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Smackdown:JBI and other CAWS


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
Well, it's me Marcus AKA the Reaver and I've got some very strange things on my mind when it comes to the Create A Wrestler formulas for Smackdown:JBI for the PS2 and I wish to share them with you.

I'm currently reworking my CAW formulas following my now ex-roommate's actions that deleted my saved game that had my formulas on it for some of the now former GXW roster. But I'm currently working on a new set of CAWs which will include many of the new faces to GXW as well as other federations, below is a list of who I've gotten done so far by federation but haven't actually have had time to put them into the game-please keep in mind this is not a complete list:

--Big Bad Baldwin
--Matt B. Wild
--The "Taskmaster" Eddie Maim (of the Hellfire Express)
--The "Messiah" Zell Hunter (of the Hellfire Express)
--Tiara Searie

--"Good God" Kevin Powers
--Mister White (of True Living Colors)
--Mister Black (of True Living Colors)
--Trnyty Wang (of Twin Phoenix)
--Paul Dumont (originally done by Paul, but modified)
--Jessica Dumont (originally done by Paul, but modified)
--Kelly Gellar (originally done by Paul, but modified)
--"Career Ender" Chris Lehew
--Kin Hiroshi

--Edward Brown
--"Mister Everything" Devon Jackson
--Marcus Woods
--Dallas Winston
--The "IOX" Damien Stone (of the Damned)
--John J. Battles
--Stalker (of the Hardcore Hellions)
--Gravedigger (of the Hardcore Hellions)

--The Reaver (Mechnical Meltdown era outfit)
--The "Sandman" Devon Slayton (Mechanical Meltdown era outfit)
--The "Crippler" Chris Colt
--The "Fallen Angel" Chris Slayton
--"Positivley" Mark Kanyon
--eNWA/XPW Owner Eric Tempest
--Siege (of the Revolution)
--"Reckless" Ricky Nova (of the Revolution)
--The "Loose Cannon" Sabin Moore (of the Revolution)
--Feral (of the Revolution)
--The "Wild Thing" Lyle Helms (of the Revolution)
--"Perfect" Peter Graves
--"Dr.Terror" Marcus Owens

--"Total Elimination" Eli Flair
--The "Hurricane" Eddy Love
--Disco Express (whom I can't remember at the current time)

If you have the game and want a copy of the formula, please don't rush me because I'm not letting any of these out until I get them perfect enough to put up on my website.


I already sent you the Buff Bellows CAW. The Fat Farrell CAW is a work in progress.

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