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[Scarred For Life]Streets Vs Jack Owyns

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May 4, 2005
[Scarred For Life]Streets Vs Kenny Davis

You can begin role-playing for this match.

Edited: July 11th, 2005.

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Aug 28, 2004
Re: [Scarred For Life]Streets Vs Kenny Davis

The Journey Begins.

Rains leaked from the clouds lingering over the small town that Kenneth called home. Lightening crashed down, knocking out the power to each house. Once again, KD was alone in the dark. Years passed and Kenneth heard not a word from his baby sister, it was not like her to leave her brother alone in the dark.

“Is she okay?” he said quietly to himself. Rain continued pouring down and lightening flashed simultaneously leaving Kenny in the dark for hours questioning himself. She was the light in his soul; she was the one who said those few words and kept him in reality but now, she wasn’t there to help him survive in life.

Now, she was gone living her own life.

And Kenny realized he must do the same.

The night’s storm passed by and the sun shine through the early morning breeze. The grounds were damp and the day was ugly. Kenny lit up the last cigarette in his soft pack and he inhaled, and exhaled. A smirk grew on his face and inside, he felt better. It was unknown, but a morning cigarette always made a man feel better at the break of dawn.

Kenny sat down in his broken recliner and laced up his shoes with the cigarette hanging from his lips as the smoked drifted in the air, burning his eyes but KD never raised his hand up to rub his eyes, to him the feel of his eyes set on fire caused chill bumps to arouse on his arms.

He then set a smile.

KD picked up a dirty white shirt that draped over the back of the recliner. He fitted into the shirt and stepped outside. He stood on the porch enjoying the cool morning breeze as he slowly inhaled the smoke drifting from the cigarette until it was finished. He flicked the butt into the mud where the remains of many other butts rested upon and looked at his watch.

“Seven thirty,” he shook his head, “and those ****ing dirt bags still haven’t showed up.”

KD reached into his pocket forgetting he was out of cigarettes. He ran his hand through his hair, sat down on the concrete, and rested his head upon the brick wall that kept his house enclosed. His head rested on the brick wall for thirty minutes before the yellow taxicab pulled up into his muddy driveway.

Kenny approached the cab in anger, he ripped the door open, and grabbed the driver by his shirt collar pulling him from his seat and slamming him up against the cab.

“You’re late.” KD told him, “And now I’m late for my ride out of this hell hole, which means you’re in a lot of ****.”

“Listen…” the driver began, but Kenny put his palm over his mouth.

“No mother****er, you listen. You’re going to drive me to the airport and if I can’t catch another flight soon, I’m going to beat you black and blue.” KD looked down and to his relieve, there was a pack of cigarettes. He took them and lit one up, blowing a ring of smoke into the driver’s face.

“Any objections, there better not be.”

“N…no sir.”

Kenny let loose of his collar and puffed on the cigarette shortly, “Well get the **** in and drive.”


Kenneth entered the cab and tilted his head back against the seat. An hour later, he found himself on a plane to meet with in Los Angeles, California. It was there where his journey to stardom would begin, whether or not it was stardom he sought. His ability to fight would take him to a place he could never imagine.

His journey would begin at a hWo PPV, Scarred for Life.

The world has yet to hear his name, but on this night, the world will know his name.
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Oct 10, 2004
That dumpster in that one alley
Re: [Scarred For Life]Streets Vs Kenny Davis

Sorry to intrude, but Trev, you might want to edit the title. It still says "Jack Owyns." ;-\
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*****es, Ho's, and Paradise...!

The scene opens near an apartment building where a man decked out in camo is walking down the sidewalk towards a 7/11, he has on camo shorts, no shirt, and a camo hat this is flipped backwards, a pair of unlaced timbs, and a camo flag hanging out his back left pocket. He is very muscle and fit, he walks down the sidewalk with confidence as he makes his way past a still convertible, he looks inside the car to witness three bautiful women, he just smiles as he passes by. The woman giggle at his pearly whites as he walks by, they honk the horn. He pauses still as can be and smiles to himself as thoughts of what he could do to all three of them in bed spiral through his mind, he then slowly turns around not allowing them to get the best of him. He looks at them and then head bobs, like a true playa would, the driver and the most beautiful of the three hotties, waves him over. Liking to be incontrol of his woman, he waves her over to him, all three girls are about to get out of the car. The man sees the womens lips move, but cannot hear what she had said. The other two woman sit back down as the hottest one opens her drivers door, and closes it behind her, she casually walks towards the man. Who is now licking his chops as he already knows he has that ass tonight for a late night snack, he then looks over her head at the other two beauty's and waves them on without her knowing. They climb out the car as she makes it to him, she starts feeling up on his rock hard torso, as he stands there just admiring her woman figure, with her bodacious ass and her enormous titties, he just smiles and shakes his head. As the blonde and red head make there way up to him. He looks at all of them and then he begins to speak out his words of wisdom.

"You know what, all three of you *****es is look'n damn good, but I am ****ing thirsty right now so unless you girls look'n to give me a ride up to the 7/11 bounce the **** out!"

All three of the fine ass babes, look at him as if he is crazy calling them *****es and talking to them as if he owns them. But then the owner of the car starts biting on her lip as if she is turn on from the dominance he gives off, then the other two girls begin to fall in, as they start to check him out again, he looks at all three of them with a dumb struck stare.

"So you ho's given me a ride or wut?"

The driver looks at him with her nipples erect from the excitement she is getting from his nasty and dirty voice, the other two start to grow wet down in there panties as they stand there undressing the man with there eyes. The man then twirls his finger in the air for them to turn around and get going, he then walks up right behind them taking two hand fulls off pure California ass! The two girls jump startled but then they enjoy the ass groping they received as they makes there way back to the car, the man leaps over the door and into the back as he slides into the middle. The blonde and red head who's asses happen to be the one's he grabbed climb in the back next to him. They start down the road as the two girls unzip his pants and start to give him road head taking turns down the road, the driver eyes back at the mans package as she drives. They pull into the emptied 7/11 the man is getting his excitement for the day, as he looks up to the driver.

"Hey shortah, why don't you take your fine ass in there and get me a forty of any kind of beer, while these two girls finish there job. Oh and don't think I didn't see you eye'n me up back here, your turn can be tonight, once we get back to my crib and I show you around a little."

The woman nods in agreement, as the man takes out his wallet from his back pocket as the two girls keep up the good work, one on his cock while the other is on his balls. He groans in pleasure a little as they are doing a professional job.

"Umm okay, I will get you that, but what’s your name?"

"My name is Joshua, but all my homies call me Streets, just some nickname I got when I was like fifteen. But your so damn hott you can call me either..."

The girl blushes as he hands her a fifty for his forty ounce as the other two continue to dome him up.

"Ehh, get yourself something to, you and your girls whatever you want to drink, if dey don't have it we can go somewhere else and get it!"

The girl just nods and walks up into the 7/11, as the man known as Streets grabs the two ho's by their hair and starts forcing them to deep throat taking turns. He is about to bust as he pulls them off and makes them stick out there tongues as he explodes his load all over there faces, getting his pimp juice all over in there hair and just everywhere on their face's. The other girl walks out of the 7/11 laughing her ass off, seeing the two girls covered in nut stains. Almost dropping the paper bag with the forty and three six packs of mike's hard lemonades for the girls. He laughs as he climbs into the front and takes the bag from the girl driving as she speeds off down the road, they pull up to his apartment as he opens his door, he leads them up so the two can wash off and he can have his fun time with his new *****! Streets opens his apartment door, leading into a raw pad, he shows the two facials to the bathroom so they can clean up, he then walks out back into the kitchen where he sets down the alcohol and opens his refrigerator, that holds nothing but bottles of hard liquor. He places the mike's and the forty of King cobra. He then smacks the girls ass as he takes her back into his bedroom, his king size water bed with transparent leopard design on it with leopard fur around the border making it pimp as hell. He sets her down on the bed and lays her back as he slides on top of her kissing her neck and just toying with her.

"You're two friends in there are some ****ing bops!"

"Yah they are probably in your bathroom right now ****ing each other, thats all they ever do is have sex or do something sexual. It kind of is a ****ing hott ass turn on, but I try not to rush things to fast unless it is some amazing ass guy and you are ****ing hott as hell! So we can do whatever you want!"

Streets just smiles as he starts stripping her of her clothes as he starts to make love or just use her for a piece of fine ass, hours later pass as they are dressing back up. They make there way out to the kitchen, where the two girls are sitting watching his plasma screen tv while sipping on some mike's he then walks straight to the fridge and grabs his forty. He throws on his Barry Sanders jersey and his timbs back on, as he grabs his chain off of the counter he turns to the girl he just got done ****ing.

"Thanks for dat great piece, you can stop by tonight, all three of yah, I am having a little get together with my dawgs and some other gals, later on. But I am about to bounce, you can stay here and finish dem drinks if you want, just make yourself’s comfortable. But if you do leave before I get back just make sure the refrigerator door is closed and lock the door on your way out!"

The girls nod obeying his commands as he grabs his house keys and make his way out into the hall, going downstairs to the parking lot, he makes it out by the street on the sidewalk. He starts drinking his forty as he starts down the sidewalk to wherever he is heading. A few minutes pass as he keeps walking down the sidewalk past a lot of people, after about twenty minutes of walking he makes his way to a park, he walks into the park. All the way into the back where there is a pavilion and a basketball court along with a field to play football. There is two guys and three girls looking thug as hell sitting in the pavilion smoking a fatty, while six guys out on the court three no shirts and three in beaters, playing a pick up game. Streets looks at all his homie's and home girls as he keeps on walking towards them downing his forty of "King Cobra" he makes it over to the pavilion, taking a seat to be in rotation of the blunt. He takes a hit and inhales as he exhales he takes another monstrous hit so he can get high off the kill quicker. He then follows up with a killer swig from his forty bottle. He then looks to the left where his brother sits with his hit.

"So who we gonna be facing today, those shirtless *****es, or the *****es in the beaters?"

Streets asks his younger brother Zack who is sitting there high as hell puffin on his cheebah, he then looks to his older bro and smiles.

"Umm, so far it looks like the fags in the beaters, they have been dominating down low, but there outside game hasn't been look'n too damn good. But the man we will only have to worry about is dat tall ass nigga over there!"

Streets nods then removes his silver cross and lays it on this fine ass black girls lap who picks it up and puts it on, he winks to her then removes his Barry Sanders jersey revealing his tanned rippling muscles. He then laces up his timbs and takes his basketball from his good friend they call "Coochy Man!" Coochy Man laughs as Streets starts busting out his dribbles as the two scrub teams finish up there pick up game, as the three dudes in camo, march up to the court all three with joints in their mouths. Streets stares down the tall ass guy, with a nasty look across his face, the tall black man doesn't say anything but mean mug back, Streets slams the ball into his chest real hard almost knocking the wind out of him as he makes the challenge to them.

"Hows bout you chumps play us in a three on three game, for a thousand large? Or do you ****s don't think you have what it takes to handle us on the court?"

Streets then pulls out his wallet pulling ten one hundred dollar bills from it, he then puts his wallet away and waves it in front of the broke nigga's face's. They agree and shake on it as they all put there money together to make one thousand dollars, Streets takes the cash and walks over to the three girls stuffing it down the big tittied one's bra. She then grabs his cock he winks at her and sprints back over to the courts. He marches up to his squad and the other squad smiling.

"Okay this is going to be street ball rules, the first one to hit thiry wins understood homies?"

All six men are in agreement as the game begins, Streets squad just dominating and winning the game, 30-14. Streets goes back to the pavilion. They bust out another shell, Streets then takes his sack of dank out of his pocket and opens it taking a wiff, he sighs in happiness as he takes out a monsterous bud, he starts breaking it up. Taking out the stems and seeds, he then pulls out a butterfly knife and cuts the white owl open and guts it, he then fills it full of weed and twists it back up perfectly, he then puts away his knife and pulls out his zippo hitting the massive blunt. He then hands it over to his brother after about six hits getting him high already. The blunt makes its way around the circle about four times with everyone taking atleast three hits some more, Streets then gets up and starts walking with his bro down the trail as the scene fades out...

To be continued...

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