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Jan 1, 2000
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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-02 AT 05:34 PM (EST)]<OOC Note: The following characters-namely the band garage band the "Reverants" appears here with full permission of Wil Pierce and Rebecca Valentine also appears here with the permission of Rocko Daymon. Thank you>

(Cut to a hotel in Spokane where we see the one and only "Sandman" Devon Slayton sitting down in a black leather chair. He isn't wearing his usual wrestling or street gear. Instead he's wearing a black velvet muscle shirt with black nylon cargo pants with yellow piping and black Lugz Targas. His blonde hair that's usually streaked with green and purple has none of the usual streaks in it and it's pulled back into a tail. All and all, he doesn't put out the appearence of a gothic punk like he does in his usual promos and matches, but he looks more...teenager than anything.)

Devon: Damn, I'm getting bored up in this joint. I need to see if what that ring crew worker said was true.

(Devon gets up and walks out of his hotel room, taking his black leather trench jacket and room key with him. He walks over to room 419-where the rest of the Mechanical Animals-namely Paul's half-is staying and knocks on the door. A moment later, Kelly opens the door)

Kelly: Yes? Devon?

Devon: Hey, uh Kelly. I need to head out to a local club here in town. I can promise to be back before we head to the arena tommorrow for X-Perience.

Kelly: Alright, be careful though. Don't drink to much or get into trouble. You can't miss your match tommorrow.

Devon: I know, Kelly. I just have to go and see if some of my old friends are in town playing a gig you know?

Kelly: That's fine. Just remember to be carefull.

Devon: I will, tell Paul I'll bring him back a signed Les Paul if he wants one.

(Kelly smiles)

Kelly: Sure thing, he's out taking care of UWC buisness right now. So go ahead and pick one up.

Devon: Got it, also if you see my dad...tell him I'm going to go see the people that I used to know before he showed up.

(This time, Kelly laughs)

Kelly: If I see your dad I'll be sure to tell him...After I blacken his eye of course.

(Devon nods and gives Kelly a quick hug before walking down the corridor to the elevators. A few moments later, we cut to a old warehouse somewhere near the docks in Spokane. It's a little club called the "Charnel House" and then we cut to the inside of the club where we see Devon milling around with the other people-namely the goths as we hear a man's voice echo throughout the arena)

Voice: And now ladies and gentlemen, for you're listening pleasure and pain, we have here tonight at the Charnel House a band that's recently been signed with the Omega Records company that also owns the Omega Wrestling Alliance based out of Seattle. Ladies and Gentlemen, freaks and vamps-the Charnel House is proud to present to you the last free show of...the "REVERANTS"!!

(the club explodes with cheers as a man steps onto the stage as a weird bass line starts up as a man dress in a black fishnet shirt, black and green cargo shorts and a black spikey haircut and white and black wrestling boots. The man's hands are tapped up with white tape as he begins to sing)

"I'm over it!"
"You see I’m falling in the vast abyss..."
"Clouded by memories of the past..."
"At last…I see"

(Devon recoginzes the song as one written by David Draiman and smiles, he knew that the kid couldn't stand not to have one of his many idols songs not be in the songs that the band sung. When the band's first set is over, the band heads into the back. Devon, finds his own way backstage where the band is getting ready for it's second set.)

Man with spikey hair: Dang it, Mary. You were a little slow in that last song.

Mary: I know, Kurt. But "Last Rites" isn't a song that you can play fast and you bloody know it!

Kurt: I don't know, hey Eddie-do you know any songs that could be sung fast for these kids?

(A guy with a half smirk on his face and brown/red hair that kind of sits weird speaks up)

Eddie: Yeah, but they were all Dev's before his old man showed up!!

Kurt: Dang it!! He's not in the band anymore so we can't use his songs.

(Another guy, this time one with a pair of goggles on his head and wearing one of the new Triple-H tank tops steps up)

Man: What about "Poison"?

Kurt: Damn it, Tidus!! I know you're Rina's brother and all, but can't you shut the hell up for just a few moments?

Devon: What about "Perfect Self"?

(The whole band looks over to where Devon is standing in the door way, smirking.)

Mary: As I live and bloody breath!!! DEVON IRONHEART!!

Tidus: Uh, Mar-you're forgetting his real last name.

Mary: I know, but I'll always know this little bugger as Devon Ironheart to me. That's how I met him when we were kids after all.

Kurt: So this is the legendary Devon.

Devon: Yep, that's me.

(For a couple of minutes the two just stare at each other hard, neither one giving the other any breathing room until...)

Kurt: Think you can play for tonight?

(The whole band kind of just look at their current lead singer with a strange look on their faces before a more evil one takes over.)

Devon: (shrugging) Sure, I don't got a match till tommorrow night at the arena here in town. But, on one condition...

Kurt: Yeah?

Devon: We play the old stuff, none of this "Hey, I can sing Disturbed too" ##### that I've heard you've been doing.

Kurt: Done and done.

(A few minutes later, Devon and the rest of the band is back on stage and Devon is being handed Tidus' Gibson SG Gothic.)

Tidus: It calls to you.

(Devon takes it and strikes a hard bass line for a moment as he and the rest of the band start up)

"I wake to a wasteland"
"I try to understand"
"hates me, everyone"
"Satan's got a gun"
"I'm skinned by my thoughts"
"raped by every God"
"left without everything"
"feeling so alone"

"I'm haunted every time"
"I f*@#ing close my eyes"
"I feel the evil force"
"eat at me rotten corpse"
"I break down in dismay"
"crumble and decay"
"worst of this monstrosity"
"is that this is f*@#ing reality"

"Wake me up or I'll lose my mind"
"this nightmare's draining me inside"
"terrified to close my eyes"
"this nightmare makes me wanna die"
"When will I wake?"

"I wake in boiling sweat"
"dream will I forget"
"actions I do regret"
"erase then smear with s*@#"
"I flee from nothing there"
"possessed by, if I care"
"attempt to run away"
"manage to burn and pray"

"I fall an endless pit"
"and loving every bit"
"further that I go"
"escape this Hell I know"
"smashed down on 10 foot spikes"
"shoved deeper with her might"
"I bleed cold in despair"
"yet she don't f*@#ing care"

(As the second set of songs finish up. Devon and the band head to the bar. Tidus slaps his former lead singer on the back with a wide grin)

Tidus: It's good to see you back, so you're in what-GXW now with my bro?

Devon: Yeah and you signed with Omega?

Tidus: Hella yeah. It was the only label willing to do so. Also, I think you got's an admirer also.

Devon: (arched eyebrow) Really,who?

(Tidus points to a young woman about 21 with shoulder length brown hair that slightly shimmers in the light and brown eyes. She wears a black satin skirt with black boots and a "One Winged Angel" t-shirt. She smiles warmly at Devon)

Tidus: Her, and apparently she likes you...Dev, bro you in there?

(The look on Devon's face is slightly confused as he only says one word...)

Devon: Becca?

(We fade to black with the letters "To be continued..." in blue letters on the screen)

<OOC: the song bit from "Forsaken" by David Draiman. Also, please note that the band was created by Wil and used with permission>

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