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Mister Dread

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Jan 1, 2000
Under your bed.
::FADEIN on the MCW banner backstage. “The Wolf” Chris McMillan stands there, attired as usual in black cargo pants and a faded ‘Dogs of War’ t-shirt. His fingers and wrists are taped, and his girl-pretty hair is twisted into a thick braid. Big-ass, snarly Wolverine-style mutton chop sideburns frame his face::

THE WOLF: Your skull must be thicker than I thought, Adam Benjamin. I had hoped something would get through to you after Center Stage. I thought that I might have opened up a big enough crack to allow a little reality to seep in when I smashed your head into the mat and pinned your tea drinking ass.

::McMillan shakes his head sadly::

THE WOLF: I see now that I was mistaken. My effort to enlighten you to the true problem you’re facing has been a failure. See, Adam, you’re still focused on the past. You’re wasting your time trying to pull in someone from another promotion so you can finish your feud from 1983. That’s cool and everything, but there’s something a hell of a lot more immediate and dangerous that you should be directing your energies towards.

THE WOLF: You SHOULD be focused on me. You SHOULD be turning your resources towards what’s right under your nose. Stop worrying about what a dude in some other promotion is doing and worry about what’s going on in your promotion. You keep telling me and everyone else in the back that YOU’RE the man around here, the one to watch, the man to emulate. That ain’t what you showed ME. You showed me that you can lose. You showed me that you don’t do it with grace. I already knew you’re a douche, and now so does everyone else.

THE WOLF: You also showed me that you’re a hypocrite. You took a chair to me. I don’t mind much. It gives me a reason to maim you later on. Still, for a man who abhors hardcore violence in the ring, you sure seemed to have a good time committing some of your own last night. Hell, you couldn’t go ONE NIGHT in this fed before resorting to smacking a dude with a chair. If you look down on me, you must be hating yourself right now. Either that, or it’s a big lie. An excuse to be all smug and self righteous. Either way, I don’t give a hot turd.

THE WOLF: I’m not gonna come out here like so many other wet ends and talk about how I’m putting the locker room on notice, or how I’ma usher in a new era of this sport. All that talk’s been talked more times than I want to think about.

THE WOLF: I will say this, though. To you, Adam Benjamin, and to everyone involved in this place from the top office of the promotion, to the back of the locker room, to the kids that set up the ring. I don’t think any of you know quite what you’re dealing with.

::The camera comes in close as McMillan’s eyes narrow::

THE WOLF: Anyone who’s been around a while, back in the days of GLCW or NFW version ONE-AH will tell you that I can go hold-for-hold with the most skilled wrestlers this business has to offer. And anyone familiar with the last half-year of the old NFW or the first season of the new NFW will tell you that when the rules go out the door, so does my sanity. If you put me in a match with a ladder and some tables, thumbtacks, branding irons, dog collars, chains, or anything else fun like that, I might end you. I will definitely hurt you.

THE WOLF: Adam, it takes a hell of a lot more than a couple of chair shots phase me. Bring it on.
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