We have a taxi service ready to take you to the airport." utters one of the numerous valets working.

"Thanks." replied Allen.

"Hey Derrick, can I ask you a question real quick?" asks the valet.

"Sure." replies Derrick.

"What were you here in Las Vegas for?" asks the valet.

"oh, I've been here the past couple days just doing some promotional spots for the upcoming IWF Tour." Answers Derrick. "Why?" Allen asks.

"I guess you haven't seen or heard the latest from Christopher Eagles?" the valet asks.

"No not really, but I have a plane to board...I'll catch up on everything on the flight?" says Derrick.

(Without giving a leaving remark, Derrick gets into a cab and drives off)

(FADE IN: The same ESEN TV backdrop is seen as from before. Derrick Allen, in his wrestling attire, stands in front awaiting for the camera man to be rolling for his next promotional spot for the ULTRATITLE Tournament)

"Sometimes...I ask myself just how some people make it into this business. Then I remember that there are a lot of damn morons in this world so they have to get talent from somewhere."

(Derrick rubs his wrists trying to relieve the itch underneath his taped wrists)

"So...Christopher...you have got to be the dumbest person in this ULTRATITLE Tournament. You go out and spend who knows how much money for actors and what not, just trying to give yourself the thought that you can beat me. I mean, if you, beating up on an out of shape actor who could never step inside a wrestling ring will give you what you need..."

"Then by all means go for it."

"As I mentioned last time, you should really fire the person that gets your information for you. Like you in the ring, that guy couldn't get things right to save his life. So I am going to help you out a little so you can maybe start to get things correct. Yes, I am from Seattle...but that's about it. Those "fans" you had "me" signing pictures for in your little short story can all..."

"GO TO HELL as far as I'm concerned."

"I do not owe the people of Seattle a damn thing, that is why I went to Canada to wrestle in the first place. As far as autographs go...this is not make a wish and I am not signing shit."

"You should just keep your mouth shut from now on. Everything that comes out of it just makes you look dumber and dumber. Everyone knows that you are a worthless excuse for a wrestler and that little place you claim to be "The Cancer" of isn't even worth mentioning."

"I love, that, because you have no skills on the mic, which is a very important part of this business Eagles, you have to come up with something that could only happen in your dreams. You should just have stayed home. The ULTRATITLE Tournament is way out of your league."

"You are not even the smallest blip on the radar of the ULTRATITLE."

"I do kind of feel sorry for you in a small way Chris. You think you actually have what it takes to compete against not only me, but everyone else in this tournament. Come round one though, I will definitely prove to you that you are..."


"So keep concocting these dreams into reality and at the end of the day, at least you can tell your grand children that you stepped into the ring with Derrick Allen and received the ass kicking of your life. I don't even know why I waste my breath on your sorry ass. You are not worth it. Not only are you not worth the air you breath you wouldn't even be worthy enough to..."

"Wipe my ass after a shit."

ULTRATITLE...Round one...Christopher "I can't promo" Eagles takes on "ADD" Derrick Allen. This is going to be like taking candy from a baby.

(Fade to Black)

(OORP/OOC: I'll keep this some what professional...I don't know where you come from but you do not use someone else's character in a rp with out consent and you definitely do not give them dialogue.)
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