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Starr v Hawke - Non Title -


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
You call this a challenge??

"I tried."

(Fadein, to Karla Starr, in front of an NEW ERA RAPTURE backdrop. Karla, dressed in tight-fitting jeans and a belly button shirt that shows Starr in a model-pose on the front as well as reads "Scientist's have found a new STAR in the sky...and they do believe it's ME". Carrying the Brand-new Inaugeral NEW ERA Women's Championship over her shoulder, she smiles as she takes it off her shoulder a minute to check her makeup in the belt's reflection before putting it back over her shoulder.)

STARR: I tried to tell you people. I even spread word out throughout the world like a bad case of Jane Doe. I sent every single solitary reminder out to the entire roster possible, that messing with THE B*TCH was the very LAST thing that either woman or man.....would ever want to contemplate.

I even gave a little dose of "B*TCH" to my dear close friend and confidant, Caitlyn.

But she would hear nothing of it.

So when I walked into Seattle, Washington a few weeks ago, and I found out that I had drawn myself into this "Gauntlet Match" as the last entrant.....I couldn't help but smile.

Because right there....broadcasted not only across the country but WORLDWIDE....I'd prove it not just to every whore out there who either wants to be me.....or hate me because it's hit 'em in the cranium that they can't.

I am not just 100% B*TCH....but as of a couple of weeks ago....I got myself a nice and shiny belt to prove it.

But I do suppose giving props to the "Martha Stewart" of NEW should be okay....after all....she did survive Flaming Tables, Chairs, and quite abit of Endurance along the way....

(Starr gasps mockingly, throwing a palm lightly to her temple as if she had an Epiphany.)

Flaming tables, Chairs, and Endurance...oh my!!

But hold on just a second.....(Starr counts off the "stipulations" off her fingers...) Flaming tablels....endurance....chairs.....You can get past all of those....but still can't withstand the force of a "Moonshot"??


Certaintly not the first time I've had a coming to about tramps who think that they have what it takes to beat me.

But not the last either....right Victoria??



Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
What Goes Around...

(Once again, posted for Trev because he's forgetful.)


{the swedish flag blows in the wind on a flagpole as the camera fades out. victoria hawke is standing at the base of the flagpole, with her arms folded across her chest, a sly look upon her face. she isn't smiling, but her lips are perked upwards, confidently.}

victoria hawke

"ah karla. i see you slep, excuse me, earned your way to the women's title. {the confident look on her lips gets a little wider.} i can hear in your voice the pride you have; afterall, last a whole three or four seconds in the ring to win the title must have been difficult. the physical exertion that you put out would have done any other woman in, but you someone prevailed. kudos. but you did so against a weak woman. someone who had gone through three other women in the gauntlet match. would your face be so smug had you faced caitlyn daymon one on one? but that does not matter now, does it? you have got the title. you are the women's champion. and while four women fight for the chance to get the #1 contender spot, i get you in a non title match. a match where if i would win, i would get an automatic shot. how would new era of wrestling handle that? karla starr having to defend against two women? knowing you, you would probably prefer a triple threat type match, ya? one where you could sit back and watch as i and someone else push each other further and further? but i don't think so, champ. when i beat you, i will make sure that i get you again one on one for that title. because you can run, karla. you can screw people over left and right. but what goes around, comes around. and in th end, you're going to have a lot of **** coming your way."

{victoria looks up at the swedish flag, the confident look on her face now spreading into a smirk.}

victoria hawke

"i've done a lot of thinking the past few months. ever since i joined new era of wrestling, my first american wrestling league. i've sat back and watched, trying to get a grasp of how american women go and wrestle each other. then i realized; it doesn't matter how you wrestle, because in the end i will be better. in the end i will be the one having my hand raised. you tried to tell us, karla. you warned us. through your actions leading up to battle brawl as well. you were not to be trusted. you are not to be trusted, still. but you seem to get so wrapped up in yourself that i don't think you know just how you will map me out. when i get you in that ring, you won't know which way to turn, will you? of course, to you it won't matter, will it? you're a product of your surroundings, karla. you were surrounded by attention, there's no questioning that. this would be the reason you crave it so desperately. see, i was surrounded by completion. i know how to attain my goals, karla. do you? in your ongoing quest for appreciation, do you ever stop to look at others? i'm betting you don't. and i think i've given myself a great foot to put forward by doing so."

{victoria hawke now turns and heads towards the camera. her hair flows as the wind moves through it. she stops suddenly, cocks her head to the side and looks inquisitively into the camera.}

victoria hawke

"just what will you do when you're in the ring and it suddenly comes to you that you're not in there with a pushover. and i don't mean a mock realization, karla. i mean the real deal. when you are being outmanned in every aspect of the game. are you going to run away? are you going to bow out and save yourself from the deal to your ego that being pinned would do? or will you step up, for the first time since coming into new era, and face the challenge set forth? ask yourselves these questions, karla. mull over them deeply. if you don't {smirks} then you'll be the only one to blame. not caitlyn, not jean rabesque, not me. only you, karla. only you."

{hawke gives a little wink to the camera before turning around and walking, with her back turned, away from the camera. it then fades to commercial.}

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