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Samuel Tiberius Turner II

Chris King

League Member
Apr 17, 2012
- Handler Name: Chris
- Contact Info: PM on these boards is the best way to contact me
- Current EFed (if any): DEFIANCE
- Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Yes, Damien (Eugene Dewey)

Character Name: The Blue Eyed Devil" Samuel Tiberius Turner II
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 255lbs
Hometown: Caballo Estates in Harlan, KY
Theme Song: “Man of Constant Sorrow” by Charm City Devils
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style: Stiff Brawler
10 Favorite Move(s):
Beil Throw
Big Boot
Fist Drop off 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] rope
Forearm Strikes
Jumping Elbow Drop
Knee Drop
Leg Drop
Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
Splash into corner

5 Signature Move(s):
Backdrop Suplex
Double-Arm Suplex
Flipping Senton
Running Facewash

Set-up Move: Powerbomb into turnbuckles
Finishing Move: Lariato!
Finishing Maneuver Description: Lariat (hardest, stiffest and nastiest you’ve seen)

Character Details: (Gimmick, History, Look)

-A good ole country boy turned into a money hungry monster just waiting to lariat someone out of their boots.

-He was born Samuel Tiberius Turner Jr., his father Samuel Tiberius Turner Sr. and mother Susan Bryant Turner.

He graduated from Harlan County High School in 2010, with C’s and D’s just to get by.

While in high school he was a football star.

After high school he worked on his families and a neighbor’s farm. That’s how he got his love for throwing things around. While doing his chores and other odds and in, he developed a type of working out without the workout.

His workout went as follows:
Chase chickens, to get faster.
Catch a greased hog, to work on his grip.
Toss bales of hay, for strength. (he was the complete opposite of a hay buck)
Wrestle with the pot belly pig, just for fun.

Sam was just a regular ole nobody around Harlan, people looked right through him like he was invisible, until the Laurel Co. Fair.

While at the fair Sam ran an arm-wrestling booth.

The attention he garnered from the crowd brought Jefferson "Bubblehead" Ellis to his booth. Ellis, a former Harlan resident and power lifter moved to Laurel Co. to begin promoting wrestling and other odd shows to help bring his own economic stimulus plan.

He saw what Sam was doing and decided to put the country boy to the test. Ellis stepped up and went down, becoming just another statistic. This brought dollar signs to Ellis' eyes and he approached Sam.

Ellis promised Sam no less than $50 a show, with the possibility of making more money doing side projects at the events.

Now Ellis will push the nice, sweet, and kind Sam into a bigger world of wrestling.

After a year or so on the road together Sam finally smartened up to the fact Mr. Ellis was skimming money from him and his family and dropped him.

After this he befriended Teddy Alexander and the duo entered a tag team tournament for Empire Pro Wrestling and won the EPW Tag Team Titles from the Animezing Dragons. They later lost the titles in the tournament.

After that Sam went on a bit of a hiatus so to speak. He was held off DEFIANCE shows and pretty much was all but done with DEFIANCE, until Edward White and Associates stepped in. Edward took Sam into his camp and assigned Nicky Corozzo and Jane Katze to watch over him. While Jane flirted Nicky made sure Sam was on the right path, the Edward White path.

While working with White he gained money, power and fame. Sam also changed his name to Samuel Tiberius Turner II.

So far he’s run roughshod over DEFIANCE’s opening to mid-card. He battled friend Jake Donovan and is delivering pain and torture to ex-fake friends Rich Mahogany and Don Hollywood.

The rest is yet to come.

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