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Short Form Match Writing Guide


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Short Form Match Writing:

The IWF Short form is a blend of written review and highlight reel. Consider the action as if it were in summation of the nights events mixed with slightly more detailed high spots and turning points, all broken up by quick cuts to clips of commentary to spice it up a little.

Consider the commentary about the length or amount you would hear in on quick highlight of a move or short succession of moves during a hype promo or commercial for an event. It was works well as a device to further explain a thought.

For instance, the reader will not always know what a wrestlers finisher actually is by name and more then likely will not go check his bio. So in the action... call the move what it is and then use the commentary to give the move its proper hype and reveal it's given name.

Also, instead of having "ONE ... TWO ..." mixed into the action the commentators can call the count as the most likely would. In a count out situation, throw a "Tony Daniels: Eight! Nine!" to break up the action paragraphs.

That's about everything I can think of the properly describe short form match writing in the IWF. Below is a pretty decent example. Feel free to use this forum, my AIM (KaeGiaconaIND,)or PM me with questions, comments and/or suggestions.

Via "Chain Reaction 8"
Tony Daniels called for the bell and the two men set in on one another. Niles made several futile attempts to lunge for and lock up with Spooky Doom; only to denied each time by Spooky's lightening like reflexes and defenses. The dance continued for several minutes and the crowd began to turn on the pair, but Spooky quickly redeemed the two with a thunderous snapping kick to Niles' abdomen. Niles took the kick as if it was no more than a light caress. Spooky, surprised, whipped around and delivered a heel kick in precisely the same spot as before. Again, Niles appeared unharmed and clearly not amused. Spooky, again surprised - yet determined, fired away with yet another snapping kick. This time; Niles had enough.

Creed: Johnny Niles caught the kick. Spooky is in trouble now!

Spooky hopped around for a second or two as Niles grinned and gloated to both Spooky and the crowd. However, his personal victory party wouldn't last long as Spooky turned adversity into opportunity and executed a text book Enziguri. Nile's collapsed to the mat as a result of the vicious blow to the cerebellum. Spooky would was no time at all, focusing on the Niles' knees; mainly.

McGinnis: If he is able to keep Johnny Niles grounded, Spooky's chance of taking home the victory increases exponentially.
Creed: Indeed, Brian. The height advantage doesn't factor in while your face first in the mat.

Spooky feeling, either, he had sufficiently fatigued Nile's lower half or just plain got bored took the top rope and aimed to land his Wheel of Doom dubbed, 450 Splash. Niles, however, had other plans. Before Spooky could properly set himself for the aerial maneuver; Niles slowly climbed to his feet forcing Spooky to adapt. Spooky would fly from the top with a cross body, but would be caught and be power slammed. Niles attempted the pin, but fell short of the full three count.

Niles' argued with Tony Daniels and was slow to capitalize off his reversal. His would stalk the recovering Spooky and eventually hoist him up into a Fireman's Carry.

Creed: This may be it! Say Good Night!

Spooky seemingly came back to life atop Niles' shoulders and spun around into what became a modified satellite head scissors. Upon full rotation Spooky caught Niles by the back of the head and brought the larger man to the mat with an impressive three fourth's front face bulldog.

Creed: Oh my! That is the Doom Reaper! Will he cover!?

McGinnis: Looks like the Grim Avenger will fly, Aaron.

Spooky motioned toward the ceiling and the crowd let loose. With a handful of each opposing rope Spooky would catapult himself to the top turnbuckle, spin around, and launch into a 450 Splash.

Creed: Wheel of Doom! Cover! One, Two ...

Anderson: Three ... yeah, yeah, yeah. We can all count, Creed.

Creed: Well, there you have it folks, Johnny Niles makes a strong showing, but in the end Spooky Doom is named the victor. Will be right back with more IWF action!

Anderson: Chain Reaction, Creed.

Creed: I'm aware of the show's title, Terry. Stay tuned, folks.

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