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Self analysis part one


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Alfred was perplexed, he had been awake for twenty minutes now and was busy looking for Stanley. It was nearly three in the morning, Alfred had needed the toilet only to find the Gent’s door was open. Alfred had been all through the house, calling out the name of the Presidential title challenger but to no avail. As he made his way to the conservatory he noticed the door was ajar, and by peering into the darkness he saw the hunched figure of Stanley sitting by the ornamental pond. Grabbing his coat Alfred walked slowly and methodically over to Stanley, his slippers occasionally loosing grip of the dew soaked grass. As he moved closer to the Gent, Stanley turned and faced him before looking back at the pond.)

A: What the blazes are you doing out here at this time of the morning?

LS: I couldn’t sleep, I needed to think.

A: And this is the only place you can do it?!?!

LS: I like it here, I can think clearly here.

A: But its three in the morning.

LS: Well, you know where I am now, you can sleep safely in your bed, I’m not keeping you up.

(Alfred noted the slight sarcasm in Stanley’s tone and made to walk off before stopping and walking back. He gathered his thoughts himself before sitting next to the Gent.)

A: What is it then Lawrence?

LS: What is what?

A: What is it that keeps you up to this God forsaken time of the morning?

LS: Just…..career moves.

A: Huh, I thought we went through this a month ago?

LS: Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I’ve sorted part of it out but not everything.

A: I don’t follow.

LS: I know now what I thought I always knew, that it was my destiny to be a wrestler, its what has come relatively naturally to me.

A: But of course, is that all that is bothering you?

LS: No, that is all in the past, what worries me now is my career, specifically my career in the CSWA.

A: No, you’ve really lost me now.

LS: A year or so ago how many federations was I a part of?

A: Bah, too many to count.

LS: Exactly, I had the bug seriously, all I wanted to do was compete and build a name for myself.

A: Which you did, and did extremely well.

LS: I know, I gained titles and money beyond my dreams, then we ended it all.

A: But for good reason Lawrence, the toll it was taking on your body was crazy. You couldn’t have withstood it for the length of time you wanted too.

LS: I agree, I agree wholeheartedly, and so we decided to plump solely with the CSWA.

A: Purely for the intrinsic rewards, after all, this is the grandest federation of all.

LS: Then if that all is true let me ask you a question, where am I going in the CSWA?

A: Umm, to Fish Fund, to fight for the Presidential tile.

LS: No, no, no, I mean in my career in the CSWA, where am I going?

A: I really think you’re over-reacting here Lawrence, you’re in a title match after all.

LS: Am I really over-reacting? A few months ago I was challenging for the greatest prize in wrestling, now I’m struggling to get booked into matches.

A: If you were really as bad as you make out and on the downhill, do you think you’d be getting booked into the sort of match you’ve got coming up?

LS: Maybe not, but don’t forget the crowds have a big say in these matters.

A: Look, I’m off to bed, think about what I said and we’ll talk more in the morning.

LS: Okay.

(To be continued.)

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