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Starr v Hawke


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein, an NEW Backdrop.)

VOICE: You'd think that once you take care of matters once, that that would be that and you could move on, but not here.

(Karla Starr slowly paces in, dressed in black jeans and a black shirt that has the words "No one kicks this much a$$..." on the front and on the back, "...and looks this GOOD doing it!". Her arms crossed over her chest she shakes her head.)

KS: Maybe it's just me....but isn't it illegal for someone to have two bums fight each other for a prize after it's over?? If it is then how is it, after saving everybody the time to become an accomplice and create mass havoc for the Albuquerque Police Department Records.....that I get rewarded with not just a match....but a match with one of the pieces of trash I threw out?? How does being rewarded turn into punishment?

Either Marcus LaRoque is stressed to high heaven this week, or somebody's been watchin' too much "Animal House", because this is just crazy.

But since what was pretty much solved the first time doesn't present much of a test the second time, who's to say that I can't take care of a few extra "chores" than normal, eh?

Mental note: Ask Juliet for some free time in the yard after my chores are finished.


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