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Ryan vs. Cobb



The time approaches.....

*Scene fades to the downtown core of some major city. It's the middle of the night, dark, gloomy, just after a rainfall. The skyline is lit up, but an overcast feeling emanates over everything. Heavy footsteps are heard approaching, faint splashing is heard as feet make their way through the dirty puddles. The man that approaches is Randy Cobb, he's wearing his trademark clothing: a leather jacket, black jeans, muscle shirt, and black boots. He motions for the camera to follow him as he passes out of view.*

Randy Cobb: Fallout is much closer than most people realize. That means that the epic battle, the armageddon, the Cain vs. Abel, the holy war......Cobb vs. Ryan is just a short time away. A true story for the ages, two bitter rivals that knew each other better than themselves grow into the best of friends, now united they grow into the greatest force in their respective field, then egos tear apart the friendship bringing the two men back to square one. The only difference is square one isn't quite the same as before......it's almost ridiculous to say this, but I know Dan Ryan better now than I did before. Being back on the opposing side after getting into your head as a comrade really changed my perspective about everything you've ever done, it was a real eye opener as to what drives you and what your motivations are. Ever since the first day I encountered Dan Ryan he was always at the top, he was at the top when I was on the bottom rung....but the thing is that when I was at the bottom, I was always aiming for Dan Ryan. When I made it to the top years ago, I was facing Dan Ryan. Other wrestlers have come and gone through all these feds....but there will always be two constants....Randy Cobb and Dan Ryan.....and where they go there will always be a tension so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

*Cobb stops for a second, he kind of laughs to himself before carrying on.*

Randy Cobb: That's exactly it. That tension is what drove our relationship in those many directions. That tension bred admiration, brotherhood, and probably most of all fear. The fear that if one of us slipped up for just one second, then the other would snatch up our place. The thing with Ryan was that no matter how close we were, he would never let himself go completely......there was always this notion in the back of his head that he couldn't ever trust someone completely. I can understand that considering what a backstabbing son of a ##### he is.....why should he trust anyone when no one should ever really trust him? Maybe I made that mistake, but at least I realized his nature before it could bite me in the ass. Ryan always prided himself on the fact that he could play mind games with anyone, well how the ##### is he gonna play mind games with me? Sure he got the best of me on TV when he put me through that table....but that was a lucky break, just like having Randy Cobb as a partner for so long. Dan Ryan should remember this one rule, which goes for both of those cases, Randy Cobb doesn't make the same mistake twice. I'll see you at Fallout Dan.....get ready to let go of that title.....


RE: The time approaches.....

A shot fades into a scene of Dan Ryan sitting alone on a bench facing a large lake. The sun creeps up into the sky opposite his position. He sits, elbows on his knees...dark sunglasses covering his expression....leaning forward...lost in thought...

Ryan: "You know it hasn't really been all it's cracked up to be. The pressure of being champion....you know they say it's what everyone in this business should strive for...that if you're not in it for the gold, you're in the wrong profession....did you ever wonder who 'they' were? Well...'they'...is me. I said it, I meant it...and it's still true today. Despite all that I've been through in the last year and a half...forming one of the great stables in wrestling history...molding it to my liking....introducing Frankie Scott to the wrestling world...and subsequently laying down the law when he went against the group....welcoming in members with open arms and defending them with all I had...all of that....and despite losing what was most precious to me....despite being one tiny step from giving the sport up forever....yes despite all of this and more....I still stand before you the GXW Unified Champion of the World. But I'm also more than that. I have become the ultimate survivor in this sport....surviving jealous stablemates...surviving Takeover Enterprises....surviving the loss of my family....and surviving every challenge placed before me. And yes, I will survive you as well my friend. Believe me, I know good and well that you know me as well as any in this company. But as you said yourself, I never truly let you all the way in. I guess years and years of doing whatever it took to stay on top left me with some wisdom afterall. You've always got to be thinking two steps ahead to survive. You don't get to my position without doing so. Trust me, I have tricks you haven't seen yet...

Ryan shifts positions and leans back

"You say tension drove our relationship all these years...admiration....I'll have to concede that point...but only so far. Admiration may be putting it a bit too strongly. Respect? Absolutely. If I never respected you, you know damn well you would've never seen the inside of Team Phenom. You also know damn well that you have me to thank for resurrecting your career. Not that I would lay claim to your entire career....nor anything that followed after my gesture...but that I opened up a brand new door, that much cannot be denied. Truth be told, when things started going badly....you were the one man that stood by my side. Hell, when I found out about Danielle...you were the only one in the group who came by to try and find out if I was okay. You had met her after all...she liked you I remember... I guess....

Ryan shows emotion for the first time...a flash of anger...

"I guess that's why it cut so deeply when you made the comment about the beer...

"That you would say something like that about a three year old little girl....Believe me my friend....you DAMN...WELL...better believe me. I don't think you could have made a bigger mistake. Tell me, Randy...what happens when people get personal with me? Name the person who has gone to the personal level with me and come out on top. Wanna take a shot at it? You think your one mistake got you put through a table? Why don't you ask yourself that question one more time, hmm? Trust me, you will pay for your comments...and you will apologize...and I'm gonna beat that apology out of you. Because you know what? No matter how epic you want this encounter to be...and no matter how many obstacles have been placed in my way...time marches on my friend....time marches on. There's a long line of people who have made the same claims you have. You're just the next to join the party. Move along...line forms to the left...."


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