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Storm Warnings


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Apr 16, 2004
Fade In to a gymnasium somewhere just outside Denver. It's late. The clock on the wall ticks closer to 3 am as we get a glimps of a figure that appears to be working out on a set of parallel bars. As the camera zooms in closer, we find that it's Nathan Storm, the man they call "The Trouble Shooter", doing handstand pushups on the bars. WJ Mills stands along side spotting him as RJ sits at a table flipping through a magazine.

RJ: Hey Nate, time to move to the next station.

Storm swings down from the handstand and double undertucks... taking one small step backwards as he lands.

WJ: Nice dismount.

Storm sneers a little and moves to the pommle horse as the doors to the gym come open. We see Rudy Seitzer, lookning around somewhat disoriented but manages to key in on the only other people in the room and makes his way over toward the table

Seitzer: I was told I should come and interview Nathan Storm regarding his upcoming match on Primetime with Tsunami. I wasn't expecting to see the two of you here.

RJ: Hey will, time to pick this workout up a little! (RJ tosses a wooden chair to WJ as Storm continues to work out on the horse) Oh, I get it, you actually thought you were gonna be the lucky one who actually got to interview the man who hasn't done a mic spot in over three years. Well, sorry. If you wanna know something, you can ask me.

[Seitzer: I see. (he mumbles something under his breath about 3 am and coulda done this over the phone) Ok, so we're hoping to get a few comments about Storm's match with Tsu...

Seitzer is interrupted by a large CRACK as WJ nails Storm across the back with a wooden chair as he hits the floor on a dismount

Seitzer: What the he...

RJ: Hit him again!

WJ grabs the chair and nails Storm across the head with it, dropping him to his knees as the chair splinters and fragments into the air. Storm shakes his head a little... and makes his way back to his feet

RJ: Get him up on the rings... now! Ok, now, what were we saying again?

Seitzer: I was going to ask about his match with Tsunami, but what was THAT all about?

RJ: Rudy, have you ever actually WATCHED Storm wrestle?

Seitzer: Yes I have. One could call it pretty... extreme.

RJ: Ya think? Well, you don't get to be able to withstand matches like that unless you prepare for 'em. THIS is how Nate likes to prepare.

Storm hops up onto the rings, spins himself upwards and arives up into an upright position

Seitzer: This is how he trains for every match?

RJ: Pretty much. Well, ever since we were all in the UWA together, anyway. With the matches they were shoving him into night after night? You either learn how to train for 'em, or you die wrestling 'em.

Seitzer: I see. Now, Tsunami challenged Storm for this match after he interjected himself into the four corners tag match at Anniversary.

RJ: Well, the simple fact is that Tsunami hasn't had a good run of things as of late. His partnership with Four Star Pizza got dissolved... and his current one doesn't seem to be doing a whole hell of a lot better. Which is saying something, considering how piss poor the tag team situation is around here at the moment. Why else you think we'd be sitting on the sidelines watching while a couple of half assed teams wrestle for the straps? Will, here, take this!

RJ shoves the table out into the floor where WJ grabs it and puts it near the rings

RJ: The simple fact of the matter is, Rudy, that Tsunami realizes his options in this sport are running out. He can't beat us, and he thinks he can make this last ditch effort to save a little face. Well, sorry. But, like his name implies, the boy is all wet.

WJ grabs a red marker out of pocket and draws a stick figure on the table

WJ: Hmmmm, (sticking his thumb up as if he were an artist admiring his work) Not quite. RJ, toss me that other marker!

RJ grabs a black marker that had fallen onto the floor and tosses it to WJ. He looks for a second, draws some short lines on top of the head for hair, a couple of slanted slits on the face, and writes "Tsunami" down one of the legs. He holds his hands in a "camera" pose for a moment

WJ: PERFECT! He's all yours, Nate!

Storm drops down into an iron cross, holding the position for what seems to be an eterinity, then muscles his way back up into the upright position and then further up into a handstand on the rings. He begins a number of giant swings than suddenly releases from the rings and does a reverse 360 splash right through the drawing on the table. Storm clutches his ribs momentarily, then raises up to one knee and moves his right arm in a "Cross" motion over the table

WJ: HEY! Are you CRAZY?!?! (Storm gives him a puzzled look) Look at that mess! you smudged his face!

Storm seems somewhat amused by the coment, if only briefly

RJ: Ok, guys, I think that's enough for tonight. Let's get out of here so the janitor can clean this s<bleep>t up.

Seitzer: Look, I appreciate the shot at the interview. And, the workout was certainly impressive. But, did you really have to drag me out here at three in the morning for this?

The three look at each other in a somewhat puzzled manner...

WJ: Uh, yeah, who do you think we told the manager was gonna clean up this mess?

Storm tosses Seitzer a broom and the keys...

RJ: Don't forget to lock up when you leave. Sam gets pretty pissy when ya forget!

Storm and Raw Deal walk out as Seitzer mumbles to himself... about to toss the broom on the floor until a rather large man with the name Sam on his jersey walks through the door

Seitzer: Ummm... do we have any trash bags?

Fade Out

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