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Something Here Is Wrong

Damian D Stone

League Member
Sep 5, 2004
[[The day before the PPV. We FADE into what appears to be the apartment of Damain Stone (yea, he down-sized). We see our man, Damian Stone, sitting on a tan couch. His awards from wrestling hang along the wall as he sits there in a black leather jacket, black pants, and a new red Damian Stone black Cross/This is Hell Unleashed t-shirt. He looks down the living room toward the kitchen until we hear a loud knock on the door. Damian, in a daze, shakes himself out of it. He then rises from the chair and walks over to the door]]

D: Blast it. I wonder who found out this place. Who is it?


D: What the...I said WHO IS IT?


D: Come on...who is it?


D: This is more than cute...

[[Damian throws open the door, only to stand there in shock. Damian looks down at a young boy, age 4-5, standing there with a small suitcase in his hand. He looks to be a light chocolate looking boy with curly black hair and almond eyes. He looks up at Damian who looks down at him in shock]]

Boy: Hi daddy.

[[He looks at the boy in disbelief as the young lad slowly saunters into the living room. He looks around at the place as Damian still is standing at the door. He then looks back at the boy as he sets his suitcase down on the couch.]]

Boy: How are you doing today?

D: ...how am I...well...how else do I...wait, where is your mom?

[[From behind us, we hear the footsteps of Echo walking into the room. She is in jeans and a white shirt.]]

Boy: Mom said be good for daddy and took off.

D: That's...not cool...

E: Hey. Who is this?

[[Damian looks at Echo with a "oh crap" look on his face. His face then straightens up and looks at Echo with a humble look.]]

D: Echo...S...this is Raven. He's...well...this is my son.

[[The look of shock comes over Echo's face as he mentions him as "his son." Echo quickly looks at Damian in first the same shock, and then in rage. Damian looks at her]]

D: Sit down...there is some major explaining that needs to be done. This one...was something I was hoping to leave in the past.

Two Hours and some storytelling later

[[Echo is sitting there on the couch, looking at Raven as Damian looks down at her.]]

Echo: So let me get this straight: this...well...woman, Amanda as you call her, was your original fiance.

D: Yes.

E: And she was raped...by some guy....

D: Yes.

E: You wouldn't let her abort...so she had the kid...

D: Right.

E: AFTER she backstabbed you.

D: Yes.

E: All right then...so the next question is...why is HE here?

D: Ask him.

[[They both look at Raven. He looks at them both and raises his shoulders]]

R: I don't know.

[[They both look at him. Echo lets out a mini yell and stomps away. Damian shakes his head and smiles]]

D: Hey kiddo. I just don't think she can handle all of this stuff at this moment.

R: I understand, Daddy.

D: Now, Raven dear, tell me, did mommy tell you anything about where she was going?

R: ...nope.

E: [[storms in]] This is hopeless.

D: Yea...you are...[[Damian looks down at the suitcase. He sees that it is a simple, small, black case, with an envelope attached to it. Damian looks at it]]

Hold up.

[[Damian reaches down and pulls on the envelope. He then looks at it. Opening it up, he looks at the letter.]]

E: What's it say?

D: Tokoyo Dome...8 PM...something special. Amanda.

E: What the...EUWC???

D: I don't...

[[looking down at Raven]]

Something stinks here. Something is extremly vile and replusive. And, Raven, it involves mommy.


Someone's got revenge on their mind...

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