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Storms vs. Roberts vs. White vs. Hunter


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
"Pay special close attention Boogie."

*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens up inside a hotel in the hallway just outside of one of the suites. A GWE production crew is standing outside the door lead by GWE reporter, Victoria McCave. She knocks on the door and patiently awaits for an answer. After a few moments, the door opens with Jevon Alexander White standing on the other side. He is wearing; a white with black trim nylon windbreaker pants, a white shiney velvet long sleeve button up Epidemic rockstar shirt, white K-Swiss tennis shoes. His long bleeched blond dreadlocks are each individually braided.)

Jevon White: "Hey McCave, right on time, come on in girl."

(Jevon White leads McCave and the production crew into the nice penthouse suite. The crew sets their equipment down and begin to set up while Jevon leads McCave to sit down on the sofa. They begin "shooting the breeze" as the old term calls it rather than the other duragatory term used for small talk while the crew is setting up.)

McCave: "So Jevon, how goes it, we haven't seen you on GWE television in a while, how have you've been?"

Jevon: "I'm good Vicky."

McCave: (Looking around) "I was wondering, where's Lillian at? Is she around? Will she be joining us?"

Jevon: "Yeah she's in the other room, she hasn't been feeling well these passed few weeks, but she should be out momentarily."

McCave: "That's good, well it looks like we're about ready to start the interview, so what do you say we get this underway."

Jevon: "Sure thing, whenever your ready."

McCave: "Well the first thing that I wanna say is...

(Interupting and cutting McCave off, the bathroom door opens and the beautiful Oriental-American vixon, Lillian Watts steps out of the bathroom. She is wearing; light blue sweats, a long baggy GWE t-shirt, and tennis shoes. She doesn't appear to be her usual self as she looks a little pale and not as radiant as has been. Something appears to be wrong.)

Lillian Watts: "Jevon, baby, can I talk to you please?"

Jevon: "Sure thing Lillian."

(Jevon gets up and jogs over to Lillian, he pulls her aside to where the production is somewhat out of sight of their conversation, but still one camera crew keeps a focus on them to pick up some of their conversation.)

Jevon: (Whispering to Lillian) "Baby what's wrong?"

Lillian: "I need to go see the doctor, I already made an appointment, so can I get the keys to the car."

Jevon: "Yeah sure."

(Pulls out some keys out of his pocket and hands it to Lillian)

Jevon: "Is something wrong, you haven't been yourself in about three weeks."

Lillian: "Everything fine, I just need to get some medicane to deal with this nausia that's been bothering me these passed few week. I'll be fine."

Jevon: "But what about my match this evening on X-Perience in the Fatal Four way for the GWE Cruiserweight title. Youlll be there won't you?"

Lillian: "Yeah I will, I just need to make myself ready for the GWE television. I don't want the cameras to view me in my current state...you know all pale as a white girl on crack."

Jevon: (Pauses as he looks at Lillian and smiles) "I think you need tons more crack to get to that state."

Lillian: "Oh shut up."

Jevon: "You'll be back tonight baby."

Lillian: "Of course."

Jevon: "Good because I've got something to tell you, so you better be here. If not I might have to settle for McCave."

Lillian: "Oh no you don't, I'll whoop her's and your ass."

Jevon: "Baby you know I'm just playing with you."

Lillian: "Yeah I know."

Jevon: "Good, well then I guess I'll see you later on tonight."

Lillian: "Yeah and then we can really celebrate your victory...and other things."

Jevon: "I like that...you know I do."

Lillian: "Yeah I do, I'll see you later tonight."

(Jevon gives his girlfriend and manager as soft but very passionate kiss on the lips and then sees Lillian out the door shutting it behind her. Jevon walks back to the sofa to speak with McCave again.)

McCave: "Is she alright?"

Jevon: "Oh yeah, she'll be fine. In fact I've got a good feeling that this is gonna be MY NIGHT tonight on X-Perience in the Fatal Four Way elimination match for the GWE Cruiserweight title."

McCave: "And what makes you sure that you will win, you haven't even been seen on GWE television in a while, how can you be sure that this is going to be YOUR NIGHT?"

Jevon: "Please Vicky, just because I haven't been seen on television doesn't mean that I haven't been working or sitting on my ass. I've been working and then some, but also spending time with my my girl, and just keepin it real for the most part."

McCave: "So what of Lillian, as far as I have known, you and here have been together since the Nthwa, you have been really close, surely you must be serious?"

Jevon: "Yeah we're serious, and in fact, I plan on taking our relationship to the next level after I win the fatal four way and the GWE Cruiserweight title on X-perience tonight."

McCave: "What makes you confident that your gonna win tonight Jevon?"

Jevon: "This...

(Jevon reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black velvet jewelry case and opens it up for McCave and the crew to see. Several whistles erupt in the room as they marvel at the large multi-carrot diamond rock sitting in the case shimmering in the light.)

"Like I said, I've got a little extra motivation to back me up. The last thing I wanna do is propose to the woman that I love, and tell her that I lost the GWE Cruiserweight title. This is gonna help drive me into winning that title, plus get me one step closer to finally getting my hands on pothead coward Boogie Smallz. So I have plenty of motivation for while I will win tonight on X-Perience."

McCave: "Wow Jevon, that is absolutely beautiful. So you're finally going to pop the big question to Lillian after tonight? Well I wish you all the best in not only tonight, but in your new life together."

Jevon: (Closing the case up and putting it in his pocket) "Thanks Vicky, but now onto the match, let's talk about that."

McCave: "Well lets talk about first this recent war that you have been getting into with Boogie Smallz, our esteemed Unified World Heavyweight Champion, why do you think that Boogie is avoiding you like he has been?"

Jevon: "Don't know, probably because he knows that no other white boy in this federation can touch him or his...now World Heavyweight title, but as soon as a fellow brother comes along he's all of a sudden scared. Because he knows that a brother is the only one truly capible of taking his title. He can whoop all these cracka jacks from one end of the turnbuckle to the other, but as soon as I come along, he's running scared. He calls it not wanting to fight me because there is too much black on black crime and he doesn't want to fight a brotha, but I say he's scared that this brotha will whoop his ass and take his title."

"He offers a bogus claim last week that if I beat his supposed jobber main man...if that guy really does exists and if I beat him then I get Boogie, but lets face it that was another load of bull s*** from our esteemed world champion to avoid fighting me. So what I did was play his game, but I re-wrote the rules to suit me."

"I mean I challenged Boogie Smallz to a non title match and he still turned me down. He had nothing to lose. Now what does that tell you?"

McCave: "You have a point there Jevon."

Jevon: "Exactly! Enter the Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the vacated Cruiserweight title. Instead of me fighting an imaginary wrestler of Boogie's choosing, I get to fight and take on three of the GWE's top Cruiserweights for not only a vacated title, but also for the chance to fight Boogie Smallz once and for all in the ring. Instead of going through some hip hop invisible jabroni, I get to whoop the best Cruiserweights the GWE has to offer. I whoop them, and not only I get the vacated title, but I also prove to the entire world that I can compete against Boogie Smallz."

"So as you see I am fighting for a lot more than just the Cruiserweight title. Don't get me wrong, a title is a title and I will take what I get unlike some people, but still I made a challenge and I want it answered one way or another. I play this little game of his a while longer and then I come collecting for his ass if you know what I mean. I'm a motha F(beep)kin reap-o man, and I get what I asked for. Simple as that."

McCave: "Now let's branch off of Smalllz for the moment and talk about your oponants for X-Perience in the fatal four way elimination match for the Cruisweight title. The same men that not only stand in your way of the title but also your challenge against Boogie Smallz."

Jevon: "What's there to talk about? I own'em all. They don't stand a chance against me. I'm motivated, I'm determined, I'm even borderline obsessed with winning. There ain't nobody that can stand in my way. Believe it or not, I'm at the top of my game. I'm in the best shape of my life. Contrary to the fact that you haven't seen me on GWE television doesn't me a thing. I've been focused and buying my time for the right moment. This is my time to shine. I watched the tube over the passed few weeks and I've seen what's been happening. This time is ripe for me to step up and seize what is mine. I'm gonna do and there is nobody that can stop me. Let's talk about my oponants shall we?"

First we've got Zell Hunter. A man who is literally no stranger to the Cruiserweight title. A man who managed to take on an entire stable and still win the title. Yeah he single-handledly whooped Eric Davis' one hit wonder stable, Ratings Boost and they still couldn't pry the title off of him. Then he managed to take your's truly on in a ladder match and beat me. Now that says something. I will give respect where respect is due. He earned it and then some. Then he whooped Mystical Illusions, and all them guys, but then something happened, he lost and since then I think that he lost a part of himself. I don't think he has what it takes to get it back. Now granted the only thing he has is that fine peice of Oriental ass, Trynyty Wang, but that ain't gonna help do him any favors when it comes to getting that Cruiserweight title back on X-Perience. Neither will I let him beat me a second time. He's as good as taken out."

"Next we have Jefferey Roberts. The man who is the Dan Ryan of Cruiserweights. Mouth and all. But let's face it, what has he done lately. Oh yeah right...he's been wasting away on X-treme Enough trying to be the Al Snow of the GWE. Even before then what has Roberts done before X-Treme Enough? What matches has he had to keep the ring rust off of him? He hasn't done s***. At least I had some matches before then. Yeah I may of lost some match, but I also won some. Overall at least the ring rust hasn't taken it's toll on me. But then again I'm too good to let something like a little rust keep me down. So Roberts is as good as taken out of this match."

"Then we have the brash, hungry, wanting to make a name for himself in the GWE 'The New Icon' Bryan Storm. Who could actually be the only man capible enough to throwing a wrench in my celebration plans.....


*COUGH...BULLS***.....COUGH! Please. Do you think that any of these boys have any chance of beating me on X-Perience tonight? No they don't. Not even close. They have about as much chance of beating me as Boogie Smallz sporatically growing a d*** all of a sudden."

"So to Boogie Smallz, pay real close attention to this match because you'll see some of the greatest fighting that the world has ever laid eyes on as I whoop three of the GWE's premiere elite Cruiserweight superstars all in one match. How's that for a try out match Boog? Then after I capture the title, I'm coming for you. "

"Simply put, believe dat homey....




"And on that note, I'm done. Cut it, print it, air it, I'm ready. See you all tonight boyz."

*{Fade Out}


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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY
Funny You Should Ask


The scene opens inside the luxurious Manhattan penthouse apartment of GWE's newest free agent signing coup, "The New Icon" Bryan Storms. Sitting on a custom made Italian black leather sofa is the man himself, wearing a pair of tailored black slacks and an expensive looking grey collared shirt with the top two buttons undone. Currently, Storms is in a fit of laughter, and it soon becomes evident what he is chortling at, as the camera pans to pick up a recorded version of Jevon White's most recent promo playing on an EXTRAVAGANTLY large plasma screen TV. The camera cuts back to Storms, who stops exploding in laughter just long enough to turn off the television and motion the camera to get a close-up.


Oh my f*cking GOD! D-did you guys just see that sh*t? Hah!

He erupts in chuckles once again, then puts a cigarette in his mouth, lights up, and puffs, thus calming him down.

I'm sorry, man, but that load of crap was just so damn FUNNY! Does this f*cking space cadet actually think he has a chance to win the GWE Cruiserweight Championship? God, where does Zieba find these whackjobs? I mean, do we really need a 47 hour promo from JEVON F*CKING WHITE?

J-man, has it ever occurred to you in that tiny little peanut inside that RIDICULOUSLY thick melon of yours that we DON'T need to know every single aspect of your personal life? We don't care where you've been, we don't care what you like on your damn cornflakes, and certainly NOBODY gives a sh*t about your marital plans with your b*tch.

You know why nobody cares, man? Because your JEVON F*CKING WHITE, that's why.

And yes, Jevon. I called her a b*tch. Do something about it.

Heh. Like you got the chance to do anything to THIS.

Bryan extinguishes his cigarette in an ashtray on the coffee table, then looks up once more.

Jevon, I really wish you'd recover your long term memory. Because then, maybe you'd rediscover the irrefutable fact that not only are you currently an irrelevant little blip on the GWE radar, but that you always have been and will be nothing but an irrelevant blip on the wrestling scene. You're worse than a has been, Jevon. You're a NEVER WAS.

Hell, at least your so-called tag team partner went insane. I mean, that was at least somewhat entertaining. You, Jevon, you're just two things; BORING...and DELUSIONAL.

Now, we've gone over the fact that we don't need 45 minutes of you and Lillian making verbal foreplay. But, you've got to realize a couple things.

First of all, I didn't know we were wrestling TONIGHT.


Heh. I slay me.

Jevon, this event isn't for a few days. There ain't no need to abuse the public anymore than you already do by insulting their intelligence. That's my job, spanky.


See, I'm much better at it than you'll ever be. Now, onto the next misconception you seem to have. That being the fact that you actually BELIEVE you can beat Boogie Smallz. Jevon Alexander White, a man who couldn't beat a blind, deaf, mute, paraplegic, female ORANGUTAN on his best day, thinks he can take on the Unified Heavyweight Champion of the world?

Again, I'm just asking for a f*cking break here people.

Finally, J-Bomb, you have this little delusion that there's a chance in hell that you'll walk out of the John Miller Tribute Show with the Cruiserweight title strapped around your waist. Now, while you were right in the fact that the other two sh*ts in this shindig are nothing but A: a complete washout and B: a man whose pulled more disappearing acts than Troy Douglas after a bump on the knee. But, you don't know **** about the true X factor in this match.

So let's have a little lesson in ICON 101, alright J-dog?

I'm not just some brash little upstart, J-diddy. No, I am quite simply the BEST that this division has, does, or will ever have to offer. I am the one and only reason that a Cruiserweight championship should exist in the entire god damned industry. I, and I alone, am the reason that thousands line up outside Ticketmaster windows when they hear that GWE's coming to town. Sh*t, I'm the most electric personality in the whole damn business, and I've never even had a match!

So buddy, if you think you've got more than a snowball's chance in Death Valley in July, then I do believe that there are a few other things bound to happen.

1. Hell freezes that f*ck over.

2. Pigs fly.

3. The Boston Red Sox win the World Series.

Get the point?

Yeah, in this litte "match" we've got Roberts the washout, Hunter the burnout, and the greatest natural talent in the world right now. Well, just where does that leave you, J-Doggy-Dogg?


Jeffy, Zelda, if either one of you wants to pull your reject a**es out of the woodwork and take a shot at the Icon, feel free. I'll be waiting.

Jevon, you're not worth any more of my precious time. I've got a massage on tap.

Hey, I need to be prepared for the big match "tonight"? Right, Jevon?

I'll see you when I f*cking feel like it. Until then, you can consider yourself another victim of my scathing wit.

..."tonight", what a motherf*cking loser...

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
A funny thing happened on the way....


A darkly lit room dominates the scene. No one is trying to look cool. No one is trying to look badass.

JEFFREY ROBERTS stands with his back to the camera looking into a vanity mirror. Candles flicker off the reflection staring back.

Long stringy hair hangs loosely over his face, one eye obscured.

Scars grace his back, souvenirs from tours of Japan over the last year or so. Long black jeans stretch down and out of sight over his lower body.

His eyes drop as we continue to see the man and his reflection.

Roberts: "So long....."

"It's been a long time since the last time I showed my face in an official capacity in GXW....GWE...whatever you would have it called. At least, a long time since I've showed my face in an effort to do what I do best."

"There's been a certain.....I don't know...satisfaction in a career in the Orient."

"Unfortunately there's a certain risk also."

"I'm not quite the same man that the fans remember."

"I'm not quite the same man as I was before simply because of all that has transpired in the interim."

"I'm not the same man because...."


"Alright, enough already!"

Roberts abruptly turns and flips a light switch on, bathing the room in full light.

"I know. It was trite to begin with and it's trite now. Why exactly do people do the whole flickering candle thing? Is that supposed to make us seem more dangerous?"

"Oh no! He does not fear the dark! Now we're in for it!"

"Truth be told, the three of you put together and completely juiced up on BALCO's best stuff probably couldn't budge my jock if you tried."

"All that I see around me in this situation are a bunch of cutesy little lambs walking into a building that they don't even realize is filled with angry rednecks ready to make them into a new take on an Old Testament sacrifice."

"Storms, I relate to you a bit."

"Jevon White is indeed an idiot."

"But don't pat yourself on the back too hard there, Stormy."

"I've got a disappointing little fact to reveal to the both of ya. I'm not too busy busting off the ring rust these days. I make my own schedule, book my own deals and wrestle when I want to....but I'm not hurting for work."

"And washout?"

"Damn, Bryan. That's just plain harsh. You slay not only yourself, my good man."

"I feel the pressure of a thousand years thrust upon my by your strong words, my young plural friend."

"It is a weight that feels almost impossible to bear, this dismissive and figurative wave of your hand in my direction."

"I wonder....how will things play out?"


"I just had an idea."

"In fact, I don't know why you didn't think of this first!"

"You....COULD....go into the GXW....GWE......GWAR....I'll never get used to this new name....."

"...Anyhow, you could go into the archives and pull up some of that ANCIENT footage from two years ago."

(In an aside to the camera) "My how time flies..."

"I didn't do anything too overly scary though. That is, unless you consider being challenged for a match and carving my answer with a Bowie knife into the chest of my opponent scary."

"There might be some footage of my wrestling skill as well. Beware that shooting star press that ends in a knee across the throat. I hear that one's a doozy."

"But above all else, spend lots and lots of time with your family before the show there Bry."

"After all...."

Roberts suddenly adopts a bad Italian accent and random Italian music plays out of absolutely nowhere....

"A man who doesn't make time for his family can never be a real man."

And back to normal. WTF was that??

"That and...you know, you may not be able to see visitors in the intensive care wing."

"Just some things to think about."

"And as for you, Mr. White."

"This whole.....well......this whole......thing.......that you're doing."

"I want you to stop."

"All of it."




"Especially the tennis thing....unless you plan on bringing Anna Kournikova to ringside...in which case....ROCK ON MR. WHITE."

"But enough about you. I need to get set for Mr. Storms' reply. I understand there is some scathing wit to be the victim of and so I shall prepare thusly."

Roberts jerks randomly and suddenly into a defensive crouch while simultaneously pulling a hockey mask over his face from a nearby end table.

He holds the pose as we....



Jan 1, 2000
Cruisers! Yes!

(CUT TO: Troy Windham, in the back of his HumVee.)

TROY: Awww, ain't it cute? Midget wrestling is BACK and coming to your town. Hey, do we have Sky-Low-Lo around here in his head dress? There's nothing funnier than a drunk midget.

As far as these other guys-- get your match on and off ASAP, that's an order from me, The King of All Wrestling, Hollywood's Biggest Star. If I have to wait for my contract signing for four pre-pubescent 12-year-olds, then I'm going to be very mad.

And that might mean four supermarket bag boys lose the ability to use their legs. Wal-Mart doesn't give health insurance, kids... and your white trash parents can't afford to have ANOTHER hopeless child.

Get in, get out and you'll be saved. (FTB)


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Who iz u, and who do u think u iz?

*{Fade In}

*(The scene opens backstage inside the arena where Revolution will be taking place. GWE production and set crews have already arrived in the arena to begin preparations for tonight's event. The camera catches view of one of the competitors in tonight's event as Jevon Alexander White is walking down the hallway. He is wearing the same non wrestling street attire that he was wearing that he wore when he conducted his interview with Victoria McCave, and a white duffle bag over his shoulder. )

Jevon White: "Hey what up guys? Tonight's gonna be a great show. I can already feel it. It's gonna be my night."

(As Jevon is walking, he sees a GWE stagehand. This guy is a large, stocky, darked skinned African-American gentlemen. He is bald with a nicely trim "Fu-Man-Chu" type mustache, and wearing a GWE stage crew t-shirt, and black baggy jeans. Jevon walks up to the large black man and give him a handshake and begins talking to the man. )

Jevon White: "Hey playa what up man?" (Shaking the man's hand which he responds the same)

Stagehand: "Not much Jevon, just getting this place ready for tonight. You?"

Jevon: "Yeah you know me Darnell, just doing the same. I can feel it man, tonight's gonna be my night on so many levels."

Darnell: "That's kool. Say good luck tonight in that Fatal Four-way elimination match for the Cruiserweight title. I always thought that you'd look good in gold man."

Jevon: "Thanks, but I don't need luck, but I'll take it all the same. Say you wouldn't know if Lillian came in yet would ya?"

Darnell: "No man, she hasn't come to the arena. In fact that's what I would of ask from you. By the way, she alright."

Jevon: "Yeah, she should be fine...I hope. She said she had to go see the doctor about something. She hasn't been feeling well these passed few weeks, but she's supposed to meet me tonight."

Darnell: "She alright?"

Jevon: "Oh yeah, she's fine. She'll be even better after tonight."

Darnell: "Oh yeah, you finally going to ask her? I knew you two were gettin serious. Jevon Alexander White winding down and startin a family. Hey all I gotta say is it's about time."

Jevon: "Too long, but all the more reason why I'm motivated to win tonight. I'm driven man."

Darnell: "I know it, well keep on playa, if I see Lillian I'll send her your way."

Jevon: "Word man."

(The two men greet each other with a high fiving type handshake as they go their own separate ways. Jevon walks down the hallway until he gets to the locker room. He opens it up and enters inside closing the door behind him with the camera following inside. Jevon drops his dufflebag down on the bench and sets down next to it. He pulls out his cell phone, and dials into it. As he is waiting for an answer, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the small black jewelry case and opens it up to reveal the diamond ring staring back at him. The shimmer of the diamond glistens in the light in his brown eyes. Finally after a moment, the voice mail on the other end kicks on.)

v/o of Lillian Watts: "This is Lillian, not available right now. Please leave your name and number, bye."


Jevon: "Lillian, this is Jevon, just wanted to see where you were at. I'm concerned for you girl. You've never been this late like this. Well when you get this message just call me or meet me at the arena. I'll see you soon baby. Love ya...bye."

(In frustration, Jevon hangs up his cell phone and puts it in his pocket. He closes the black velvet case in his hand and clasps his hands together resting his head on them. After a few moments, the television moniter in the locker room across from Jevon kicks on playing the latest promo from Bryan Storm. As the promo plays through, Jevon slowly raises his head and watches with utter shock but still managing to watch the promo with utter interest. After a few moments the promo ends and the camera looks at Jevon for a response.)

Jevon White: (In a mock deep disclaimer announcer's voice) "And now another WTF moment brought to you by the sponsors and supporters of Jevon Alexander White."

(Normal voice yelling)


(Jevon trying to regain his composure)

Jevon: "I got one question to ask you Storm...

"Who iz u, and who do u think u iz?"

"No seriously Storm, who do you think you are laughing at me. I'm not Hellfighter, so don't treat me like I'm the laughing stock of the GWE. I'm not HellFighter, I'm not Zell Hunter, I'm not Jefferey Roberts, I'm not Boogie Smallz, and I'm certainly not you?"

"I'm better than all of you. I know, I know that you all don't believe me but that's all gonna change after tonight. "

"Seriously though Storm, you talk about my girl. You just went there didn't you? Take my word for it! I'm gonna do something about it...IN THE RING! Then we'll see who's the real ***** when this boy whoops your ass and takes the GWE Cruiserweight title. "

"Also just so you know Storm,, where oh where did you get the notion that I wanted Boogie Smallz' title? I never said that I wanted the title. I just said that I wanted to fight him. I challenged him to a NON TITLE MATCH dumb s*** for brains. Maybe if you llean the orangatang cum out of your ears and think before you let your scathing dribble that you call WIT fly out of your mouth to anybody within ear shot, you might make a little more sense."

"My little war with Boogie Smallz has been going on long before he even got the World Heavyweight title. I don't care about the title. Here's the bottomline, Boogie runs his mouth to every single white boy in the back saying that he can whoop their ass. As soon as a fellow brotha such as myself comes along and takes him up on his challenge, he's all of a sudden running scared and making excuses. My challenge that I made to him HAS NOTHING To do with the title. It's a matter of him writing checks I know he can't cash. So you say that I don't have the right to be competing against Smallz? I'm the one who gives me the right to fight him."

(Jevon leans back as he lets out a sigh and to recollect his thoughts before he continues on.)

"Fine, so you think that I'm a never was. That's your choice, but after tonight, this 'never was' as you so put it, is about to go through a complete transformation and become a SOMEBODY. A Jevon White somebody. No I'm not talking about a flava of the month somebody. I'm talking about in one night one man single-handedly becomes an instant LIVING LEGEND all because of one opportunity. This will be my night. It's within my grasps and I'm seizing it...starting with the GWE Cruiserweight title. All I gots to do is go through three other scrubnuts to do it. That's phase one of my plan."

"I mean how hard can it be Storm. I'm going up against YOU, Jefferey Roberts, and Zell Hunter. I think I can handle it."

(Jevon puts his hand on his ear like he is trying to hear something.)

"Oh what's that? So Buddy? I can't do it? If I think I've got more than a snowball's chance in Death Valley in July, then your fat lipped tongue believes that there are a few other things bound to happen.

1. Hell freezes that f*ck over.

(Jevon puts his hand on the ground)

"Damn, it got in here really fast. What happened. I think somebody forget the light the pilot lit in hell because it just froze over."

(Does a mock look up in the sky.)

2. Pigs fly.

"Will you look at that. What the hell is that? It looks like bacon, and it somehow grew wings. I don't think it finished cooking. Damn that's a pig and it's flying....like Superman...er I mean PIG!"

(Holds his hands like he is looking into a crystal ball.)

3. The Boston Red Sox win the World Series.

"I see, next year that Red Socks will finally conquer the curse and win the World Series. Go Bean Town."

"Yeah...I got the point loud and clear."

"See Storm, anything is possible. I know I can do it, and I'm driven to win. There ain't NOTHING that can stop me. Not even some incessant, scrubnut with a bad case of 'The Runs' in the mouth to tear me down. Oh yeah, you think that you get brownie points for trash talkin about me? You think that you can use me to springboard your ass into GWE Superstardom? That's my job. Not if I use you first. "

"And on that note, I'm done talking about Storm. I'll just let the rest of my actions do the talking for me in the ring."

"See you in the ring...SPRINGBOARD! Now Fade out, I'm done."

(Jevon almost signals for the camera to fade out, but before he does, the moniter shows another promo being broadcasts. This time it's Jefferey Roberts. As Jevon watches the promo, the scene fades out.)

*{Fade Out}


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Thanks for the advice Roberts.

*{Fade In}

(Cut to: the interior of the locker room of Jevon Alexander White who has just finished watching the latest promo of Jeffery Roberts. Jevon pauses for a moment to think of what to say and then looks into the camera. Let's listen in.)

Jevon White: "Gee Roberts. You call me an idiot...oh well, you know what they say. Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one."

(Points to his cheek as he looks at the camera)

"By the way Roberts, you have some S(beep) right here that you need to forgot to wipe off."

(Holding his nose)

"Damn Roberts, close your mouth, I can smell you all the way from here. You are one foul motha f(beep)ker"

"So I'm an idiot. Oh well things change, and nothing last forever. Even opinions can change."

"No seriously Jeff, I do have one thing to say to you that I liked what you said."

(Jevon picks up a remote control points it at the moniter to rewind it to a certain spot in Jefferey Robert's promo.)

Roberts: "But above all else, spend lots and lots of time with your family before the show there Bry."

"After all...."

(Roberts suddenly adopts a bad Italian accent and random Italian music plays out of absolutely nowhere.)

"A man who doesn't make time for his family can never be a real man."

(Jevon pauses the tape)

Jevon: "Thanks Roberts, that was some of the best advice I've heard. I'll take that to heart and apply it to my life. In fact, after tonight, I will be next step. You're right Jeff, family is everything and that is why I have more than another reason why I'm going to win tonight in the fatal 4 Way match for the Cruiserweight title. This is gonna be my night. In one night, my career just like my personal life could go to a whole new level. This is the start of something new for me. My life and my career could all change in one single night. I maybe a hasbeen or a never was as some people think, but Fate could play a whole other part in my life."

"Serendipity baby. A whole punch of little fortunate accidents such as you, Storm, and Hunter, plus a little help from our esteemed GWE Unified World Heavyweight Champion Boogie Smallz will make my career. My life is on the brink of something new and great. I can't ask for anything more than this. My life is gonna change tonight. This will be the night of my life."

(Jevon pauses as he looks back at the paused moniter)

"Wait a minute there was something else...let me refresh my LONG TERM MEMORY before I continue on"

(Jevon unpauses the moniter to allow it to continue playing.)

"Just some things to think about."

"And as for you, Mr. White."

"This whole.....well......this whole......thing.......that you're doing."

"I want you to stop."

"All of it."




"Especially the tennis thing....unless you plan on bringing Anna Kournikova to ringside...in which case....ROCK ON MR. WHITE."

"But enough about you. I need to get set for Mr. Storms' reply. I understand there is some scathing wit to be the victim of and so I shall prepare thusly."

Roberts jerks randomly and suddenly into a defensive crouch while simultaneously pulling a hockey mask over his face from a nearby end table.

He holds the pose as we....


(Jevon stops the tape and looks at the camera)

Jevon: "Stop what thing Roberts. I don't know what you're talking about. You give me great advice. If anything this is me FINALLY accepting the responsiblities in my life, and also realizes what REALLY matters in my life. I've been dating Lillian for years and it's time that we finally take our relationship to the next level. This is not just some ploy, this is the real thing. I'm just finally doing what I should of done years ago. Now if you have a problem with this then try and stop me. I'm going to do this regardless of whether or not I win tonight. Winning the GWE Cruisweight title is just a little added incentive and motivation to help me make my night all the sweeter."

"Now as for the whole tennis thing Jeff, I find it funny that your telling me to stop something that I have been saying for years. Don't you think that you're a little late on the advice Jeff? I do. Kind of hard to stop it all in one night. But hey again things change. Now as far as bringing Anna Kournikova to my matches. Sorry, but I have someone better, and after tonight, she'll be Mrs. Jevon Alexander White, so all in all I DO have everyright to be saying stuff like that in my promos."

(Jevon pauses as he does a mock Dave Chappelle impression from Undercover Brother as he points to his head with his index fingers and smiles mischeviously.)


"Now don't get your panties in a wad about my impression Roberts, I'm just messing with you there, so bite your tongue."

"Okay I'm done, I'm off like a dirty shirt. Fade out baby."

*{Fade Out}

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