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S02E02 - "Road to Immortality" (Yakima, WA 4/21/13)


Jan 1, 2000
[CUE UP: “Chichen Itza” by Lo-Pan. The opening guitar riff accompanies a speeding POV shot traveling the highway, coming to a stop as it zooms in on a road-sign welcoming us to YAKIMA, WASHINGTON...]

[FADE TO: A long tour bus with an “IMMORTAL WRESTLING FEDERATION” decal on the side, pulling up outside of the Yakima Sundome and coming to a standstill. The door on the side opens, and the hulking IVAN DALKICHEV steps out first, closely followed by the IWF Commissioner NATHAN FEAR. A smile forms on the commissioner’s face as he steps to the side and allows the camera to come on board...]

[CUT TO: “SUB POP” SCOT DOUGLAS drilling PERFECTION hard into the canvas with the Sub Pop!]

[CUT TO: JOHNNY NILES celebrating his first victory in IWF, mouthing “I’m the Best in the World!” to the audience as he pumps his arms!]

[CUT TO: LEYENDA DE OCHO spiraling through the air with a dazzling corkscrew lionsault!]

[CUT TO: PAIN GRILLE, boosted onto the shoulders of the French Foreign Legion, holding up the IWF Mount Rainier title!]

[CUT TO: KERRY KUROYAMA driving STEPHEN WALTZ down into the mat with the Kuroyama Driver!]

[CUT TO: AARON CREED and TERRY “THE IDOL” ANDERSON soundlessly arguing back and forth while BRIAN MCGINNIS sits to the side and shakes his head as he watches the two bicker.]

[CUT TO: The IWF Emerald City Champion, PERFECTION, boosting himself up onto the second rope and proudly holding his championship belt over his head for all of the city of Seattle to see!]

[CUT TO: A breathtaking view of YAKIMA, WASHINGTON, nestled in a valley of mountains, sun setting far in the west...]

The Immortal Wrestling Federation Presents...


[FADE TO: The exterior of the Yakima Sundome, where a line of local wrestling fans are filing into the arena. The camera zooms in on the events sign out front, which reads “Live Tonight: IWF Presents ROAD TO IMMORTALITY”. The voice of AARON CREED cuts in.]

AC: Welcome again, ladies and gentlemen, to the Immortal Wrestling Federation’s ROAD TO IMMORTALITY!

TA: GAME OF THRONES, edition! Spring is finally here, but WINTER IS COMING, FOOLS!!

[FADE TO: An interior shot of the dome as fans are filling the seats. There appears to be a pretty decent turn-out.]

AC: We are here in the Yakima Sundome in the city some call the Palm Springs of Washington!

TA: This place is NO Palm Springs, Creedster! Take it from me, an IDOL and natural celebrity!

[CUT TO: The announce table at ringside, where AARON CREED, TERRY “THE IDOL” ANDERSON, and BRIAN MCGINNIS are seated.]

AC: Just out of curiosity, Terry... have you even BEEN to Palm Springs?

TA: Look... that’s not important! What IS important is that if there’s anybody out there who knows what a wining and dining lifestyle is like, it’s me!

AC: Ugh... well folks, along with yours truly, Aaron Creed, we’ve got our analyst Brian McGinnis and the ever-delightful Terry “The Idol” Anderson in the house here tonight... and we’ve got quite a show in store for you!

TA: There’s no “show” without the Emerald City Champion, my man PERFECTION!

BM: Well, word has it that James Witherhold checked into the arena earlier today, so don’t jump to any conclusions about our esteemed E-C Champ refusing to compete in tonight’s main event.

AC: And that main event you speak of will feature the Emerald City Championship in a non-title match against a mystery opponent. It’s anybody’s guess as to who it could be. A former IWF star? Somebody called in from the big leagues?

TA: Do you think even Nathan Fear knows who it’s going to be?!

AC: I can’t say in all confidence... but I do know that Perfection won’t be the only champion in the arena tonight. The newly christened Mount Rainier Champion, pain GRILLE, is also here, with the French Foreign Legion in full force! He’ll be putting his belt on the line in an effort to assert his place on top of the wrestling mountain against the rising star Leyenda de Ocho!

BM: This is definitely a match I’ve been looking forward to, Aaron. Ocho put up a very good showing against the Emerald City Championship, and would have went home with the title had Perfection not weaseled his way out of it! And pain GRILLE was the man who came out on top in the last show’s King of the Mountain main event, making a huge statement in his first major showing at an IWF event!

TA: Two masked midgets fighting over an insignificant belt? Sounds like a snoozer to me...

AC: But before we get to those matches, we’ve got two qualifying rounds to get through. The winners of these matches will meet at our next event for a chance to compete for the Emerald City Championship!

TA: So whoever wins, they’ll inevitably lose anyway!

AC: Ugh... let’s get to the action!
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Jan 1, 2000
Championship Contention Match (Johnny Niles vs. El Cabron)



[FADE TO: The ring, where EL CABRON is eager pacing around waiting for the action, taunting some of the ringside fans. The ring announcer DONALD BELL stands before the camera with a microphone ready.]

AC: Our own Donald Bell is in the ring, ready to announce the first match!

BELL: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Emerald City Title qualification contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Mount Capricorn, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty six pounds... here is EL CABRON!!

[The satyr holds up the devil horns with either hand, getting nothing but jeers and heckles from the fans, which seems to infuriate him.]

[CUE UP: “Lying From You” by Linkin Park. The goat-masked man in the ring reacts by covering his ears, while the Yakima fans react by popping loudly! After a moment, JOHNNY NILES bursts through the curtain, dropping to a knee and making his signature “Straight Edge Eight” pose before boldly striding down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans reaching over the barricade]

BELL: And the opponent, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... he weighs in at two-hundred and forty six pounds... please welcome the BEST in the WORLD... JOOOOOOHNNYYYYY NIIIIIIIIILLLESSS!!!

TA: “Best in the World”, my bronze, idolized ass! The “best” in this business don’t lose on a regular basis like this chump!

AC: Even so, Johnny Niles was only moments away from claiming the Mount Rainier Championship back at King of the Mountain, but he was inevitably thwarted by pain GRILLE, with major credit owed to the French Foreign Legion! Hopefully tonight, he can move on from that set-back and pick up the win, bringing him one step closer to his next opportunity!

BM: With the challenge facing him tonight being a standard one-on-one as opposed to the one-on-four battle he had at the last show, I expect we’ll see a better extent of Niles’ capabilities as a competitor.

[Niles rolls into the ring, walking from corner to corner to make more poses for the fans. Finally having had enough, El Cabron snaps and charges at him... but Niles spots him!]

AC: EL CABRON LOOKING TO BLINDSIDE -- NO!! Niles ducks to the side, and pulls him back around to take a flurry of punches! Tony Daniels quickly cues the bell to begin the match!


BM: El Cabron was looking for an easy first strike, but Niles heard the fans react, and reacted accordingly! Now El Cabron is taking the right and lefts as punishment for his dirty scheme!

[As El Cabron gets pummelled, Niles backs him into the ropes and gives him a quick whip to put him into motion. The goat-man returns and runs smack dab into Niles’ shoulder block, and Johnny quickly runs off the ropes to begin running himself. El Cabron rises to his feet in a daze, making him the perfect target for a jumping knee strike by Johnny Niles as he returns off the ropes!]

AC: HIGH KNEE by Niles, and an ELBOW dropped right to the sternum of El Cabron to further capitalize!

BM: Johnny’s taking every advantage of the opportunity his opponent handed him by making the mistake of coming at him before the bell! If he can keep up this momentum, El Cabron’s going to have a hard time turning the tables!

AC: Here’s Niles, with the cover! Can it be over that easy?



El Cabron slips out the back door! He’s definitely still groggy from that knee strike, though!

[El Cabron sits up, shaking his head to get the cobwebs loose, and unknowingly putting himself right into position for Niles to lock in a Buffalo Sleeper. He gets one leg around El Cabron’s waist, but the luchadore, off of desperate instinct, rolls to the free side before Niles can lock in the leg-scissor.]

AC: Wait a second, Niles is still looking for the quick win, slipping El Cabron into the BOA CONSTRICTOR... but El Cabron is fighting it!

BM: El Cabron squirmed loose before Johnny could lock it in all the way, and now we’ve got ourselves a battle as the horned high-flyer struggles against this submission attempt!

[Twisting himself at inhuman angles, El Cabron plants a knee into the canvas and turns his leverage around to find footing and push himself back to his feet. The crowd begins cheering behind Niles, even as the luchadore tries to break him off with a couple of elbow shots to the ribs. Niles clenches his teeth through the pain, and thinking quickly, whirls around and changes his hold on El Cabron’s head.]

AC: El Cabron looks like he’s about to break free... but Niles moving quickly -- and he PUTS HIM TO THE MAT with a falling neckbreaker!

BM: Good quick thinking on the self-proclaimed “Best in the World!” He knew he wasn’t going to win with the submission attempt, so he went with the quick and direct choice in taking down the goat-man!

AC: Here’s Niles, hooking the leg and making another pin attempt!



KICKOUT by El Cabron!

[Niles scrambles to his feet as El Cabron staggers up after him, turning around and getting tagged beautifully in the face with a superkick by Niles! The crowd pops wildly as El Cabron’s face recoils hard off of Johnny’s heel, with enough force to send him flying backward into the ropes and flipping over them to land face-first on the outside with his limbs stretched out in every direction.]

AC: SUPERKICK by Niles, and El Cabron is sent to the ringside floor right here in front of our commentary table!

TA: Somebody’s going to need a SPATULA to scrape that goat bastard off the ground...


AC: Tony Daniels has begun the ten count, as El Cabron seems to be scraping himself up, with the help of the apron... but here’s Niles off the ropes again, as El Cabron head comes up into place -- BASEBALL SLIDE by NILES!

[The fans pop loud again as El Cabron takes Niles’ boots to his face and chest and gets knocked stomach-first into the barricade, his torso whipping over into the front row seats and his face into some poor fan’s lap. Niles rolls to the outside, getting the crowd charged as he takes El Cabron by the shoulder and pulls him up. El Cabron rises with a HOT DOG stuck in his mouth. Niles smirks as he takes a handful of the goat bastard’s beer and blasts the side of his head with some HEAVY elbows!]

AC: Niles has El Cabron by the GOATEE, and the luchadore can’t defend himself as the “Best in the World” puts one elbow after the next into his head!

TA: That’s a waste of a good coney dog right there!

AC: Niles has been in complete control of this match thus far! Now he reels El Cabron into a facelock... going for the DDT -- NO!! El Cabron hooked his arm on the railing, and Niles threw himself to the floor!

BM: You may have spoken too soon, Aaron! The back of Niles head hit the thinly padded ringside floor, and now the goat-man finds himself in a position to turn things toward his favor!

[El Cabron immediately goes on the offensive, stomping a mudhole with his dirty, bare feet into Niles as he lies on the mat trying to defend himself. After he’s had his fill, the goat-man gets Niles back to his feet and promptly shoves him chest first over the steel barricade, then grabs him by the shoulders and drives his head into the side of the commentary table.]


AC: WHOA!! That noise you just heard, ladies and gentlemen, was the HEAD of Johnny Niles being put right into our commentary table!

TA: Damnit, I KNEW moving us out here around the ring was a bad idea! I miss my skybox!

BM: El Cabron is using the ringside environment to his advantage right now. No skill or strategy involved here... just punishing Niles and softening him up in the most brutal means possible.

AC: Meanwhile, Tony Daniels has reached the count of six! Looks like El Cabron better consider taking this back into squared circle!


[El Cabron pulls Niles off of the commentary table and rolls him back into the ring, quickly sliding under the ropes himself to avoid the count out. Niles shakes his head as he pushes himself back to his feet, and turns around in time to see El Cabron coming at him. He quickly tries to counter with a lariat, but El Cabron ducks under his arm, spots himself, and NAILS Niles in the face with a spinning heel kick as he swings around!]

AC: VICIOUS heel kick! Niles drops right to the mat!

BM: Looks like El Cabron is going to follow it up! He’s back on his feet, and there he goes into the turnbuckle!

AC: El Cabron with some SPEED, vaults up to the top rope... Niles trying to make it to his feet, but he’s got his back turned to the goat bastard! Here’s El Cabron, diving off the top as Niles turns around... SWEEPS HIM TO THE MAT with the MOONSAULT!! El Cabron HOOKS THE LEGS!!



NO!! Niles kicks out! El Cabron gives a spiteful stare to the referee, but Johnny got the shoulder up!

TA: That’s clearly not the way he sees it!

[Grudgingly, El Cabron pulls Niles off of the mat and throws him through the second and third ropes to remove him from the ring and buy himself a few moments to argue with referee Tony Daniels on the speed of his count. He turns around too soon, however, and doesn’t see Niles instinctively grab the ropes in transit and pull himself safely onto the apron, slipping back under the ropes into the ring unnoticed.]

BM: El Cabron has a bone to pick with Tony Daniels, but he picked a horrible time to pick it!

TA: What, throwing the guy out of the ring is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to doing business like that! Sometimes, the ref needs to be told his place...

AC: Maybe that trick works when the guy actually ends up on the outside, but El Cabron clearly underestimated Johnny Niles tenacity! Niles stalks up to him from behind... TAPS HIM ON THE SHOULDER...

[El Cabron perks in surprise, and the brow beyond the eyeholes in his goat-mask immediately furrows as he realizes his mistake. In a last ditch effort, he tries to leap away, but Niles catches him by the shoulder and spins him around to take a heavy assault of right and left hands knocking the goat bastard into a stupor.]

AC: Johnny Niles UNLOADS on El Cabron! Now the luchadore is staggering on two legs... Niles draws him in... INVERTED ATOMIC DROP... RIGHT INTO THE ENN-PLEX!! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!



THR -- ALMOST had him! But El Cabron squirmed loose at the last moment!

TA: Slippery little bastard, ain’t he?

BM: One that won’t slip away for much longer...


[Niles cups his ear as he listens to the crowd calling for his finisher.]

AC: The Yakima fans are calling for it, and I think Johnny Niles is more than obliged to give them what they want!

[El Cabron stammers to his feet... walks RIGHT INTO the Fireman’s Carry...]



AC: Niles with the cover to win!





[CUE UP: “Lying From You” by Linkin Park.]

[Niles boosts back up to his feet and pumps his arms victoriously into the air as the fans cheer his name. Tony Daniels tends to the dazed El Cabron on the mat.]

BELL: The winner of the match...


AC: And just like that, Johnny Niles takes a major step forward in his path to the Emerald City Championship! A staunch and impressive victory by the self-proclaimed “Best in the World”, who certainly gave his best showing thus far in the Immortal Wrestling Federation!

BM: Right you are on that, Creed. Niles is showing some fortitude and determination on the cameras and in the ring, and it’s not surprising to see that finally translating into some results!

TA: Stop kissing his ass, Bri! He just beat the smelly goat guy! Still miles away from being “Best in the World”, and LIGHTYEARS from the azimuth of this sport that is PERFECTION!

AC: Speaking of kissing ass, Terry... got your brown stuff on your lip there.



Jan 1, 2000
Championship Contention Match (Scott Douglas vs. Stephen Waltz)



[CUT TO: Our two-and-a-half handsome hosts seated behind the commentary -- the other half of Terry is anything but handsome.]

AC: Johnny Niles moves on in the race to find the next contender for the Emerald City Title. Hopefully, he may be one to take the Emerald City Title back from a blatant THIEF like James Witherhold!

TA: Don’t sound so bitter, Aaron! My man Perfection paid the IRON PRICE for those dues!

AC: What the hell are you babbling about?!

TA: Game of Thrones, man! It’s like crack, only you just WATCH it!

BM: You forget that not everybody can afford a posh HBO subscription, Terry.

TA: Well neither can I... that’s why I just pirate it like a REAL boss!

AC: Ugh... Terry “The Idol” Anderson, ladies and gentlemen. But take your attention off of your TV addiction for a second and pay attention to the ring, where your own student Stephen Waltz stands ready for the next match!

[CUT TO: The ring, where STEPHEN WALTZ stands ready in his corner, along with the official, Daniels, and the ring announcer, Bell.]

BELL: The following Emerald City Title qualification contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Eugene, Oregon, and weighing in at two-hundred and seventy-three pounds...please welcome, “THE FALLEN ANGEL”... STEPHEN WALTZ!!

[Waltz pumps a fist to the delight of a few dozen crickets hiding behind all of the yawning fans. Despite the lack of reaction, Stephen shows good spirit and determination.]

TA: What the hell is wrong with these Yakima slugs?! Come on, give it up! WOOOO!!!

[CUE UP: “Baby Takes” by Green River. The fans pop LOUD as “SUB POP” SCOTT DOUGLAS steps through the curtain, pumping his fists into the air while bearing a vintage Melvins t-shirt over his wrestling gear. Slapping hands with the fans reaching over the barricade, he boldly strides down the aisle toward the ring, his eyes full of grit and determination.]

BELL: And his opponent, from Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-two pounds... give it up for “SUB POP”... SCOOOOOOTT DOOOOOUGGGGLLAAAAASSSS!!!!

TA: Here’s a dead man walking!

AC: The only dead I see is sheer dead-set determination in the eyes of the Son of Seattle, Scott Douglas, fresh off his victory over the departing Kerry Kuroyama! And since that triumph, Douglas has boldly set himself on a path from the bottom to the top of the Immortal Wrestling Federation to earn his place as champion!

BM: Defeating his friend and rival Kerry Kuroyama definitely proved the growth of physical and mental fortitude in this young homegrown athlete, especially considering the toll of drama and tragedy that plagued his journey in season one.

[Douglas rolls into the ring, taking only a moment to pump a fist and acknowledge the crowd a final time before he goes to his corner and stretches against the ropes, getting focused for the match. After Daniels checks the two of them out and Bell clears out, the two opponents approach the center of the ring, where Douglas offers a handshake. Waltz seems surprised by the gesture, and is extremely reluctant.]

AC: Here’s Douglas respectfully offering a handshake before this match, which you seldom see anymore... and it doesn’t look like Stephen knows if he should trust him. Though I’m not sure why he would have any reason NOT to trust him.

TA: Which is exactly why he SHOULDN’T trust him! Don’t be stupid, Steph-O! Any idiot can see it’s a trap!

[Waltz looks around to the crowd with uncertainty, but their supportive cheers give him a bid of faith to slowly accept the handshake. He quickly backs away after only a second of contact, still wary of any kind of double-cross, but Douglas looks completely honest.]

TA: Ugh... you kill me sometimes, kid.

AC: Well, on the bright side, Terry, your suspicions turned out to be false.


AC: And Tony Daniels just cued the timekeeper to start the match! Douglas and Waltz circle the ring for a moment, before going right into the lock-up!

TA: And Waltz overpowers him, to absolutely no surprise, going behind and hooking the arms! Good one, Steph-O! This fool should have thought twice before going toe to toe with somebody who has about fifty pounds of solid muscle over him!

AC: Looks like all of that “muscle”, as you call it, is built up around his abs and hips...

[Douglas struggles to get out of the hold while Waltz uses his advantage in girth to keep him from making much progress, but Stephen doesn’t notice his leg get hooked by Scott’s own, and Douglas manages to trip him to the mat. Waltz tries to push himself up, but Douglas gets onto him first, slapping on a side headlock and wrenching down tight.]

AC: A quick legsweep reversal by Douglas puts the Seattle-born fan favorite on top, and he’s got a tight hold on Stephen Waltz’s head!

TA: Not for much longer though...

AC: Waltz forcing himself back to his feet and he’s got Douglas by the waist... going for the Back Suplex -- and Scott LANDS ON HIS FEET! Waltz has his back to him as Douglas puts him into the cobra clutch... and right into a BULLDOG, putting “the Fallen Angel” onto the canvas!


AC: Douglas rolls Waltz over and makes the cover!



And Waltz gets the shoulder up!

[Waltz already looks winded as his squirms out from under Douglas and tries to get to his feet. Scott takes him by the head and brings him up the rest of the way, stunning him with a few forearm shots as soon as he stands and pushing him off the ropes. Waltz goes into motion and rebounds off the other side of the ring, ducking as he anticipates a clothesline and instead puts his head right into position for a hard dropkick by Douglas.]

AC: Standing dropkick by Douglas! Waltz ran right into that way!

BM: The esteemed protege of our own Terry “The Idol” Anderson is certainly having some trouble finding an opportunity to get on the offensive in this match...

TA: You can wipe that smug smirk off your face, you Welsch punk! He’s simply pacing himself at this point, is all...

AC: Looks to breathing pretty heavily to me, as he now gets to his feet, and “Sub Pop” is right there to meet him! Douglas hooking him down low... WOW!! Puts the two-hundred and seventy-pounder back to the mat with a released Northern Lights Suplex! Douglas hooks the leg!



Thr -- NO! Waltz kicks out of a near three-count, and quickly drags himself to the ropes as soon as he’s free!

[Before any more damage can be done, Waltz rolls under the ropes to take a breather. Douglas doesn’t follow, standing ready in the ring, while Tony Daniels begins the ten count. Waltz rubs the back of his head, pacing by the apron restlessly while his opponent waits and the referee counts.]


AC: “The Fallen Angel” Stephen Waltz is on the outside looking in, and Scott Douglas doesn’t seem eager to follow. Almost looks as though he’s wondering if he can keep going through with this...

TA: Of COURSE he knows he can go through with it! Hell, victory is nothing less than a certainty in his mind!

BM: That’s not quite the way I see it...

TA: Well that’s not surprising, Bri. I wouldn’t put it past you to know NOTHING about ring psychology. Steph-O is just dropping his guard and making Douglas think this is going to be easy. THEN he whips out the big guns!

AC: Well, as it stands, Douglas is showing enough patience for Waltz to figure out where he wants to go from here.


[After thinking it over for a couple moments, and egged on by the fans, Waltz steels his will once again and determinedly pulls himself back to the apron. He hesitates a moment on the other side of the ropes, while Douglas also makes a gesture urging him to come back and keep trying, and he steps back through the ropes to supportive applause from the fans. Both men slowly advance on each other again and go right back into the collar-and-elbow tie-up.]

AC: Here’s Waltz back in the ring, and goes right back into the lock-up with Douglas! Scott comes out on top this time, wrapping Waltz’s arm up into a hammerlock as he slips behind! He’s got a good rip on that arm... but Waltz pops him in the face with his free elbow, and there’s the reversal!

TA: There you go, kid!

BM: Waltz paid the price the last time he tries to make a move from behind, so we’ll see how this turns out...

AC: Douglas is trapped in the waist lock, trying to break loose... but this time, Waltz deadlifts him into a GERMAN SUPLEX that drops him on his back and shoulders! This could be the window of opportunity “the Fallen Angel” needs!

[Douglas quickly rallies and gets to his feet, not showing much damage, but Waltz meets him as he rises with a knife edge chop that backs him up into the ropes. Stephen pushes him off and puts him into motion, putting him back to the mat after Douglas runs into a stiff shoulder block. Waltz’s face brightens as he senses he’s doing well, and runs into the ropes again as Douglas makes it back to his feet. “Sub Pop” extends his arm for the lariat, but Waltz manages to duck under it and draw him into a waistlock.]

AC: Here’s Waltz in motion, and Douglas with the CLOTHESLINE -- NO!! Stephen ducks, and whirls him around... and Scott Douglas HITS THE MAT after a Gutwrench Suplex!

TA: WOO-HOO!! See, this is what I was talking about! You guys are about to see the power game come alive right now!

AC: Waltz with a lateral press across the chest of Douglas to make the cover...



And Douglas manages to kick out!

BM: He probably could have hooked the leg, though I don’t think it would have mattered, as Scott Douglas has plenty of gas left in the tank.

TA: He won’t for much longer though!

[Waltz brings Douglas up part of the way and keeps him stunned with a stiff elbow strike to the back of the neck, before taking him by the arm and delivering a hard Irish Whip into the corner. Scott connects with the turnbuckle and leans against it as his body reacts to the collision, and he looks up to see Waltz charging straight at him with his arms held over his head. Thinking quick, he dashes out of the way in the nick of time.]

TA: Go for throat, Steph-O!

AC: Waltz charging after Douglas in the corner... MISSES on the axe-handle smash, and Stephen Waltz immediately reacts in pain as his balled fists hit only the steel ring post!

[Stephen staggers for a moment, shaking his hands, and turns around just as Douglas makes a quick recovery, and both men charge into each other, narrowly avoiding a collision as Waltz misses on a clothesline. Both men keep running, rebounding off of opposite ropes, and this time their bodies crash hard into each other in the center of the ring, putting both men on the mat.]

AC: OH WOW!! Head on collision puts both competitors on their backs!

TA: DAMN! I thought for certain that the kid was going in for the kill!

BM: Nevertheless, with both men on the mat, it’s anybody’s guess as to how it will go down now.

[Tony Daniels begins the ten count, while the crowd begins rousing themselves, goading the two men to get back onto their feet. Both men slowly recover and find their footing, standing up at the same time to a supportive pop from the fans. Waltz tries to make the first strike, coming at Douglas with an elbow, but Scott hooks the arm, draws Stephen up against his back, and lurches himself forward.]

AC: Counter by Scott Douglas, and here he goes for the BACKSLIDE PIN!



ALMOST!! Waltz rolled through it at the last second!

TA: This joker can’t keep you down! Show ‘em what you got, kid! Don’t let me down!

AC: Waltz back on his feet... there’s a BOOT to the gut as Douglas comes in to grapple! Stephen scoops him onto his shoulder... and “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas gets HAMMERED into the mat with a BIG POWERSLAM by the stronger Stephen Waltz! Waltz hooks the leg this time!



NO!! Scott Douglas got the shoulder up!

[Waltz makes it to his feet and motions to the crowd that he’s going for the Last Waltz to finish things off, but as he goes back to Douglas to get him back onto his feet, Scott suddenly bursts forward with energy and traps him in the corner, driving his shoulder into “the Fallen Angel’s” sizable gut and knocking the wind out of him.]

AC: Waltz was looking to finish things, but Scott Douglas will have none of that! The wind’s been knocked out of Waltz, and Douglas reels him back to the center of the ring!

TA: Come on, kid, DO SOMETHING!!

AC: It may be too late for that! Douglas throws the arm over his head and hooks the leg! Can he get him up? …HE CAN!! WALTZ INTO THE AIR... and Scott Douglas DRILLS HIM WITH THE SUB POP BRAINBUSTER!!


AC: That’s all she wrote! Douglas WITH THE COVER...



THREE!! “SUB POP” picks up the win!


[CUE UP: “Baby Takes” by Green River. Douglas rises off the mat and lets Tony Daniels raise his arm in victory, the crowd cheering “DOUG-LAS!! DOUG-LAS!!” loud enough to fill the Yakima Sundome. Waltz lies dazed on the mat, but after a brief celebration, Scott helps his opponent to sit up, checks on him, and gives him a supportive pat on the shoulder before helping him to his feet and giving him some credit to the audience.]

BELL: The winner of the match...


AC: Your student fought valiantly here tonight, Terry, but his victory drought could not end here tonight at Road to Immortality. “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas just proved himself to be a few steps ahead in his game, and his determination would not quit!

TA: I don’t know how he did it, but I KNOW in my gut that Douglas did something to tip the scales in his favor, and I doubt it was legal! Stephen Waltz is a LEGIT talent! He was trained by ME, after all!

AC: Well, in spite of that prestigious “training” you call whiskey-filled nights along the red light district, your protege was toppled by the overwhelming fan favorite in this contest, “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas! That’s two consecutive wins for Douglas, and it looks like he’ll be meeting Johnny Niles down the road to determine the number one contender to the title!

TA: Like I keep saying, whoever wins is destined to lose. My Red Priestess has seen it so in the flames!

BM: ...we gotta pull the plug on your internet service, Terry.

AC: I second that... but right now, ladies and gentlemen, I have received word that the Emerald City Champion himself has arrived at the arena! Let’s leave the ring for a moment to check in with the happenings backstage!

[CUT TO: Inside the office of the IWF Commissioner, the camera facing his desk as NATHAN FEAR is on a call via his cell phone. Off to the side, IVAN DALKICHEV sits stoically on a leather sofa, reading a newspaper. We can hear the door open but the person entering we cannot see. Fear motions them into the office extending his hand to the open seat in front of his desk. PERFECTION now enters the camera view, a smug look on his face, title strapped to his shoulder, full charcoal suit. He takes a seat in the chair that Fear has offered.]

FEAR: Absolutely, well believe me when I say we are excited as well about the new partnership. Of course. Talk to you later. Bye.

[Fear hangs up and looks at Perfection]

FEAR:“Well that is terrific news, we just got a new sponsorship!

PERFECTION: That concerns me why? What do you want, Nate? My masseuse is waiting for me in my locker room.

FEAR: I understand things may have been perceived wrong by both of us during the transition. My goal is to provide the people a great sport and I understand things are a little rough around the edges between us.

PERFECTION: You stiffed me out of my money, Fear. You gave Ocho a title shot and didn't see that your champion was compensated afterwards.

FEAR: I see. We did pay you your contracted wage though.

PERFECTION: Ever hear of a bonus? What about a lawsuit? Ever hear of that?

FEAR: I am not sure I am following.

PERFECTION: Allowing Ocho to use a foreign object to assault me!

FEAR: You... raised the title to your face... you purposely allowed yourself to get hit...

[Perfection huffs.]

PERFECTION: That's not the way I see it.

[Fear follows his huff with a sigh.]

FEAR: The reason I have brought you here is I want to make sure that bygones be bygones. I actually wanted to offer you a new contract, one that I am sure will peak your interest.

[Fear slides a stack of a few forms in front of Perfection, he then points at a line somewhere on the first sheet with a pen, the paper not visible to the camera. Perfection looks at where Fear is pointing a large smile parting his lips.]

PERFECTION: Alright, you have my attention.

FEAR: You show me that you can play by my rules then I will sign this contract. My rules are simple, you show up when you are on the card, you stop bailing from my ring and give the people what they paid for and in turn we pay you what you claim you deserve.

PERFECTION: It's not what I claim, it's what I am OWED.

FEAR: To each their own.

PERFECTION: And how do I know you will keep your word?

FEAR: Well, you were scheduled a mystery opponent tonight... one of my choosing.

PERFECTION: Play by your rules and get jumped by a five on one to teach me a lesson? Do I look naive? You think I would put myself in a situation that would allow you to try and teach me some sort of lesson? Get real. I know a trap when I see one, Nate.

[Perfection goes to stand up.]

FEAR: However, I will allow you to pick your opponent. Call it a sign of good faith.

[Perfection nods slightly finishing standing up, he smirks walking towards the door.]

FEAR: I take it we have a deal?

[Perfection opens the door and walks out as the camera cuts back to Fear. He glances over to Ivan, who has silently been watching the exchange go down. The Commish gives his employee a nod that conveys assurance.]

FEAR: We have a deal.


Jan 1, 2000
Mount Rainier Title Contest (pain GRILLE (C) vs. Leyenda de Ocho)

[CUT TO: Our hosts are seated at the commentary table. Creed and McGinnis are looking at the camera but Terry is quite expectedly looking somewhere off his mark.]

AC: Well this is quite a surprise... Commissioner Nathan Fear is giving the Emerald City Champion the choice of his own opponent in tonight’s main event!

BM: Can he be serious? After everything Perfection’s done, he’s just going to make things easier for him? Perfection could pick ANYBODY as his opponent! He could pick somebody like El Cabron, or a fan out of the front row! Heck, he could even pick TERRY here and finish the match in under five second!

TA: Hey now! Perfection might be THAT damn good, but I think the legendary IDOL of professional wrestling would last a little longer than five seconds!

AC: Perhaps you’re right, Terry... you could make it to ten, if you’re lucky. But right now, fans, we’re moments away from seeing the new Mount Rainier Champion of the Immortal Wrestling Federation, pain GRILLE, in his first defense as champion. Now that he’s fought his way to the top of the mountain, he’s got to find a way to secure his place!

BM: I’m not so sure he’ll find it easy, Aaron... because in light of what happened at our last event, I know there’s somebody in that locker room in particular who might be looking to throw him off the hill of glory!

TA: Spooky Doom?!

AC: No, Terry... Brian Mc-G can only be referring to the most electrifying athlete in the independent wrestling circuit right now... none other than LEYENDA DE OCHO!!

TA: “Most electrifying athlete?!” Pfft, yeah... maybe if he catches enough lightning bolts sitting around all day playing that Blumtendo Gamebox, or whatever they call it...

AC: Let’s go back real quick to the season premiere, King of the Mountain, back in Tacoma, Washington...

[FADE TO: Archived footage from the premiere event, King of the Mountain. A clip reveal sequences together pain GRILLE, posing as Spooky Doom, clocking Leyenda de Ocho before unmasking, followed by the reveal of the French Foreign Legion. In the next sequence, GRILLE clears the ring and claims the Mount Rainier Championship, with camera angles clearly showing the FFL interfering with the action.]

AC: First you can see pain GRILLE making his first formal appearance in IWF ring by blindsiding the fan favorite, Ocho... and there you can see the French Foreign Legion blatantly sticking their noses in the main event of King of the Mountain, which directly contributed to his winning the title!

TA: Kinda unusual seeing some Frenchmen showing some real BALLS. Hard not to admire it, if you ask me!

[FADE TO: The commentary table once again, as Aaron and Brian grimace over the recap footage, and Terry wears an approving smirk.]

BM: Well clearly, pain GRILLE and the French Foreign Legion are using their strength in unity to enact a hostile takeover of the Immortal Wrestling Federation.

AC: You could be right, Brain. And the Mount Rainier Title is one thing, but let’s not forget that the bigger picture is when both of those titles are eventually unified into the Washington State Heavyweight Championship. But here’s something interesting... the following was a video submitted to the Immortal Wrestling Federation offices shortly after King of the Mountain. Let’s take a look...

[CUT-TO: the Immortal Wrestling Federation backdrop with "Viva la GRILLE" spray painted in purple over the top. RENDRE SINGE stands there, holding up the silver plated Mount Rainier Championship high above his head with both hands, the lighting reflecting off the championship. The rest of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION stand around behind the man who takes centre-stage: PAIN GRILLE. He wears a purple toast mask with the mouth region cut-out, presumably so you can specifically see the shit-eating grin stretched across his face.]

GRILLE: Hello, Immortal Wrestling Federation. It is I, pain GRILLE, zee REIGNING Mount Rainier Champion. Zat is right, mon freres, I am zee Champion. I defeated zose puppets management dangled from zee rafters and zen? Zen I cut zeir string. Zey all fell. To zee floor. In a 'eap in zee ring and zere was one man avec zee fortitude to stand 'igh above zee world, atop of Mount Ranier, to become zee Champion.

[Spits on the floor. Thumbs at the Championship belt.]

GRILLE: And finally, I 'ave been crowned deservingly.

Zough... (sighs) it is only bitter sweet for me, mon ami. See, zese Powers Zat Be wish for me to jump t'rough so many 'oops to climb to zee very pinnacle of zis company. See, zee real title zat I want is avec Perfection. Zis is zee belt zat I want. I do not want silver plating.


And it does not matter 'ow many 'urdles Nat'an Fear can find to stand in zee way of my sprint to zee finish line as I will overcome zem. Toget'er... (points at his entourage) ...we will overcome. Zee French Foreign Legion will overcome.

[Snatches the belt off of SINGE.]

GRILLE: I am NOT second fiddle. I am NUMBER - ONE!

And zee sooner Nat'an Fear understands zat I will not settle for second best zee better. Zee sooner Perfection understands zat I will do everyt'ing I can to snatch 'is belt from 'is grasp zee better. Zee sooner zat you ALLLLL understand zat pain GRILLE is zee Best T'ing Since Sliced Bread zee better.

[Shoves it back into Singe's clutches who once again holds it high above his head.]

GRILLE: Johnny Niles. El Cabron. 'ooever you wish to t'row at me I will detroy zem all to show zem zat I am zee best wrestler in zis company.

But zere is ONE - MAN I t'ink already understands.

Leyenda de Ocho -- Ever since you stepped up onto my announce table in zee IGC I KNEW zat you were destined for your own demise at my 'and. I knew zat I would crush you beneat' my 'eel. I KNEW zat I would one day stand above you and spit in your eye.

And as I progress in zis promotion, to zee very top, I will on spit at you from 'igher vantage points. Because I 'ave ALLLLL zee vantage points. And you will never be able to ascend to anyt'ing above being zee jobber I know zat you are.

Every time you try to ascend to my level I will kick you back down to eart'.

Every time you climb another rung I will kick zee ladder out from under you.

I despise everyt'ing you represent, Leyenda. All zee 'and-outs zese Corporate puppet masters give you. Zee red carpet. Zee video game websites. Zee t-shirts. I spit on zee icon zey try to build around you, Leyenda. Foundations in a false pariah.

I want you to feel zee pain zat I felt when I came up t'rough zee industry to zis very moment when I 'old zee Mount Rainier Championship. You might be zee best rookie in zis industry but I see you for what you really are.

Just anot'er puppet 'oo needs 'is strings cut to plummet back to eart' and REALLY understand what zis industry is.

It's a cold, calculating mistress and zee only way you can assure your fate is to take it in your own 'ands.

[Thumbs at his belt.]

GRILLE: I took my fate by zee ears and skull fucked it into submission, Ocho. You failed. You could not beat Perfection where I will. I will pull zee wings off zat little fly and watch him crawl around before I press my boot 'eel down upon 'im and feel every bone in 'is body crush beneat' zee weight of my magnitude.

[Defiant fist raised in the air. The others join, except for SINGE, with the fist raise.]


[CUT TO: The ring, where the ring announcer Donald Bell and the official Tony Daniels are ready to begin the next match.]



AC: Clearly some animosity between those two, and the Frenchman is showing no regrets for what he did to Leyenda de Ocho back at King of the Mountain!

TA: Gotta admire a man who prides himself in his work, though!

AC: Be as it may... one couldn’t help but wonder if the attack on Ocho by the French Foreign Legion didn’t affect the outcome in his challenge against Perfection from the Emerald City Championship. But Ocho may yet be a champion himself by the end of tonight, should he succeed in getting his revenge on the nefarious pain GRILLE! Donald Bell and Tony Daniels are waiting in the ring, so let’s get to it!

[CUE UP: “Spontaneous Devotion” by Random. The fans pop wildly as the lights dim and a brief laser light show heralds the entrance of LEYENDA DE OCHO, stepping through the curtain in his pastel-pink Little Mac mask, along with matching trunks and boxing gloves for the occasion. Bumping his fists a few times, he makes his way down the aisle slapping hands with the fans and getting them pumped up.]

AC: The roof is about to come off the Yakima Sundome, ladies and gentlemen! Leyenda de Ocho has arrived, and the Immortal Wrestling fanbase is in near hysterics for the Cartridge Crusher!

TA: A sad day of age we live in when such an insignificant NERD can get this kind of following, while other, more deserving guys in that locker room get the snub!

AC: And if you ask me, Terry, there isn’t anyone more deserving of praise and notoriety than the man who is right now circling the ring, taking in the support of the fans in the ringside seats! Leyenda de Ocho was proclaimed the FWC 2012 Rookie of the Year for a significant reason, and part of that has to do with his contributions to the ring! You can either love him or hate him, but you can’t deny that the man wears his heart on his sleeve, and devotes a passion to this sport unlike few we’ve ever seen!

TA: Oh geez... you’re so hopped up on the bandwagon, you’re practically sitting shotgun!

[CUE UP: “La Marseillaise”, the French National Anthem. Immediately, cheers melt into jeers as the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION occupy the stage, complete with fRiTtUrEs waving red, white, and sacre bleu of the Tricolore, and RENDRE SINGE boosting the IWF MOUNT RAINIER TITLE high in the air. Amid the group appears the champion himself, PAIN GRILLE, who steps out to the forefront to boost a fist in defiance of the spiteful audience before leading the charge down the rampway.]

AC: And here comes the arrogant champion himself, pain GRILLE, and I’m not at all surprised to see him once again being escorted to the ring by the other members of the French Foreign Legion!

TA: Nothing wrong with having friends in this sport, A-C!

AC: No, but there is something wrong when those friends insist on following you to the ring for every match and directly get involved in the action! Let’s not forget, thanks to the interference of the French Foreign Legion back at King of the Mountain, pain GRILLE was able to acquire that Mount Rainier Title! Are you saying you don’t think they’ll do anything to get involved this time around?

BM: I feel as an unbiased sportscaster, that I have to give them the benefit of the doubt... but it’s hard to assume they have something up their sleeve for tonight.

TA: The both of you have no idea what you’re talking about. pain GRILLE simply needs his crew to watch his back and offer some protection from the REAL threats out there. A man who boldly puts himself out there on the line makes fast enemies, after all...

AC: You can say that again...

[The French Foreign Legion overtake the ring, continuing to incite the anger of the audience by insisting they rise out of respect for the French national anthem. Ocho stands his ground, refusing to give the ring to this frenzied pack of foreigners. A stand-off ensues, with members of the FFL pointing threateningly over the shoulders of the Mount Rainier champion to the brave challenger standing alone on the other side of the ring, but eventually Tony Daniels shoos them from the ring in order to get things started.]

BELL: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be for the Immortal Wrestling Federation Mount Rainier Championship! Introducing first, the challenger... coming to us from Roger’s Park of Chicago, Illinois... he weighs in at one-hundred and eighty-eight pounds... GIVE IT UP for the CARTRIDGE CRUSHER... LEYENDA... DE... OCHOOOO!!!


[Ocho pumps his fists, holding in his thumbs so that only eight fingers are extended.]

BELL: And now, the opponent... representing the Republic of France, and accompanied by members of the French Foreign Legion... weighing in at one-hundred and eighty five pounds... he is the IMMORTAL WRESTLING FEDERATION MOUNT RAINIER CHAMPION... HE IS... PAAAAAIN GRILLE!!


[pain GRILLE boldly holds his claim into the air, sticking a thumb into his chest as he spits vulgarities in his native tongue upon the American audience. Daniels takes the belt from him a moment later and holds it up to all four sides of the ring before handing it off to the timekeeper.]

AC: If there’s anybody who can stop a schemer like pain GRILLE, it’s Leyenda de Ocho! I gotta say, I’m excited to see this match-up!

BM: I’m with you there, Aaron! Both of these men match each other’s physical signatures, and both choose to compete beneath the mask. No doubt, we’re about to see some textbook lucha libre in this fight!

TA: Ah, shucks... luchadores always give me a hankerin’ for some burritos...

AC: Looks like the official is giving the cue to the timekeeper now!


[As soon as the bell sounds, the two masked wrestlers, who haven’t taken their eyes off of each other since the moment both of them came to be in the space of the ring at the same time, immediately charge toward each other. pain GRILLE quickly goes airborne with a diving knee, but Ocho dips his head low and runs beneath him. Both men freeze into place and spin around to face each other again, this time going the more simple route of locking up into the collar-and-elbow tie-up.]

AC: The Mount Rainier Title contest has officially begun, and both men quickly find themselves in the lock-up! Ocho’s trying to take control of the right wrist of pain GRILLE... but a quick SWEEP by the Toasted Terrorist quickly puts him on the mat!

BM: GRILLE crosses over to Ocho’s side, maintaining the head and positioning like a true Mixed Martial Artist!

AC: OH MAN, what a knee to the ribs... and a SECOND!! That took the wind right out of Ocho!

[pain GRILLE triumphantly perks up to his feet as Ocho clutches his ribs in pain before him, and takes the opportunity to gloat and incite some anger in the fans. Annoyed by their lack of praise, he decides to press them by offering to deliver a stiff kick to Ocho’s face. He doesn’t expect Ocho catching him by the ankle mid-kick and sweeping him to the mat as well.]

AC: And before he can even realize it, pain GRILLE finds himself on the mat, after making the mistake of gloating too early on in this match!

TA: What a cheap move!! Nacho was OBVIOUSLY playing possum!

AC: And what exactly do you find virtuous about kicking a man while he’s down?!

TA: Hey, anything goes in the Octagon!

BM: Not only is that not true, but this is the squared circle... not an eight-sided cage.

[Ocho and GRILLE scramble up to their feet in unison, with Ocho only a fraction of a second faster, giving him the breadth to slip out of the range of GRILLE’s swift retribution in the form of a high spinning kick to the head and throw his body into the ropes. Fans squeal and lightbulbs pop everywhere in the small area as Ocho glides majestically through the air...]

AC: Here’s Ocho off the ropes -- and INTO A BIG SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!! DOWN GOES PAIN GRILLE, with Ocho on top!



And the champion kicks out! Leyenda de Ocho had some HANGTIME on that move!

TA: I agree! It’s TIME to see that scrawny nerd HANGED!

BM: Even so, GRILLE looked strong kicking out of that, even if he was stunned for a moment. Ocho may be coming to the ring bearing the likeness of Little Mac tonight, but pain GRILLE is anything BUT a Glass Joe!

[After pushing himself out from under Ocho, GRILLE storms back onto his feet as the challenger dashes into the ropes once again, and is waiting this time when he returns by going into the air with a cross-body block. GRILLE catches him and lets the momentum roll him over until he finds himself back on his feet with Ocho in his grasp, quickly dropping him over the knee.]

AC: pain GRILLE with a COUNTER to the cross-body by Ocho, goes right into those ribs once again with a RIB-BREAKER that nearly breaks the Cartridge Crusher in half!

TA: That would make him the Four-Bit Legend. What does that mean, he plays a bunch of Atari games?

AC: pain GRILLE is back on his feet and takes a bounce off of the ropes to gain some momentum... and Ocho is completely defenseless on the mat! pain goes into the air... SENSTON SPLASH!! And he stays on top for the pin!



Ocho kicks out!

BM: The Mount Rainier Champion is targeting those ribs, impairing Ocho’s ability to breath and hampering his conditioning! As explosive of a talent as Leyenda de Ocho is, the Frenchman may yet find a way to diffuse his high-flying offense!

[A shot from outside the camera shows the French Foreign Legion closely following the action, a few members verbally giving their support to the Mount Rainier Champion as he gets to his feet and pulls Leyenda de Ocho back up with him. Immediately, Ocho gets dumped into a corner, where pain GRILLE further punishes with a frenzied combo of kicks and knees to the mid-section.]

AC: The champion is taking it to the challenger, continuing to focus on those ribs! He’s not letting up for anything, folks... he’s going to grind Leyenda de Ocho into a pulp, if it means keeping the Mount Rainier Title! Now pain GRILLE takes Ocho by the wrist, and there’s the Irish Whip! Ocho connects!

TA: OUCH! Bet he never had a controller connect into his game box quite like that!

AC: pain GRILLE comes following after him... GOING FOR THE KNEE -- NO!! Ocho darted out of the way!


[pain GRILLE launches himself, but his knee only hits the top turnbuckle, and he crashes off of the corner in shock and surprise. With the crowd cheering him on, Ocho tries to push back the pain lingering in his sides and pulls himself over to the adjoining corner. pain GRILLE pulls himself back to his feet just as Ocho bounces to the top rope...]

AC: Ocho with a chance to turn this around again... here he goes to the TOP ROPE -- NOOO!! pain GRILLE ROLLS ASIDE as the Cartridge Crusher came diving off with a MISSILE DROPKICK, but only hit the CANVAS for his efforts!

BM: A big risk becomes a big mistake for the challenger! Against any other opponent, that might have paid off... but pain GRILLE is just too quick for that. I almost have to wonder if Ocho’s ever fought an opponent as nimble and fast as himself!

AC: Speed and energy are definitely the masked high flyer’s greatest weapons in that ring, but pain GRILLE’s own physical skill set makes it all moot! To win the Mount Rainier Championship tonight, it’s not about who is the fastest, but who can THINK the fastest!

[GRILLE pulls Ocho to his feet yet again, trapping his arms with double-underhooks as he holds him into a front face-lock and punishing his ribs once again with a quick series of knee strikes, before following through with the suplex. Outside the ring, the French Foreign Legion cheer on their leader’s offensive domination, juxtaposed with the reaction from the fans.]

AC: pain GRILLE keeps up the pressure with a STIFF double-underhook suplex, and after taking half a second to give these Yakima fans a piece of his mind, here he floats over for a cover!



Another kick-out by Ocho! But if pain GRILLE keeps chipping away in this manner, it won’t be long before the Mount Rainier Champion puts him down for good!

BM: Ocho is clutching the ribs, struggling to breath at this point! This kind of damage is already beginning to affect his stamina!

AC: pain GRILLE isn’t letting up... he takes a quick bounce off the ropes... INTO THE AIR, and DOWN ONTO THE CHEST of Leyenda de Ocho with BOTH KNEES! GRILLE back up... and ANOTHER double-knee drop across the chest! Going for the cover again! Could this be it?!



NO!! Ocho keeps fighting on!

TA: He must have brought some extra lives into the arena tonight!


[Incensed by their undying support, GRILLE pops back to his feet and demands the crowd to silence themselves, which only makes them cheer louder in sheer defiance. Hearing them chant his name, the 8-Bit Legend valiantly tries to force himself back to his feet. The Toasted Terror gets to him first, peppering the side of his head with some stiff elbows to keep him stunned before rolling him back to the mat and wrapping his legs around the challenger’s torso.]

AC: A bad situation just got worse for Ocho, now finding himself trapped into a leg-scissor applied from behind by the champion, pain GRILLE!

BM: pain GRILLE looking for a Rear Naked Choke... but Ocho got his hands up before GRILL could lock it in! Ocho’s gotta fight his way out of this now, because every second the Mount Rainier Champion squeezes down on his ribcage like that, he’s only getting weaker!

TA: As if he wasn’t weak enough!

AC: Leyenda de Ocho, with the prospect of putting the silver of the Mount Rainier Title around his waist tonight, is locked into a battle of perseverance, fighting this deadly submission attempt applied by pain GRILLE! How’s he going to get out of THIS one?!

TA: By tapping the hell out, obviously!

[Ocho, still fighting GRILLE’s choke attempt, makes an effort to escape by trying to roll to his sides, but the Frenchman keeps him anchored in the center of the ring. The mouth opening in the reigning Mount Rainier Champion’s mask shows a sneering grin somewhere been triumph and spite. Outside the ring, the French Foreign Legion continue to give him support by slapping the mat and waving the Tricolour, but it only seems to urge the fans to drown them out.]


AC: The Cartridge Crusher, with these fans rallying behind him, digs deep to muster all he has left! He has to break free from this hold, or face utter defeat!

TA: And let’s be clear... pain GRILLE isn’t just going to BEAT him! He’s going to up and HUMILIATE this poster-boy punk!

AC: His arms are shaking and his eyes are full of fire! Ocho giving it everything he’s got, rocking back and forth, and pain GRILLE struggles to keep him still! He’s doing everything he can, desperately moving his legs... and wait, he plants his feet -- YES!! OCHO PUSHES OFF THE MAT with his feet and ROLLS HIMSELF BACKWARDS!


AC: GRILLE’s shoulders are PINNED TO THE MAT!



KICKOUT by the champion, but a near upset after a most BRILLIANT reversal!

TA: Yeah, but the champ’s not going to bite on that one! He’s barely broken a SWEAT!

[Ocho rolls through, escaping pain GRILLE’s scissor hold as both men separate and scramble to their feet. The defending champ gets up a half-second faster, with Ocho showing he still hasn’t quite caught his breath. He quickly reels the challenger in with a clinch hold across the back of the head and ROCKS HIM with a hard knee strike! Ocho falls to a knee, and pain GRILLE hits the ropes...]

AC: KNEE STRIKE stuns Ocho, and here goes the Mount Rainier Champion, in motion... looking for the SHINING WIZARD -- NOO!! OCHO POPS UP and STOPS GRILLE IN HIS TRACKS with a FIST RIGHT TO THE MID-SECTION!!


TA: DAMNIT!! He was SO CLOSE to kicking his head off!

BM: pain GRILLE tried to pull an old-school BALD BULL on Ocho’s Little Mac, but the 8-Bit Legend knew exactly what to do! That shot went straight into GRILLE’s diaphragm, sucking all the air out of him!

AC: Nobody knows the Shining Wizard better than Leyenda de Ocho, and he wasn’t about to fall victim to his own finishing maneuver! pain GRILLE was looking for the killing blow, but now the challenger might have a chance to turn this around!

[The French Foreign Legion look like they’re in the midst of a panic while the arena fills up with the roar of the fans. Ocho fights to get to his feet while GRILLE struggles to do the same, both fighting just as hard to get their wind back. Both get to their feet at the same time, and pain GRILLE, spurned by his hatred, acts first by charging at Ocho with a wild high kick to the head. Ocho deftly ducks the attack and traps the champ around the head and through the legs...]

AC: pain GRILLE with the Yakuza kick, but it’s DUCKED by Ocho! Ocho spins him around... EXPLODER SUPLEX!!! It’s all coming apart for pain GRILLE!


BM: What the HELL are you talking about, Terry?! How could he POSSIBLY be using a cheat code!?!

AC: Leyenda de Ocho looking for the cover, and the win!



NO!! pain GRILLE managed to get the shoulder up, keeping his championship reign alive for a little longer, but the end could now be drawing near!

TA: Let’s not get carried away with ourselves, Dave!

[Ocho leaves GRILLE on the mat as he goes to a turnbuckle and steps through the ropes to scale to the top. He’s delayed only for a second as members of the French Foreign Legion come around to his side of the ring in a threatening manner, but he quickly points them out and warns them not get involved, and the referee Tony Daniels subsequently shooes them away. Ocho perches himself on the top rope as GRILLE slowly gets to his feet, looking a little dazed...]

AC: Leyenda de Ocho in position on the top rope... could be another big risk maneuver coming up!

TA: And hopefully another big FACEPLANT! pain GRILLE won’t fall for this!




BM: Ocho KNEW pain GRILLE was going to dodge that!

AC: Ocho from behind -- jumps onto GRILLE’s shoulders -- AND FLIPS HIM RIGHT TO THE MAT WITH THE VICTORY ROLL!!



THR -- NO!! pain GRILLE just BARELY got the shoulder up!

[pain GRILLE breaks free from the pin, scrambling back to his feet looking absolutely flabbergasted and cursing in French. He goes for another wild high kick, but his anger ruins his aim, and Ocho retaliates with a stern forearm that knocks him back against the corner.]

AC: Ocho has the champion right where he wants him now, interchanging shots between the face and the gut!


TA: That’s REALLY annoying the hell out of me, Brian! Knock it off!

AC: Ocho onto the second rope now, switching between rights and lefts into pain GRILLE’s face!




[By this point, unable to watch any more of this, fRiTtUrEs and Rendre Singe climb up to the apron, calling Tony Daniels’ attention away from the action as he sternly tells them to take a hike or he’ll ring the bell. Almost as soon as his back is turned, pain GRILLE lifts the knee right between Ocho’s legs!]

AC: Wait a second, the French Foreign Legion are on the apron, trying too -- LOW BLOW!! MY GOD, pain GRILLE put his entire KNEE into that one!


TA: What else was the man supposed to do, A-C?!

AC: The Cartridge Crusher drops to the mat in complete agony, and now pain GRILLE is looking to capitalize, climbing to the top rope... Ocho trying to get back to his feet!

BM: But he may not be back up for much longer!


TA: YES!! pain GRILLE wins by FATALITY!!

[The crowd boos and jeers loudly as Tony Daniels finally gets fRiTtUrEs and Singe off the apron, but the damage has already been done. He turns around to find Ocho lying lifelessly on the mat, with the Mount Rainier Champion putting a wad of spit onto the mat next to his head and wiping his feet. Disgracefully pushing Ocho over so that he’s on his back, GRILLE draws the thumb across his neck and points it downward as he goes to the next corner.]

TA: Oh yeah, baby! Time to bring out la guillotine and put this one in the books!

AC: The 8-Bit Legend was fighting his way toward victory, but now the Toasted Terror has quite disgracefully turned the tables, and he could be going for the AWFUL TOWER to finish this one!


[The French Foreign Legion angrily try to hush the fans, but it’s a futile effort. On the mat, Leyenda de Ocho is beginning to stir, kicking his legs and moving his head to the sides. At the top rope, the Mount Rainier Champion, pain GRILLE, gives the fans a final insulting salute as he glides off of the top rope...]






BM: Leyenda de Ocho just cashed in his LIMIT BREAK!! I’m not sure if he was playing possum or if he simply acted out of sheer desperate instinct, but he just saved himself from having his CHEST crushed in by the double stomp!

AC: And the champion landed STIFF and PAINFULLY on both feet! pain GRILLE drops to a knee, completely stunned by the agony... wait, Ocho back up -- OCHO OFF THE ROPES --


[The ROOF nearly comes off the small events arena as off the fans burst out of their seats in unison and cheer madly. pain GRILLE’s head bounces off of the Shining Wizard, lingers with the face frozen horror for only half of a second, and drops to the mat. Outside the ring, the French Foreign Legion are incredulous, shaking their heads and pulling frantically at their masks.]



TA: EXCELLENT!! My prayers have been answered!



[The crowd reaction, beyond explosive just a moment ago, chokes in a gasp and does a complete nose-dive into more heat that even the furnaces of hell can withstand. Yakima’s wrestling fanbase rains garbage and concessions upon the ring, the most landing ring where the French Foreign Legion converge upon and stomp the defenseless Leyende de Ocho where he lays. Meanwhile, Daniels explains the situation to Bell.]

BELL: Ladies and gentlemen, due outside interference acting on his behalf, pain GRILLE has be been... DISQUALIFIED! As a result, announcing the winner of the match... LEYENDA DE OCHO!

[The announcement does nothing to cool the fans, as the “victor” is yanked up to his feet and rolled into the ring. Rendre Singe brings the Tricolour as dRESSAGE brings the Mount Rainier Title, and both men assist the retaining-by-default champion in his slow recovery from the knock-out kick to the head.]

AC: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!! ONCE AGAIN, Leyenda de Ocho has been ROBBED of a championship, just when victory is in his grasp!

TA: HAHAHAHA, oh, it’s a beautiful story, isn’t it?! He’s like that Greek myth, Syphilis!

BM: I think you mean Sisyphus, Terry... but I can definitely second your shock and outrage, A-C! Leyenda de Ocho was just a corkscrew lionsault away from winning the Mount Rainier Championship, and out of sheer desperation, the French Foreign Legion spoiled his moment of glory, just to protect the image of their leader! It’s merely a bittersweet victory for Leyenda de Ocho, who at least has the D-Q go his way this time around... but the title, unfortunately, can’t change hands that way!

AC: And the French Foreign Legion aren’t quite finished for Leyenda de Ocho! fRiTtUrEs and Baissers are holding Ocho up by the arms! He’s completely DEFENSELESS in there!

[The fans keep raining on the jeers as pain GRILLE gets back on his feet, Mount Rainier Title on one shoulder and French Flag on the other. Rubbing the sore spot in his head, he angrily approaches the audacious challenger and technical victory, rubbing the Tricolour in his face and pegging the side of his face with a disrespectful open-handed slap. Still unsatisfied that his opponent hasn’t suffered enough, he orders him dropped to the mat and backs up to get some distance.]

AC: Come on, this is completely unnecessary!

TA: Wrestling One-Oh-One, A-C... adding insult to injury is the BEST way to send a message!



AC: pain GRILLE stumbles, and Ocho whips him by the leg to the mat! Ocho BACK ON HIS FEET!!

TA: WHAT?! Where does he keep getting this EXTRA CONTINUES?!

BM: The Cartridge Crusher WON’T TAKE THIS any more! He’s FIGHTING BACK!!


[fRiTtUrEs steps in first, but whiffs on a lariat, and turns around right into a leg-scissor takedown by Ocho, which bowls him straight into dRESSAGE, and both tumble through the ropes. Baissers acts next, but Leyenda de Ocho meets him with a standing dropkick that sends him to the outside as well. Rendre Singe hops onto Ocho’s back and attempts to choke him with the French flag, but Ocho reacts quickly but ducking forward and throwing his attacker to the mat. As Singe pops to his feet, Ocho delivers a swift kick to the seat of his pants to push him through the ropes and out of the ring.]

AC: It’s just OCHO and GRILLE left in the ring!

BM: But not for much longer! pain GRILLE sees the odds are against him once again, and dashes out of there before Leyenda de Ocho can get to him!

TA: Hey now, the match is over! He’s got better things to do, like handle with this unfortunate loss!

AC: Unfortunate my foot, Idol! pain GRILLE and the French Foreign Legion might be walking out of here with the Mount Rainier Title, but they won’t be moving on if Leyenda de Ocho has something to say about it!

BM: Can’t overlook the fact that Ocho also walked away from this with a technical win. That has to give him some kind of leverage... a guaranteed rematch, at least.

AC: Maybe we can get an answer to that right now. Folks, we’re going to take you to the back for just a moment while our own backstage correspondent, Gail Martin, is at the office of the Commissioner, for their take on this outcome! Gail?

[FADE TO: The backstage area, right outside the door leading to the office of the Commissioner, which is currently closed. Standing between the door in the camera are GAIL MARTIN, standing ready with a pretty smile and a microphone. Next to her is the assistant to the IWF Commissioner, MISS PAZ, who looks rather distracted.]

MARTIN: Thanks guys! Right now, Mr. Fear isn’t allowing anybody into his office as he works out the finer details in our next event. However, I’m here with his assistant, Miss Paz, who has agreed to answer a few questions on behalf of the commissioner.

PAZ: Let’s make it a quick few, Gail. We’re all very busy, and we’ve got a main event to get.

MARTIN: Of course... but let’s talk about the last match, and the way it ended. Don’t you think Leyenda de Ocho deserves another chance, especially after all he’s gone through?

[Paz shrugs indifferently.]

PAZ: Everyone should know by now that this industry isn’t very flexible on giving people second chances... and while he’s a very entertaining personality and a fine talent, I don’t know of any reason why the company should show any favoritism on his behalf...

[The fans filling the arena, watching the interview unfold from the projection screen set up around the entry-way, immediately give a negative response to this answer. Paz turns her head slightly to the sound, awkwardly biting her lip...]

PAZ: On the other hand... given how overly popular Ocho has become with the fans... it might be within our best interests to give him at least one more opportunity.

MARTIN: Will he earn a rematch against pain GRILLE? Or how about the Emerald City Champion, Perfection?

PAZ: I’m not saying anything until things have been made more certain. What I know now is that just beyond that door, Mr. Fear is putting to work something that might involve BOTH champions in the same ring at the next event. I’m sorry for his luck, but Leyenda de Ocho may have to wait until Surge before he gets another chance at the gold.


[The energized cheers of the fanbase again tears at Miss Paz’s mind.]

MARTIN: Are you sure the Commissioner won’t reconsider, even in the slightest??

PAZ: Ugh... FINE, fine... I’ll put a word in and see what I can do. Now if you’ll excuse me...

[The crowd roars their approval as Paz knocks on the door to signal her entry and slips inside, giving Gail the attention of the camera.]

MARTIN: Well guys, there you have it! Nothing is certain as of yet, but if what you saw gave you any indication, the front office would do well to remember who the fans come to see! Back to you!


Jan 1, 2000
Emerald City Title Contest (Perfection (C) vs. Mystery Opponent)

[CUT TO: The commentary table, where Terry “The Idol” Anderson is scoffing.]

TA: Obstinate wench! These fans come to see PERFECTION, and nobody else! What are they paying that woman to do such lousy work?!

BM: More than you pay her in alimony, I’d wager...

TA: Hey, it’s not like I ASKED to be her baby-daddy! She led me on!

AC: That’s water under the bridge now, Terry... but right now, ladies and gentlemen, we need to get our main event underway!

TA: You mean, if there IS a main event! There’s no guarantee that the champ is going to even compete tonight!

[CUE UP: “Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween

[CUT TO: The ring, as the house lights dim down and the crowd immediately erupts in a sea of boos and jeers. The Emerald City Champion PERFECTION walks out from behind the curtain bathing in the hate that fills the arena. He walks out to the ring in full gear, strutting his way down the ramp.]

AC: Well there you have it, Terry! It looks like Fear was right, Perfection has accepted his offer and is going to wrestle here tonight!

TA: And they better pay him for it! That man busts his hump for this place and these fans treat him like junk! All he wants is his fair share for being not only devilishly good looking but being our champion!

BM: Busts his hump? He used a title to beat Leyenda de Ocho! He's walked out of a matches, he cheats, he pays off referees to win! He's stolen money, he tried to steal that belt, not only that he was suspended for behavior unbecoming! What hump has he busted?!

TA: The do-whatever-you-want-and-still-get-what-you-want hump, you tard! The guy is a genius!

BM: The guy is a scam artist is what he is.

AC: I think we can all say we are surprised Perfection is breaking bread with Fear.

BM: The pay on the contract was a big enough number.

[Perfection enters the ring ignoring the ring posts and fans. They are below him; no need to address them. The title on his shoulder as always, a microphone is presented to him by Donald Bell. The crowd is relentless and isn't cooling the heat.]

TA: Let the man speak you bunch of ungratefuls! This is every time, every time this man of prestige and valor tries to speak these jackholes won't shut their traps!

[Perfection raises the mic to his lips and just starts to talk.]

PERFECTION: Doing that isn't making this belt come off me any faster, so go on have your moment.

[He lowers the microphone and allows the crowd to have their brief moment of hatred a camera close up of a kid in the front row with a Leyenda de Ocho mask screaming “you cheat!”]

AC: His arrogance makes me sick!

BM: I take nausea pills when I hear his entrance music... it helps.

[He raises the microphone again the crowd buzzing down.]

PERFECTION: Now. We have come to that point where once again I have successfully and unquestionably defended my championship. Even if your little hero decided to physically assault me with my own belt!

AC: You held the belt to your face so de Ocho would get disqualified you stinking liar!

BM: He can't hear you... no one can.

TA: No one cares! He won, Ocho is a cheater... BOO!!!!

PERFECTION: You thought Leyenda de Ocho would dethrone me only he couldn't do it, no, instead he rattled his saber and shook the cage.

He said people like me are hell-bent on making a travesty of their prestigious championships.

A travesty? I don't consider it a travesty to be the only undisputed champion in this company, BAR NONE!

[The fans boo loudly, Perfection just adjusts his belt.]

TA: Damn right! Right on, right on, right on, preach it! Let them hear the good word!

[Perfection waves his hand in the air as though accepting an award.]

PERFECTION: And guess what? You're welcome! I don't mind being the martyr in order for you to see the real truth in front of your very eyes.

That I AM the best damn thing this company has and you can't stop it. You fools sit there week after week praying for someone to stop me and turn this belt to whatever trash you people think it should be.

I hear you... I hear your cries. I have fought for this belt, bled for this belt, toppled and crippled men for this belt! Yet you shun me because I don't do it your way? The moral way?

You know what? Fuck you!


[The crowd erupts hard as we see one fan almost to jump the barricade security immediately stopping him. Perfection pointing and yelling at him off mic.]

AC: Whoa!

TA: I would be pissed off too if I had a bunch of trolls disrespecting me, you tell 'em Perfection!

BM: His logic is ridiculously absurd! He’s literally insane.

PERFECTION: You want me to give you what you want, huh? You want me to put this belt on the line? Fine, who wants a shot at me? I will give you your damn title shot. WHO WANTS IT!?

TA: Oooooh! We’re seeing the champ live in action tonight!

BM: I think that very well might be the first time the fans have gotten under his skin!

AC: Well now they how to get what they want and they are going to get it here tonight! The champion is issuing an open challenge shot!

[The crowd simmers down waiting to see who will come out. No one is coming... there is silence for a minute or two...]

[CUE UP: "Lying From You" by Linkin Park.]


AC: It seems Johnny Niles has decided to take Perfection’s challenge!

BM: Well Johnny did say he wants that Emerald City Championship, plus if Perfection wants that contract Nathan Fear is offering him he has to wrestle the entire match!

TA: Please! You doubt this man’s talent!?

AC: If you are just joining us, early tonight Johnny Niles beat El Cabron to advance forward in an Emerald City Championship qualification round...

TA: Pfft! ...beating El Cabron qualifies him to wash dishes with Ocho, not wrestle the most Perfect athlete in the game right now!

[CUT TO: The stage, as JOHNNY NILES stops at the top of the ramp and bends down to one knee, staring at the ramp. He then starts fisting the ramp before standing up with his wrists in an "X" shape with each of his fingers (except for his ring fingers) extended, executing his signature "Straight-Edge 8" pose, then extends his arms to each side as pyro explodes behind him.]

AC: Perfection looks none too pleased to see Johnny Niles come out here and accept the challenge, pretty sure he was expecting no one to come out

BM: Of course he was, Leyenda de Ocho said it best on Twitter: hashtag – Paper Champion.

TA: How dare he say that!

[Niles begins to mount a turnbuckle posing the "Straight-Edge 8" pumping up the crowd up more. Head referee Tony Daniels slides into the ring and begins to ask Perfection for his title. Perfection shrugs Daniels off keeping his eyes locked on Niles.]

AC: And Perfection charging Niles who’s coming off the turnbuckle!

[Perfection slams the title into head of Niles who sprawls out across the canvass. The music immediately fades with Perfection hovering over Niles body. Tony Daniels scrambles to Perfection ripping the title from his hands.]


BM: Oh come on!

TA: Shut your piehole! The bell hasn’t rang yet!

AC: It seems yet again we have been duped by the champ.

[Perfection walks to the ropes yelling at the bell keeper to start the match. Tony Daniels is now yelling at Perfection who just shrugs him off and goes to back walking towards Johnny Niles.]




AC: The match is underway... I guess.

BM: I don’t see how blind-siding your opponent constitutes a match.

TA: He didn’t do anything wrong, Perfectly fair play by our Emerald City champ!

[Perfection begins to put the boots to Niles, a few in the gut, a couple to the legs. He lets him lay there regaining himself as Perfection walks the ring taunting and boasting. Niles begins to awaken reaching for the ropes to get back up.]


AC: The crowd rallying for Johnny Niles to get up, Perfection turning around and walking to Johnny Niles, Niles on his feet... and Perfection with a forearm to the back that leaves Niles flush against the turnbuckles!

BM: If Johnny Niles didn’t have a match earlier today and didn’t take a belt to the skull I would say he could beat this pathetic excuse for a wrestler.

TA: HA! That’s the best joke I’ve ever heard all night.

[Niles shakes his head to gather his bearings only to have Perfection turn him back around and sock him in the mouth. Irish whip, Niles is now being sent to the other turnbuckle at full force. Niles hits the padding bouncing out only to be met by a hard clothesline from a pursuing Perfection.]

AC: Big clothesline delivered by the champ, the crowd not too pleased by the way he decided to start this match.

BM: Would you be?! You pay all that money to watch this guy cheat every week!

TA: How can he cheat when the match never started!?

BM: What about integrity?!

TA: What about shutting the hell up and showing some respect!

[Perfection grabs Niles and begins to choke him on the top rope. Niles flings his elbow back in order to try and hit Perfection but is not succeeding. Tony Daniels starts his count as Perfection looks at him and let’s go at four. He then walks over to Daniels complaining the count was too fast.]

TA: What a cheapskate! Purposely counting fast to DQ, Perfection!

BM: Oh yeah, let’s just yell at the officiating for doing their jobs, at least they DO their jobs.

AC: Well, the fans across from Niles are getting an ear full from the champ as he walks back over to him. Perfection going to choke Niles again. Short elbow to the face of Perfection delivered from Johnny Niles and the fans are on their feet!

[Perfection holds his mouth moving back only to be met with a drop kick from Niles. Perfection gets back up and now a hip toss from Niles! The crowd beginning to rally clap to get his momentum going. Perfection pops back up again and runs to the ropes charging back at Johnny.]

BM: Big flying shoulder block from the challenger!

TA: A sloppy shoulder block, not even close to Perfect...

AC: Oh would you shush you little fan boy!

[Niles drops to one knee catching his breath, still woozy from the rope choke and title shot to the head. Perfection gets up as Niles begins to charge towards him only to be stopped by Tony Daniels now that Perfection has taken shelter by holding the ropes.]

BM: Coward!

TA: Strategist you negative Nancy.

[Perfection continues to yell at Daniels to keep Niles away, he finally lets go of the ropes motioning Niles to tie up with him. The Straight Edge Superstar looks around, the crowd rooting for him as Perfection lets go of the ropes ordering Daniels to back Niles off. Perfection looks around and motions Niles to tie up with him. Johnny rushes in to tie up, Perfection catches him with a boot to the gut and a knee smash after that sends Niles back down to the canvass.]

TA: That’s it! Beat the piss out that loser!

BM: Niles really had a good chance to keep him down if Perfection didn’t grab those ropes.

TA: Perfection is making a clear statement and Johnny Niles is the delivery method.

BM: What message is that? Attack your opponent before a match and then put on a show?

[Niles turns to his stomach to get up only to have a boot planted to the back of his head, Perfection begins to go to work on the leg of Niles, kick after kick aimed at his knee. Niles crawls to the ropes, determination in his eyes. Yet he is cut off by Perfection who locks in a single Boston Crab on the already worked on knee.]

AC: Well it looks Perfection is ready to end this match! Johnny Niles is screaming in pain as he is edging closer to the ropes. Perfection trying to keep him in place…

BM: Niles has the ropes!

[Johnny Niles grabs holds of the ropes and Daniels begins his count. Perfection let’s go early and grabs the foot of Niles trying to pull him back center in the ring. Niles kicks upward and catches Perfection right in the groin who turns away doubled over, the crowd pops as Niles gets up limping his way towards the champion.]

AC: Niles with a short kick that looks to have been misplaced!

TA: What a hack! You have to attack a man THERE to get an advantage, Johnny Niles?! He should be disqualified!

[Perfection turns around still doubled over seeing Niles come in his direction he forces Daniels to cut him off catching his breath he’s now playing possum for a angered Niles. Johnny goes to swing at Perfection but is quickly met by a hard European Uppercut that puts Niles back down again. Perfection grabs the damaged leg of Niles and points at it to the crowd. He taunts Niles while kicking and torquing Johnny's knee.]

BM: This has to stop, Nathan Fear has to end this match before Niles leg is permanently damaged!

TA: Good! Rip his leg off!

[Perfection smirk with Niles dead center in the ring he goes and locks in the Picture Perfect. Perfection smiles as he cranks down on the figure four leg lock, Niles head immediately pops up from the pain.]

AC: PICTURE PERFECT!! Perfection has secured that leg lock on Niles!

[Perfection cranks and cranks, Niles back touches the canvass as Tony Daniels starts a count.]

AC: Shoulders are down!



NO! Niles gets his shoulders back up but I don’t know how much longer he can take this... wait! Niles is rocking trying to flip over and reverse the pressure!

[The crowd jumps up starting up their “Niles” chant again, Johnny Niles fighting hard to flip Perfection over, both of them on their sides. Perfection reaches across and begins to punch the injured leg of Niles who soon turns back to their original position.]

AC: Johnny Niles almost reversed that pressure on Perfection.



[CUE UP: “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween.]

[Perfection pops ups immediately taking in all the booing and hate, Tony Daniels hands him the title back which is waved in the air for all to see.]

BELL: Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your winner and still the Immortal Wrestling Federation Emerald City champion...


BM: Sadly he still is. If he didn’t bum rush Johnny Niles before the match who knows what could have happened!

AC: Well, Perfection seems to have done it again by whatever means he sees fit.

TA: You both aren’t seeing the real point here. Perfection is still our champion. He won fair and square! No one asked Johnny Niles to come out here!

AC: As true as that is Terry the means by which he wins aren’t ethical.

TA: The hell are ethics?

[CUT TO: The guys at the commentary table, as Aaron and Brian shake their heads at Terry.]

AC: In any case, we can only admire the courage of Johnny Niles, coming out here to face the champion even though he had been in action earlier tonight.

BM: That’s right, Aaron. The Emerald City Champion laid down an open challenge, thinking nobody was willing to step into the ring for the second time tonight, but the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” wasn’t going to look the gift horse in the mouth.

TA: He’s DAMN lucky the champ didn’t break his legs here tonight!

[Aaron holds a hand up to his headset as he gets an update.]

AC: Hang on... it seems as though Gail Martin has more word from the back for us! Before we leave you, ladies and gentlemen, let’s go backstage once more!

[FADE TO: The backstage area, outside the office of the IWF Commissioner. The commish himself, NATHAN FEAR, now stands outside, shadowed by the towering IVAN DALKICHEV. Our reporter GAIL MARTIN is standing in the same place she was before.]

MARTIN: Commissioner Fear, thank you for your time; we all know how busy you’ve been lately. First, I want to ask about the main event that just took place. Do you have any comment on what Perfection has done here tonight?

FEAR: Once again, Perfection has disappointed me by choosing to take the low road... but, by now, I suppose that’s to be expected of him.

MARTIN: And how will you act on this?

[The commissioner arches an eyebrow.]

FEAR: How do you EXPECT me to react, Gail? The front office may not condone his actions, but the fact still remains that he IS the Emerald City Champion, and one of our showcase athletes. For me to meddle in the affairs of our champion would do more to devalue that title than anything he could possibly do.

MARTIN: But... don’t you feel that Johnny Niles was screwed out of an opportunity here tonight?

FEAR: If Johnny Niles wants a real opportunity, then he can earn on himself at our next event, provided he can defeat Scott Douglas. As for our Emerald City Champion... I have other ideas in mind.

MARTIN: Such as?

[A cunning smile crosses the IWF Commissioner’s face.]

FEAR: The Immortal Wrestling Federation’s final stop in its journey to it’s next supercard, Surge II, takes us through the Tri-Cities area. Given the location, I feel I’ve come up with an appropriate main event. Therefore, at our next event, tentatively titled TRI-CITIES TRIPLE THREAT, three cities will witness three major opponents in the ring together. The Emerald City Champion, PERFECTION...


FEAR: Versus, the Mount Rainier Champion, PAIN GRILLE...




MARTIN: That’s a HUGE announcement, Mr. Fear! Two champions and a top contender in the ring together?

FEAR: Please let me clarify, that the champions will NOT be required to put their gold on the line should they choose. This is a contest simply for bragging rights. The only reason I saw fit to include Ocho in this was based on my assistant’s advice.

MARTIN: I guess we’ll all be looking forward to our next event at Tri-Cities. Thank you for your time, Mr. Fear!

FEAR: You are welcome...

[The Commissioner, with his security enforcer in tow, quickly goes back into his office as Gail overtakes our view.]

MARTIN: You heard it here first, guys! Back to you!

[CUT TO: Creed, Anderson, and McGinnis at the table.]

AC: What a MAJOR announcement! Ocho, GRILLE, and Perfection in the main event of our next show, Tri-Cities Triple Threat! Three of the top stars in the company will prove who is the greatest among them as we go into our super-event, SURGE II!

TA: That punk Ocho has NO place in that match! pain GRILLE and Perfection are the TRUE champions of this federation!

BM: Well, it seems as though you have Miss Paz and the fans to blame for that. You may not like him, but you can’t deny the man’s likeability.

AC: In addition to that match, we’ll also be seeing the contest between Niles and Douglas! The winner of that will more than likely go on to compete for the Emerald City Title at Surge II! Guys, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until we get to Tri-Cities to see how this all pans out! But for right now, we’ve reached the END of “Road to Immortality!” For Brian McGinnis and Terry “The Idol” Anderson... I’m Aaron Creed! We hope you have a good night!

[CUE UP: “Chichen Itza” by Lo Pan.]

[FADE TO: A lasting shot of Johnny Niles, standing alone in the ring and scowling up to the entry-way where the Emerald City Champion has stolen off to. The fans surrounding him chant his name as credits quickly roll by and end on a still shot of the IWF logo.]

[FADE TO: Black.]

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