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Simply Stunning press conference


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The press room was packed as you would expect for the tag team champions, Simply Stunning sat facing the various journalists as they waited for Jane to bring the press conference to a beginning.)

JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, Simply Stunning will take your questions now.

J#1: I’d like to know how Michael’s holding up with his facial injury.

MH: I’m fine, its still sore and my vision isn’t 100%, but I’ll be fit and raring to go on Wednesday.

J#1: Were you tempted to press charges against Mayfield?

MH: No, this is wrestling, what happens here stays here. Trust me, Mayfield and his little buddy will get what’s coming to them soon enough.

J#2: Simon, I heard rumours you aren’t fully fit, is that true?

SW: No, I’m feeling good too. I took a little rest from training a day ago, but I’m back at peak condition.

J#3: A lot’s being made of you guys holding the titles for the second longest time in CSWA history, does that weigh heavy on your shoulders?

MH: Absolutely not, if anything it’s a motivational tool. We’d love to break the record and be known as the team that held the titles the longest.

J#3: Clearly this is the greatest kind of record, multi-time title holders are great, but that stat also means they’ve lost the title that many times too. This means you’ve remained undefeated.

MH: Exactly, and in our mind what’s made it even more enjoyable is that we’ve been fighting champions, we’ve never cashed in on non-title match clauses in our contracts, if we fight and we’re the champs we’ve put the titles on the line.

J#4: Onto Fish Fund, a match people are calling a potential feud ender, is that how you see it.

SW: Its hard to say, no-one can deny that the situation between us and the Professionals is a feud, but to say it’ll all be ended at Fish Fund seems off the mark. No matter who wins the match the other team will be desperate to get another title shot as soon as possible, I think that this situation we’re in will rumble on for a while yet.

J#5: Umm, just picking up on that point, its been suggested outside the ring that this match was being pushed as a finale match because the CSWA and its insurance company were concerned at the increasing levels of violence between the two teams. Its reported that Merritt is worried that you’re trying to get one up on the other team with each new attack. From blindsiding them with bats and electrocuting them to throwing fire, the question is where will it end?

MH: That’s a good question, I agree we’ve never been this aggressive or psyched when fighting other teams, not even the Suicide Squad. There’s something about the Pro’s that really gets under our skin and this is probably seen by how we’ve reacted to them. What I do know is that as far as I’m aware there’s been no such concern shown by either Merritt or the CSWA in general.

J#5: Are you concerned that this may go too far?

SW: We’re too focused on retaining our titles to worry about what other people think about us.

J#6: Getting back to the match itself, a cage match seems to put you at a disadvantage against the Professionals, how will you overcome this?

MH: The same way we always do, by putting our heads down and working our way out of it. The cage will restrict our movement, but we’ve come out of cage matches before and I see no reason why it should stop now.

J#7: How do you react to claims that you’ve been using more aggressive, and some may say, illegal forms of attack against the pro’s because you’ve realised that you can’t beat them in a straight wrestling match.

SW: I’d probably laugh it off like the joke it is. We’re the tag team champions, we’ve shown we can whup the ass of any team out there in the CSWA locker room, and probably beyond that. What we’re doing is showing the Pro’s that they aren’t going to have this their own way, we’re showing them we can get down and dirty when we have to in order to keep hold of the titles.

MH: Yeah, all this talk has been pretty negative, I prefer to look at the positive press. The press that suggested we could be the youngest ever wrestlers to be inducted into the CSWA hall of fame.

J#8: Is that the sort of thing that drives you?

MH: Partially, its great to be honoured like that, but there are other ways of getting such a reward. Winning matches and retaining titles is the biggest buzz for me, and I’m sure I speak for Simon too.

SW: Absolutely.

(Jane looked at her watch.)

JS: Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but Simply Stunning are bust people, we’ll have to wrap this one up now.

(As the reporters groaned Jane signalled to the security guards who opened the doors and shepherded them out to the waiting car so they could be taken to their next function.)

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