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Sean Taylor vs Evol vs Rocko Daymon


League Member
Sep 11, 2004
(Evol is lounging around, acting lazy and having fun. He is in a club in the V.I.P. section of course. He, along with a few other friends and lady friends, are enjoying the fun times to be had. Drinks are going all around and everyone is laughing. A camera moves in and focuses in on Evol, showing him with a brunette beauty fawning over him.)

Evol: This is my life. A life of luxury and vast amounts of money at my disposal. I know how to live and I know how to fight. Heck, after all, if I didn't enjoy the fighting, then why would I be apart of the EUWC? All of the glory and all of the pain, all of the wins and all of the losses, they all serve to make me a better man. I learn from my mistakes and I know where I came from. That is not something that many can say they are able to do. All you have to do is look back at the road you walked to see where you are headed. Do you all know what my road is like? Paved in solid gold, baby. Nothign but the best for me.

You can call me arrogant and obnoxious. Names don't bother me in the least. It only serves to show the weakness in yourself. On the other hands, if you do feel hurt by those petty insults, then it serves to show your own weakness. Do you know what I sense? Weakness. It's like a palpable scent to me. Like a sixth sense to know how to hurt my foe. But for me, it's not about the physical, it's all about the mental. Your mind is my little playground, you peons. Heh, here I am calling people names. I guess it means that I'm a bit petty. Ah well. No matter.

The one thought going through my head is how to get to the top. Now what road do I have to take to get there? Easy. All I need to do is beat Rocko Daymon. Of course, Sean Taylor hold the International title that Daymon and I will be fighting for but Seany boy doesn't have to be involved at all for the title to change hands. I can only wonder how that makes you feel, Seany Boy. To know that you don't even have to participate to lose your title. It's that loss of control that kills you. The fear of it will eat you up inside until it consumes you, Seany Boy. I know you are thinking about it. And above all, above the Triple Threat match for the International title, is the fact that you still have to defend your precious World Title against Holocaust. So, you have to split your thoughts towards two completely different title matches and three unique wrestling styles. Do you really believe you are able to deal with that? All of that pressure on your fragile, little shoulders? Sure, you did trick Danny Collins into starting the match again and took his title. A masterful bit of planning there, I must say. Very chesslike. You played to Danny Collins' weakness and took advantage of his pride. For that, I applaud. Still, I highly doubt you will be able to split your focus to this extent.

Ah, Rocko Daymon. We can't go on forgetting about you, now can we? We've met before in the ring. Now, I don't know if there is a reason that I should even think about you in the match. You hold no importance to me besides being one of my two opponents. That feeling of worthlessness has got to hurt. To know that you don't mean a thing in the grand scheme. And such a scheme it is. I have plans for everyone. You, Seany Boy, and even throwing in good ol' Holocaust for good measure. All of you are my chess pieces and starting with the upcoming Mainframe, it will be checkmate for me. See you in the ring.

(Evol goes back to partying with his friends and the ladies. Scene ends.)


League Member
Sep 11, 2004
( Camera opens up on Evol playing with a marionette puppet in a dimly lit room. A table is in the center of it along with a mock up of an EUWC ring. He is holding the puppet above the ring. The camera zooms in on the puppet and the name "Sean Taylor" is written on the shirt of the puppet.)

Evol: Puppets are so much fun, aren't they? All you need do is to grab some string and you have total and complete control over the puppet. Such a simple act is overlooked. After all, that is what we all want in one form or another. Control. Simple, basic, beautiful control. You turn on a t.v. with a remote or the power button yet you have the power to turn it off just the same. Control. It can be as obvious as the t.v. analogy or as subtle as planting a suggestion in someone's head. That is the control that I am after. The subtle manipulation of the weaker minded. For some, it is so easy to accomplish just that. Any idiot can make a suggestion but it requires great skill to cause it to sink into your subconcious. I'm not talking about hypnotism. That is child's play. Simple parlor tricks. I don't do parlor tricks. I am the real thing, everyone.

As you can see here, I have a puppet of our champion, Sean Taylor, one of two opponents I will be facing next week on Mainframe. Now all this talk about control and manipulation does have a point. Seany Boy, you are going to be my experiment. I am going to show the EUWC and the world just how gullible and easy to control you really are. I am going to make you dance, puppet. You will be mine to control as I see fit and to prove my point, we will be playing a little game. You will see what it is soon enough. Now, back to the show.

( Evol picks up a puppet looking alot like himself. He makes both puppets fight quickly with the Evol puppet pinning the Sean Taylor puppet. Scene ends.)

Sean Taylor

League Member
Sep 3, 2004
Kingston, Ontario
First Ever Inter-World Double Champion

(Sean Taylor is in his personalized "First Ever Inter-World Double Champion" lockerroom stretching as Kandi Reed walks in.)

Kandi: Sean?

Sean: Yes Kandi?

Kandi: Can we have a few minutes of your time?

Sean: Sure. What's up?

Kandi: I wanted to get your thoughts about the International Title Triple Threat match you have on Main Frame this week.

Sean: Certainly, my thoughts on the Triple Threat match are simple. Evol sucks. Rocko sucks. I'm going to win.

Kandi: O-k. Could you elaborate on that?

Sean: Naturally. Let's take a look at my opponents for this match. First off, Rocko Damon. Ok I'll give him his due. As a rookie, he's pretty good. He's been impressive thus far in the EUWC. But the problem is he's a rookie. He wasn't voted Superstar of the Year. He has never won House of Horror matches and Stairway to Hell matches. He never was the two-time Greatest International Champion in the History of the EUWC. He's never been the Longest Reigning International Champion lasting 311 days and counting. He isn't the First Ever Inter-World Double Champion. He's not any of those things. But I am.

Then there's Evol. I wanted to address a couple of things that he mentioned in his latest promos. He asked me how it felt to know that I don't have to be involved in the decision to lose the International Title. Well, I'll be honest with you, Evol, I don't like it. But it is the rules so there's nothing I can do about that. Secondly, what happened in the match at Blood Bath with Danny Collins is none of your business. Collins was the first opponent I've had in a long time to push me to my physical, mental, and emotional limits. There's no way that Collins could have been satisfied with a cheap victory that he pulled off. Collins was a great opponent and I give him nothing but respect for his talents and abilities inside that ring. It's just that I'm better than him. Most importantly, I wanted to commend you on a great puppet show. It's always amazing to me how easy it is to predict the results of a professional wrestling match with a puppet show. Not sure what you were talking about when you mentioned control. Somehow you think that you have some kind of control over what's going to happen in the triple threat match. Listen, I didn't become the First Ever Inter-World Double Champion by giving up control in my matches. By the way, last time I checked puppet shows didn't belong in wrestling promotions. They belong in schools and family entertainment venues for the sole purpose of entertaining children. And the last time I checked, the last guy who catered to children is currently in court wearing sequined suits and one glove. If you want me to take you seriously, grow up before Main Frame.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Kandi, I need to get back to my workout.

(Kandi leaves as Sean goes back to stretching. Camera fades to black.)


League Member
Sep 11, 2004
(The camera opens up to Evol tapping a clipboard with a red ballpoint pen. He is scribbling down something that the camera cannot see. He laughs a little bit and turns his attention towards the camera.)

Evol: This is a message for you, Seany Boy. I hear your comments and I think that we have a misunderstanding of sorts. You took what I said as a personal attack on your character. That was not my intention at all. I merely wanted to ascertain if my hypothesis was correct or not. I was unsure about if you were insecure about the position that you now hold. I never once doubted you or your prodigious wrestling ability or that of Danny Collins'. You both have great skill in the ring, no one can take that away from you. Not me, not anyone. Your track record alone speaks for itself. All I wanted to demonstrate and show was how easy it is to push someone's buttons. I never once claimed that I controlled any match of sorts the way you were describing. Your reaction alone, though, spoke volumes about your character. And that is a big mistake.

You see the problem, Seany Boy, is that you never lay all of your cards on the line. I am not talking to you specifically but just in general. Sure, I've said a couple of colorful and creative words yet revealed little about myself and how I work. You on the other hand, are an open book complete with chapters on how to dissect you and your ability. One thing I am glad about is that you do not overly gloat about your incredible victory besides the extravagent locker room. That is acceptable but you show that you have pride. Pride has been the downfall of many a great individual, Sean. We have yet to see if your pride will pan out into anything substantial.

I personally can wait all week until Mainframe to do just that. I am a patient man who does not think too far ahead and miss out what is happening in front of my eyes. I look forward to facing you and seeing what Danny Collins was up against. The match was one of the best I have ever witnessed. Both of you tested each other's maximum potential and that alone is a titanic feat. Thankfully, I have not been tested as such so I still have vast amounts left to go. You have shown everyone all that you can do in that match and therein lies my advantage. No one knows all that I can do. I have stayed in the background long enough and it is now time for everyone to see just what exactly I can accomplish. I don't give a damn about Rocko in this match because he is an inconsequencial variable that needs not addressing. For me, it is all about you, me, and that nice little International Title that is sitting around your waist now. What would look even better is if I had that World Title as well. But all good things come to those who wait and scheme.

(Evol turns back to his clipboard and writes down a few more notes. His eyebrows raise up and he looks back at the camera one last time.)

Evol: Oh, and one last thing, Seany Boy. The puppet show was a metaphor. Insult it all you want but I am happy that it did get underneath your skin. See you on Mainframe.

(Scene ends.)


Jan 1, 2000

(Fade from black into the interior of a local Tacoma drinking establishment, Valentine's pub. On this Monday evening, the place is very quiet, seeing few patrons. A tall, muscular man with long black hair stands behind the bar, cleaning a few glasses while a few of his regular customers occupy the stools in front of him, having a few drinks. Over the radio, classic rock from Bad Company is playing.)

(Track forward to a corner booth, where one man sits alone with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a shotglass to keep him company. It's Rocko Daymon, decked out in jeans and a black Punisher t-shirt. He's grown a beard since we saw him last. His wounds from Blood Bath have healed, and now we see him fresh, looking verily intense, as through radiating a raw power. You look at this guy and know what he's capable of right away.)

Rocko Daymon


That's what I felt the second I was told that I had a shot at a high profile title in EUWC.

(He pours himself his first shot of Jack for that evening.)

Rocko Daymon

I feel delight… and immediate relief. Finally, the suits decided to stop throwing me the old champs who have lost their spark, and are now giving me the true challenge. I guess you could consider it to be the greatest challenge in EUWC…

Of course, it's none other than Sean Taylor. If anybody can pin his shoulders on the mat, it would mean more than a simple victory. He's the man who is the International Champion and the Heavyweight Champion. Beating him means, to put it bluntly, that you're "hot ****" and "not to be ****ed with."

There's more than a belt on the line here… that's the way I see it.

(He throws back the shot glass and savors the taste of the whiskey before looking up into the camera.)

Rocko Daymon

Oh, but I suppose there's another person involved in this shindig… my pal Thomas Malcolm, a.k.a. "Evol", who is always under the impression that everything he says, in some deep, meaningful way, is a universal truth…

(Rocko considers this, and with a scoff, he shakes his head.)

Rocko Daymon

Yeah… and Evol backwards is "Love".

Did that makes sense?

No, but neither did those last three Evol promos, so we're all in the same boat.

(With a grin, he pours another shot.)

Rocko Daymon

Evol remembers "meeting" me a while back. It's true… we did have a match. In fact, it was my very first match in EUWC.

He happened to omit a few glaring details, however… details that you would think any like-minded professional athlete would consider when stepping into the ring with a man he fought before. For example, Evol left out the fact that not only did I meet him, but I also BEAT him. I put him down and pinned his ass in the middle of the ring…

He also left out the fact that before the match even began, he performed the lamest stunt in professional wrestling history since Damian Stone's 3264987324 degree splash from the arena roof through a dozen flaming tables, by playing a recorded message on the big screen that informed everybody he wouldn't be participating, and then attacking me while I was watching this.

Supposedly, this weak cop-out was an attempt to flaunt his knowledge of "perception", or whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. Based on my perception, Evol is the biggest ****ing moron I've ever seen step into the ring. On the other hand, based on his perception, half the garbage he yammers on about probably makes sense. Because I, fortunately, don't share this POV (along with the rest of the ****ing world), I sometimes speculate that Evol is in actuality a homeless man in wrestling gear. Same logic… same fighting abilities… but just a bunch of hype and paperwork to distinguish a difference.

Other than that, he's just some bum who should be sitting out in an alley, drinking a little of this…

(Holds up the bottle of whiskey.)

Rocko Daymon

But all that aside, the point is that I WON the match. Evol said himself last time we met, that I was coming into his backyard. He told me that he was going to give me a solid EUWC welcome. And you know what happened?

I stepped into that ring, I did everything I said I would do, and I left with the physical and verbal victory. Even with a cheap shot before the bell to give him early control, I still prevailed. And now, I end up having to compete against Evol again.

Only this time he seems to have forgotten that I'M the man walking into this match with all the bragging rights!

I stepped into his backyard and pissed on it!

I took his whopping EUWC welcome and wiped my ass with it!

I took all of that mumbo-jumbo about "perception", rolled it all up into a nifty little pill, and shoved it straight down his throat!

Six months later, this SAME son of a ***** is sitting there in the VIP lounge of a night club, surrounded by trains of people who I am sure were all paid actors acting as his imaginary friends, perfectly cool, collected, and calm, and with a smug little smirk on his goofy face, in a manner that could be compared to preppy frat boy with a small penis and expensive car bragging about the 18-year old he boffed the other night, all this little punk says that relates to me in any was is, "All I have to do is pin Rocko Daymon!"

(Rocko's hand slaps the table as he reacts to this mind-boggling logic.)

Rocko Daymon


I'd like to SEE you pin me, "college" boy! Everybody knows you failed to do it last time!

It's funny how you would consider the same man who pinned your shoulders many Main Frames ago to be an "inconsequential variable". Are you sure about that, Evol? Cause it seems to me that you're denying quite a few facts. I think if you ignore me too much, you may be in for a world of hurt. You see, Evol… I'm stronger than you. I kicked your ass once in my debut match, and I'm going to kick your ass again, now with the title on the line.

I could care less what you think of me after you see this promo, but Evol… do us all a favor, and shut the hell up before you make an even greater ass out of yourself.

You've had thus far three promos in which to say your piece. The problem is, in none of them did you say anything meaningful. You've simply given your viewing audience three packages of worthless ego-stroking lyrics attempting to come to some sort of point, but failing miserably at every turn. I mean… comparing Sean Taylor to a puppet? What the hell is any of THAT supposed to mean? You think that by playing mind games, Taylor is going to willingly lay himself down on the mat for you?

Sorry to say this, Evol, but you play mind games like Ashlee Simpson sings. You make the entire world wonder, "Why the hell are you even trying to impress us?"

(Daymon holds out his hands in a shrugging gesture, unsure. He takes his second shot of whiskey and drinks it.)

Rocko Daymon

In these past few days, you've been making all these attempts to tear holes into Sean Taylor's character. You've called him a weakling, and a coward. Then you come back and deny it. Make up your freaking mind already.

Funny thing is, "weakling" and "coward" are two names I normally wouldn't apply to a man who currently holds the two top titles in the federation. But I do find it ironic that the same man who would sling these remarks over the airwaves shows his own signs of weakness and fear.

You said yourself, Evol, that all you have to do is pin me. But what's wrong with pinning Sean Taylor? Do you feel, perhaps, that you're not up to the task? Do you think that if you went after the other guy who has YET to make his mark in EUWC, there would be less of a hassle? Well, whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but…

A REAL man wouldn't NEED to go after the weaker competitor. He would march right up to the champion, the man with the belt, look him straight in the eye, and put him down without question. I'm sure that's something a man of YOUR caliber, Evol, could never do.

Not like me. I have something to prove to this federation, and it's entire roster. Angel of Death and Damian Stone were only the first few steps… but now, I intend to accomplish many things in one swift motion. I will take the title, and in the process beat a man who is one of the biggest names in this fed and happens to hold the Heavyweight Title.

You, Evol… I could care less about pinning you. I've beaten you before, and I've proven to everybody that I am the better man. That thought seems to have slipped your mind, hm? Be as it may, this "inconsequential variable" has moved on from having anything to prove to you.

I want to focus now on my TRUE opponent… the REAL challenge that stands in my path… that being Sean Taylor.

(He pours himself a third glass and downs it. Then he sets the bottle aside, having enough for the evening, or at least for the remainder of the promo.)

Rocko Daymon

Sean, being who you are, and seeing all your accomplishments, there's little I can do to bull**** you. You've done everything that any man who walks into EUWC hopes to accomplish, and so much more. Your character aside, you've really gained my respect for everything you've done in the ring.

Believe me, Sean… my respect is a hard thing to earn, especially in a fed like this, where I see a lot of hacks on the roster. Our common foe, Evol, regrettably, is of this kind.

You say that my problem in this match is that I'm a "rookie"…

(To this, Daymon chuckles for a moment.)

Rocko Daymon

Heh… okay. "Rookie" it is. It's funny how that in spite of being a professional wrestler for over seven years, people keep calling me "rookie" just because I'm the new face. But okay, Sean… we'll roll with it.

Yeah, I'm no double-champion. I don't hold the record for being the longest reigning International champ. I'm not you, Sean… at least not who you are in the eyes of every fan, talent, and official of EUWC.

I could go on about my own accomplishments… in America, in Japan, in Europe, and every other place I've wrestled. But why bother? It would be a waste of time. I know you care about my success as much as I care about yours (little to not at all). I also know that prior accomplishments mean nothing, because you are only as good as your next match…

But is it safe to assume that just because I'm none of the things YOU are, Sean… that I won't have the ability to pin your shoulders in the ring? Do you think I'm somehow inferior for stepping into this fed a year or two later than yourself? I'd like to see a scientific equation explaining how if you answer any of those questions "Yes".

Perhaps you haven't noticed my little recent reign of terror. Damian Stone? Angel of Death? Hell, the press can't shut up about these two, always going on and on about how "tough" these guys are like they were ten feet tall and started every day by going out in their backyard and eating a TREE, or something. But both of them failed to overcome MY strength in the ring. Look at Evol. Hell, I beat him so bad, the kid's suffering DENIAL

The point I'm getting at, Sean, is that this "rookie", while he probably hasn't been turning your head, has been defying all the norms and standards this fed is based on. Former champions have had been withered into nothing more than hacks when they're put in the ring against me. In the short time I've been here, I've done more than what many EUWC vets have done in their entire career. I've shown everybody that I do things that you normally wouldn't expect from any "rookie".

With this in mind, Sean… do you think my EUWC inexperience is going to hold me back in the ring? Do you think that everything I've done so far means nothing?

(Suddenly, Daymon waves both hands, throwing all questions aside and coming to his point.)

Rocko Daymon

…ah, hell. Why should I even care what you think?

Sean, shine the belt and enjoy your last few days with it, and hope like hell you'll at least leave Main Frame with the Heavyweight Title around your waist, because you WON'T be leaving with that International Title. Not over my dead body. Not while there's still a fighter's spirit burning within this frame of mine.

Evol? **** him. You and I both know that the kid probably grew up eating paint chips.

I'M your challenge, Taylor. I'm your ******* destiny! I'M the one whose gonna knock you off the top of the mountain on which you stand with both of those belts, thinking your above all else in this fed.

Take it from a man who has seen places OUTSIDE of EUWC, the likes of which you couldn't imagine… worlds and wrestlers who are so damn good, they would make you SCREAM…

Brace yourself at Main Frame, because it's time you took a fall, and let the future of this federation claim what is rightfully his.

(With a nod, Rocko pulls the bottle and shot glass close, and pours himself another drink. We fade to black on this image.)



League Member
Sep 11, 2004
( Camera opens up on Evol speaking on a cellphone.)

Evol: Yeah, buy one thousand shares of the company, please.

( voice on other line speaks)

Evol: No, you half wit, I'm serious. Do it now. My employer will send you the neseccary funds.

( voice speaks again.)

Evol: Good.

(closes cellphone and turns to camera.)

Evol: Sorry about that folks. Just a little bit of side business. I am here to address my good friend, and I use the term loosely, Rocko Daymon. You are a very wordy person, you know that? Well, to even the score, I have a two of my own for you " Shut it". Two very simplistic, easy to understand words for you. I just sumarized all that you spouted out of your ass into two words. Now that is skill. Not many can do that.

Now, I understand that you did beat me the first time around and that is all well and good. I was more or less a new singles wrestler without the Dominion to back me up. Not that I needed those as you put it, "hacks", to help me out. You won out that night and I took that loss and ran with it. It's all a learning experience for me, Rocko. No one match defines my career and your first one against me is a blip on the radar screen of yours and my careers. I am better prepared now to face you and Sean Taylor in the ring.

But let me say once again that I did not underestimate or in any way, shape, or form, badmouth Sean Taylor's match at Bloodbath. You cretins saw it as an attack on his character. All I had were some theories about him and many of them proved to be true. That was all it is. You cannot take away what Taylor has done in the company in his time. I mean, the guy has held numerous titles numerous times and has fought in some of the most historic matches in the league's history. But all that is in the past and has no bearing on the match on Mainframe. It's just you, me, and the man with the belt.

But since you just had to go and open that huge wind tunnel you call a mouth, Taylor is in the background. You want to mouth off to me? You do not know the territory you are treading on, pal. You brag to your friends about a single victory over me and act as if you are the biggest dog in the pound. I will make it my personal goal to neuter you. If I cannot win the title on Mainframe, I will make it my personal job to make your existence regretul and painful. You do not want to take a look into what's in my mind.

( cellphone rings three times.)

Sorry, I need to take this.

( voice speaks.)

Yes, I need to speak to Cyrio DeMarco III, now. It's urgent.

(Scene fades to black.)

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