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Samuel Roundtree vs Lord Antharg


Duke of York

The scene opens up with Lord Antharg seated at a desk. History books litter the surrounding area, others have been unceremoniously scattered around the room. The only light is that of a candle, the flame almost at the bottom. Lord Antharg raises his head. From the dishevelled look on his face he has not slept in a while. Yawning, he pushes the book away from him and starts to speak.

Lord Antharg: You know, When I found out that this was to be a United States title match I was most suprised. The might of the US being challenged by England? It is hardly suprising, everything comes to an end. England was the first to colonise what is now called America and was kicked out in the 1770s with help from France and Spain. England has come back to claim what is rightfully hers. This time, there is no French and Spanish to help you. Eng;and versus the United States of America.

Lord Antharg stands up and stretches. He makes his way over to the light switch and turns it on. Returning to the desk, he blows the candle out. Thin wisps of smoke climb into the air from where the candle was.

Lord Antharg: Fast forward some thirty years...the war of 1812. England defeted America whilst at the same time, contending with revolutionary France. Yes, okay, we lost a few ships and the war was officially called a draw BUT we repulsed two American invasions of Canada and invaded the USA. We torched the office of their President, the White House and sacked Washington. Circumstances have changed..and it's nearly 200 years later but it still has some sort of meaning. I am English, Roundtree is an American with the United States belt around his waist. After Sunday, I will still be English with the Unites States belt...and he will be just another American. You know, history has a funny habit of repeating itself, that is if you ignore it. America tussles with England and America comes out worse. America has indeed angeres England. Sunday, America will pay.

Lord Antharg picks up a can of lager from a side table and opens it taking a swig he utters the words "Heres to Englans victory' as the scene fades to black.


League Member
Sep 18, 2004
(The private gym of U.S. champion Samuel Roundtree. He is working out on the heavy bag throwing ounches. He has just finished watching the last promo by Lord Antharg, and by the looks of it is unimpressed.)

Samuel: Someone out there is trying to punk me right?

This is the guy who I have to defend against at Main Frame?

So, big bad Lord Antharg won a triple threat with Lt. Hawkeye and T. Waring to get a shot at my United States Championship. Well, everyone wins the lottery eventually. Tyrone, Stephen and myself are being put into a position where Matt Pickstock is going to try and make our lives hell.

Oh no!!!! The humanity of it all!!! Another fed president is trying to make his top guys miserable by booking them into pointless matches that no one is going to watch because our so called competition has the collective personality of year old cheez whiz.

Well Mr. Jackson, at Superiority it started. It will continue at Main Frame, run through Summer Sizzler and go on and on and on. Domination, annhilation, the mass destruction of your entire company has officially begun. You are the first guy that I've eveer worked for who supports the genocide of his own company. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for you leading your lambs to slaughter. But you have to pace yourself on this. In theory you are sacrificing the Moundfields to Ty and Stephen and you are sending Antharg to me.

By the way, can someone actually tell me what an "Antharg" is?

(One of Samuel's assistants runs off and comes back with a dictionary.)

Ohhhh, let me give you guys the Webster's definition of what an Antharg is.

Antharg is a noun. Antharg is a 300 pound mass that serves no useful function in civilized society. Anthargs take up space and generally annoy the piss out of anything that it comes in contact with.

Well, that does make sense. Between you guys watching at home and me, I've never seen anything out of him that impresses me. He rumbles out on camera, mumbles stuff about revolutions and him being a Brit, then he bumbles his way down the aisle, into the ring and through his matches.

To my fans, and the fans of Team Danger, I think I should issue a pre-emptive apology.

We cannot be held responsible for the crappy nature of the matches we are booked into. We do our best to create as many "Holy ****" moments as humanly possible. But when no-talent, useless imbeciles like Lord Antharg, it is almost impossible for our matches to be as entertaining as they can be.

You guys should be heading out now, I'm going for a steam and quite frankly, I don't need you guys being jealous of me for "other" reasons.

(Fade to Black)

Duke of York

The scene opens up with Lord Antharg and some unidentified men seated in a bar. Antharg is drinking a pint of Becks beer, as are his entourage. Listening to the other occupants of the premises talking, it becomes clear that it is a British orientated pub. English voices, Welsh voices and even the odd trace of the Scottish accent. Antharg and his cronies suddenly have a laughing fit.

Lord Antharg: Sparky, you are telling me that Craig actually scored with that bird, what was her name?

Sparky: Donna, Donna James.

Lord Antharg: He's been after her for months, she is nothing much more than a village bicycle, everyone has had a ride.

Sparky: Yeah, the dull twat even went as far as proclaiming he loved her...and then she walked out the next morning, taking his credit cards, rolex and the keys to his car. He still hasn't had any of 'em back.

Lord Antharg: She's probably sold them or pawned them or something. He'll never get them back, knowing him he's probably having a good whine and complaining.

Lord Antharg and his friends burst out laughing for a second time, at the expense of the same person. The door to the pub opens and as it is a common occurence in a pub, it draws very little attention. In walks a tall, redhead woman wearing a dress that exposes plenty of cleavage to the viewers. It also gives a good view of her long, slender legs. Ignoring the wolf whistles and cheesy comments from the men around her, she makes her way to Anthargs table. Antharg, who is still deep in the throes of laughter does not notice her until she clears her throat.

Lord Antharg: Uhh...Staci, what a pleasant suprise. Please, do me the honour of joining me and my friends here for a drink.

Staci: Mmmm...how can I refuse?

Lord Antharg: I see no way for which you possibly could.

Staci pulls up a chair and sits on it. Flicking her hair back the speaks to Antharg.

Staci: Well, when was you planning on introducing me to your friends?

Lord Antharg: Ah, yes. Staci, this is Sparky, Drew, Luke and Anthony. Boys, meet Staci Seymour, this is the woman from work I've been telling you about.

Staci: Good things I hope.

Lord Antharg: How could I possibly utter any words that are untrue of you?

Staci: Good boy.

Lord Antharg: Sorry to be blunt but why do you grace us with your prescence?

Staci: What is wrong, do you not like being around me?

Lord Antharg: Forgive me, but through my past experiences, a person in your profession rarely venture out to seek their clients this late unless there is an element of work involved.

Staci: Hmm...okay, I want to speak to you.

Lord Antharg: What could possible be so important?

Staci: Roundtree....he has made an appearance.

Lord Antharg: I didn't know he had the guts to say anything. What did he say?

Staci: Basically that you are a waste of space, he does not know why you was put in a match with him and he's going to wipe you out...also you are an imbecile.

Lord Antharg: Oh...how unoriginal...the amoeba brain can't think of anything to call me or how to counteract my 'blast from the past'. So typical. You resort to petty insults. How trivial.

Staci: He also mentions Team Danger...

Lord Antharg: Oh...showing yet another weakness....He can't do things for himself. Speaking about Team Danger....there is no team in a singles match for the United States crow. You are all on your own, Roundtree. Me versus you. I hope you can handle that. For your sake, and the 'prestige' of Team Danger.

Staci: He...or rather, one of his assistants got a dictionary for him and he gave some sort of description about you...

Lord Antharg: Elaborate...

Staci: "Antharg is a noun. Antharg is a 300 pound mass that serves no useful function in civilized society. Anthargs take up space and generally annoy the piss out of anything that it comes in contact with."

Lord Antharg: I'm touched he's noticed...although what he does not know is that 'Antharg' actually means 'Walking Devastator' in Manx. This 300 pound mass with no useful function in society, who take up space and who will generally annoy the piss out of anything shell be your downfall, Roundtree...make no mistake about it.

Staci: I think we've got the points covered...

Lord Antharg: Good...are you still up for that drink?

Staci: Sure. how could I refuse?

Lord Antharg: Barman, another round of your finest...and a large glass of white wine for the young lady here.

Barman: Comin' up!

The scene fades to black as the group all recieve their respective drink.


League Member
Sep 18, 2004
(We've just arrived at the arena for Main Frame tonight. Our crew is in the parking lot waiting for everyone to arrive. Suddenly we hear a loud motor in the distance, a black H3 Hummer rolls on to the arena grounds. It rolls up to a parking space and as the door opens we see Samuel Roundtree exiting with a big smile on his face. Kandi Reed tries to get an interview.)

Kandi: Sam, you got a second before Main Frame?

Samuel: For you Kandi I got five. See, unlike Lord Antharg, I don't have to get women drunk in order for them to talk to me. Sorry Kandi, that was uncalled for.

Tonight, me and the big angry bear walk down the aisle and fight for my U.S. title. Sorry, that was another "un-original" line. Man, did Antharg put me in his place with his barroom rant. I mean, he called me unoriginal. I find it hard to believe in these modern days, a wrestler could possibly be "un-original." Antharg, or should I call him Walking Devastation....you do know how that is his name translated into Manx, really made me feel this big.

Kandi: Are you taking the challenge from Antharg seriously at all?

Samuel: Quite frankly. Yes.

Everytime I walk into that ring, I risk a lot. My livelihood is at risk. My ability to live in my 12,000 square foot house is at risk. My ability to have an endless stream of mindless interviews with the likes of yourself is at risk. Seriously Kandi, the life of your United States champion is not as stress free as you would think it is.

Kandi: Seriously Samuel....

Samuel: What? What you are getting from me is the god's honest truth right now. In every wrestling promotion around the world you find guys like me, and you find guys like Antharg. Guys who grumble and grumble about guys like me exist everywhere. And tonight Antharg plays the role of grumbler #1. His jealousy over my success and the success of my associates is running rampant.

Kandi: Samuel, what would happen if for some reason you lost the U.S. title tonight?

Samuel: Well Kandi, you saw War of the Worlds right?

Kandi: Yeah...

Samuel: If I lost tonight, 70 foot tall aliens would come up from the ground who are on a mission to eat Dakota Fanning and *****-slap Katie Holmes back to reality. Tonight, I guarantee victory. Tonight, I will unveil the newest weapon in my arsenal and show guys like Antharg why this is my time right now.

Kandi: New weapon?

Samuel: Actually, this move was kind of inspired by guys like Antharg, Mike C and the Moundfields...

Kandi: Really?

Samuel: Tonight, Kandi...

(Samuel slides his shades over his eyes.)

Tonight Kandi, I welcome you to....THE REVOLUTION!!!!

(Samuel heads into the arena.)

(Fade to Black)

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