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She's Lost Control


Jan 1, 2000
(CUE UP: The techno/goth/dance sounds of Joy Division's "She's Lost Control". CUT TO: Various shots of TERI MELTON through the years-- as a young schoolgirl smiling at ringside taking pictures, standing next to her brother Joey and holding his elegant robe, spraying a can of hairspray in the eyes of Chad Morton of the CS Express, in her "Miss Hooters" risque outfit in the middle of the ring as Sammy Benson stands next to her with drool literally coming off his lips, next to Ray S. Cornette, with The Suicide Squad/NC-17/Dawn of a New Day/Foreign Exchange, riding in a limosine, sharing a glass of champagne with Lawrence Stanley, rolling in the ring and hitting WildStar with a lowblow, her laughing as Ivy leaves the ring after her pregnancy announcement. The camera then slowly zooms in on Teri Melton's face-- her eyes tell the whole story, as they are cold and calculating as she smirks. Ian Curtis' voice drones... "She's lost control again... she's lost controooollllll."

The camera then cuts to RUDY SEITZER, at the A2K2 Events Center. Television montiors behind him play, showing various action shots of recent matches and interviews. In the upper left corner of the screen is a freeze-frame shot of Teri Melton in her Sunday best.)

RUDY: For the past year, we've all stood by and watched the unfolding saga of Teri Melton. MIZZ (Seitzer rolls his eyes when he says that) Melton, as she has requested that she be called as from now on, started the year as the brains and the financial backing behind the group known as the MNC-- then comprised of her longtime veteran tagteam charges WildStar and Tsunami and one of the CSWA's best young stars, "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley, with whom she was also romantically linked. But earlier this year, Melton became involved in a tag team match that would be the start of her year.

(CUT TO: A commentary-less shot of the tagteam match between THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE and HORNET/ELI FLAIR. On the bottom of the screen it reads "COURTESY CSWA PRIMETIME." First, Eli and WildStar are on the middle rope and both fall back in a reverse neckbreaker from that position. Then, 'Nami waits and bounces off the ropes and twists and turns over the ropes, crashing on both of them. Then, Hornet climbs to the top and delivers a Shooting Star Press to the floor, continuing the car wreck. Eli rolls WildStar back in the ring first and hits his Total Elimination on him and goes for the cover, with 'Nami breaks up. 'Nami then drills Eli with a patented crescent savate kick to the face that floors Eli. 'Nami covers Eli until Hornet breaks it up, drilling 'Nami and then placing him in the Scorpion. WildStar bounces off the ropes and spin kicks Hornet and then sets him up for a WildDriver, but Teri Melton rolls in the ring and low-blows WildStar and Hornet rolls up WildStar for the pin.)

SEITZER: That was the start, the first sign that Mizz Melton... that Teri Melton was up to something. Then, as cracks begin to appear between her and Stanley's relationship, something even MORE shocking was revealed.

(CUT TO: Teri, in the ring in front of Ivy. TERI: "I'm pregnant... AND HORNET'S THE FATHER!" CUT TO: Hornet jumping Stanley and shoving his face in dog food.)

SEITZER: That announcement shocked the wrestling world... but in true Melton style, it has flown under the radar of its importance. Melton's announcement caused Poison Ivy, who has been linked to Hornet behind-the-scenes, to take a "leave of absense" for an indefinite amount of time. That move also caused a MAJOR crack in the relationship between Eli Flair and Hornet, whose personal rivalry led to the breakup of The Claimstakers... perhaps the most powerful alliance of all-time in the CSWA.

(CUT TO: The six-man CS/Playboys&Stanley match. Eli hoists up Hornet and slams him down to the mat as the crowd erupts chanting his name.)

SEITZER: So where does that leave us now? Coming up at A2K2... four men will be competing for the CSWA World Title, currently held by the upstart Evan Aho. In one bracket, Aho (CUT TO: A shot of Evan Aho with the title on the mat) takes on the resurgent Kevin Powers (CUT TO: Powers easing his way down to ringside.) And the winner of that match will face the winner of the other bracket... which is a special grudge match as THAT DAMN HORNET (CUT TO: Hornet in his last promo) takes on LAWRENCE STANLEY (CUT TO: An exhausted Stanley having his hand raised after the six-man.) Stanley has vowed revenge on the man he says stole the woman he loved... and Hornet has maintained that he has NOTHING to do with Teri Melton anymore, that it was a mistake. But that leaves one question... where does Teri... where does MIZZ MELTON stand? (The corner box with the freeze-frame shot of Teri Melton expands to full-screen. Melton, who looks like she just came from the prom, is holding a microphone in her hand as the A2K2 logo backdrops her.)

TERI: Everyone wants to know about Teri. Everyone wants to know what Teri Melton is thinking. Everyone wants to know Teri Melton is up to. What Teri Melton is going to do at Anniversary. (Teri cracks an evil smile.) If history has taught ANY of you middle-class pieces of garbage out there anything, then you'd know by now that The Alpha Female has never layed all of her cards on the table. That MIZZ Melton *ALWAYS* has a trump card up her sleeve. That MIZZ Melton *ALWAYS* gets her way. I told you all months ago what I was going to do. I was going to become the most powerful woman in this industry, by any means necessary. The first step in my plan was to cut the dead weight that I had been carrying along, to throw you all off the trail. WildStar and Tsunami, a tag team of legendary significance, took on two of the greatest wrestlers of all-time in a tag match that no one will soon forget. And they had Hornet and Eli Flair DEAD TO RIGHTS... (Teri chuckles) except for the fact that I got in the way. They served no purpose for my plan any further, so I got rid of them. And since that day, look at what has happened. Tsunami and WildStar broke up, disbanded. The last time I checked, Tsunami was busy opening up cards and WildStar was busy parking cars somewhere. (Teri laughs again.)

The second part of my plan was to rid the world of that former IHOP waitress Poison Ivy... a girl who is *NO WHERE* near as beatiful as I am and a girl who is *NO WHERE* near as smart as I am. To rid myself of Ivy, I had to make certain personal sacrifices. I enjoyed my time with Lawrence Stanley... despite the fact that while he is large in stature he is (Teri holds up her pinky finger.) very, VERY small in size. I enjoyed him showering me with gifts... with jewels, with cars, with trips on his yacht... but I was BORED BEYOND TEARS with his constant attempts to reconcile his past. Lawrence Stanley didn't realize how LUCKY he was to have me... and Lawrence Stanley thought that I would be by HIS SIDE while he acheived huge success as a wrestler. Well, Lawrence, you got it wrong. You should have realized that you were fighting FOR ME. That you were a pawn to MY QUEEN... which is, after all, the most powerful piece on the chessboard.

So, Stanley, I had to sacrifice you, despite all the mornings I looked into your eyes and told you that I loved you. Your priorites did not match mine, so I had to gut you like a pig. So I went and contacted myself a REAL MAN... a real LEGEND in this sport... and I found myself the man known as Hornet. Who, despite his being The Greatest American Hero, is not a man without a weakness... a weakness for (Teri shakes her hair.) TRUE BEAUTY. Hornet, I would thought that you would know better. From Jewels, to Poison Ivy to the hundreds of anonymous little groupies who've thrown themselves at you... I would have thought that you would know better. Just because a woman says she's on the pill doesn't mean that she's REALLY on the pill. (Teri laughs it up.) Now, Hornet, let's also get one thing straight. I see you driving around in your limosine, riding around on your lear jet trying to act as if YOU'RE the one in charge. Hornet... I could come out here right now on national TV and tell the world your real name. How would that make you feel? You're a man that loves his privacy. You're a man that loves to wear face paint so the pathetic little people won't bother him for an autograph when he's out eating... and I could ruin that. Your mom... your dad... your wife and your kids, let's not forget about them... their lives could be SHATTERED right now. Hornet, you don't tell MIZZ MELTON what to do. Why? Because you're no longer the most powerful person in this industry... *I AM.*

Hornet, I drove Ivy out of this sport. And in the process, I ruined what you had. You, Randalls, Eli. All together as one force that could not be stopped... but YOUR constant lusting for me, YOUR constant desires for me got in the way. I sleep with you, you knock me up. Ivy gets hurt, Eli hurts you. No more ClaimStakers. It's funny how that happened, isn't it? ISN'T IT? Don't you think that a girl who went to boarding school, that a girl who is always on the front of the society page... that a girl who went to VASSAR would *KNOW* that would happen?

Everything that happened in the year 2001 happened *EXACTLY* the way it happened. I've flown under the radar this long... and along the way I've pulled YOU ALL like a bunch of puppets. I took the greatest tag team in this sport's history and TOSSED THEM ASIDE and they are no longer around. I took the industry's hottest young talent in Lawrence Stanley and brought him to heights which he never thought possible... and then when he no longer served me, I made him look like a WHIMPERING CHILD. Then I made my next move... (Teri rubs her hands together in glee.) and I took the GREATEST WRESTLER OF ALL TIME and turned him into a FOOL. And in the process, I rid the sport of the so-called greatest manager of all time and also broke up the most powerful alliance of all-time. And now YOU PEOPLE want to know what's next? YOU PEOPLE want Teri Melton to tell you what's next? Well... you can be assured that I'm not going to reveal my plan. But just keep in mind that 2001 was a VERY, VERY good year for yours truly... and 2002 is going to be EVEN BETTER. Teri Melton is THE ALPHA FEMALE of this sport. And soon... SOONER THAN YOU ALL THINK... (Teri points her finger at the camera) I'm going to be THE MOST DOMINANT FORCE IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. (The screen freezes with Melton sneering and pointing at the camera. The screen then returns to the box on the upper left of the screen, with Seitzer at the CSWA Control Center.)

SEITZER: Teri Melton is a LOT of things... but one thing she has shown over the year 2001 is that she has the ability to maneuver herself in ways that we've RARELY seen in this sport. Wrestling is filled with a lot of cunning, devious people... and maybe no one is as devious as Teri Melton. (FTB.)


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
Do you truly believe you have the ability to 'shatter' my life, Teri? After everything I've been through, you think your... shenanigans... can cost me everything?

And what would you do if I told the world about everything I saw beneath that mask you like to wear all the time, Teri? What would you do if I told them the way I made you a whimpering child? What if I told the world about the phone calls I get every other day from you, begging for me to stand at your side, pleading for me to treat you like a real girlfriend?

Don't take too much credit, Teri. The ClaimStakers fell apart because Randalls doesn't understand what partnership means, and Eli can't figure out whose approval he wants the most. And because I let our focus stray from the goal. Ivy and I ended for more reasons than you can ever understand... you just happened to be the catalyst to a nasty, bitter end.

But at least we've seen the real Teri, now. It's sad...cause we all know by now that "Alpha Female" is just a different name for bitch.

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