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SLAM 116 ? El fin est? invadiendo

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
SLAM 116 produced the final step on the road to ?Lucha De Mayo? and the night was filled with action!

The Tag Team Titles were on the line as Los Preguntas defended against the dangerous Rick Family!

Tag Teams were in full effect as The Law, Armstrong Twins, For The Win, The Xiang Dynasty were all in action!

The Blitzkrieg Title now as a number one contender, Gamberro finally has someone ready to challenge him in a ?deadly? way, and Son of Malta teaches some more lessons to the lesser experienced of the squared circle!

It all ends with the Main Event pitting The House against the Loco Cartel!

PLUS! Alex Reyn addresses the crowd and a fearsome warrior gets a second opinion.

All this and more on SLAM 116!

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