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Sanket Desai vs Chandler Maxwell


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Current MCW Star vs Former MCW standout trained by main eventer Adam Benjamin, himself!

RP Deadline is August 16, 2006 by midnight Central time.


We open up in the home of Sanket Desai. The entire house is dim except for a light coming from one room. The light flashes several and we now can see it is obviously a turned on television. Sanket is lying down on a large, black, leather sofa looking straight at it. He seems to be very interested with the television screen. His arms are tucked behind his head, he wears his night suit, a black tee shirt and black basketball shorts and is quite comfortable in them. The camera is shifted to a more elevated position where a baseball game can be viewed through it, the New York Yankees lead the Toronto Blue Jays and newly acquired outfielder, Bobby Abreu stands at the plate fouling off pitch after pitch during a full count off AJ Burnett.

Sanket Desai
Many people questioned the Yankees after the injuries of Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield. They said that they had no offense compared to teams like Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. And from the very beginning they have been questioning are bullpen and our starting pitching. We may not be able to out pitch those guys, we may not be able to out hit those guys, and we may not even be able to out field those guys. But the New York Yankees have more heart than any other team in the major leagues. They can get it done with the big hits, the phones, and the managing.

We see Bobby Abreu take ball four and walk down to first base loading them up for long time superstar Yankee Bernie Williams.

Sanket Desai
This team of the New York Yankees compares to myself as a wrestler in MCW. Last week I took on Justin Sane in my debut battle. Sane had all the weapons to beat me. He had all the skills to get the job done. The guy was stronger than me, he was quicker than me, he was more experienced than I was. But I beat him, I had heart. More than him for that matter.

Bernie Williams cracks the ball to the outfield and the base runners sprint around the base paths looking to score as the outfielders sprint out for the ball looking to keep them from doing so. The first two men score easily, Abreu sprints in for the third run and Bernie Williams is safe at second base. A three run double busts the game open 5-1 in favor of the Yankees.

Soon enough, the inning comes to an end. The Yankees take the field and Alex Rodriguez nods his head to the opposing team in a sign of respect.

Sanket Desai
I had my sights on a fair match. One where I could prove myself as worthy of being a champion and worthy of truly being involved in the MCW. However, that obviously did not occur, because of that clown, Sane, I was embarrassed in front of the Los Angeles crowd. Those faithful fans paid money to see wrestling, fair wrestling where respect was shown between both competitors. They didn’t get that clearly. I attempted to show Sane the respect that I had gained for him but he spit it in my face. Now, that respect is gone forever. I will never trust Justin Sane nor will I ever respect that man. That man doesn’t even deserve to be spoken about so I will move on.

As for my match in the MCW Center Stage Finale against Chandler Maxwell, there is nothing he can do to beat me. If Justin Sane couldn’t finish me off then Chandler Maxwell can’t either. I really don’t give a **** if he was trained by Adam Benjamin or my grandmother, he will go down tonight and it will look as if he was honestly trained by grandmother. And, Chandler, don’t be offended if I give you an extra hard beating, don’t mind if I tear you apart as if you were the man that I want to tear apart. The man that I want to completely annihilate and eliminate from the picture.

I can’t stay away from the topic, Sane destroyed my debut, he made me look like a complete fool. I was an idiot to try and help him up, I should have left right there. But I didn’t and it’s going to be him that will pay for it.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into A high rise hotel pent house room. As the camera pans the room various articles of clothing are seen around the room. Suddenly the master bed room door opens and "First Class" Chandler Maxwell exits wearing a pair of shorts.)

"You guys are bloody early! I thought you said ten in the morning."

"Its noon Chandler" says the camera man.

"Oh, in that case lets talk about Major Championship's last show. I was asked to be on this show and I could not be more proud.

First off the main event is going to be Match of the Year. I mean Its my cousin vs. Karl Brown.

Then there is a chance to wrestle one last time in a MCW ring.

I am facing Sanket, my cousin seems to think this kid is has a bright side.

Sanket got his first win, the man had a little losing streak in another federation.

Well Desai it looks like you and I are going to showcase are skills.

Look I am not saying that you have no chance this week, I mean you have already taken that role in this match.

Very interesting words you spoke during you interview. Man trying to humble the Yanks.

Comparing yourself to the Yanks?

Sank are you a high price whore?

Do you attempt to buy everyone that you feel can get you a championship.

You see I have had to luck of being born into a family of wealth. I have lived in First Class my entire life.

Now my cousin, well he came up the hard way. Both his parents died, yet he never asked for anything from my parents.

Now personally I could be compared to the yanks in terms of pure wealth. However I do not look to buy my way into the spotlight.

I personally Will use pure hard work and dedication to out wrestle you this week.

Good luck!



We fade into the gorgeously fashioned home of Sanket Desai. A camera is in front of him.

Sanket Desai
Chandler Maxwell, you want to talk about history, huh? You grew up in a rich high class family. You got everything you wanted, you didn’t need to earn a thing. All you had to do was ask your mommy and daddy what you wanted and…poof!...there it was. Do you know where I grew up? I grew up in north east Philadelphia with basically nothing. I was the first of two children, neither of us had anything except for the clothes on our back.

I was constantly beat up on the cruel Philadelphia streets, vowing for revenge. It wasn’t until I was ten years old that I felt what it was like to bleed. And from there I wanted more, everyday I worked my body without showing it a single drop of mercy. At the end it paid off, I attended a public wrestling school where I developed my skills into what they are today.

From there I traveled to Ireland where I dominated the Irish Wrestling Association. Soon enough, real American scouts were coming to watch me fight and they were impressed. I met an MCW scout at one of the shows and he instantly flew me back to the United States where I displayed my skills in the MCW minor leagues earning more money than I could ever dream of. After dominating the cookie cup there I was called up to fight Justin Sane where I met my first ever professional wrestling humiliation and hopefully my final one.

See, Chandler, I EARNED everything I received. This house, my cars, hanging out at the coolest bars, VIP with the movie stars. You on the other hand had everything handed to you. You received everything your mommy and daddy could by you, wrestling training from the MCW legend, Adam Benjamin was forced to train a worthless rookie like you? How pathetic. I’ve gotten along without a trainer I will never need one. So, Chandler, sit back and watch the poor kid kick the rich kids ass.

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