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Silence is... Surprising


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
[font color= red]WS:[font color= black] It's really strange heading into Anniversary, and not seeing many people proclaim just what they're going to do... Sure, Tom Adler might have laughably told the world, in forty profanities or less, what he was going to do... but, we're heading into Anniversary, the culmination of a year, and it's so sickly quiet around here...

From chest up, you can see the clarly recognizable style of "Wicked Sight"... Mike Plett stands with a black and white Hawaiian styled shirt, unbuttoned and exposing a Jane's Addiction t-shirt. His eyes have a certain look of ambition about them... It's Anniversary time.

[font color= red]WS:[font color= black] You know why? Because everybody's uncertain. Who's going to leave with the CSWA's biggest prizes sitting on their shoulders? Who's Randalls and Love going to bring to the table, and for that matter, what crawled up Eddy Love's ass and died? How bad is Lance Liezure going to massacre that scrub, JJ Deville?

You want to know why Wicked Sight, why Mike Plett is ready to talk? Because I'm certain of my future. It doesn't matter if JJ Deville is deceased, Eddy Love finds remnants of Lisa Marie in his anus, Mike Randalls brings Chelsea Clinton in as his partner, and Sammy Benson is the CSWA world champion... I will be leaving Anniversary 2001 with a shot at that very title, the most important 15 pounds of gold that has ever existed in any industry.

No one thought the 19 year old with bleached hair had anything in him when I walked through the doors almost three years ago. I put the Greensboro title around my waist, after it left Blade's, and still - nobody could see Wicked Sight main eventing.

After I thrashed everybody from Steve Radder to Hornet, after I stood toe-to-toe with Troy Windham and Eli Flair and Evan Aho... a 22 year old with no more gimmicks, no bleached hair, just letting it all hang out and giving the fans YET ANOTHER STELLAR PERFORMANCE ... EVERY time I step out of the curtains... After I won and lost the Presidential title...

It's suddenly crystal clear to everyone who didn't believe before, Wicked Sight is here to stay. And whether Tom Adler disagrees or not, and whether Shane Southern believes because he's pinned Evan Aho, that he can take me - seeing as how I, too, have went the distance with the best "wrestler" in this sport right now - and whether Gabriel Poe comes to Anniversary with the distinct goal of ripping us all apart, limb-by-limb... It won't matter. Whether or not Cameron Cruise pulls his head out of his ass, and whether or not Triple X delivers the matches that he's delivered to me before, it won't matter. Everyone, it's time to step up your game. The CSWA is a whole new beast...

And Wicked Sight is going to lead the charge...


[font color= red]Fadeout [/font][/font][/font][/font]


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Promisory Notes are Worthless

You know, Michael, somebody, somewhere along the way has given you the impression that I don't think you're worth dealing with. That maybe I think that either you shouldn't be in this match.. or that I shouldn't because I oughta be beyond proving myself.

Well, let me put an end to the BS right here and now. When I walked into the CSWA a year ago, Steve may have been looking for a coup in signing me to one of the biggest contracts in this company's history, but it was clear before I ever walked in the door that Chad was running the show. And, for whatever glory Steve may have alluded to, Merritt made it pretty clear that whatever I'd done here in the past wasn't gonna mean Jack S<bleep> around here now. No feuds with Hornet. No I Quit matches with Randalls. None of it was gonna happen because until I proved differently, I was the outsider who was gonna need to prove himself again.

And, if I'd thought I would have a problem with that, I woulda never walked through that curtain. But ya know what, I've come to the conclusion that I HAVE had a problem with it. Because for the last year, I've been puttering around here like a moped on cruise control watching the very men I wasn't supposed to wanna wrestle dominate the level that I used to dominate without even trying. So, I QUIT trying.

And now, I look up that ladder and I see a whole cast of people that I let pass me by starting to dominate that level.

I was listening to Hornet talk about getting a shot to wrestle for the World Title. And, it might be the only thing I've heard the man say in ten years that I've ever agreed with. But, the truth is that we've both squandered away the past year to the point that we get thrown into matches like this thinkin' we're not good for much of anything except to be cannon fodder for the new breed.

Well, Michael, if I'd wanted to sit around and be nothing more than some thirty two year old (does a quotation mark motion with his hands) VETERN who isn't really good for anything, I woulda gone to be a mic jockey in the NFW. I came here instead. Not because I thought I could get a cheap push. But because I get off on doing what I ended up LETTING somebody do anyway... tell me I can't do something.

Well, ya know what? I'm tired of it. I'm tired of sitting around. I'm tired of being out of the loop. And I'm tired of watching people that, quite frankly, I know I'm better than get all the push.

Well, Michael, it ends now. I'm walking out of Anniversary with that title shot no matter who ends up with the strap... Hornet or otherwise. And, when it's over, you can stay... you can go.. you can do whatever the hell you want. Anything except beat me to do it, at least.


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