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SLAM 117 ? Una noche de primeros!

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
Good evening sports fans! What an odd two weeks it has been since Lucha De Mayo. NBW underwent a change in management. Xander Napoli was ousted and things were looking up. Times change. Tonight brings forward a new era and regime. One under the leadership of Richie Keal. Yeah, that Richie.

The action is packed with the in-ring return of Ohiyama, Dude in Mask II in action, along with a debut of a new masked wrestler you won?t want to miss! And then we have our Double Header Main Event! The World Heavyweight Championship and Blitzkrieg Championship are on the line in a Title vs Title match between Blitz Champion Jonny Bedlam and World Champion Pat Gordon JR. And if that wasn?t enough, Keystone Champion Alex Reyn defends against newcomer Rey de los Diamantes!

All this and much more so tune in to NBW SLAM TODAY!
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