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Self analysis part two.


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Its late morning and Stanley has just rose, he had finally made it to be around four and with the clock just touching eleven he walked slowly into the living room. Alfred was sitting watching TV, he glanced up in the direction of the unkempt Gent.)

A: Morning Rip Van Winkle!

LS: I needed my sleep, thinking always tires me out.

A: I take it then your gym session is being held back?!?!

LS: Just for today….yes.

A: How’s the mind? Have the demonic self doubts you spat earlier this morning gone?

LS: Umm, not sure, I’m still tired and I’m not thinking properly.

A: And this only happens when you’re tired?!?!

(Stanley ignored his companions flippancy and sat down and poured himself a cup of tea.)

A: All joking aside Lawrence, if you have any doubts mentally then you best air them now, Fish Fund is almost on us and you can’t afford any self doubt.

LS: I just want to know why I’m not headlining anymore, I think that’s what it boils down too.

A: Well that’s easily solved, you weren’t winning.

LS: Well, that’s a bit harsh.

A: Is it? You had your chances in the IOC and things never materialised. Then there was the whole Hornet and Teri scenario where you ended up getting a US title shot.

LS: Yes, yes, yes, I see your point.

A: The fact is Lawrence, the CSWA main men will only give you so many chances at once to win the major titles, if you don’t succeed there’s many more out there desperate to take your spot.

LS: Quite possibly, but I went from title shots to obscurity, I wasn’t even given matches.

A: There’s lost of fresh talent coming in, sometimes you can get forgotten.

LS: Bah, charming.

A: And the only way to rectify that is to do something to make yourself noticed.

LS: Are you suggesting something?

A: Not really, I’m just saying that you’d be better suited to go out there and do what you do best rather than sit here and try to put the world to rights.

LS: Is this the closest thing I’ll get to a parental talk?!?!

A: Near enough!

LS: I hear you Father.

A: Look at the positives rather than the negatives, you’re in a PPV, with a chance to win a title, there are loads of guys in the locker room who’d kill for this chance.

LS: Yes, but they aren’t Lawrence Stanley.

A: Exactly, and the Stanley I know wouldn’t mope, he’d be pro-active and make things happen.

LS: I think I get the message old chap, you’re right with what you say.

A: And you’re surprised with that too?!?!

LS: I think you should organise a press conference for me, I have things I need to get off my chest.

A: When for?

LS: I think tomorrow would be good, this afternoon would be even better.

A: Huh, you want the moon on a stick!

LS: I take it you think tomorrow is better?

A: I’d say so, it’ll give you time to work out what you have to say.

LS: Fair point, Fish Fund will see Lawrence Stanley in a most bullish mood, its time I took what is rightfully mine, the big stage in the CSWA.

A: That’s the spirit, now go tidy yourself up, you have preparatory work to do.

LS: Yes dad!

(Fade to black.)

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