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SLAM 122 - Welcome Back a Hero, and a Clan with a Plan

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
Two weeks ago we watched the shocking return of a CURED Omega. And even more shocking than that, Dr. Ayas unmasked himself to reveal the former multi-time Champion, Brock Newbludd! As stunned as the crowd was, the brawl that ensued caught everyone by surprise. Including Interim-GM, Richie Keal. Tonight on SLAM we?ll get our answers about Brock?s plan and what?s next for him.

After quite the debut and victory, by underhanded tactics at that, many are waiting and watching to see how Keal handles Simon Landis III?s actions to win against Sparrow JR. We also have word that Zed?s full force is here tonight and one has to wonder what is next for the Paragon of the industry after taking out Quinlan. And being a fighting champion the returning Jake Tockwell is expected to defend his Keystone Championship once more ? who against however remains unknown!

Also scheduled tonight as announced two weeks ago, in our Main Event Clan Strongbern will be challenging The House for the Dynasty Tag Team Championships. No strangers to gold, and with a new mantra and goal of cleaning up the NBW, could they actually become TWO-time Champions?

Of course this and much more, including a battle of giants with the former Little Ricky Strongbern against Billy Law! So head on over to either CW for the replay or catch the stream at any time on thenbw.com!

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