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Sitting at the Wolf's home


Jan 1, 1970
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-28-02 AT 06:44 PM (EDT)] FADEIN: A dark, dim room lit by about twenty half-melted red and black candles. Each are two by two in candleholders strategically placed in what looks almost like an opium den. What looks like walls are red and black curtains hanging from the ceiling. Pillows and cushions are strewn all around the room. In the center, sitting on an oriental rug with an incense stick burning in front of him is 'THE WOLF' MIKE RANDALLS. He's not wearing a shirt, which reveals numerous permanent scars across his chest and stomach. He's sitting cross-legged as the smoke billows in front of his face...his eyes are closed...

RANDALLS: "Tell me Eddy, if you truly feel as if you are the one leading - then why tell the world that you didn't foresee 'The Wolf' lasting this long? Why haven't you been able to do anything except some nice comedic commentary or inventive attacks in the locker room? I placed an unconscious Steve Radder on your lifeless body, Ed. Instead of just pinning your dead weight carcass for the World Championship in the Ironman, I shaved your head. Lawrence Stanley pinned me with no help from you, Ed. The last time I checked the tapes, you were twenty feet away. And last week wasn't too shabby either, was it? Ed, if you are leading anything it is only the blind..."

RANDALLS opens his eyes and takes a deep breath.

RANDALLS: "Blind to the world, blind to the truth, you are. Foolish enough to believe that you can see what this WAR is about. Just because your arrogance dictates that this WAR lies only between the two of us, does not mean it is the TRUTH, Ed. Your arrogance hasn't defined much when it comes down to it. Its only left you wondering why the hell I keep coming back week after week for more. Its one year later, and not many people understand why I'm here, STILL. Like Deacon, you are the proverbial pawn. Like Deacon, you think this WAR is something personal between us. Back then, Deacon made it out to be the Bear vs. the Wolf. He tried to convince himself that I thought it was important that I defeat the one, the only Deacon. Only I tried to tell him he was the lamb led to slaughter. He didn't listen, I hope you do..."

"Ed, like Deacon you are the lineage that was SUPPOSED to supplant me. SUPPOSED to ERASE me. I'm the past FORGOTTEN. I'm the memory CAST ASIDE. The CSWA decided that I was expendable. Chad Merritt believed I was a liabilty not worth insuring. This WAR isn't about you. History will always repeat itself. Thats where WAR comes from Eddy. One year after Deacon learned, you shall too. This WAR doesn't have to do with you...only what you stand for. You're just another lamb sent to slaughter by Chad Merritt. Remember the CSWA needs a hero, Eddy. Only Chad Merritt needs the villain first...if I were you, I'd be quick to understand that once Merritt believes you're not right for the role...he'll find someone who is."

RANDALLS closes his eyes again, while doing some neck rolls.

RANDALLS: "You talk of your past with great pride, Eddy. The Corporation. Vizzack. Kevin Powers. You never felt you got the challenge you deserved. (RANDALLS opens his eyes) Then perhaps it seems, for the first time in a long time we've found some common ground to walk on, Eddy. I walk the WAY searching for that challenge, Eddy. And here you stand at your country home, surprised that I haven't fled? Surprised that I've even lasted this long? Eddy, as much as your conceited brain finds it tough to function - you haven't set much of a benchmark. You've held some titles, that's great Ed. Most wrestlers that land in the CSWA can claim dozens of them. You can't be serious in your statements on the Corporation, Mark Vizzack and Kevin Powers cementing your status here, can you? You really think those men even come close to the challenge in front of you? The only thing I like about you Love is that you've been the only guy willing to come back week after week for more pain and punishment, the WAY I like to live..."

"Yet, even I question why you would be so excited for a mystery tag match. Is this the path you wish to take, Eddy? Instead of settling this you will choose to be a pawn? Eddy, nothing about this match bodes well for you. Last week, I defeated YOU and TROY. You think you've found someone big and bad for 'THE WOLF'? Eddy, I was still standing after the ALTAR CALL. You name the biggest and baddest and the name at the top of that list IS MINE. I don't care if DEACON is cured, I don't care if you pull out Poe, Powers, Havoc, Guns or (BLEEP)'IN MARCUS CAMERON. I don't care if its another Windham, Steve Radder or even CRAIG MILES. It's fine, Eddy...instead of answering the question of how has 'THE WOLF' lasted this long, you're just willing to accept that you can't handle the task alone. Maybe you're not here for the 'challenge', maybe like Merritt this is just ALL A GAME. Well, I can play games too Eddy. I can play SICK, TWISTED, EVIL games. So let's play, Eddy. The cards have been dealt, it seems you feel you're showing Ace high. Just don't (BLEEP!)IN' BLUFF, Ed. This game ain't for the weak-hearted."


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