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Stockton Pyre Match Writing Aid


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Jun 1, 2007
LAST EDIT: 1/21/14 (Angus' reaction to Stockton, usual spots updated)


Stockton’s in-ring personality is that of a sportsman and someone who plays a bit to the crowd. He will clap his hands, pump his fists, twirl his hands around, and occasionally, when he’s REALLY on a roll or it’s a big match or win, whoo out to the crowd.

Wrestling Style:
Stockton’s in-ring style takes from a more modern sportz entertainment face style, in which he has many heavyweight strikes in his arsenal, coupled with both trademark and basic grapples & subs. Due to his size, he doesn’t do high-risk much, preferring to simply come off the ropes with a double ax-handle if need be.

Usual Match Tactics:
Clean as a whistle, aside from a couple of closed fists. Pyre will not break the rules under any circumstance to gain an advantage.

Usual Spots / Gimmicks:
  • His trademark Opening Statement combo is, as the name implies, an early-match spot. He likes to go for that when possible to get into the match: if he struggles to hit it, it will throw off his timing.
  • Stockton has an unusually MEAN right roundhouse punch that, when thrown with the proper windup, can cross a man's eyes and cause a near fall.
  • He uses running double ax handle smashes to the chest (think: Polish Hammer) as a substitute for normal clothesline/lariat spots, preferring to save his lariat for the Inferno finisher.
  • Pyre will often set up Inferno with Paradise Lost, although it’s not a strict requirement.
  • When Inferno is coming up, Pyre will clap his hands twice and then twirl his right index finger in a circle in the air.
  • The Burning Truth has no setup or signal, because that would lessen its effectiveness.
  • Stockton is still finding his wrestling style, so feel free to expand a bit as long as it's not a high-risk thing.

Crowd / Commentator Reaction:
Crowd – polite cheers most times. Against a bigger name guy, he’s a pretty good sympathy magnet. In the drivers’ seat, however, his non-trademark moves (aside from a high elevation Back Body Drop) aren’t going to pop a crowd until they get to know him.

DDK – neutral leaning friendly.

Angus – Stockton Pyre is a mixed bag for Angus. He's a brawler and has a violent lariat, which are Angus pluses. He hates Curtis Penn, which is another Angus plus. He is a sportsman and a bit honor-before-reason, which Angus would dislike. Him being classified as a goody-two-shoes face is a little off, although his actions at current could fool Angus into thinking otherwise. But Stockton's gimmick is a little over Angus' head. To that end, Angus will write him off as weird and no-sell the blogging stuff. In the ring, so long as he's swinging fists and lariats Angus is OK with Stockton, and he can even tolerate a little pre and post match sportsmanship at times if it makes sense. But the more Stockton treads into pure face-dom, the less Angus will like him.
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