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SLAM 124 - What Happens in Vegas...

Spike Saunders

Super Moderator
Oct 7, 2004
You know the old saying. We don't need to repeat it. We also won't say it is true! SLAM 124 is coming to you from the home of Sin & Retribution II where we crowned the winner of the SIX, Pat Gordon JR, who would then go on to face the NBW World Heavyweight Champion - and win - in the Main Event of Night 2. Tonight's Main Event is set to eclipse that courtesy of Keal! Four men, two very unlikely teams - and a bit of a strange bedfellows appeal.

In Championship news, expect to see a special Vegas Keystone Open Challenge held by Jake Tockwell! We will also see The House competing after the recent injury when they take on two members of Clan Strongbern. And as announced on SLAM 123, the Best of 3 Series between Zed, Rune and Johannes Antonious de Castonovo with Myth and Legend, will take place from Vegas.

Of course as always there is much more to see and expect, so check out the stream today on thenbw.com or catch it when it airs live on CW at 8PM ET!

Click here to Watch the Stream Now!
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