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Silence before the Storm...


Jan 1, 1970
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Dec-26-01 AT 10:55 PM (EDT)] FADEIN: Mojave Desert, California. 'THE WOLF' MIKE RANDALLS where we last left him - alone along the sand dunes as the sun is setting, wearing a black cloak with the hood over his bald head...

RANDALLS: "Silence has never been a virtue for Eddy Love or Troy Windham. Perhaps it is the eye of the storm passing over the CSWA - the last moment before the animalistic winds howl and one last, thunderous force erupts. Or perhaps, Eddy Love and Troy Windham sit smiling together knowing the end is close...so close they can taste it. For in just a few days, the situation before them is one that many in this league have dreamt of completing. I've lost wrestling matches to the best this world has had to offer, and even the worst. But what I've never lost is MY WILL. What I've never lost is the WAR that binds us all together. In a few days, in what may be MY last stand - Eddy Love and Troy Windham can win the war for themselves, for Chad Merritt and for every other man that still believe that politics and money wield the power we all crave..."

RANDALLS starts walking...

"But power isn't at stake for me on this night. Pride, perhaps. Survival, maybe - its not as if anyone expects the Playboys to fight each other when they have a chance to corner me. No, no, no...that wasn't the intention of this night at all. The intentions are clear to me - kill or be killed. If the Playboys walk out with victory, then the WAR is truly over...but if I walk out with victory, the WAR rages on. Truly, the one thing at stake for me is the one thing I seek, the only thing I fight for - THE WAR...all you have to do is end it, boys. Simple as that may sound, it's not as simple as it seems..." (FTB)

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