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Russian Roulette 2012: Boston, Massachusetts - 2/3/12


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[FADE IN ON…..THE DIS MASK, sitting on a wooden desk.

The camera pulls back and we see that we are in the office of Dan Ryan, who is writing on some paperwork on the desk.

Just then, the door is knocked]


[Lesbian Siegel walks in, some paperwork under one arm and a duffle bag over the other shoulder.]

DR: Oh good, it’s you. Before we get too deeply into production tonight, I want to make sure you remember that we have some guests here tonight, and you’re in charge of making sure they’re comfortable.

LS: Absolutely. I’m on it.

DR: Good.

LS: So… what’s up with the mask?

DR: Part of his game I suppose. He delivered it to me last night – wants me to leave it on my desk for him to retrieve later.

LS: Why?

DR: Why? Why do any of these people do what they do? I was asked to keep an eye on it, and then leave it on my desk later for him to retrieve. That’s it.

LS: But you do know who it is.

DR: I do.

LS: Interesting.

DR: I guess. Anyway – mainly, I just need you to take care of our guests. You’ll see to that??

LS: Of course.

DR: Excellent. Thanks.

[Lesbian Siegel turns and walks out.]

[CUTTO: A hallway in the arena, the camera pans down the hallway until it comes up to a door marked "Empire Pro Wrestling" and underneath it labeled "Owner Dan Ryan”. Suddenly a boot kicks the door wide open, a suddenly aggressive Cameron Cruise pushing past the Secretary into the EPW Owners' office, grabbing a chair and tossing it across the other side of the room as the Owner continues to fill out paperwork.]

CC: RYAN!!! WHAT THE ****!!!

[The EPW Owner doesn't flinch from his desk, but after a minute, puts down his pen and pushes back from his paperwork, looking over at where the chair landed and back over to Cruise before getting up and standing toe-to-toe with Cruise.]

DR: Cruise. Good to see you. Please....[Ryan looks back at the chair.]...come in. Forgive me if I don't ask you to have a seat....

CC: I'm one of the best, if not HOTTEST commodity you have going for you Dan, I'm one of the most successful wrestlers to ever compete in that ring and you KNOW IT....

DR: I hate to interrupt a good rant, Cameron, but what's your point??

CC: ...what's my point?? Russian Roulette is going on TO-NIGHT....people are in those seats RIGHT NOW. You got 'Nark up against that bastard in a mask, Impulse is defending against Tact and 'Cat, Willard is too much of a Chicken**** to give me my rematch for the Television Championship....

DR: ...can't get anything past you, that's for sure....

CC [Grabbing Ryan by the collar]: Why does everyone have a match tonight BUT ME?!?!!

DR [Ryan looks down at Cruise' hands and physically takes them off his collar before straightening his shirt. A beat passes before Ryan continues]]: Secondly, is that it??

CC: What do you mean "is that it?"

DR: Cruise, I kept you of the card because of the threats being seen on Television this past week, I already have enough problems with Stalker and Dis, let alone everything else going on around here...I thought I was doing you a favor by giving you the night off....

CC: You wanna do me a favor tonight, Dan?? Put me in a match, and put me in a match RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!!

[Ryan looks at Cruise a second, and then looks back up at the veteran]

DR: You want a match tonight?? Fine. Go put your gear on and get ready. When I decide what match to put you in, you'll get a knock on the door and when you do...just go straight out to the ring and wait for your opponent. In fact, if I were you I'd hurry....your match is NEXT....Good luck.

[Cruise smiles and shakes Dan Ryan's hand before leaving.]

DR: [under his breath] ****in’ Cruise….

[Ryan scribbles a few things down on some paperwork, as approximately ten seconds pass. Then, another knock on the door, this time the more traditional kind.]

DR: Come in!

[Tony Davis steps into the office looking clearly dejected. Ryan looks up at him, confused, then throws his arms out to the side.]

DR Sooo… where’s everyone else?

[Davis shifts warily where he stands, finding difficulty meeting Ryan’s gaze.]

Tony Davis: See the thing is…. they can’t make it.

DR: [eyebrows going up] CAN’T….. MAKE IT??

TD: I’m not really sure what’s going on, but I haven’t been able to find Flyer or Mary-Lynn all week.

DR: Was it not clear that all three of your jobs were at stake??

TD: It was… and boss… I’m here. I did everything I could to make it here, and I’m here. I know what you said, but there has to be another way to make this happen. I need this job…

DR: [annoyed] Fine, there IS another way. Cameron Cruise needs an opponent. You go out to the ring…. RIGHT NOW…. and if you can beat Cameron Cruise, you keep your job. If you don’t… you’re all finished. Got it?

TD: I got it.


[Davis quickly turns and rushes through the door, tossing a comment over his shoulder as he goes]

TD: Thanks!!

DR: [muttering to himself] *sigh* Wrestlers.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[FADEIN: The sold out TD Garden, pyro exploding as the crowd cheers. The camera sweeps over the arena before finally panning over to the broadcast table where Dave Thomas and Dean Matthews are in matching grey suits, while Mike Neely has on a blue sweater vest over a white shirt.]

DT: EPW brings you it’s first PPV of 2012 it’s Russian Roulette, we’re live from the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts and tonight is a night of action and also a night of mystery.

DM: Like the mystery of what happens to Team VIAGRA as we now know their fate lies in the hands of Tony Davis!

MN: At least it doesn’t depend on Mary-Lynn Mayweather.

DT: And the mystery of who’s a bigger maniac will be settled when the insane Rezin fights the clearly out of his mind Mr. Sunshine.

DM: Two violent and depraved men who have no concerns about playing by the rules will be at each other’s throats in a match that could turn real nasty real quick.

MN: I don’t know who wins but I do know that Mass general had better be on stand-by for one or both of these guys after the match.

DT: Yet another mystery will be if the Tag Champs can work together, as The First and Eddie Burns put their belts on the line against the men they beat for the titles, the Animezing Dragons.

DM: Karl Brown and Otaku sure haven’t forgotten the tactics used against them to win those belts and we’ll have to see if The First and Eddie Burns really are on the same page or not.

MN: They aren’t but it doesn’t matter because Eddie Burns does what’s needed to win, and he’s going to find a way to beat these two cream puffs, even with a partner who’s trying to knee cap him.

DT: Then we have Adrian Willard seeking to hang on to his TV Title against Rich Mahogany, a man who has made a lot of waves since entering EPW.

MN: He pinned the champ, he’s undefeated! The man may be the greatest TV Champion this company’s ever seen and he hasn’t even won the belt yet!

DM: Willard’s no push over and if Mahogany is going to win the title he’s going to go through a war to take it away from the man holding it.

DT: And Impulse, the proud Intercontinental champion defends his belt in a three way dance against Copycat and Larry Tact.

DM: The mystery here is trying to figure out Copycat and what his plans are for this match, what is his agenda and why does he care so much about hurting Larry Tact?

MN: He’s a fanatic with a goal and those types of people usually find a way to get what they want, if I was Larry Tact or Impulse I’d be keeping my eyes peeled for whatever Copycat’s got planned.

DT: And one mystery that will be solved tonight is if Stalker will still have a job or will he be the #1 contender to the EPW World Title as he fights the owner of the company Dan Ryan in a match he must win or he’ll be terminated.

DM: Dan Ryan’s drawn a line in the sand and Stalker’s going to have to back up all his talk tonight or else he’ll be out of EPW for good.

MN: I have all the respect in the world for Dan Ryan, hell he signs my checks, but Stalker’s a man possessed and I wouldn’t want to be the one between him and a shot at the title.

DT: And the biggest mystery of the night is the question everyone wants the answer to, who is Dis and will Dis be able to defeat Anarky and win the EPW World Title?

DM: The return of Dis has captured the attention of EPW but the fact is Anarky might just be too much of a challenge for whoever is under that mask. Tonight we see if Dis is more than just talk.

MN: Dis is the story and I think Anarky’s in for a beating and for the second time in the history of this company, Dis will be the EPW World Champion, if that means the same person last time will be a two time champ well I have no idea there.

DT: it’s going to be a night of action and with that we send it to Tony Fatora to kick off the show!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Fight for Team VIAGRA's jobs - Cameron Cruise vs. Tony Viagra

[CUT TO: Two handsome chaps and a balding bum in an offensively loud floral shirt sitting behind the commentary table.]

DT: Well ladies and gentlemen, given the recent events we just witnessed, it appears there's going to be a change in our opening match here tonight! This is quite a surprising turn of events!

DM: And at an event like Russian Roulette, I'm sure it will only be the first of many more surprises to come!

MN: Man, I sure hope my bladder withstands all these surprises this time...

DM: ..."this time?" Uhh... has that happened before?

MN: Black Dawn, twenty-ten. Stevens nailed the X-Factor, and I just lost all control. Watching that awesomeness was like getting hit with a TASER, man!

DT: And... you just sat through the rest of the show like that?

MN: Of course! A mere case of damp pants aren't going to keep me from my journalistic duty to call matches! I'm a WARRIOR at this table!

[Dean and Dave scoot a few inches away from Mike, who doesn't seem to notice.]

DT: In any case folks, both competitors are on their way to the ring right now...

[CUE UP: "Hero" by Childish Gambino. After the song's intro plays through, TONY DAVIS steps through the entry-way with Team VIAGRA's video package playing on the EmpireTron. The Team VIAGRA representative makes his way to the ring with a somewhat troubled expression on his face.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, representing Team VIAGRA... hailing from Mount Laurel, New Jersey and weighing in at 256 pounds... HERE IS... TTTOOOOONNNYYYY DDDAAAAAVVVIIIISSSS!!!

DT: At least one member of Team VIAGRA made it to the arena tonight... but judging by the look on his face, Tony Davis doesn't seem all that enthusiastic going into this match!

MN: He shouldn't be, Dave! Walking into a match against Cam Cruise is walking into a guaranteed ass-kicking!

DM: I'm sure he's just a little put off by the turn of events. All week, he was likely preparing to compete against his teammates High Flyer and Mary-Lynn Mayweather. Surely he wasn't expecting the fate of Team VIAGRA resting solely on his shoulders in a match against a multiple former champion like Cruise.

[Davis makes it to the ring and steps inside. Despite his demeanor, he does a double-fist pump to get a moderate pop from the fans. A small pocket in the ringside seats picks up a "VI-AG-RA!" chant, until the PA blasts new music through the arena.]

[CUE UP: "Killing in the Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine. The extended intro plays with a long highlight reel playing on the EmpireTron, before CAMERON CRUISE steps through the entry way. He raises his arms to a chorus of jeers but nevertheless strides down to the ramp with a look of determination on his face.]

TF: And his opponent... fighting out of Jacksonville, North Carolina and tipping the scales at 264 pounds... he is "THE CRIPPLER"... CCCAAAAMMMEERRROOOON CCCRRUUUUUIIISSSEE!!!

MN: Oh hell yeah, NOW it's officially a Pay Per View!

DM: Because Cameron Cruise is here?

MN: OF COURSE!! You can't have a Russian Roulette without one of the most iconic and decorated stars in Empire Pro history! And they tell this absolute and undisputed LEGEND that he has to jerk the curtain at a Pay Per View event? That's just insulting...

DT: It seemed as though Cameron Cruise felt a bit snubbed to be excluded from Russian Roulette, but nevertheless, he's been granted the opportunity to compete at one of Empire Pro's biggest events of the year, and he should take advantage of that.

DM: That's right, Dave. Opening the show isn't quite as glamorous, but it's still an important part of the event. The competition between these men will set the tone for the rest of the evening, and given their wrestling proficiencies, I'd say we're in for a good match!

[Cruise enters the ring and spends the next few moments posing for the haters in the crowd and obnoxiously slinging insults toward his opponent. Davis scoffs, stretching against the ropes and limbering himself up. Referee Pat Jones, meanwhile, goes through his usual pre-match ritual, checking both men for foreign objects.]

DT: Neither of these men seem satisfied with the situation, but nevertheless, both have something to fight for. Tony Davis is fighting for his comrades, and Cameron Cruise is looking to prove he's still one of the top stars in Empire Pro!

MN: Cam doesn't need to prove ANYTHING, because everybody should already know he's the absolute centerpiece of this federation! Look at the FIRE in his eyes! Tony Davis is going to get DESTROYED!

DM: Looks like our senior official Pat Jones is ready to get this under way, as he gives the cue to the timekeeper!


DT: There's the bell.. and here come Davis and Cruise out of their corners! Both men wasting no time going into the lock-up and struggling for leverage!

DM: These are two evenly matched opponents in size, strength, and technical wrestling prowess. This should make for an interesting contest!

MN: Come on, Cam... show him that good ol' "CRIPPLER" we know and love!

DT: And CRUISE comes out on top, wrangling Davis into a side headlock! He laughs triumphantly, but perhaps a bit too soon... Davis backing into the ropes for a quick bounce, and Cruise is sent running across the ring!

DM: Here's Cam on the rebound, looking for the LARIAT... but Davis goes low and slips behind him with a rear waistlock! Tony Davis, looking for the German Suplex -- but Cruise COUNTERS by sending him to the mat with a quick arm drag!

MN: He's thinking one step ahead of his opponent in there, which is what he ALWAYS does! That's what makes him so great...

DM: Cruise slaps on a quick armbar while Davis is seated before him, and he's really putting some torque into it! Look at how he's got the knee digging into the back of Tony's head for extra leverage, putting all the tension up there in the neck and shoulder!

DT: Still, Tony Davis is refusing to tap! We've seen him withstand much worse than that! Davis trying to keep himself focused... and wait, he's using his free arm to hook Cruise's leg! YES, he sweeps him down to the mat!

MN: A futile effort! Cameron Cruise is just as dangerous on his back as he is on his feet! That goes for the ladies as well...

DM: Too much info, Neels... Cruise is on his back, but he's not giving up the arm, and now he's trying to modify it into a Fujiwara Armbar! No doubt his old ally in Shawn Hart taught him that one... but Davis quickly works his way off the mat and gets himself in position to lay a few HARD shots right to Cruise's face and shoulder, and Cam loses his grip!

DT: Davis out of the armbar, but Cruise is following him up to his feet, determined to keep up the pressure! Both men back into the collar and elbow tie-up... OH, OUCH!! Cruise with a KNEE to the abs puts him on top once again!

DM: Cruise draws Davis into a front-facelock... gets ahold of tights, and PUTS HIM TO THE MAT with the VERTICLE SUPLEX! Davis is really feeling it in his back!

DT: Cruise rolling over into a lateral press, and he hooks the legs!



Tony Davis kicks out! Remember, if he loses this match, then Team VIAGRA is GONE from Empire Pro!

MN: And they won't be missed! The NEELINATOR doesn't need viagra to please the ladies!

DM: ..."the Neelinator?"

MN: I know! Awesome, right? Chicks love it...

DT: If by "chicks" you mean fifty year old cougars looking for free drinks in whatever repugnant watering hole you crawl into late every night... anyway, back to the match! Cruise has Davis back up and into a rear chinlock!

DM: That knee is really digging down into Tony Davis' spine! No doubt about it, Cameron Cruise is out for BLOOD tonight!

MN: This is what happens when you make the Crippler jerk the curtain to a bunch of other worthless nobodies, including that punk with him in the ring!

DT: Davis is refusing to tap, but every moment Cruise pries back on his jaw and bends his neck into that uncomfortable position, he's losing more and more energy and strength!

DM: That's right, Dave. Tony's gotta make a move, or Cruise will just continue to punish him!

Crowd: "DA-VIS!! DA-VIS!! DA-VIS!! DA-VIS!!"

DT: Tony Davis getting some support from the crowd now! These people don't want to see Team VIAGRA leave Empire Pro in this fashion! They want him to GET UP!!

MN: Oh please... viagra never got ANYTHING up while I was using it. That's why the NEELINATOR is now 100% all natural MAN-LOVE!

DM: Davis working over to his side, trying to get out of the hold... now he's up to a knee! Just a little more, and he'll be in a position to get himself out of this!

DT: But Cameron Cruise has other plans! OH MAN... he just WHIPS Tony Davis back to the mat by his head, and puts the crowd into a dead silence! Cruise FLAUNTING to the fans now!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOO!!!"

MN: Ingrates! This man is the whole REASON this company even sells tickets!

DT: Cruise in motion now, off of the ropes... BIG jumping elbow -- BUT DAVIS ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!! Cruise favoring that arm as he gets to his feet, and stumbles right into a SCOOP SLAM by Tony Davis!

DM: Davis off the ropes... and HE lands an elbow drop, showing the wily ring veteran how it's done! And he drops ANOTHER for good measure, right into that shoulder of Cameron Cruise!

MN: Oh man, that's so unoriginal I could VOMIT...

DT: Better than pissing yourself and telling nobody about it. This could be Tony's opportunity to turn things around, and he wastes no time going for the cover, hooking the legs!



Kickout by Cameron Cruise! It'll take more than that to put the former multiple champion down for the count!

MN: Yeah, a LOT more!

DM: Davis in control now, and he hooks both of Cameron Cruise's arms as he wrangles him to his feet! Could be going for the TIGER SUPLEX... but Cruise is fighting it! Cruise, trying to twist his way out of it, and both men have their arms still locked together!

DT: Now it's CRUISE behind Davis, struggling in vain to stop this! But it's too late... Cruise lifts him OFF THE MAT and drops him down HARD with a BACK SUPLEX!

MN: Davis tried to make the mistake of outmuscling one of the STRONGEST men in the EPW locker room, and that's where it got him!

DT: Tony Davis is looking slow to get off the mat... that suplex really took the breath out of him! He's gotta get control of this match again, or this could be the LAST time we see anybody from Team VIAGRA in the EPW ring!

MN: Fingers crossed...

DM: Here's Cruise, taking Tony Davis by the neck and getting him back to his feet! Davis gets dumped into a corner... and Cruise LAYS INTO HIM with a knife edge chop that just ECHOES through the entire arena!


DM: Pipe down, Neels...

MN: That's NEELINATOR to you!

DT: Cruise is targeting that chest again... ANOTHER Knife Edge chop! That chest of Tony Davis is turning beet red! Cruise has him by the arm now... and there's the Irish Whip to the opposite corner!

DM: Davis connects HARD with the turnbuckle, and here comes Cruise, coming at him with a CLOTHESLINE -- OH NOO, DAVIS REVERSED WITH A DEVASTATING POWERSLAM!!

Crowd: *POP!!*

DT: NOBODY saw that coming, much less Cameron Cruise! Davis hooking the legs, trying to get the quick pin!



NO!! Cruise managed to get the shoulder up! That would have been an upset right there!

DM: Did your bladder hold up, "Neelinator"?

MN: That was a close call! I think a few drops got loose...

DT: Just GO TO THE MENSROOM during the next break! Jeez, you moron... back to the match, Davis with a chance to capitalize now! He's got Cruise back to his feet, and there's the whip to the ropes!

DM: This didn't end well for Cam last time he was running off the ropes! Here's the return... and Davis LIFTS HIM UP and PLANTS HIM BACK TO THE MAT with a SPINEBUSTER!! Tony Davis is REALLY pulling out all the stops now!

MN: Come on, Cam! You've taken worse than this!

DT: Cruise is in a world of hurt, holding a hand to his back, but Tony Davis keeps up the pressure, getting him back to his feet! Davis scoops him up... OH MAN, AND NEARLY BREAKS HIM HALF OVER HIS KNEE with the RIB BREAKER!!

DM: Tony Davis is pulling out all the stops and putting his strength to work now! If he can overpower Cameron Cruise, he can win this match and save his career, along with those of High Flyer and Mary-Lynn Mayweather!

DT: Here's Davis going for the PIN!



THR -- NO!! Cameron Cruise managed to kick out once again!

MN: There is NO WAY "The Crippler" is going to suffer an embarrassment like being beat in the opening match to Russian Roulette to a chump from Team VIAGRA!

DT: Davis looking to finish things off while he has the chance... he gets Cruise back up to his -- NO WAIT, CRUISE WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!



ALMOST got away with it, but Davis broke free from the pin attempt!

DM: Can't count out Cameron Cruise that quickly! He's favoring those ribs as he gets back to his feet, but still moves quickly as Davis rises as well! Cruise going UP -- and DAVIS HITS THE MAT after taking a dropkick right to the chest!

MN: That's it, Cam! Turn it around and take it home!

DT: Davis scrambling to his feet, and he charges... but Cruise goes LOW and puts him into a Fireman's Carry! Cruise lifting him up HIGH off the mat now, and... OH JESUS, HE THROWS HIM OFF AND DROPS HIM OVER THE KNEE with a SICKENING GUTBUSTER!!

DM: There is absolute RAGE in the eyes of Cameron Cruise right now! Perhaps he thought this would be an easier contest, but Tony Davis has been bringing the fight to him! Cruise stalking Davis as he waits for him to rise... and he goes right back to the midsection with a HARD boot to the gut!

DT: Davis doubled over... Cruise hooks the arm... WHOA MAN, WHAT A BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!! Tony Davis got dropped HARD, and now Cruise may have it in the BAG!! Here he goes for the COVER!!



THR -- NO, DAVIS KICKED OUT!! Team VIAGRA stays alive!

MN: For NOW! Cruise is on FIRE, and he's going to burn this ring to the ground!

DT: Cruise back on his feet, watching Tony Davis struggle to rise! He's calling him back up, and no doubt, he's looking to FINISH THIS here and now! Davis may not have enough left to defend himself at this point!

DM: Don't count him out just yet, Dave! Tony Davis back up, and Cameron Cruise draws him in... he's looking for the REALITY CHECK -- NO WAIT!! Davis got the leg hooked wrong... AND HE REVERSES WITH AN STO!!


DT: Davis with the COUNTER, and now the tables have turned once again! Can he put this one away?! Cruise slowly up to his feet, and Davis waits for him... and as soon as he's up, Davis goes right for a SHOULDER BLOCK right into the mid-section!!



DT: Cruise ROLLS back to his feet and gives the crowd a victory pose!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOO!!!"

MN: They can hate the man all they want, but they can't deny he's BETTER than all of them!

DM: Davis is OUT LIKE A LIGHT after that DDT! He took all of that right into the head! Cruise looking down on him now and scoffing at him like he's nothing! What clear disrespect...

DT: Cruise looks like he's ready to finish this!! He peels Davis off the mat... steadies him over his shoulder and hooks the head below his arm! THIS COULD BE IT...

DM: SHIPWRECK!! Oh man, Tony Davis got PULVERIZED!!

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOO!!!"

MN: And Team VIAGRA just went LIMP!!

DT: Davis is GONE, and Cameron Cruise arrogantly covers him with a lateral press!



THREE!!! That's it, it's OVER!!


TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner... "THE CRIPPLER"... CAAAAMMMEERRROOOONNN CCCRRRUUUUIIIISSSSEEEE!!!

[CUE UP: "Killing in the Name Of" by Rage Against the Machine. Cruise rises off of his fallen opponent looking triumphant and cocky as the fans jeer him from all angles. Pat Jones attempts to raise his arm in victory, but he quickly tears it away and chooses to hold his arm up on his own.]

DT: A triumphant victory for Cameron Cruise, who simply CRUSHED Tony Davis in that ring! I guess this means the end of Team VIAGRA...

DM: A truly disappointing end to one of Empire Pro's most colorful teams. Tony Davis has failed, and that means we won't be seeing any more of High Flyer and Mary-Lynn Maywhere either for the time being.

MN: Screw those losers! Empire Pro is better off without them! Look at the man standing tall in the ring! This is HIS moment! You said this match was going to set the tone for Russian Roulette, right? Well there's your tone-setter right there! CAMERON CRUISE, the undisputed BEST in Empire Pro!

DM: Cruise leaving the ring victorious, but noticeably unsatisfied. He clearly still looks upset to be given the opening match, but sometimes, that's the way things work out.

DT: Tony Davis, meanwhile, has recovered, but looks distraught by himself, knowing he's just wrestled his last match in Empire Pro! Well, we wish for the best for Tony Davis, High Flyer, and Mary-Lynn Mayweather in all of their future endeavors.

MN: SO LONG, losers! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

DM: Show some respect, Neels --


DM: Oh jeez, just drop it...

MN: I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.

DM: Okay... whatever, Arnold.

MN: No, seriously, give me your clothes... pants, preferrably. The dam burst the moment I watched the awesomeness that was that Shipwreck!

DM: Oh my God, you disgusting bastard! You need to lay off the martinis before we do this!

DT: Mike, go get yourself a fresh change of clothes... we're going to take a brief break, ladies and gentlemen, but don't go away, because Russian Roulette has only just started, and there's a LOT more action on the way!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[We see Kenny Lombardo rushing up to the service entrance of the arena. He catches up to someone just as they have a hand on the door handle.]

KL: "Wait just a second! I only need to get a few words with you."

[The man's head turns to look, bemused, at Kenny catching his breath.]

LARRY TACT: "Kenny, you came all this way just to see me? How touching. No need to trouble yourself, next time."

KL: "Larry, it's been weeks since we've seen you at an EPW event. You, Copycat, and the Intercontinental Champion Impulse have had plenty to say to each other. Some are saying it's gotten heated at times. Any comments on that, or towards them?"

[Tact pauses, then smirks.]

LT: "Copycat, Impulse..... I'm in the house."

[He opens the door and walks into the arena, slinging his bag over his shoulder.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Mr. Sunshine vs. Rezin

DT: All right, EPW fans, we’re about to keep things movin' with a matchup between a recent EPW hire and a man who has found new purpose of late.

DM: New purpose? I guess that’s technically accurate, but I think it sugarcoats Rezin’s stated goal of the utter destruction of EPW!

MN: Hey, I appreciate the paychecks I get, but sometimes you need a guy like Rezin to shake things up!

DM: Only you would defend Rezin, Mike.

[CUE UP: “I Need a Doctor” by Eminem featuring Dr. Dre. Mr. Sunshine steps through the curtain to a mixed reaction, whipping his head around a little at audience reactions but mostly staring toward the ring as he heads down the entranceway]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring now, from Ann Arbor, Michigan! Weighing in at 232 pounds, Misterrrrrrrrrrr Suuuuuuuuunshiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

DT: Mr. Sunshine, the former Rob Franklin, recently made his return to the wrestling business after dealing with some personal issues. But personal issues or not, he gave a commanding performance at Aggression 63, putting down a tough opponent in “The War Hawk” Jermaine Dawson.

MN: That’s true, but Rezin is a completely different kind of opponent than any other you might face in EPW! Mr. Sunshine’s going to have to pull out all the stops to hold him off!

DM: Next to Rezin, Mr. Sunshine looks downright sane. Of course, so does Gary Busey.

MN: Topical! Next you’re going to make a couch-jumping Tom Cruise joke.

[Mr. Sunshine rolls into the ring, largely keeping it together despite occasional hints that he may be a little less sane than he lets on]

DT: Mr. Sunshine has just made his EPW debut, but I’ve seen what this competitor can do prior to his match with Jermaine Dawson, and it bears pointing out that he’s got an arsenal of intense, heavy-hitting moves. He may not have the raw hatred of Rezin, but he’s definitely got what it takes to put the man down if he gets the opportunity.

DM: I can agree with you there, Dave – Mr. Sunshine is absolutely a competitor to be taken seriously.

MN: But don’t forget, Rezin has handled some much bigger competitors since his recent reinvention – first the Colossal Connection, and just at Aggression 63, Cameron Cruise and Copycat! Mr. Sunshine may hit hard, but Rezin has shown he can come back from some of the hardest blows!

[CUE UP: “Master of Alchemy” by Electric Wizard. The lights flicker as the song opens with piercing feedback. As the first major riff hits, bursts of fire emanate from the sides of the stage and Rezin steps through the curtain to a chorus of boos. The boos continue as Rezin carries himself down the entranceway in as pompous a manner as he can manage. He grabs for a few fan signs, but the initial fans pull them away before he can grab them. He finally gets his hands on one, folds it up and rubs it obscenely against his posterior as his pants sink down it. He crumples up the sign and tosses it back at the fan, who barely dodges getting a faceful of it]

TF: And his opponent, from the Bottom of the Barrel! Weighing 228 pounds, he is the Goat Bastard, Rrrrrrrrrrrrezinnnnnnnnnn!

DM: And just look at how disdainfully Rezin carries himself! I probably don’t even need to say it, but this man just makes me sick!

DT: I’m used to a lot of wrestlers showing disregard for the fans, but I can’t say I approve of what Rezin did to that poor kid’s sign.

MN: Look, what Rezin does isn’t pretty, but it clearly works! These people hate him, and he’s been on a roll since changing his direction!

[Rezin slithers into the ring and faces Mr. Sunshine, who is staring him down]

DT: I’ll say this: I don’t think we can expect either of these men to give an inch in this match.

MN: Yeah, neither of them is smart enough to!

DM: I thought you liked these guys, Mike.

MN: Who says I don’t? I never said brute force was a bad thing!

SFX: Ding! Ding!

DT: Rezin and Mr. Sunshine looking for a tie-up – but Rezin instead with a hard kick right to the leg of Mr. Sunshine! And another!

DM: Rezin lets fly with the cheap shots right from the bell, and he’s using that kickboxing background to force Mr. Sunshine back into the corner!

MN: What do you mean, cheap shots? Those kicks are as legal as a wristlock! He just outsmarted Mr. Sunshine there, that’s all!

DM: I have a hard time believing there’ll be a lot of outsmarting in this contest.

DT: Rezin continues with the kicks in the corner as referee Andrew Gardell gives him a warning! Rezin just laughs him off – but the distraction gives Mr. Sunshine the chance to come thundering out of the corner with a clothesline that puts Rezin on the mat! Rezin up to his feet, another clothesline by Mr. Sunshine! Mr. Sunshine off the ropes, and he takes Rezin down with a third clothesline!

DM: Rezin up to his knees, Mr. Sunshine looking for a kick – but Rezin rolls out of the ring, much to the displeasure of this capacity crowd!

MN: You said there’d be no outsmarting in this match, but look at what we’re seeing here! Rezin saw that Mr. Sunshine was rolling, and he got out of dodge! You may not agree with Rezin’s goals, but there’s no denying he’s a lot sharper than he looks!

DM: I’m not entirely convinced that’s intelligence so much as it’s a desire to annoy our fans, but I suppose Rezin has plenty of time to change my mind tonight.

DT: Rezin now, rolling back into the ring, and Mr. Sunshine heads right for him – but Rezin connects with a low kick to the leg without even standing up! And now Rezin rolls right back out of the ring!

MN: Look at Rezin revel in the boos of these idiots! It really warms the cockles of my heart.

DM: Looks like Mr. Sunshine is not amused, though, as he rolls out of the ring after Rezin! Rezin on the move with Mr. Sunshine in hot pursuit, Rezin rolls into the ring – and lays into Mr. Sunshine with stomps as soon as he follows!

DT: But Mr. Sunshine with a double-leg takedown, and now he fires off on Rezin with mounted punches! Rezin is scrambling to get free, and he slithers over to the corner! Gardell with a warning to Mr. Sunshine this time as he follows Rezin in – and there’s a rake of the eyes by Rezin!

MN: And just like that, Rezin takes control again! Look at him wail on Mr. Sunshine with those chops!

DT: Rezin sends Mr. Sunshine face-first into the top turnbuckle, and lays into him with stiff kicks in the corner! Rezin with an Irish whip, sends Mr. Sunshine to the other buckle, charges in and connects with a hard knee strike! Rezin now off the ropes, and he drops a dazed Mr. Sunshine with a one-handed bulldog! First cover of the match!



And Mr. Sunshine gets the shoulder up!

DM: Rezin with Mr. Sunshine up to his feet, and takes him down with a snap mare! And Rezin with a hard kick to the back of the seated Mr. Sunshine, and another! Rezin is wearing Mr. Sunshine out with those kicks!

MN: And a hell of a kick to the head is the exclamation point! Rezin with another cover!



No! Mr. Sunshine kicks out.

DT: Rezin back up to his feet, and he nails Mr. Sunshine with a standing moonsault! Rezin hooks the leg!



No! Another kickout by Mr. Sunshine.

DM: Rezin raising Mr. Sunshine to his feet, and Mr. Sunshine, with hard shots to the midsection, tries to break Rezin’s momentum! But Rezin stops him with another rake of the eyes!

DT: Rezin with Mr. Sunshine up on his shoulders, and there’s a rolling slam! Mr. Sunshine is down on the mat, and Rezin is headed up to the top rope!

MN: Rezin’s going up facing the ring – I think we could be about the see the Rezinrana! Mr. Sunshine’s getting back to his feet!

DT: No! Mr. Sunshine with shots to the midsection of Rezin! Grabs Rezin – and slams him off the top rope!

DM: Rezin is back up, and Mr. Sunshine with a kick to the midsection! Mr. Sunshine hooks Rezin up, and there’s a big vertical suplex! Mr. Sunshine with a cover!



No! Rezin kicks out.

DT: Mr. Sunshine off the ropes, and he drops a big elbow across the back of the head as Rezin tries to get to his feet! Another cover by Mr. Sunshine!



Kickout by Rezin!

DM: Mr. Sunshine grabs a handful of Rezin’s unwashed hair and brings him up to his knees! I think I know what we’re about to see here!

MN: What, Mr. Sunshine can’t come up with his own moves, and he has to copy Rezin’s?

DM: You know as well as I do that this happens to be a specialty of Mr. Sunshine’s as he lays into the chest of Rezin with hard kicks! Just look at the face of Rezin as that barrage of kicks continues!

DT: Rezin brings the arms up to block the next kick – but Mr. Sunshine’s ready for it, and he stops mid-kick! Mr. Sunshine grabs the head of Rezin – kneeling DDT! Mr. Sunshine rolls Rezin over, covers and hooks the leg!



No! Rezin again able to hold on!

DM: Mr. Sunshine brings Rezin back to his feet and sends him face-first into the buckle! Spins him around – and a hard knife-edge chop right to the chest of Rezin! Mr. Sunshine now buffeting Rezin with chop after chop after chop!

MN: Rezin’s chest is taking a pounding in this match, but it’s not all bad – he’s probably got some lung mustard that needs coughing up anyway.

DM: Very graphic, Mike.

DT: Yes, I’m glad I had a light dinner tonight.

DM: Mr. Sunshine with a whip to the other buckle, Rezin stumbles out and a huge back body drop by Mr. Sunshine!

DT: Maybe I’m mistaken, but it sounds like this crowd is starting to get behind Mr. Sunshine!

DM: It may just be out of a desire to see Rezin beaten, but I definitely agree that Mr. Sunshine is getting a reaction as he drags Rezin back to his feet! Mr. Sunshine with another whip, but a reversal by Rezin! Rezin looking for a backdrop of his own – but Mr. Sunshine catches him in a standing headscissors! He could be looking to finish this one!

MN: No! Rezin squirms free and rolls out of the ring! That’s why he’s the Escape Artist!

DT: But Mr. Sunshine’s not having any of that! Mr. Sunshine with a plancha to the outside!

MN: And Rezin moves! Mr. Sunshine just landed with a splat outside the ring!

DM: Rezin is just laughing it up after that one – and wasting time he could be using to his advantage.

MN: Aw, quit your whining! Rezin has Mr. Sunshine exactly where he wants him!

DT: Rezin rolls Mr. Sunshine back into the ring, up on the apron and he slingshots into the ring with a legdrop! Rezin covers!



No! Mr. Sunshine kicks out!

DM: Rezin hauls Mr. Sunshine up to his feet, lifts him up and plants him with a scoop slam piledriver! Rezin covers, hooks the leg!



No! Again, Mr. Sunshine survives!

DT: And Rezin now with a choke on the mat! Referee Andrew Gardell up to three, four, and Rezin lets go!

MN: You have to love the innocent look on his face right now! “Who, me?”

DM: Only you would love any look on Rezin’s face, Mike.

DT: Rezin sits Mr. Sunshine up, then knocks him right back down with a kick to the face! Rezin now going back up top as Mr. Sunshine regains his footing!

MN: He’s looking for the Rezinrana again – and this time, he gets it! Mr. Sunshine just went flying!

DM: Rezin with a brief aside to tease this capacity crowd, and now a kick to the midsection as a dazed Mr. Sunshine gets to his feet! He’s looking for the Black Hole Bomb!

DT: But Mr. Sunshine backdrops his way out! Mr. Sunshine shaking out the cobwebs as a stunned Rezin gets back to his feet! Mr. Sunshine off the ropes—

MN: Right into the Damascus Heel! Rezin just took his head off!

DT: Rezin with a cover!



Th-no! Mr. Sunshine gets the shoulder up!

DM: And Rezin can’t believe it! He’s telling Gardell that had to be three, but a shoulder up is a shoulder up!

MN: I can’t believe it either! That looked a lot like three to me!

DM: Rezin may be about to strike one of our EPW officials, and if he does, that’s a disqualification – and maybe a suspension! I’m sure Dan Ryan won’t have mercy on a man who says he’s out to destroy EPW!

MN: Ha! Did you see the way Gardell jumped just now, when Rezin made like he was going to lunge at him?

DM: You would jump twice as high, Mike, and scream like a girl if Rezin looked like he was about to hit you.

MN: You’ll never prove that in a court of law!

DT: Rezin finally turns his attention back to Mr. Sunshine, and he sends him to the mat with a hard scoop slam! Rezin climbing to the top rope – he could be looking for the Dark Side of the Moonsault, and if he hits it, this one may be over!

DM: No! Mr. Sunshine is up, and he staggers into the ropes, dropping Rezin on the top turnbuckle in a very uncomfortable position!

DT: Mr. Sunshine now climbing up to the top with Rezin! Hooks him around the waist – back superplex by Mr. Sunshine sends both men crashing to the mat! And neither man is moving as the referee starts the count!

MN: Come on, Rezin! You’ve taken much bigger hits than that!

[Brief silence as Gardell continues the 10-count]

MN: “Bigger hits?” You guys see what I did there?

DM: I get the joke, Mike. I’m just not laughing at it.

DT: Gardell is up to five, and Mr. Sunshine is stirring! Six, seven, and Mr. Sunshine is up to his feet!

MN: But look! Rezin is getting up, too! He’s not out of this one yet!

DM: Mr. Sunshine with a chop to Rezin, who chops him right back! They’re trading chops in the center of the ring!

DT: Rezin reaches for the eyes, but Mr. Sunshine is ready for it and he blocks him! And now Mr. Sunshine with an eye rake of his own! Mr. Sunshine pulls Rezin in close, and nails him with a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex! Cover by Mr. Sunshine!



No! Rezin gets the shoulder up!

DM: Mr. Sunshine drags Rezin back up to his feet, kick to the midsection and a gutwrench powerbomb! Mr. Sunshine folds the legs over!



Thr-no! Rezin kicks out at the last second!

DT: And Mr. Sunshine is not slowing down for a second! A scoop slam by Mr. Sunshine, and he’s headed up top! Rezin is motionless on the mat! IcePick by Mr. Sunshine!

DM: And Mr. Sunshine is saying this one is over!

MN: Come on, Rezin! I know you’ve got more left in the tank!

DT: Mr. Sunshine setting up Rezin for Your Neck is Broken – but Rezin with a double-leg takedown, and he folds up the legs into a pinning combination! Rezin with his feet on the ropes!



No! The referee just spotted Rezin’s feet on the ropes, and he stops the count!

MN: What are you doing, Gardell? Eyes on the shoulders!

DT: Rezin screaming at Gardell, but Mr. Sunshine is back up to his feet! Mr. Sunshine spins him around – and Rezin with a sit-out jawbreaker!

DM: A desperation move by Rezin, but he’s only got a second to follow up!

DT: Rezin hooks the head of Mr. Sunshine! Rezin going up – Rezin Hit!

DM: No! Mr. Sunshine catches him on his shoulder! Sunshine Highway!

DT: Rezin was just launched across the ring! And Mr. Sunshine is wasting no time – he’s over to Rezin’s fallen body, and he’s got the legs! If he can get the Great Lakes Cloverleaf locked in, this one is over!

MN: Fight it, Rezin! Dozens of fans are depending on you!

DM: Rezin flailing desperately, trying to stop Mr. Sunshine from getting the hold locked in – and he grabs the shirt of Gardell! Gardell trying to break free, but Rezin has a death grip on his shirt and Mr. Sunshine can’t get the hold on!

DT: Gardell pulling free, but Rezin lets go of the shirt and Gardell tumbles head over heels!

MN: Even in the direst of situations, Rezin can still find the time to make the referee look like a fool!

DM: Gardell getting back to his feet – and there’s the Resinous Mist from Rezin! Mr. Sunshine has been blinded by that noxious black spit, and the referee didn’t see a thing!

DT: Rezin reaches up and pulls Mr. Sunshine down into an inside cradle! Gardell over to count – he can’t see the mist in Mr. Sunshine’s eyes!




SFX: Ding! Ding!

DM: Damn it! Rezin just stole this one!

MN: Hey, it’s not his fault Andrew Gardell has terrible balance!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner – Rrrrrrrrrrreziiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn!

DM: Another tainted victory for Rezin tonight, and unfortunately, I don’t think he’d have it any other way!

DT: And Rezin rolls out of the ring, gloating all the while, as Mr. Sunshine tries to clear that disgusting substance out of his eyes!

MN: I’d hate to be the ring crew member whose job it is to clean that stuff off of the mat!

DM: I’ll say this about Rezin – he has definitely picked up an impressive string of victories since finding new purpose here in EPW, and if I were an EPW competitor myself, I’d be watching out for this dangerous individual.

DT: Well, Dean, we’re about to see plenty more of those EPW competitors here tonight as Russian Roulette rolls on. Stick around, EPW fans!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Dan Ryan’s office. Dis’ lawyer standing on the other side of the desk.]

RYAN: I have to get ready for a match in little under an hour so this had better be good.

KAHN: I just wanted to make sure we were clear on the provisions regarding interference in tonight’s main event.

RYAN: Yes, anyone who interferes will be fired.

KAHN: Well not exactly, see the contract signed states that anyone who physically harms either wrestler or the referee for the match will be fired from this company. And I also wanted to make it clear to you that I am not an employee of your company.

[Kahn waves his cane around menacingly]

KAHN: You play Tennis Mr. Ryan? You learn to put a lot of force in a swing. I can top out a serve at 100 miles per hour.

[Ryan stands up and gets close to Kahn.]

RYAN: If you interfere in the main event, if I have any strength left in my body after my match with Stalker, I’ll break you in half, and if I can’t do that tonight, then one day I’ll come into your office and Humility Bomb you through your desk and beat you till you never eat solid food again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match to prepare for.

[Ryan walks out of the room, Kahn pulls out a cell phone.]

KAHN: I’m not helping you in the main event tonight, and I’m resigning as your lawyer, good luck.

[Kahn hangs up the phone and leaves the room quickly.]



Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW Television Title Match: Adrian Willard (c) vs. Rich Mahogany

[FADEIN: Tony Fatora standing in the ring.]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the EPW World Television Champion! [Pop!]

[MUSIC UP: “Love Man” by Otis Redding. The crowd jeers as Rich Mahogany comes through the curtain, Mahogany wearing a sequined pull off red tux with matching red bow-tie. He has a million watt smile on his face as he swaggers his way to the ring.]

DT: The challenger for the TV title just brimming with confidence as he makes his way to the ring.

MN: Why shouldn’t he be confident? He beat Anarky, he’s undefeated in EPW, Willard is nothing but a stepping stone to greatness for Rich Mahogany.

TF: Making his way to the ring from Austin, Texas…The challenger…Weighing in at 210 pounds…RICH!!! MAHOGANY!!! [Boos!]

[Mahogany rips off his tux, showing all too revealing red trunks under them. He eyes various women in the crowd and smiles devilishly at them.]

DT: Mahogany needs to be more focused on this match than he was on the match at Aggression 63 if he wants any chance of winning the title tonight.

MN: He knew that match was a lost cause with a gimp with a bum leg dragging his team down, I’m sure he’ll be dead set on beating up Willard and bringing the hold home so can impress the ladies even more than he already does.

[MUSIC UP: “Genesis” by Justice Adrian Willard walks out to the top of the ramp, he takes off the EPW World TV Title and holds it over his head, he walks to the ring with the belt aloft, the crowd cheering loud.]

DT: And the champion makes his way to the ring. Adrian Willard fought Cameron Cruise in a brutal series and finally took the title away from the veteran and now Willard seeks to hold onto the belt against Mahogany.

DM: Willard’s got power and he showed a lot of will and determination in that series of matches to fight for the title and not give up till he won the belt.

MN: He was lucky and his luck runs out here.


[Willard hits the ring and flips the belt to the ref before pacing back and forth, eager to get the match started.]

[Bell rings. Willard charges at Mahogany!]

DT: Willard rushes right at the bell and Mahogany quickly backs into a corner and puts himself into the ropes demanding the ref back Willard off him…Willard backs off and Mahogany slowly moving towards the center of the ring, Willard and Mahogany lock up and Willard SHOVES Mahogany to the mat, Rich bails out to the floor! [Boos!]

DM: Willard clearly has the edge in power here and Mahogany not exactly seeking out a fight with the champion.

MN: It’s a cat and mouse game, only this is the smartest cat in the world and Willard’s the dumbest mouse in the world, just you wait, Rich will figure this out.

DT: Willard backs off and gives Rich plenty of room to enter the ring and Mahogany finally does re-enter the ring. Willard blitzes Mahogany with a flurry of punches backing him into a corner. Willard with kicks and punches now as the ref makes the count for Willard to break out of the corner and Willard relents at 4…AND THEN GOES RIGHT BACK TO BEATING THE HELL OUT OF MAHOGANY! [Cheers!]

DM: The champion showing no mercy at all in his assault on his opponent!

MN: More like he’s a low down cheat who’ll break the rules to get an advantage!

DM: Rich Mahogany might be the biggest rule breaker in EPW history and he’s only been here for four shows, anything Willard does is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

MN: So you condone cheating as long as your guy does it, I see how you are Dean.

DT: While my co-hosts argue morality Willard pulls Mahogany out of the corner and DECKS him with a SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Willard now grabs Mahogany by the head and REPEATEDLY DRIVES HIS HEAD INTO THE MAT!!

DM: Willard just unleashing pure brutality here and so far Rich Mahogany has no answer for it!

MN: He’s a rule breaking slug who should be disqualified and stripped of his title, Rich Mahogany came into this match to wrestle, not to get into a street fight with some goon.

DT: Willard pulls Mahogany back to his feet and sends him to the ropes, Willard elevates Mahogany…PRESS SLAM!! MAHOGANY CRASHING TO THE MAT!! WILLARD WITH A COVER!!




DT: Willard quickly gets Mahogany back to his feet. Rich scrambling to the ropes, as Willard has a waist lock…The ref giving Willard a count to break the hold…MAHOGANY WITH A VICIOUS MULE KICK!! A DEVASTATING LOW BLOW BY THE CHALLENGER DROPS WILLARD TO THE MAT!!

MN: And the ref couldn’t see it! What a smart move!

DT: Willard on the ground writhing in agony, Mahogany telling the ref he’s faking it and trying to get a cheap DQ, but we all saw that cheap shot by the Ladies Man. Mahogany now stomping away on the fallen Willard. Mahogany sits Willard up…Mahogany off the ropes…KICKS WILLARD IN THE FACE! A COVER!




DM: The champion not going to be beaten that easy.

MN: But he will be beaten, Mahogany’s already outsmarted him once, he’ll get him again!

DT: Mahogany pulls Willard into the middle of the ring…SEX PANTHER STUMP PULLER! Mahogany wrenching that leg up…And rather disgustingly grinding his groin on the back of Willard’s head.

MN: If he doesn’t tap out from the pain he might tap from the humiliation, I think it’s a smart move all around!

DT: Willard reaching up and grabbing Mahogany by the head…FLIPS HIM OVER AND TO THE MAT!! Willard pops to his feet, Mahogany clutching at his knee in pain.

DM: He did land a bit weird on that throw.

MN: The fact that Willard’s a depraved maniac is the problem he’ll cripple you just to laugh about it!

DT: The ref backing Willard off as Mahogany continues to clutch his knee…Willard finally moves in…INSIDE CRADLE BY MAHOGANY!!




DT: What a bush league move by Mahogany trying to steal the match with a faked knee injury!

MN: Win at all costs Thomas! There is gold on the line here!

DT: Well Willard feels the way you do and now he’s just beating the daylights out of Magohany with rights and lefts! Mahogany sent to the ropes…BACKDROP! Mahogany back to his feet…KICKED RIGHT IN THE FACE!! WILLARD A COVER




DT: Mahogany trying to get out of the ring but Willard won’t let him escape…Willard elevates Mahogany…BACK SUPLEX!! A COVER!




DM: When he doesn’t have his cheap tactics to fall back on, Mahogany isn’t doing anything against Willard in that ring.

MN: Says you, Willard hasn’t got this thing won, not by a long shot!

DT: Willard sends Mahogany to the ropes, clothesline by Willard is ducked…Rich comes back…THEY CLASHED HEADS!! BOTH MEN DOWN…PAT JONES OVER!!




[Bell rings.]

DT: I think both men pinned each other! Both men were down and they had an arm on each other’s chest!

MN: Mahogany had his shoulder up the whole time, we got a new champion!

DM: You’re crazy Neely, if anyone won this match outright it’s Willard, I didn’t really see much of a cover from Mahogany at all.

DT: Well Tony Fatora is getting the official decision now.

TF: Referee Pat Jones has informed me that both men had their shoulders were down and both men had a cover on the other man so both men were pinned at the same time, this bout is a DRAW!

[Crowd boos the non-decision.]

DT: Willard retains the TV Title in a controversial decision here.

MN: It’s bullsh*t! I don’t care if I get fined by the front office for saying this, this is a gutless bullsh*t ruling here!

DT: Rich Mahogany stumbling out of the ring and he’s grabbed the mic.

MAHOGANY: Willard! You coward! You didn’t beat me! You talk all big about how you were going to destroy me and prove how great you are, you proved NOTHING! If you’re such a big hero, if you’re such a tough guy you would put that belt back up and prove it! Let’s see you beat me instead of just sneaking off with the belt like the coward you are!

DT: Willard glaring down at Mahogany and he nods his head, he’s agreed to continue the match!

DM: He does want to put Mahogany in his place and prove he’s the better man!

MN: No he’s an idiot whose let Mahogany bait him into risking a title he’d already defended, the fool!

[Bell rings, crowd buzzing!]

DT: This match is back underway and the two men lock up…Willard shoves Mahogany back into a corner and Willard taunts Mahogany to take a run at him and he does…WILLARD DROPS HIM WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK! Willard picks Mahogany up and lifts him high in the day…DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX! WILLARD WITH A COVER!!




DT: Willard quickly back on top of Mahogany a kick to the gut and now he lifts Mahogany up…POWER BOMB!! HE PLANTED HIM!!! WILLARD SIGNALS THAT IT’S OVER!!

MN: Come on Rich, you got the second chance, don’t let this clown do this to you!





[Bell rings, crowd booing loudly as “Love Man” by Otis Redding hits over the PA. Mahogany bolts from the ring and grabs the TV Title belt from the time keeper before jumping into the crowd.]


DT: Willard is screaming at the ref about the tights pull, he’s been ROBBED here tonight by that scumbag Rich Mahogany and I say that with all apologies to bags of scum around the world that have to be associated with him.

MN: NEW CHAMP!! WOO!!! The Ladies Man outsmarted this giant moron, I told you he would do it!

DT: Mahogany still fleeing through the crowd with his belt in hand, like or not, and I sure don’t...... but Rich Mahogany has won the TV Title here in Boston!

[CUTTO: Willard, slapping the mat in frustration.]

DT: We'll be right back.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Detective Lombardo

[Kenny Lombardo in the back stage area, he’s on a cell phone.]

LOMBARDO: Look you hung me out to dry on the Melton stuff. I need proof and I need it tonight! I’m going to nail this Dis character one and for all. [Pause] No I’m going to let you tell me over the phone, you need to get here and hand me the evidence. I got people out for my neck and I need to see your proof in person this time.

[Lombardo hangs up the phone.]

LOMBARDO: I will get to the bottom of this, one way or the other this Dis stuff ends tonight.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW Intercontinental Championship: Impulse (c) vs. Copycat vs. Larry Tact

TF: This next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a sixty minute time limit… and it is the triangle match for the Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Championship!

[CUE UP: ‘Revolution Baby’ by Queen V]

TF: Introducing first… from Washington Heights, New York… weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds… he is the current reigning Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion… THIS… IS… IMPULSE!

DT: Very nice reaction for the Intercontinental Champion, he’s coming out solo with the belt around his waist and slapping hands on the way to the ring.

DM: I don’t want to call attention to a promotion that would allow it, but we do wish Calico Rose a speedy recovery from her injuries, and hope to see her again soon.

MN: Poppycock, Dean. You step into the ring, you take your chances. No sympathy.

DT: I’d like to remind you that the views and opinions of Mike Neely—

MN: You just wish you had the guts to say it.

DT: Impulse has entered the ring, and he’s leaning back against the top turnbuckle in the corner, waiting for his opponents. If he’s nervous, he isn’t showing it.

DM: He and Larry Tact got into it much more than Copycat during the build to this match, Dave… they may have rattled each other and they may have shaken each other’s confidence, but they’re both professionals. If Tact got under Impulse’s skin, we won’t see it at least until the match has started.

TF: His first opponent… from New York, New York!

[CUE UP: “Pieces” by Hoobastank]

TF: Weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds… LARRY TACT!

DT: The EPW front office has taken a little bit of criticism for giving Larry Tact this shot tonight: this is his first singles match in EPW in over two years, but I think he’s proven he not only belongs here against Impulse and Copycat, but that he has just as much chance of walking out with the Intercontinental Championship as either of his opponents tonight.

MN: I’m just happy to finally see someone who can wrestle better than Captain Planet who doesn’t mind taking shortcuts when he has to, finally putting him down.

DT: Captain Planet?

MN: What?

DM: I think he means that your insults are getting to the point where we have to put you in a home.

DT: Tact has entered the ring and he’s climbing the turnbuckle to a nice reaction from the fans. He gets down and there’s a brief moment of tension when he locks eyes with Impulse, but no real change to either demeanor.

DM: Like his opponent, if Impulse got under Tact’s skin, we won’t see it yet. I’d have to give Impulse the edge on holding emotion in check, but Larry Tact has the ability to use those aggressive feelings to his advantage.

TF: And their opponent…

DT: Speaking of aggressive feelings.

[CUE UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush]

TF: Accompanied to the ring by Aaron Jones, and weighing in at two hundred and eighty pounds… from Kalamazoo, Michigan… COPYCAT!

MN: This is a man who has earned this. Impulse never really beat him when they faced off last year.

DM: Is that meant to be a joke? Copycat walked out on the match after not really being able to beat Impulse.

MN: I don’t like your tone.

DT: The bottom line is that Impulse won the match in question via countout but neither man truly got the better of the other. I think the irony here is that it was Larry Tact and Copycat who were originally going to settle their differences tonight, but with three men involved and one fall to a finish, Copycat and Tact could conceivably go through this match with little to no actual contact.

DM: Just like Impulse could conceivably lose his championship without being pinned. It’s the risk you take when you accept a triangle match. Regardless, all three of these men are professionals.


MN: Any other bright ideas?

DT: There’s the bell, and Tony Fatora just gave us his patented dive through the ropes! Copycat with a series of right hands all over Larry Tact, and Impulse is hanging back!

MN: What a coward! And an opportunist!

DM: I think we can safely say Impulse is neither of those things, but with a triangle match and one opponent jumping on the other from the get – go, it’s hard to figure out where to find your spot.

MN: That’s easy: wait until they’ve beaten each other to a bruised and battered pulp, then pin the one who’s least likely to kick out,

DT: We won’t see any of that here, Mike.

MN: Oh, sell me a burger.

DT: Aaron Jones just made it to ringside – he had to run to even try to keep up with Copycat, and he has to like what he sees from his Savior!

MN: He’s all of our savior, Dave.

DT: Copycat with a scoop, and a stomach – first drop across the top rope! Impulse with a hook from behind! Dragon suplex! ONE… TWO…Kickout!

MN: I thought he was good at this. Did he really think he could get a pin that easy?

DM: When you’ve got two opponents and one of them is as single – minded focused as Copycat? Yeah, you could get a pin that easy on surprise alone. Cat’s too good to get suckered like that but Impulse gets style points from me for trying.

DT: Copycat is up, and Impulse whips him into the ropes… Reversal! Copycat with a backdrop – LARRY TACT WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE TO COPYCAT’S SHIN! Impulse’s forward momentum is halted, and he drops Cat with a DDT!

[SFX: Huge fan pop]

MN: See, how is that fair?

DT: Everything is fair in a three way match, Mike! Copycat rolls to the outside to catch his breath, and—

[SFX: Boos]

DM: He’s leaving?

DT: Aaron Jones looks confused, but Copycat has started up the aisle!

[CUTTO: A close up of Copycat’s expressionless face as he passes by one of the cameras, walking up the aisle. In the background, Aaron Jones can be seen, confused, calling for Copycat to return.]

DM: This is damned strange, Dave. I don’t understand what this is.

DT: Impulse and Larry Tact have ceased their own hostilities and are watching Copycat with extreme interest! The referee can’t count him out since this match is one fall to a finish, and there’s two wrestlers in the ring, what’s Copycat thinking?

DM: He usually has a plan.

[CUE UP: “Zero” by The Smashing Pumpkins. Loud, long pop for The Boss.]

DT: Now we’ll get some answers!

MN: You mean, we’ll get some excuses as to why he can’t handle Jason Reeves?

DT: This isn’t the Ego Buster, Mike – this is our boss. And he probably heard that.

MN: What? I didn’t say anything. It was the guy behind me.

[CUTTO: Over the shoulder shot of Copycat, with Dan Ryan framed behind him, holding a microphone, as the music died down.]

RYAN: What the hell are you doing, Copycat?

DT: No response from Copycat!

RYAN: You’re part of this match, you’re not authorized to walk out on it. Get back in there and do your job.

[CUTTO: Aaron Jones, pleading with Copycat off microphone to do the same. Copycat stopped, looked at Aaron, looked at Dan Ryan, and continued walking toward the entranceway.]

RYAN: I’m not in the mood to play hardball tonight, Cat… don’t make me drop an ultimatum on you.

DM: I think ‘not in the mood to play’ is a bit of an understatement tonight.

RYAN: I’m not going to give you a count of ten, Cat.

[Copycat stopped.]

RYAN: I’m not even going to give you a count of five. You’re going to turn around and walk back into that ring and either give or take a beating, or you can walk up this ramp into the locker room, pack up your sh*BEEP*, and get the hell out of my company forever.

[SFX: HUGE fan pop at the consequences. Everyone stopped to look at Copycat. Aaron Jones finally caught up to him and pleaded with him to return to the match.]

DT: Copycat stopping in the middle of the aisle… what’s he going to do?

DM: If he’s smart, he’ll finish the match and deal with whatever’s on his mind afterward.

DT: COPYCAT IS LEAVING! These fans are booing him mercilessly as he just walked past Dan Ryan without a second thought or a sideways glance!

[CUTTO: Close up of Dan Ryan, shrugging his shoulders.]



DT: Aaron Jones interrupted Dan Ryan… this isn’t the night to do that, Dean!

DM: I think Jones just realized that… albeit a second too late.

RYAN: You want to save his job, Jonesey? Get in there and take his place against Knox and Tact, and Copycat stays on the roster.

[CUTTO: The ring, where Larry Tact is pacing impatiently, waiting for the drama in the aisle to get resolved so he can get back to what he wants to do, and Impulse is leaning against the ropes, looking bored, waiting for the same thing.]

DT: Aaron Jones is frozen, what’s he going to do?

MN: Apparently, nothing.

[CUTTO: The aisle, where Aaron Jones takes a step toward the ring, thinks better of it, and reluctantly leaves the arena with his head down. Boos rained from all around.]

RYAN: As far as this match is concerned, with Copycat no longer part of Empire Pro Wrestling, Impulse and Larry Tact are now in a one on one match for Impulse’s EPW Intercontinental Championship. Good luck, gentlemen.

DT: What a bombshell! Copycat – FIRED! We’ve now got a one on one match for the Intercontinental Championship, and our two competitors are circling each other!

MN: That’s not a bombshell. Preparing for two opponents, only to have one of them suddenly drop out is a huge advantage, especially in a triangle, is a bombshell.

DM: I hate to agree with Neely, but he’s got a point. Aaron Jones taking Copycat’s place and winning would be a bombshell.

DT: They lock up, and Larry Tact just bulldozed Impulse into the ropes!

DM: He has this tendency of locking up with opponents with clear height and weight advantages. It’s currently brought him an undefeated record, but every match has been a battle.

MN: What he should do is grab the tights and use a chair.

DM: What he should do is more hit and run tactics.

DT: The referee counts, ONE… TWO… THREE… FO—and Tact lets him up. Clean break, and Impulse right back in with another lockup! Tact with a seven inch, eighty pound advantage, and he’s using it! Impulse is trying to force forward – He just reversed his strength and pulled Tact toward him! Sidestep into an armbar with pressure on the shoulder!

DM: Impulse has been tested as far as mat wrestling goes, but he’s never really been in grave danger on that front so far in the EPW. Larry Tact’s wrestling ability is comparable, and he’s bigger and stronger. Impulse needs to take every advantage possible in the early goings to try and push this match as long as it can if he wants to have a shot at retaining his belt.

DT: Tact is still on his feet, but his back is bent and his arm is behind him. Impulse doing a good job of staying behind him… Larry Tact on the ropes! ONE… TWO… Impulse breaks the hold.

MN: Again, you’ve got a five count. This guy doesn’t want to win.

DT: Another lockup, and Impulse has Tact by the arm again! He just leveraged him to his knees by putting pressure downward on Tact’s shoulder, and he’s trying to hyperextend that elbow!

DM: Tact looks angry, and I think he’s probably angry at himself. These are simple holds that Impulse has locked him in so far, but if he keeps the pressure on it will definitely hurt any aspects of a power game that Tact might have had in mind, and beyond that, he’s probably angry that he’s locked in like that.

DT: Impulse grinding away on that arm, and Tact just turned into his leverage and pulled him over and down in a modified snapmare! He hit the mat hard, but held onto the arm! COVER BY TACT! ONE… TWO… Kickout and release!

DM: That was an innovative escape, and you can see the look on Impulse’s face as the two men separate, he was impressed as well.

DT: They lock up, and Tact lifts Impulse high into the air! I don’t think that’s technically a choke but the break is being asked for anyway! ONE… TWO… TH—He just dropped Impulse, who landed on his knees!

MN: I’m seriously going to go get a hot pretzel or something, these guys need to show some teeth.

DM: This is the feeling out process, Mike. You don’t become known as a world class wrestler by rushing in blindly.

DT: The fans are really getting into this physical chess match, Dean. Listen to the cheers for both wrestlers!

DM: A good wrestling match is a rare thing, Dave.

DT: Another lockup, and Tact backs Impulse into the ropes! Irish whip! Backdrop – Impulse rolled over Tact and down his back and off the opposite side! Clothesline – Ducked!

MN: Interesting tactic, don’t attack.

DT: Tact telegraphing another backdrop, Impulse with a kick – NO! Tact grabbed his foot and pulled him over with a single leg takedown into an anklelock! Nice fakeout by the challenger!

DM: Impulse spun into it and kicked him away, but I think Tact had a nice bit of leverage for a few seconds, plus when he pops his knee to break the tricky holds, that does some damage.

DT: Tact to his feet first, and he hooks Impulse from behind in a rear waistlock! He lifts him up… Impulse fighting the hold… Tact trying to keep control… Impulse with a bulldog stun gun over the top rope!

DM: Not quite, Tact managed to partially block it with his arm, but Impulse landed on the floor!

MN: Too bad a countout doesn’t take the boy scout’s belt away.

DT: The referee is counting and Larry Tact is staying back, windmilling his arm at the shoulder, we’re at three! Impulse pacing outside, and he looks frustrated!

DM: It happens with two skilled wrestlers pitted against each other. They play defense since neither wants to be the first to make a mistake, but what that can do is frustrate them into falling for the little things while looking for the big.

DT: The count is at four, and Impulse is back on the ring apron! Larry Tact stays back and lets him reenter the ring – but he just swept the leg! Impulse hits the mat, rolls through to his knees, and Tact is on him again with a series of right hands! Cross corner whip, and Impulse hit the turnbuckle hard! Inverse atomic drop by Larry Tact, and a clothesline just floored the Champion! Cover, ONE… TWO… Kickout by Impulse!

MN: And he’s slow getting up. I think the Impulse experiment is over.

DM: Experiment?

MN: Sure. Take a kid out of the hayfield and put him in the ring and you get Impulse.

DT: He’s from a city, Mike.

MN: Your point?

DT: Just beyond your reach.

DM: Tact is probably doing the smart thing here, he’s still working on the legs.

DT: Indeed he is, Dean. Tact staying on Impulse, with a series of kicks to the back of his leg around the knee. Impulse is prone against the ropes and he’s just hanging on. The referee warning Tact to lay off while Knox is on the ropes – Tact with a waistlock, and he just pulled the Champion to the middle of the ring! Belly to belly – IMPULSE WITH AN ELBOW TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! ANOTHER! The hold is broken and Impulse grabs his arm and takes him over to the mat!

DM: And he turns it again.

DT: Impulse off the ropes – He stopped short!

MN: He forgot where he was.

DT: I think the work Tact had done to his leg so far is starting to add up. He takes an additional second and tries it again – TACT CAUGHT HIM! SPINEBUSTER! NO! IMPULSE WITH A MODIFIED TORNADO DDT!

DM: You can see the pain on his face, he definitely has some kind of pull or bruise.

MN: Crybaby.

DT: He’s getting up and ignoring it, Mike.

MN: Still.

DM: On one hand, you have to commend his guts for working through it, but on the other, every step is probably laced with pain and if he doesn’t take care of himself it’ll cost him, long term.

DT: This is EPW Pay Per View, Dean – this is what everyone on the roster has worked for for the past few months; this is the night to push boundaries.

DM: I’m not disputing that, I just hope he knows what he’s doing.

DT: Impulse behind Tact, and he shoves him chest first into the ropes! Rebound, and a small package! ONE… TWO… Kickout with ease, as Impulse is propelled into the ropes himself! Tact nips up, and Impulse baseball slides between his legs! He scrambles to his feet in a hurry and runs into the other side, Tact is ready for the rebound and he catches the Intercontinental Champion – IMPULSE LIFTS HIMSELF AND COMES BACK DOWN WITH A SINGLE ARM DDT! Tact to the outside, and he’s holding his arm close to himself!

DM: We brought up Impulse’s leg, I think we forgot about Larry Tact’s arm. Impulse has focused his attack on Larry Tact’s arm and shoulder so far, I think with the game plan that if he can take away Tact’s strength, his height and weight advantage will be somewhat nullified.

MN: I think you give him too much credit for critical thought.

DM: Regardless, Mike, the fact remains that if Larry Tact has to wrestle this match one – handed, he’s going to be at an even bigger disadvantage than Impulse.

DT: On the other hand, Tact’s injured arm won’t be causing him pain and discomfort with every step.

DM: Impulse can still mat wrestle.

DT: Touche.

MN: Stop kissing their –

DM: I seriously will slap you.

DT: Tact trying to walk it off, so to speak – IMPULSE WITH ANOTHER BASEBALL SLIDE! He connected with Larry Tact’s injured shoulder and sent the challenger head over heels next to our table!

MN: And that was pretty stupid of him, he led with his right leg, the one that’s been giving him trouble. Now he can’t go out and finish the job.

DT: He wouldn’t, anyway.

MN: That’s why he’s going to lose.

DM: Larry Tact is holding his shoulder pretty gingerly, Impulse might’ve dislocated it with that baseball slide.

[CUTTO: A tight shot of Tact, pain etched on his face, approaching the ring post. He braced his arm against the post and pushed forward, hard. SFX: A loud, nauseated ‘OHHHHH!’ from the fans.]

DT: Yeah, you’re right. He was smart enough – and lucky enough to have Impulse as an opponent who wouldn’t interfere – to pop it back in immediately, but that will certainly play a part in the rest of the match.

MN: And it’s a big, big target.

DT: Tact back into the ring, and he locks up with Impulse – Impulse sent him into the ropes! Irish whip, Impulse dropped to his knees and drove his shoulder into Tact’s stomach! Tact doubled over, and Impulse with a gut – wrench suplex! He fell backwards into the ropes when he dropped him, and Tact is holding his shoulder in pain!

DM: We’re getting a mixture of boos and cheers as Impulse talks to the referee, who asks Larry Tact if he can keep going. Of course, I think we can point the cheers and boos to the same thing from different fans: the fact that Impulse has backed off to allow this conversation to happen.

MN: Like he could do anything on that bum wheel.


MN: And they’re cheering and booing again, only reversed.

DM: Morally ambiguous, but a smart move by Larry Tact to give himself some breathing room.

DT: Tact just pulled Impulse to his feet with his left hand, and a left fist to the face! Another! Impulse is rocked backwards into the corner! Tact with a one armed lift… GUTBUSTER ACROSS THE KNEE! Cover, ONE… TWO… TH—KICKOUT by Impulse!

MN: I bet he regrets giving Tact a breather now.

DT: Tact hooks Impulse’s head and pulls him up… he’s in a perfect position for a suplex, but he can’t seem to raise the champion’s arm sufficiently over his head… IMPULSE WITH A REVERSAL! BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! ONE… TWO… TACT POWERS UP! REVERSAL! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT!

DM: With that arm injured, I think Larry Tact can kiss any chance of a surprise pinfall goodbye since he can’t hold Impulse down. He’s going to have to have him completely defeated if he’s going to win the Intercontinental Championship.

DT: Impulse slow to his feet, and Larry Tact beat him there. Hook around the neck and around the waist… T-Bone Suplex! Impulse landed on the back of his neck and he’s holding it pretty tightly.

DM: That was a serious injury for him a few years ago, and it’s had a pronounced target painted on it ever since.

DT: Tact with another scoop and a hoist… He’s got Impulse on his shoulder, and a running powerslam just bounced Impulse off the mat again! Cover… ONE… TWO… TH—Kickout!

MN: It’s like watching a guy with a pegleg wrestle a guy with a hook for a hand.

DT: That doesn’t even make sense.

DM: Tact needs to put him away, and quickly. He’s barely able to lift his arm at this point.

DT: I think he heard you, Dean – Tact with another scoop, and a whip into the corner for Impulse! His leg gave out two steps away and he just landed face first in the corner!

DM: Larry Tact was going for the reversal to drive his knee into Impulse’s ribs, but that’s probably going to be good enough.

DT: It may be! Tact on his knees to hook Impulse’s head and arm without using his own injured appendage… he’s got the two of them to their feet… Fisherman Suplex – STARBREAKER! STARBREAKER! We’ve got a new Intercontinental Champion, the cover, ONE… TWO… THREE! KICKOUT! KICKOUT! KICKOUT!

MN: That doesn’t happen!

DM: I think Larry Tact’s arm injury aided Impulse’s ability to kick out of that hold, bad luck all around.

[CUTTO: Split screen instant replay, showing Larry Tact’s injured arm losing its grip on Impulse’s leg just after the two, allowing Impulse to raise his shoulder at the last possible moment.]

DT: Only for Impulse, Dean – he’s down and out!

MN: Which means he’s a sitting duck, finally!

DT: These fans are going crazy as Tact hooks Impulse again – TACTFUL SUR – Larry Tact can’t lock it on, his arm doesn’t have the strength to lock in! IMPULSE WITH A HEADBUTT! HE JUST DROVE THE BACK OF HIS HEAD INTO TACT’S FACE! Elbow to the side of the head! URANAGE! Both men are down!

DM: Notice the angle of impact – Impulse had Tact’s injured shoulder cupped in his hand to make sure the impact hit as much as he could.

DT: Both men are down! The referee’s count is at two! Three! Four!

MN: All this, and we get a draw? What a gyp. Aaron Jones should come back out and take advantage.

DT: Five!

DM: Early injuries typically do that.

DT: Six!

MN: Forget Jones, I’ll go in there and do it up.


DM: And fell back into the ropes. He’s got a bum wheel, no doubt.

DT: The fans are cheering at the sudden burst of energy from the reigning Intercontinental Champion, who crouches down while holding onto the ropes, and he’s measuring his opponent! Tact rolls to his stomach and gets to his feet… SUDDEN IMPACT – TACT CAUGHT HIS BOOT! ANKLELOCK SUBMISSION! Impulse to the mat!

DM: He’s got him in the center of the ring and with the weight advantage, there’s no chance of getting to the ropes.

DT: Impulse has to be in agony, his leg twisted at the knee, but he’s not answering the referee’s request for a submission!

MN: A fool and his title are soon parted, Davey!

DT: He’s trying to turn it over, but Tact has him locked pretty well – HE MADE IT! Kick to Tact’s chest just separated the two as Larry Tact hits the ropes… Impulse nips up again! SUDDEN IMPACT! Tact landed hard on his back, Impulse collapsed on top of him! Hook of the leg!




TF: The winner of this bout, and STILL Empire Pro Wrestling INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION… IMPULSE!

DT: Hard fought victory for the Champion, and the referee hands him the title belt and helps him to his feet while Larry Tact stirs… Tact fought like a man possessed and he has nothing to be ashamed of tonight.

MN: You kidding? He lost! He’s a loser!

DM: He could separate you from bowel control one handed, Mike.

DT: Tact coming to his senses, he can hear Revolution Baby playing on the sound system, and he punches the mat with his good hand in frustration. Like I said, this could’ve gone either way, and we could very easily see Tact with another shot at this title or the big one at any point.

DM: Impulse offering Tact a hand to help him to his feet. Will he take it?

MN: Hell no! He’ll spit in it and punch Impulse right in the jugular!

DT: I think you misunderstand the definition of ’jugular.

[SFX: Large pop as Tact gets himself to his feet and stares at Impulse, who still has his hand out.]

DT: I think Impulse is offering his congratulations to Tact for a well fought match, and I hope he takes it.

MN: You’re so boring!

DT: Tact pacing, he’s a proud man and obviously frustrated with himself. He looks at Impulse, looks at the crowd…

[SFX: Huge crowd pop]

DT: They shake hands!

[Impulse gives Tact a little nod and says something the microphones don’t hear, and Tact responds in kind. Finally Impulse turns, climbs out of the ring and starts up the ramp while Tact soaks in some of the cheers.]

DT: Well guys, even though the match didn’t end up exactly as advertised, I have to say that Tact and Impulse put on one hell of a show tonight.

DM: I’d have to agree. No complaints here. No offense to Copycat, but I’m not sure it could’ve gotten any better.

DT: Well coming up, the World Tag Team Titles will be on the line and….. WAIT A SECOND!!!

[Someone quickly darts into the ring from out of the crowd and starts beating on Larry Tact.]

DT: Cameron Cruise!! It’s Cameron Cruise!!

DM: What the hell is he doing??

MN: You have to ask?! After that abortion of a match earlier?? He deserved more than that!!

DT: Cruise beating down Larry Tact, but Tact is fighting back!! He’s returning fire!! Tact up to a standing base and he’s raining right hands down on Cameron Cruise!! Cruise staggering…. And…. Hold on…..

[Music cues up over the speakers: “Still D.R.E.” by Dr. Dre.]

DT: The fans are stirring over here to the right of us… can either of you see what’s going on??

[Tact continues to fight off Cruise as someone finally emerges from the crowd and quickly dives into the ring under the bottom ropes…]

DM: I can’t…. it looks like…


MN: Oh man….

[The crowd goes ape**** for the appearance of Wells but soon turn to boos as he joins Cameron Cruise is beating down Larry Tact.]

DT: Old HOPE and Anthology tensions are exploding now in the ring!! Jared Wells joining in with Cruise in pummeling Larry Tact!!!

MN: This has been coming a long time!

[Elsewhere, Impulse, content to stay out of this fray thus far, sees Wells jump in and immediately sprints back to the ring and slides in…]

DT: Impulse is coming back down!! He’s in… Wells swings… blocked by Impulse!! Right hand!! Right hand!! Knife-edged chop!! Wells staggers into the ropes and Impulse fires him across the ring…. BACK BODY DROP!! Wells is reeling!!

DM: Things are getting a little more even!

DT: Cruise turns his attention from Tact who is clutching at his knee on the mat, unable to move… Impulse fires off a right hand to Cruise, knee to the gut…. Double underhook DDT!! Cruise is down!!

DM: Look out!!

DT: But Wells back up and nails the Intercontinental Champion in the lower back with a stiff forearm, dropping him to one knee!! Wells with a stomp… and another…. And another….. and now Impulse is down!!! Cruise picks up Larry Tact….. REALITY CHECK!!!! And Tact is OUT!

MN: Nighty night Larry Tact!

DT: Cruise now eyeballing the Intercontinental Title that Impulse left near the ropes…. Wells still stomping Impulse as he lay on the mat….. Cruise picking up the belt….. over and DRIVES the belt down across the throat of Impulse!!

[Impulse thrashes around on the mat.]

DM: This turned ugly FAST.

DT: That’s quite enough if you ask me. I think these guys have made their point.

MN: No such thing as enough when two goody-goodies get what’s comin’ to ‘em.

DT: Wells and Cruise now surveying the crowd and the crowd just lights up with BOOS. Wells smirks, lightheartedly slaps Cruise on the back and off they go…. Wonderful.

DM: Well, the damage is done.

DT: Real nice… they turn a great match into their own personal stage.

MN: I agree. Nice job.

DT: [disgusted] Folks, we’ve got the World Tag Team Titles up next….. while we gets things back in order… we’re gonna take a short break….


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Out Come the Claws

[Scene opens to Caitlyn Daymon walking backstage towards the office of Dan Ryan. Upon entering she is immediately greeted by a smiling Lesbian Siegel.]

Lesbian: Hey Caitlyn! How's it going?

Caitlyn: Decent enough... is Dan around? I wanted to wish him luck tonight in his match.

Lesbian: 'Fraid not, hun. He has secluded himself for now and doesn't wish any visitors... I think he's getting ready for the match though.

Caitlyn: Damn... okay well if you do see him for some reason please tell him I stopped by.

Lesbian: Of course... but i'm sure he already knows your wishes. You've made them pretty clear repeatedly for the past couple of months.

[Giving her a glare for a brief second, Caitlyn's face does a quick turn into a bright smile.]

Caitlyn: Well, if I had wanted your opinion on my actions I would've asked Lesbian. So, maybe when your ex husband's career and possible life has been torn to shreds by a mad man..... maybe then you can come at me with those comments again.

Lesbian: I... I didn't mean it like that.

Caitlyn: Of course you didn't. You just wanted to know why i'm so obsessed with seeing Jason's career end. Take a walk in my shoes for the past five years and you'd get the picture.

[She turns to exit the office but comes back with one last statement.]

Caitlyn: But then again... you're new around here. So i'll forgive you for overstepping your authority this time.

[With that, Caitlyn exits, camera cuts back to a glaring Lesbian Siegel as the camera fades out.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
EPW World Tag Team Title Match: The First/Eddie Burns (c) vs. Animezing Dragons

[FADEIN: The ring where Tony Fatora is standing]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the EPW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!

[MUSIC UP: “Shipping Up To Boston” The crowd is a bit confused for a few seconds before Eddie Burns walks out to the top of the ramp. Eddie in long red tights with flame designs around the lower legs. His EPW World Tag Team Title belt across his waist. The crowd gives him a home town pop as he makes his way to the ring.]

DT: Not exactly customary for the champions to enter first, or for them to be coming out separate, but be that as it may, Eddie “The Fire” Burns has made his way out to the ring.

DM: Maybe he and The First agreed to separate introductions in this on-going dispute the two have been having over the tactics of Burns.

MN: What? Now that idiot wants Eddie to not steal and spotlight from him when he walks to the ring, the nerve of that punk!

[Burns takes the mic from Fatora and then tells the ring announcer to get moving. Fatora leaves the ring.]

BURNS: Hello Boston {Pop!] I know you all wanted to see The First come out here with me and defend these belts, but well, something’s come up. I think the boys in the back have it ready to go, so roll the film!

[ CUTTO: A Youtube Page with the title “First And Muse need your help!” The video shows Muse standing beside a blue Toyota that’s in the breakdown lane on the highway.]

MUSE: Hey everyone, this is Muse here, First and I just had our car break down on the highway about 20 minutes from the Garden.

FIRST: [Off Camera] The car didn’t break down, Eddie put sugar in the gas tank. Take this for a moment.

[Muse takes the camera phone from The First, we now see him, face painted white with black lines in the Kefka motif.]

FIRST: Eddie, this is one of those moments where I really wish death mattered, I know what you did and I know why you did it, but I was honest about wanting to help you…Now look what you’ve done, you and me are finished, and you have no idea what the stakes are here and how much danger you’ve just put yourself in, you wanted a career in EPW…Well if I ever get my hands on you, your career is over.

[Muse hands the camera back to First]

MUSE: So anyone who sees this on youtube or facebook or twitter, please pick us up, free backstage passes, all the goodies I can think of, I would offer sexual favors, but well, we just got married so that would be a bit awkward and everything, but we REALLY need a ride to the arena, so somebody hook us up please!


[Camera comes back to Eddie, crowd now solidly booing him.]

BURNS: Now about his baseless claims he has no idea what’s happened to his car except that it just happened to break down. And since he’s not here, I’m allowed to select a replacement partner, and my partner is somebody who also knows what a lying, useless sack of garbage The First is…And now……….. here’s my partner.

[Silence, crowd buzzing.]

[MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season and the crowd gets loud, jeering as Layne Winters makes his way to the ring. Winters in his standard deep green trunks with matching elbow and knee pads and green ring boots, Winters has his EPW World Tag Team Title Belt slung over his shoulder.]

DT: LAYNE WINTERS! Layne Winters is back in EPW and he’s one half of the tag champions apparently, Eddie Burns has sabotaged The First’s car and set it up so that he’s replaced him with Layne Winters.

MN: You got no right to accuse Burns of any such actions, and more to the point, what a massive upgrade for Eddie, going from that idiot to this blue chip talent!

[Winters hits the ring and takes the mic from Burns]

WINTERS: It feels good to be standing in this ring, something I wasn't sure I'd ever do again after my injury. For an entire year I sat on the couch, feeling the athlete inside of me depleting; a promising career FLUSHED DOWN the toilet! But in that time, before the grueling hours of rehab, I watched you, First. Your championship reign, something I envy to this day, was ended prematurely at the hands of the same man who ended my dream run: ANARKY. And while I KNOW, in my head, that if I met that man again the result would be different, I cede to him the respect and admiration for getting in the ring and BEATING ME. That's something Sean Stevens never did, because he DUCKED ME like the f[BLEEP]king coward he is. And that's something YOU never did, because you allied with me when it was convenient, on the promise that one day I'd get the shot at the belt when it was around your waist. I realize now, punk...I was taken for a fool. You brought me into the fold to remove ONE MORE CHALLENGER from your path of futility, that ended at the hands of the man with the skulled face. You didn't DESERVE that belt, and I'm here, I'm BACK, for not one but TWO reasons: number one, to win that belt for myself. And by doing so, I kill the second bird with the first stone, and that's make sure you never become champion again. I see a lot of myself in Eddie. Just like me, you USED HIM to get what you wanted, and he got the raw deal instead. Tonight, he's got a tag partner who knows the true meaning of being a champion, and I'd be HONORED to defend [pats the belt] these straps at his side. I AM the man who brought prestige to the EPW Television Title...the guy who killed himself, night after night, week after week, taking on ALL COMERS, beating the best of the best while the pretenders DUCKED ME. Now, live on pay-per-view, you all are going to witness the rebirth of the NEW SCH-

[MUSIC UP: “Ikari No Jyushin” The crowd pops as Karl Brown and Otaku make their way onto the ramp, massive pyro goes off as the two men stand gazing at the crowd and the ring. The two men clad in green and gold, Brown having on long green tights with gold ring boots and a green and gold jacket, Otaku in a green and gold outfit like Jushin Liger. The two men charge to the ring and Winters and Burns keep their distance as Brown and Otaku climb to the second rope on the corners facing the hard camera, the crowd cheering as they pose.]

DT: Well the Animezing Dragons clearly got tired of listening to Layne Winters talking and now they are out here to fight for the tag titles.

DM: Karl Brown and Otaku had the titles taken from then when Eddie Burns threw fire. Hell we’re just seeing this now but Karl Brown has an eye patch on over his left eye.

MN: Aww, poor baby got burnt so now he’s got to make pretend like he’s a pirate. Well while he’s playing dress up, Winters and Burns will be dealing out a beating!

[Bell rings, Otaku urges Brown out of the ring while Burns starts for his team.]

DT: Otaku and Burns opening up this match. Burns and Otaku lock up and Burns shoves him off, Burns with a right hand, Otaku fires back with a chop. The two men trading shots…Otaku ducks a clothesline and connects with a dropkick! Burns back to his feet…ANOTHER DROPKICK! Burns stumbles back towards a corner and gathers himself as Otaku urges him to come back and keep fighting.

DM: A good start for the challengers here, Otaku needs to keep the momentum going for his team.

MN: He needs to win it for his team his partner is a one eyed man who’s going to be easy pickings if he ever gets in the ring!

DT: Now Otaku and Burns lock up again, Burns gets an arm wringer and quickly makes the tag to Winters. Winters comes in…GETS HIP TOSSED BY OTAKU! Otaku now catches Winters with a dropkick and sends him to the mat. Otaku catches Winters coming to his feet with a series of knife edge chops and staggers Winters back into the Dragon’s corner, Otaku makes the tag to Karl Brown and the two men send Winters into the ropes, double back elbow to the gut…DOUBLE BACK FIST TOPPLES WINTERS!

DM: The Dragons showing great tag team skills here and taking it to the champs in the early going.

MN: Old Captain Jack Sparrow is in the match now, we’ll see what he can do with one eye, I doubt it’s much.

DT: Brown picks up Winters and SLAMS him to the mat. Otaku already asking for the tag back in, Brown gives him a puzzled look and tags him back into the match. Otaku back into the ring and drops a series of elbows on Winters…Otaku gets Winters back to his feet and elevates him…INVERTED ATOMIC DROP….Winters staggering in pain…Otaku off the ropes…CLOTHESLINE drops Winters! Winters rolls over to his corner and tags Burns back in.

MN: Otaku’s trying to carry the team by himself, it’s a handicap match pretty much, and sooner or later he’s going to get caught.

DT: Burns with a kick to the gut and now punching away on Otaku…Otaku whipped to the ropes…He reverses…Burns comes back…FLYING HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!! Burns spilled to the floor…Otaku gets up a head of steam…NO HANDS PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR!! HE MISSED!! OTAKU HITS THE RAILING HARD!!

DM: He went for a big time move on Eddie Burns and paid the price for not connecting. This match has just turned around completely.

MN: This match has ENDED, Otaku’s down and out on the floor and Brown shouldn’t even be in the ring, how can he be medically cleared with only one good eye?!

DT: Burns grabs Otaku and throws him back into the ring. Burns back in after him and stomps away on him. Burns pulls Otaku over to the champs corner and makes the tag to Winters. Both men put the boots to Otaku as the ref makes the count and Burns finally exits the ring. Otaku now pulled to his feet by Winters who sends Otaku into the ropes…SPINEBUSTER BY WINTERS! WINTERS WITH A COVER!




DT: Winters back to his feet and he stomps away on Otaku, Winters makes the tag to Burns and SLAMS Otaku to the mat…BURNS WITH A SLINGSHOT LEGDROP! HE COVERS!




DT: Burns pulls Otaku to his feet and lifts him…BACKBREAKER! Burns now sends Otaku into the corner and charges…NOBODY HOME! Otaku quickly attacking Burns with kicks and punches…Burns whipped to the ropes…BACKDROP!

DM: But Burns blind tagged in Winters, and Winters DECKS Otaku from behind with a clothesline!

MN: Otaku should have made the tag when he had the chance but he’s so sure that Karl Brown is dead weight he’s trying to go it alone here and it’s cost him!

DT: Winters now backs Otaku into a corner and hammers away on him with rights and lefts to the body…Winters grabs Otaku and sends him into the ropes…KNEE TO THE GUT! Otaku does a FLIP and lands on his back in pain as Winters now standing tall in the middle of the ring.

DM: The champions have turned this match completely in their favor and the question now is, will Otaku even try to make the tag to Brown, and if he doesn’t then how long can he last in the ring?

MN: No, cause he’s scared for his buddy, and not long, those are your answers.

DT: Winters now behind Otaku and has a waistlock…GERMAN SUPLEX!! WINTERS BACK UP AND HE HITS ANOTHER GERMAN!!

DM: We’ve seen these rolling Germans before from Winters, he’ll hit a dozen of them if he needs to!

DT: Winters with a THIRD German and he bridges for a pin!




DT: Winters holds onto the waistlock and he hits ANOTHER GERMAN…Otaku just being WORN OUT here…Otaku up…TAKES A FIFTH GERMAN…But he landed close enough to the ropes that he grabs them…The ref demanding a break…WINTERS WITH A SIXTH GERMAN AND A BRIDGE! The ref refusing to count! Telling Winters to break the hold, Winters now arguing with the ref about the call.

MN: It’s a horrible call, throw the challenge flag Eddie!

DT: Winters continues to berate the ref…A ROLL UP BY OTAKU!!




DT: Winters throws his shoulder up at the last minute and now stomps the daylights out of Otaku for daring to try to win the match. Winters makes the tag to Burns. Burns picks Otaku up and sends him to the ropes…OTAKU WITH A FLOATOVER DDT!! Both men down!!

DM: He’s got to make the tag to Brown now!

MN: But will he do it or is he going to keep trying to go it alone?

DT: Otaku looking over at Brown who’s begging for the tag…And he’s crawling towards him!

MN: A guy having his partner help him win a tag match? What a revelation!

DT: Otaku and Burns almost to their corners…Burns makes the tag! OTAKU MAKES THE TAG!! KARL BROWN IN AND HE’S ALL OVER WINTERS!!

DM: Karl Brown carrying the chances for the Dragons to win back the tag titles, and right now it’s looking good!

MN: He has barely been in the ring the whole match, of course he looks good, he is as fresh as a daisy!

DT: Brown grabs Winters…SNAP SUPLEX! Winters scrambles to his feet…GETS KNOCKED DOWN BY A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! Brown now catches Eddie Burns with a DROPKICK and sends him to the floor!

MN: What a cheap shot artist Karl Brown is, attacking a man not even legally in the match!

DM: As if Burns would have any problem interfering.

DT: WINTERS WITH A RUNNING KICK TO THE HEAD!! Brown never saw him coming from that side!

MN: Ha! Take that you blind moron! That’s what you get for taking your eye off your opponent!

DT: Brown is down and out in the ring now as Burns hops back onto the apron and takes the tag from Winters…Burns to the top rope…DIVING HEADBUTT!!

MN: I don’t know why people do that, seems to just hurt you as much as the other guy.

DT: Well Burns is back to his feet and now his waving his arms and yelling “That’s it!” I think it’s time for the Burnout…Eddie grabs Brown and he hooks him [Crowd screaming!] WAIT!! IT’S THE FIRST RUNNING THROUGH THE CROWD!!!


DT: Burns sees him and drops Karl Brown, Eddie pointing First out to Winters…Winters runs off the apron to try to intercept First…Burns turns around…KARL BROWN WITH AN EXPLODER SUPLEX ON BURNS!!! BROWN MAKES THE TAG TO OTAKU…OTAKU GOING TO THE TOP ROPE!!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! HE COVERS!!!




[ Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “Ikari No Jyushin” as the crowd pops big!]


DM: Talk about taking your eye off the ball, Burns got distracted by The First just like that the Dragons take advantage and win back the EPW World Tag Team Titles!

MN: This is a joke! That stupid goofball ruins everything!

DT: Winters running into the crowd trying to get at First, security in the building diving into the fray as the two men are trying to get at each other…EPW staff now spilling out from backstage also trying to keep control of this fight.

MN: Hey it’s JA he hasn’t made TV in forever.

DT: He is one of the road agents of EPW Neely and it looks like it’s all hands on deck to try to keep these two from tearing each other apart…Winters RAGING as he tries to get his hands on First.

MN: That stupid little punk just screwed him out of the tag titles, he has every right to be upset, to hell with him!

DT: While security tries to keep the peace out here, we'll take a little break. We'll be right back...
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Sep 11, 1997
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Revolving Door

[FADEIN: Kenny Lombardo now inside the security center at the Garden, he’s standing sitting in front of a monitor.]

LOMBARDO: So this is the tape of the wrestler’s entrance?

GUARD: Yes it is everything that’s happened in the last 12 hours.

[Lombardo hits fast forward on the tape, then hits a button]

LOMBARDO: Anarky, Willard, Karl Brown and Otaku nothing big there.

[Kenny hits the buttons again, then nearly jumps out of his chair.]

LOMBARDO: LINDSAY TROY?!When did she get here?!

GUARD: Well according to the time stamp sir, about an hour ago.

LOMBARDO: I knew it! I had the feeling it was her all along.

GUARD: Sir if you keep playing the tape there’s a few other people you’re going to notice that are not on the official EPW roster that have entered the building.

LOMBARDO: What?! Who?!

GUARD: Well 15 minutes after this, comes TROY WINDHAM. Then another 7 minutes after him it’s MARCUS WESTCOTT. And the last one was 6 minutes ago when KEN CLOVERLEAF showed up.

LOMBARDO: Really? Dis is pulling this many strings? How can this be happening??

GUARD: Sir look at the live feed now!

LOMBARDO: Where’s that?!

GUARD: Monitor 4 in the upper right.

[The two men look over as the camera shifts to show the monitor revealing XANDOR CROSS opening the entranceway for the wrestlers before walking into the building, followed a few seconds later by CHRISTIAN SANDS, who actually looks up at the camera and winks.]

LOMBARDO: Cross?! SANDS?!?This is making my head hurt. I’m getting to the bottom of this. I’m going to Dan Ryan and getting answers.

[Lombardo’s phone rings.]

LOMBARDO: Hello. You’re here? You have the proof? Well we can’t meet here, to many people here. You have a secure location? Great, let me know where it is, I’ll be right over.

[Lombardo hangs up.]

LOMBARDO: I got him. In a few minutes the proof will be in my hands.

[Lombardo walks out of the security room.]
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Street Fight - Title Shot vs. Career: Stalker vs. Dan Ryan

["Did my time" by Korn blares over the PA. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as Stalker, wearing a Dis mask walks out from behind the curtains. The fans jeering increases in volume as he heads towards the ring.]

TF: Introducing first in this street fight.... hailing from Seattle, Washington. Here is STALKKKKKKKERRRRRRRR!!!!!

[Stalker steps into the ring and walks over to Tony, rips the mic out of his hand and orders him out of the ring.]

Stalker: It feels like it's been forever, since i've been in an EPW ring, and tonight all of you idiots will witness the wrath that I have been saving for months now.

[He rips off the DiStalker mask and tosses it out into the crowd to another loud chorus of boos.]

Stalker: No introduction needed. Dan Ryan get your ass out here and let's finish this!!!!

["Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins hits the PA and the crowd shifts instantly to a huge amount of cheers. The volume of the crowd increases with every second as stalker stares down the entrance ramp awaiting his opponent. After a few more seconds the music dies down and no one comes out from behind the curtains.]

Stalker: Are you kidding me Dan?!? There is no way you are going to flake out on me in this one you freaking punk!

[The crowds cheering turns back to booing after Stalker opened his mouth. Still as the camera focuses in on the entrance ramp there is no sign of Dan Ryan... anywhere.]

DM: I bet you that punk Stalker jumped Dan in the backstage area.

MN: That'd be the smart thing to do.

[Stalker circles the ring awaiting Dan to make his appearance. No one comes out and then.... the EmpireTRON lights up and Dan Ryan's face is staring at Stalker. The crowd erupts in cheers.]

Ryan: Stalker!

[The yell gets his attention and he stares at the EmpireTRON like a rabid dog.]

Ryan: This is a street fight... didn't you remember? Come find me!

[After the feed cuts Stalker's face gets an angry look on it as he tosses the mic to the outside and hops out of the ring. He makes his way up the entrance ramp and the camera switches to the announcer's table.]

DT: Word from the back is our camera crew is scrambling to find Stalker.

DM: An interesting ploy by Dan Ryan.

MN: I'm not sure what that means but you shouldn't piss Stalker off.

DM: You don't know what interesting ploy means?

MN: Is that some kind of cut down?

DM: [Silence.]

DT: Well it looks like our camera crew has caught up with Stalker as he is searching the backstage area for Dan Ryan.

MN: I can't believe our esteemed owner didn't have the nerve to come to the ring when he was supposed to.

DM: Neely your an idiot.. this is a last man standing street fight. Therefore it can start anywhere. You are just mad that Stalker didn't think of it first.

DT: Stalker looks like he is heading to the parking garage. He whips open the door and Dan Ryan is staring at him from about fifteen feet away. Is he... he's carrying a baseball bat!

MN: Pfftt... Stalker doesn't care what he has.

DM: Dan Ryan storms him and takes a huge swing which Stalker ducks at first and counters with a punch to the ribs.

DT: That doesn't faze Ryan one bit as he swings the bat back around and connects with Stalker's back. It sends him stumbling back towards the door and Ryan takes another swing at him with the bat, Stalker with a leg sweep! Both men on the ground and the bat rolls away.

DM: Stalker and Dan Ryan get to their feet at the same time and grapple one another. Dan Ryan uses his overpowering strength and drives Stalker into the door. He lays into him with several punches and look who's finally shown up Paul Jones!

MN: That slacker... what took him so long? Stalker could've already had Dan Ryan down for the 10 count if he was here!

DM: You know Neely you are as delusional as Stalker.

MN: Thanks Deanoooooooooooooo... oh! Stalker just ran Dan Ryan's back into that parked car!

DT: Yeah and that move shattered the driver's side window. Glass is all over the concrete now...... Stalker doesn't have the upper hand for long as both men are now struggling for control. Dan Ryan tries to slam Stalker's face into the side mirror of the car but Stalker blocks it. Hooks Dan Ryan by the neck... RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP INTO THE CAR!

DM: Now a smart move on Stalker's part he took just as much of that hit as Dan Ryan did.

MN: Stalker doesn't feel pain! He only dishes it!

DT: He's certainly slow to get up after that move. As Dan Ryan is the first to his feet. He lays some boots into the fallen Stalker and is now picking him up by his hair. He goes to whip him into the car but Stalker throws his foot up on the side door and blocks the move. Dan Ryan nails him with a forearm and whips him into...

DM: The CAMERA MAN! Wow... camera man is down and the camera he was holding is broken in two as it crashed into the wall.

MN: One camera down... one to go!

DT: Dan Ryan is screaming at Stalker now as he picks up half of the broken camera and slams it into the back of Stalker's head! And again!... and a third time... this time the camera shatters into small pieces at the hard impact. He's ordering Paul Jones to start the count.

PJ: 1.....2.....3......4.....5.....

DM: That sick son of a *****... he's up to his feet now and is laughing at Dan Ryan. Who just yells in a rage as he spears him to the ground. Left.... right... left... right... left... right... Stalker's nose has been busted wide open and Dan Ryan is unrelenting.

MN: Come on Stalker put your hands up!

DT: Looks like he heard you Neely. Stalker covers his face and Dan Ryan is screaming at him again as he gets up and pulls Stalker up with him. What... where is he going?

DM: I have no idea but he's dragging Stalker with him. The sole camera man that's left is doing his best to catch up with them but they are already clear down the hall as he makes his way through the garage entrance door.

MN: Man this sucks.. Stalker is probably whipping his ass right now!

DM: I highly doubt that Neely... those shots from the broken camera probably rattled his brain pretty good.

DT: Look! The camera finally caught up to the action... Stalker and Dan Ryan are duking it out by the apparel table.

MN: What the hell!?? Does that shirt say 'Neely sucks!'?

DM: Yes I personally own five of those.

DT: Back to the action now... Stalker has gotten the upper hand over Dan Ryan and has him on the floor... he has a shirt wrapped around his neck and is choking the life out of the EPW owner.

MN: Kill him! KILL HIM!

DM: You do realize he signs your checks?


DT: Stalker shoves Dan face first into the ground and gets to his feet. He's telling Paul Jones to start the count.

PJ: 1.....2.......3.......4.....

DT: He's back to his feet.

DM: What is that maniac doing?

MN: Planning.

DT: Not sure Dean.. he's just staring at Dan Ryan from about ten feet away from him. Dan Ryan is glaring right back at him.

DM: Stalker charges at him but Dan Ryan side steps him and throws him over the apparel counter and the workers quickly vacate the area.

DT: Dan Ryan climbs over the apparel table and meets Stalker as he is getting to his feet.

Ryan: It's OVER JASON!

DT: Ryan punches him to the ground again... lays a few boots into his already bloody face and is picking him up again... oh man.. he's setting him up...

MN: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MN: Wow....

DT: The table got split in half as Stalker's body was driven through it with extreme force. Dan Ryan is telling Paul Jones to count him now.

PJ: 1......2.......3......4......5......6.......7.....8......

DT: NO! Stalker somehows manages to get to his feet just barely and Dan Ryan can't believe his eyes. He steps through the carnage and leads Stalker down the hall by his arm... OH!!! Dan Ryan just irish whipped Stalker face first into the wall!

DM: Stalker looks like a crumpled mess on the floor and Dan Ryan is telling Paul Jones to count him again!

PJ: 1........2......3.....4.....5.....6.....

MN: You can't get rid of him that easily!

DM: Stalker is using the wall to pull himself up and Dan Ryan walks towards him... Boot to the gut from Stalker! EVENFLOW! Wow! That came out of nowhere!

DT: He's still recovering from flying face first into that wall and Paul Jones can't start the ten count unless Stalker is up to his feet and tells him to do so.

MN: I think he has something else in mind!

DM: Oh man...

DT: Stalker has just ripped a fire extinguisher off the wall and is approaching Dan Ryan with it as he is getting up to his knees. He raises it above his head and brings it crashing down onto Dan Ryan's head!!

DM: Looks like he's telling Paul Jones to count him!

PJ: 1......2.......3......4.....5......6.......

DT: Nope! Dan Ryan gets up to his feet and Stalker charges at him with the fire extinguisher... Ryan ducks! He ducks again! Boots Stalker in the gut! He drops the fire extinguishe, Dan Ryan with a knee lift to Stalker's face!

DM: Looks like he wants to use that weapon now. He grabs the extinguisher, with Stalker getting up to his feet now, Dan Ryan turns around and Stalker charges at him...


DT: Dan Ryan just sprayed the fire extinguisher and the CO2 is EVERYWHERE! Paul Jones is coughing... the camera man has just dropped the camera and looks to be getting out of the area.

DM: With the strange view we have now Stalker and Dan Ryan look to be grappling each other amidst the CO2....



MN: Wonderful... no camera shot... what the hell.

DM: Well Neely after they took out the first camera... I guess it was only a matter of time for this to happen.

DT: We are getting word from backstage that another camera crew is scrambling to get to their location but it will still be a couple of minutes.

MN: What kind of company doesn't have more camera crews at the ready?

DM: Well considering they've already taken out two. You are just gonna have to deal with it Neely.

[The camera feed picks back up as Stalker and Dan Ryan are slugging it out at the bottom of the steps leading to the arena seats.]

DT: Looks like we've found them!

DM: Yeah both men are covered in that crap from the extinguisher and neither one looks to be backing down as they are slugging it out in the middle of EPW security and a large group of fans!

MN: Time to put him away Stalker!

DT: I think he is attempting to Neely! Stalker with repeated knees to the gut and OH!! He just slammed Dan Ryan face first into the wall... again! AGAIN! Man.. what a beating both of these men have taken.

DM: Stalker is pulling Dan Ryan up the steps by his arm. Dan Ryan is stumbling... falling over himself and the steps. Stalker lays some forearms into his back and picks him up again. Pulling him farther up the steps.

DT: Dan Ryan gets a second wind as he grabs a hold of Stalker's waist from the back... he punches him in the gut. He's got him wrapped up... lifts....

[The crowd watching at the bottom of the steps let out a Gasp of air and screams.]

DM: OH MY GOD!!! Dan Ryan just hit Stalker with a BACK SUPLEX and Stalker went tumbling down to the bottom of the steps head first... Dan Ryan took a large hit too as he crashed into the steps on the release of that move.

MN: Look at that slacker again! Late to the party.

[Camera shows Paul Jones showing up. His face is beat red and it looks like he changed ref shirts.]

DM: He certainly looks better then both of our competitors.

DT: Dan Ryan is barely starting to stir... and as he finally gets to his feet he orders Paul Jones to start the 10 count.

PJ: 1.....2......3......4......5.......6.....7.....8.....9.....

MN: YES!!! He's up!!

DM: Barely... he stumbled forward after getting up and is holding himself up against the wall.

DT: Dan Ryan has finally caught his breath. He walks down the steps grabs Stalker by the hair and is now dragging him up the steps. Stalker can't put up any resistance as he is basically getting pulled around like a rag doll.

[They get to the top of the stairs and are surrounded by a swarm of standing fans who are either seated there or have moved over from their seats to his the action.]

Ryan: It's time to end this Jason!

DM: He gets Stalker to his feet and is staring him face to face. Boot to the gut... sets him up.... HUMILITY BOMB!!! Onto the concrete!!

DT: He orders Paul Jones to count him....

PJ: 1.......2......3.......4......5........6.....

[Stalker crawls his way over to the guardrail that is the protective barrier from the crowd and seats on the lower level.]

DT: He's pulling himself up... he has to get to his feet though!

PJ: 8.........9.........

DM: I can't believe it! He's on his feet and his face, covered in blood, he's laughing at Dan Ryan!

[Cameras flash like crazy as Dan Ryan lets out a scream that would shatter mirrors and charges at Stalker!]

DT: Stalker ducks the charge from Dan Ryan! He uses his momentum to toss Dan over the guard rail!

DM: He caught the bar!! Just barely but he... NO!!!!!

[More cameras flash like crazy as Dan Ryan's grip slips off of the bar and he comes crashing down to the fans, who willing try and break his fall.]

MN: Yes he fell... HE FELL!!

Stalker: COUNT IT PAUL!!!

DT: Paul Jones comes over to the guard rail and looks in horror at the scene below.

PJ: 1........2.......3.......4.......5......6......7......8.......9..........10!!!!

MN: YES!!! Stalker is finally getting his title shot!

DM: I can't believe it... what a lucky bastard.

MN: Luck? That was all skill... the 'Career Killer' just notched another name under his belt. I guarentee you Dan Ryan will never be the same after this match.

DT: You may be right on that one Neely.

[The camera shows EMT's attending the fallen Dan Ryan as he is yet to emerge from the swarm of crowd and EPW security.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Camera opens up to a private locker room, Caitlyn Daymon's face is covered in red and her make up is smeared by tears. Carrying a tissue in her hand she lets out a blood curdling scream. She is staring as at the tv screen as she just got done watching Stalker defeat Dan Ryan in the last man standing match.]

Caitlyn: YOU SON OF A B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[She storms out of the locker room and the camera man tries to keep up. She takes off for the seating area where the last man standing match just ended.]

Caitlyn: YOU'RE DEAD!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!? DEAD!!!

[Charging around the corner she comes face to face with Paul Jones who is shaking his head, the camera catches up and down the hall Stalker is leaning against the wall catching his breath. Caitlyn wailing in tears attempts to run at him but Paul Jones wraps his arms around her to stop her.]

Caitlyn: You lucky..... LUCKY bastard! You are dead.... DEAD!!! I am going to end you just like you ended him! You hear me? You are done JASON! DONE!!!!!!!

Stalker: I'm standing right here, b*tch. I'm not afraid to smash your face. You're pathetic.

Caitlyn: Pathetic? PATHETIC?!?

[She tries to wrangle herself free but EPW security gets in between the two. Paul Jones let's her go and tells EPW security to escort her out of the building.]


[Stalker walks off in the opposite direction with the biggest smile on his face that EPW has ever seen. Caitlyn, however, is doubled over in tears as she is being escorted away from the situation.]


Sep 11, 1997
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The Long, Slow Walk......

[Lombardo and the private eye sitting at a table in a supply closet.]

LOMBARDO: You know how many supply closets there are in this place? You had me running around every section of this damn place to find you.

PRIVATE EYE: Sorry about that, normally I just handle meeting points with my staff and they tend to know my hiding spots. I’m Peter Giggs by the way, I’m sorry the staff I had working on this case led you down the wrong path before but now I can assure you that I’ve been handling the case personally that I’ve uncovered the truth.

LOMBARDO: I thank you for your efforts in this investigation, and I hope you do have the evidence. But still we’re in a supply closet. Did we really have to go here to do this?

GIGGS: Look, I wanted the most security, we can’t let anyone, least of all Dis find us before we reveal this information.

LOMBARDO: True enough but this room creeps me out.

GIGGS: I understand but once you’ve read this, you’ll know what I’m saying is true.

[Giggs slides a folder across a table over to Lombardo who begins to look through the papers inside.]

GIGGS: The timeline all fits, from WrestleVerse to today, everything matches up. This is without a doubt in my mind the identity of the person known as Dis.

LOMBARDO: I never saw this coming, it was right there too. This is unreal. Dis was mocking us this whole time. I can believe I didn’t see it. Well the main event is almost up. Time to put an end to Dis antics once and for all.

[Lombardo and Giggs get up from the folding table they had set up in the supply closet. Suddenly the camera jerks violently away.]

LOMBARDO: [Off Camera] What?! NO!

[The camera spins back around to show Dis slamming the door on Lombardo and Giggs and then padlocking the door shut.]

DIS: [Voice distorted] Sorry Kenny, you’re not ruining this for me. Now it’s time for the Sad King to fall. And if the world finds out who I am as a result then so be it.

[Dis walks away from the doors, Lombardo and Giggs banging on the doors trying to get out.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
.....to Destiny

[The desk in Dan Ryan’s office where the Dis mask is laying. A black gloved hand reaches out and grabs the mask.]

DIS: [Voice distorted] This is my mantle.

The legacy I decided to bear.

I lived up to it in every way possible.

I am fighting for the Empire Pro World Heavyweight Title because of this mask.

Because of what I put myself through to get to this spot.

I’ve done all that could be asked of me.

Unlike the Sad King who did nothing that was asked of him.

Tonight I seek greatness.

He seeks only to survive.

To maintain his status quo of title defenses only when asked to do so.

To be able to insult a locker room and declare it full of people unworthy to fight him.

While I seek to bring in a new day where the champion is front and center.

Who fights all comers.

This is the mantle I took.

I honor this mask.

The Sad King DIShonors his belt.

[The hand and mask leave the picture. After a moment the camera is pointed up at Dis now standing in front of it with the mask on.]

I am Dis.

I am the salvation of Empire Pro Wrestling.

I will now put my words to action and fulfill my duties.

The new Empire begins tonight.

[Dis walks out of the room]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT - EPW World title Match: Anarky (c) vs. Dis

[Bell rings a few times, crowd buzzes.]

TF: The following contest is set for ONE FALL. It is the MAIN EVENT of the evening and it is for the EPW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! [Pop!]

[Lights go out. Crowd starts buzzing. About 20 seconds pass and then MUSIC UP: “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Crowd starts booing loud as a spotlight shines down at the top of the ramp. Dis clad in a black mask with a giant black flowing cape covering their body walks into the spotlight and stands there for a few seconds before tossing the cape to the ground and raising his arms, a massive wave of pyro hits, giving the crowd a buzz. Dis walks to the ring with the spotlight following him.]

DT: And here is the challenger. Dis has said he has returned to save EPW from Anarky’s reign. He’s vowed to bring greatness back to the title, can he back up his big talk with actions tonight?

DM: Anarky has been nearly unbeatable in EPW but say what you will about Dis, this person doesn’t seem to lack the confidence that they have the plan that will knock off the champion.

MN: I like Dis chances. Anarky’s chasing a ghost in that ring. We’ve seen Troy Windham, Lindsay Troy, JA, hell just about the whole damn world in this building tonight. He might not claim to care who’s under that mask but you know it’s got to be throwing him off his game.

[Dis enters the ring and backs into a corner.]

DT: And now we await the champion.

[An “Anarky!” chant builds in the crowd, after a few moments. MUSIC UP: “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie, and the crowd pops HUGE! Anarky walks to the top of the ramp, face painted in his trademark skull face paint. The EPW World Title Belt strapped around his waist, a beaten and torn leather shirt with the anarchy simple, blue jeans and work boots filling out his outfit. Anarky gives a hard glare into the ring, looking ready for a fight as a blast of pyro drives the crowd into a frenzy. Anarky power walks towards the ring with his gaze never leaving Dis.]

DT: The champion looking intense. Dis better know what he’s gotten himself into because we’re not in debate class here tonight, we’re about to have one hell of a fight!

DM: This is what Anarky lives for, to finally end all the talk and see who can back it up in the ring, and nobody’s backed it up more than the EPW Champion, that’s why he’s got the gold!

MN: I might like Dis but that’s only cause I hate Anarky. Objectively this is got to be anyone’s contest because as big a complainer as this guy is, once you get him in the ring he’s a nightmare to deal with.

[Anarky hits the ring and takes his belt off, holding the belt up high in his right hand. .]

TF: Now introducing the participants, here is the challenger [boos] from parts unknown, weight unknown. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! [Loud boos! Dis raises his arms. ]

TF: And the champion [pop!]. Hailing from Hartford Connecticut, he weighs in at 231 pounds. He is the EPW World Heavyweight Champion. AAANNNN!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRR! KEYYYYYYYYYYY!! [Pop! Anarky nods to the crowd and hands the belt to Pat Jones, who shows it to Dis and then the crowd before handing it to the time keeper.]

[Jones backs the two fighters away from each other than calls for the bell.]

DT: The main event is underway! The two lock up and Anarky shoves Dis back. Anarky with a right hand and another! Dis staggers and a third right sends the challenger through the ropes and to the floor! [Pop!] Dis staggering on the floor, Anarky screaming at him to get back into the ring.

DM: Anarky said he wanted to punch Dis in the face and now he’s done just that. We’ll see how Dis responds to this attack.

DT: Dis now getting back on the apron, demanding Pat Jones back Anarky off. Dis back into the ring. Dis grabs Anarky’s arm and gets an armbar. Anarky fighting now and reverses it and now decks Dis with a SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Dis stumbles to his feet…ANARKY DECKS HIM WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! Anarky off the ropes DRIVES AN ELBOW INTO THE CHALLENGER’S CHEST! AND A COVER!




DT: Anarky stomping away on Dis who once again bails to the floor. [Boos!] So far the masked man has been all bark and no bite.

DM: It’s one thing to call out Anarky, it’s another thing completely to fight him. Dis is learning that right now.

DT: Anarky giving Pat Jones plenty of grief over Jones blocking Anarky’s attempted pursuit of the challenger. Dis now slides back into the ring [SFX: Smack!] And he just slapped the champion!

MN: Dis just went from brave to suicidal! Anarky might put him in the ground for that stunt!

DT: Anarky just LAUGHS at Dis, and now the two are trading punches. Anarky winning the exchange, Dis with a kick to the gut rocks Anarky. Dis with a flurry of blows and now Anarky sent to the ropes…Anarky comes back with a SHOULDER BLOCK that sends Dis sprawling! Anarky now dives on top of Dis and punching away on the challenger. Dis backed into a corner and whipped HARD into the other side, Anarky walks over and now drives a series of shoulder’s into the rips of Dis.

DM: Anarky’s putting the pressure on Dis from the start and is just relentless in the attack, Dis clearly was not ready for the level of aggression the champion is bringing.

DT: Anarky now lifts Dis up and puts him on the second rope. Anarky looking for a Superplex here and Dis throwing punches in an attempt stop it. Anarky up the ropes now and the two still trading shots. Dis with a headbutt that drops Anarky off the ropes. Dis grabs Anarky by the neck…OH MY GOD!! CROWNING GLORY!! A CROWNING GLORY OUT OF NOWHERE!! DIS KNOCKED ANARKY OUT!! A COVER!!




DT: ANARKY KICKS OUT! [Pop!] Dis with Lindsay Troy’s old finisher just nearly won the title, but assuredly Dis has now turned the tide in this match.

DM: That Crowning Glory got hit so well I’d be stunned if it WASN’T Lindsay Troy under the mask.

MN: I got to keep my options open on that, I got 5 different working theories and they still all seem solid, so in the end I’m just going to say it’s not so I can disagree with you.

DT: Dis now drives a series of knees into the arm of Anarky. Dis secures a hammer lock on the champion. In the war of words leading up to this match Dis has vowed to use the cross arm-breaker he put on Joey Melton on Anarky and now he’s softening up that arm.

DM: Dis has said he wants to break Anarky’s arm if Anarky will not submit and lose the title to him and now it seems like that plan is being set in motion.

DT: Anarky fights to his feet and Dis holding onto that arm bar and wrenches the arm of the champion. Anarky with a right hand, and another shot. Dis with a knee to the gut and now Dis rolls through…Flipping Anarky onto his back…DIS GOING FOR THE CROSS ARM BREAKER!! Anarky grabs the ropes right away and prevents the hold from being sunk in!

DM: That exchange of blows moves the two closer to the ropes and Dis made the mistake of attempting that move to close to the edge of the ring, an easy escape for the champion.

MN: I want to see that move sunk in good and tight on Anarky. We haven’t had a gruesome injury in the ring in far too long and if anyone needs to suffer one, it’s this guy.

DT: Anarky back to his feet, Dis reaching for that arm. Anarky kicks Dis right in the head! Dis staggers, BIG FOREARM shot by the champion drops the challenger…Anarky now grab’s Dis’ head and just BASHES it into the mat AGAIN and AGAIN!

DM: Anarky might not have the game plan of a certain move or an area of the body to target, but it’s clear what his objective is, to just beat Dis senseless!

MN: I find beating people till they can move is an effective way to win matches. I might not like Anarky but good on him for figuring that out too.

DT: Anarky grabs Dis and whips him to the corner. Dis staggers out and Anarky grabs him and whips him to the other corner…And Dis staggers out and gets whipped to the corner for a THIRD time! Anarky grabs him coming out and sends him to the corner for a FOURTH time and Dis flops to the mat after hitting the buckles! [Pop!]

DM: Anarky just beating down the challenger, we’re going to see what Dis is made of after this attack by the champion.

MN: Well it better be a lot of guts because he’s getting his tail kicked currently!





DT: Both men rush to their feet, Anarky misses with a clothesline, Dis turns and catches Anarky’s arm, SINGLE ARM DDT! Anarky clutching at his arm, Dis might have popped Anarky’s shoulder out!

DM: Dis with another big move regains the advantage, can he keep it this time?

DT: Dis now stomping the arm of the champion. Dis now rolling Anarky over onto his back, he’s trying to get Anarky into a Kimura!

DM: Anarky trying to keep his arm from being pinned behind his body, Anarky punching away with his free arm and Dis being staggered….Dis back to his feet staggering, Anarky back up and Anarky grabs him for a DDT, DIS WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX AND A BRIDGE!




DT: Dis Once again just a second away from the pinfall, and he once again secures an armbar. Dis driving elbows into the arm of Anarky trying to beat up that limb and weaken it. Anarky back this feet, he pushes Dis off and Dis goes to the ropes…Dis comes back…GETS ELEVATED WITH A BACK BODY DROP! Dis back up and Anarky drops him with a clothesline!

DM: Anarky using his good arm for the clothesline there.

DT: Dis back up and Anarky charges him, DIS CATCHES ANARKY AND DROPS HIM THROAT FIRST ACROSS THE TOP ROPE! Anarky crumples to the mat and Dis gives the cut throat motion! [Boos!]

DM: I guess Dis thinks it’s only one more move for him and the title will be his.

MN: Finish him! Beat this two bit thug and end his run with the belt!





DT: ANARKY KICKS OUT!! [Pop!] Dis is pounding the mat in rage. Dis can not believe that wasn’t a three count. Dis now backing into a corner.

MN: If it’s not an X-Terminator that will end this, then it’s gotta be an X-Factor, Welcome back Trip!





DT: DIS KICKED OUT!! [Crowd buzzing!]

DM: Anarky didn’t get a good cover there, just draped a shoulder across the chest of Dis and Dis able to throw the shoulder off the mat just before the three count!

MN: Dis is a tough son of a gun, unless it’s Lindsay Troy, then it’s a daughter of a gun I guess.

DT: Anarky slowly rising to his feet and now Dis is dragged up…AND THROWN OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! Anarky following right out after the challenger!

DM: The only place Anarky’s more dangerous than in the ring is outside the ring, things may be going from bad to worse for Dis.

DT: Anarky now outside and Dis has his face BASHED into the apron. Dis now WHIPPED INTO THE RING STEPS!

MN: Well I was rooting for injuries, sucks they aren’t happening to Anarky, but it looks like Dis will be leaving on a stretcher now.

DT: Anarky just rag-dolling Dis currently. Anarky grabs Dis…THROWS HIM INTO A CAMERA MAN! Anarky just on a rampage now! Dis is out of it and oh no…OH NO! THEY ARE COMING THIS WAY!! ANARKY’S LAYING DIS OUT ON THE TABLE! Anarky now going onto the apron…OH LORD DON’T DO THIS…ANARKY UP TO THE TOP ROPE!! [SFX: Wood splintering! “HOLY SH*T” chant!] ANARKY OFF THE TOP JUST DROPPED AN ELBOW DRIVING DIS THROUGH THE TABLE!! BOTH MEN LAYING SPLATTERED ON THE FLOOR HERE!!

MN: Anarky’s a coward! He’s done this to take a double count-out and save his title!

DM: You know there’s no way on earth Pat Jones is going to count both men out, this match needs a finish and we’re going to get one!

MN: I put nothing past nobody! Hell I half think this Dis is a fake and that YOU’RE the real Dis Dean!

DM: You need more help that I thought Neely.

DT: Both men laying in the exploded remains of the table. Anarky doing everything in his power to outright DESTROY his challenger. Anarky starting to stir and now he’s grabbing Dis…Anarky throws Dis back into the ring and is now following after him. Anarky up on the apron, catches Dis as he’s getting up with a shoulder block, another shoulder block doubles the challenger over…ANARKY FLIPS OVER THE TOP ROPE…SUNSET FLIP!! DIS FIGHTING IT!! DIS DROPS DOWN ON ANARKY’S SHOULDERS!! DIS HAS THE ROPES!! THIS IS HOW DIS WON THE TITLE BEFORE!!








DT: Dis rolls through at the LAST moment! [Crowd Buzzing] Oh that was close. Anarky gets back to his feet and has Dis by the neck…Anarky now setting for a suplex. Dis blocks it. Anarky tries again and another block…DIS GETS ANARKY UP!! BRAIN DROPPER!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

DM: Dis using just about every move I think I’ve seen in an effort to take the title away from Anarky, is this enough to finally put the champion down for good?

DT: Dis crawling over, and throws an arm across Anarky’s chest.




DT: ANARKY KICKS OUT! [Pop!] The champion not staying down here tonight in Boston…On this night when Copycat got himself fired, where we’ve seen the returns of Layne Winters in the tag title match, we’ve seen Jared Wells come back in the Intercontinental title match, Stalker’s earned himself a title shot with a win over Dan Ryan…With all that has happened we’re still here and still have the EPW World Title hanging in the balance as both these warriors slowly pull themselves to their feet.

DM: Both of them have to be wondering what it will take to put the other one down for the count, we’ve seen just about everything done so far.

MN: The way these two talked before this match, I feel like one of them will have to be dead before they’ll be defeated, and I kind of hope it comes to that, yeah I’m a monster, I know.

DT: Anarky and Dis back to their feet, Anarky with a right and, Dis responds, Anarky with a right [Cheer!] Dis with a right {Boo!] Anarky with a right! [Cheer!] Dis with a right [Boo!] Anarky with a series of rights {Cheers!] ANARKY DECKS DIS WITH A FLURRY OF PUNCHES! Dis back to his feet…ANARKY WITH A SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP AND A COVER!




DT: Anarky not wasting any time as he grabs Dis…Dis lifted off the ground…STUCK WITH AN IMPLANT DDT! ANARKY COVERS! LEG IS HOOKED1




DT: Dis kicks out again! [Crowd buzzing!] Anarky stomping away on the challenger. Anarky now grabs Dis and sends him to the ropes, Dis off the other side…HIGH ELEVATION SPINEBUSTER! Dis just got STUCK in the middle of the ring.

DM: Anarky now really firing up the offense and Dis is reeling.

MN: How does this guy do it…More importantly why does he do it? He’s such a grump outside the ring and such a killer inside it, he’s uncanny.

DT: Anarky loves to fight and Dis is now getting a fight…Anarky pulls Dis slowly back to his feet…Anarky hooks him…CHAOS BREAKER!! ANARKY HIT ANOTHER ONE!! THE COVER!!





MN: You can’t kill a legend! Dis has come back for the title and nothing’s going to stop him!


DM: Anarky’s vowed not to tap, and Dis has said if he doesn’t he’ll break Anarky’s arm! We’re about to see it all play out here!

MN: Break it! Break his arm and win the title!

DT: Joey Melton had his arm broken in this hold at the last Aggression, Anarky now trapped In the middle of the ring and Dis is WRENCHING on that arm, it’s fully extended!

MN: It’s HYPER-Extended Dave, get it right!

DT: Anarky thrashing on the mat, his face contorted with pain, he’s fighting for all he’s worth to crawl towards the ropes, Dis just pulling violently on that arm…Dis is just DERANGED with his need to win the title, going so far as to try to MAIM the champion to win the title.

MN: It’s on Anarky, not Dis, Anarky’s the one who refuses to tap, he leaves Dis no choice but to break Anarky’s arm!

DT: Anarky’s arm in the air, is he thinking about tapping?! NO! He’s fighting still, getting even closer to the ropes {Crowd clapping! ‘AN-R-KEY!’ chant] this crowd at the TD BankNorth Garden trying to WILL the champion to the ropes!

DM: He better get there sooner rather than later, cause he’s been in this hold over a minute, how much longer can anyone last before suffering permanent injury?!



DM: Not so fast Neely, Anarky hasn’t given up, and I don’t think he’s going to either.

MN: Then you can be at the hospital for when they put the cast on his arm.

DT: Anarky’s stuck in that hold…Anarky now trying to stand…He’s trying to stack up Dis so Dis has his shoulders on the mat…Dis turning to keep a shoulder off the mat while still wrenching that arm…Dis now shifting…HE’S GOING FOR A TRIANGLE CHOKE! Dis trying to wrap his legs around Anarky’s neck…He’s almost got it…ANARKY NOW LIFTING DIS OFF THE MAT!! OH MY GOODNESS ANARKY JUST POWER BOMBED DIS AND BROKE THE HOLD!! [LOUD pop!]

DM: What an escape, what strength from Anarky, Dis had done just about everything to Anarky and it has not been enough! Does the masked man have another trick up his sleeve?

MN: I got a better question for you Dean, does Anarky have another trick?! Dis has taken two Chaos Breakers and he’s still going!

DT: Both of these fighters have been put through hell and it’s still not been decided yet. Dis and Anarky back to their feet…DIS WITH A DROPKICK! Dis now off the ropes…DROPS A LEG ON ANARKY! Dis pulls Anarky to his feet and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! DIS WITH A BRIDGE!




DT: Dis grabs Anarky’s legs and flips forward…ANARKY’S SHOULDERS DOWN!




DT: Anarky scrambling to his feet…DIS WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!




DT: Both men back up, Dis now going for a backslide, Anarky fighting in…DIS DROPS DOWN…ANARKY’S SHOULDERS ON THE MAT!!




DT: Dis banging the mat in rage, what does he have to do to win the title…Dis now grabs Anarky and whips him into the corner…Dis now backing up into the opposite corner…Dis gets up a head of steam…FLYING SPLASH INTO THE CORNER!!! ANARKY MOVED!!!

DM: That wasn’t a flying splash, that was a HORNET SPLASH!

MN: Well, I guess they are wrong, cause to me it looks like Hornet loses!

DT: I think Dis may have hit his head on the ring post on that splash attempt. The champion is down as is Dis…Anarky crawling over to Dis and throws an arm over Dis’ chest.




DT: Dis throws the shoulder off the mat JUST at the last moment!

MN: Maybe Hornet doesn’t lose...Come on Dis, Rocko, Lindsay, Stevens or whoever the hell you are find a way to beat this guy!

DT: Champion and challenger slowly crawling to their feet. Anarky up and catches Dis with a CLOTHESLINE dropping the challenger, Dis back up and back down from ANOTHER clothesline…Anarky waiting on Dis to get back up again…ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE! NO! DIS DUCKED AND ANARKY HIT PAT JONES!

DM: Pat Jones in the wrong place at the wrong time and this match could now take an ugly turn with no official in the ring.

MN: I like ugly turns, I hope it get brutal.

DT: Anarky looks down a bit stunned at what happened. DIS FROM BEHIND WITH A KNEE TO THE BACK SENDING ANARKY INTO A CORNER! Dis grabs Anarky by the neck…INVERTED DDT PLANTS ANARKY…Dis now climbing the ropes… I think he’s going for a moonsault!

DM: Dis going high risk here, is the champion worn down enough for this?!

DT: NO HE’S NOT! ANARKY GETS UP AND HITS THE TOP ROPE! Dis crotched on the top rope and slumped over…Anarky now punching at the back of Dis’ head…Anarky now climbing the ropes…He’s spins so his back is do Dis…HE’S NOT GOING TO…YES HE IS…ANARKY TRYING TO CHAOS BREAKER DIS OFF THE TOP ROPE!

MN: Somebody stop this mad man, if he hits this he’ll kill Dis!

DM: You’ve been rooting for violence and something like that to happen this whole match.

MN: Yeah but to Anarky, it’s different if it happens to him! It could be Stevens under that mask for crying out loud, we can’t risk it!


DM: Pat Jones needs to get into the ring and make this count, Dis is OUT COLD!

MN: He’s DEAD! His neck got broken! I hope you monsters can sleep at night knowing you supported this!

DT: Pat Jones is crawling back into the ring [Crowd buzzing, some of the crowd is looking off to the side] THE COUNT!!


DM: Can Anarky do it?! Is this it?!




[Bell rings, some of the crowd cheering, but a weird buzz in the air.]


DM: I heard the three count! The bell rang, what on earth is going on here?!

MN: You two are delusional! It was a two count!

DT: You’re nuts Neely, we all heard what happened….We don’t have monitor’s out here, we were just looking into the ring and our view of Pat Jones was blocked by the wrestlers…We’re being told the replay is going up on the EmpireTron now.

[The EmpireTron shows a second Dis crawling out from under the ring and ripping the ring bell away from the time keeper, after Pat Jones gets to two the second Dis slaps the mat to make it sound like a three count and then rings the bell. The second Dis then dives back under the ring after seeing Anarky break the pin on Dis.]

MN: IT’S STALKER! Stalker was working with Dis the whole time! This has been a set up from the beginning!

DT: Are you KIDDING me?! Of all the stunts to pull, this is just the most ridiculous of tactics to use.

DM: Well to give the devil his due, the rules for the match said anyone who hit either wrestler or the ref would be fired and this second Dis managed to meddle in the match without breaking those rules, so while I condemn it, I guess it was a smart plan.

[The crowd buzzes and looks towards the entrance.]

DT: It’s Kenny Lombardo! He’s gotten free from that storage closet where Dis locked him and the private eye!

DM: He can’t attack Dis, he’ll be fired!

MN: Maybe he’s gone postal maybe he’s lost his mind and doesn’t care anymore!

DT: Kenny sprinting down to the ring, he dives under the ring, he’s going after the second Dis!

MN: He’s going after Stalker?! Oh geez, he’s a deadman.

DT: In the ring Anarky and Dis are down, Anarky has to be just beyond confused, he HEARD the three count he heard the bell ring, he has to have no idea of the antics of this second Dis…He now covers Dis and hooks the leg!




DT: DIS KICKS OUT! Anarky looks beside himself, glaring at Pat Jones who’s still half out of it himself. Anarky trying to get an explanation out of Jones about that three count that wasn’t a three count.

DM: What is Dis doing?!

DT: Dis rolling over on his stomach, he’s ripping at his mask, is he unmasking?!

DM: Maybe he thinks the shock value of revealing himself might buy him an advantage?!

DT: Dis has ripped open the mouth on that mask that’s covered his whole face…Anarky not getting any information from Pat Jones now turns towards Dis and pulls him to his feet…Anarky hooks him…ANARKY GOING FOR ANOTHER CHAOS BREAKER…DIS PUSHES HIM AWAY…Dis spins and faces Anarky…SPRAYS ANARKY WITH POISON MIST!! ANARKY STAGGERS!!! DIS WITH A SOULBREAKER!!! HE HOOKS BOTH LEGS!! PAT JONES OVER!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Dis freaking out in the ring.]


[Crowd buzzing, some booing, some cheering.]

DT: Is Dis The First?! Is that possible?!

DM: We saw Dis hit a series of moves from all different people but in the end, he used the poison mist and the Soulbreaker to win the match, trademarks of The First…I have no idea who it is really!

MN: No…No, anyone but that idiot, it CAN’T be him!

DT: Dis with the belt, holding it high in the air, Dis has won the EPW World Title…I can’t believe what’s happened here, the actions of the second Dis…This is all surreal…

[Dis rips off the lifts on his boots and throws them into the crowd.]

DT: Lifts! Dis had lifts on! Just like when it was Troy!!

MN: The Queen has returned and recaptured her throne!

DM: Is that curly brown hair I see peaking out of the hole in the mask?

MN: I can’t see what you’re seeing Dean, but we got a new champion and after Stalker’s done with Kenny Lombardo we’re going to need a new backstage reporter. I got a cousin who’s kind of a crew up but I think if I put in a good word he’ll get the gig.

DT: And as Neely is writing Lombardo’s obituary it appears that he’s flushed the second Dis out from under the ring and they are running from him and trying to escape up the rampway…STALKER JUST CAME THROUGH THE ENTRANCE!! STALKER BLOCKING THE SECOND DIS’ PATH!!

DM: The second Dis ISN’T Stalker!

MN: Oh lord, I have no idea what’s going on now!

DT: The second Dis turns and runs back towards Lombardo…LOMBARDO’S GOT THE MASK!! HE’S UNMASKED THE SECOND DIS!! [Crowd buzzing!!]

DM: Who is it?!


DT: IT’S MUSE!!! MUSE WAS HIDING UNDER THE RING THE WHOLE MATCH!!! Muse rushes into the ring to Dis.

DM: That means it’s got to be him…

MN: Please say it’s not, say she found somebody else! Tell me she gay married Lindsay Troy!

DT: Dis grabbing a mic from ring side.

[Music cuts out]

DIS: Well by now I’d guess you’ve all figured out that I am not the original to wear this mask…But I am still…

[Dis unmasks.]

DIS: The First…

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” By The Birthday Massacre. A minority of the crowd booing, but most of the crowd gives The First a loud hometown pop.]

DT: DIS IS THE FIRST…I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS! Stalker now walking down towards the ring, First glaring at him…

[Camera pans to the crowd to show Jared Wells and Cameron Cruise standing in an aisle, the two men staring down First.]

DT: It’s Cruise and Wells, they’ve done enough damage for one night, the two of them looking at the new EPW World Champion.

DM: More like looking at their new target!

[Anarky pulls himself to his feet outside the ring he too looks into the ring at First and Muse.]

DT: First said he wanted to restore honor to that title, he said he wanted to fight all comers well it looks like he won’t have to ask for opponents, the hunt has already begun!

DM: First talked a lot about what he’d do if he won that title now that he’s done it he’s going to have to back it up.

MN: I can’t believe this, this is like a nightmare. Somebody tell me this isn’t happening and that this idiot didn’t pull this off…

DT: Like or not Neely, The First has in fact pulled it off and is the new EPW World Champion, what a night we had from the Garden in Boston…For Dean Matthews, and Mike Neely, I’m Dave Thomas saying so long everybody and we hope you enjoyed the show!

[The camera cuts to the ring with First walking around the ring, holding the EPW World Title aloft, yelling at the men outside the ring “I’ll fight all of you! You want me?! You got it!”]


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