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Since Everyone Is Doing These...


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
...I figure I may as well throw one more onto the pile...that is, another "critique my character for me, will ya?" :)

Anyway...I just wanted to know what thoughts you guys had about "The Hero" Marcus Johnson in particular. Any ideas on what I can do to improve on his character? Right now, I'm trying to work on a storyline for him, but maybe some advice from you guys might help me get a grasp on that direction.

And Dave Brunk...you give me your sarcasm and I'll...well, I'll...that is...oh, I'll think of something sinister to do to you, just you wait. ;)

Bob Morris


RE: Since Everyone

Bob, my honest sarcasmless help and advice would basically be that..you don't need anyone's help. Just write something for crying out loud.

My dishonest sarcasm filled help and advice is.....Change Marcus' gimmick to that of a nude canadian hockey player and ask to join Zach and John's stable.

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