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Suicide v Doe


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Certain Uncertainty

* Suicide RP for C14.

The camera faded in to the skyline of New York City. It was bright, but brisk day, as the city’s denizens moved in a bustling manner. In the right side of this scene some wisps of smoke came into view.

“Life is an uncertainty. One minute, you have everything figured out, everything going your way. You have direction, you have focus, you have a game plan and you execute it. You are determined to follow through and achieve the end game when all of a sudden, a series of unexpected events deters you from reaching the finish line.”

“For something, this can be a deterrent from continuing on. There are some who can not handle such a drastic change in their lives. The fold, buckle under the pressure, and become consumed by their despair.”

“Then there are those who persevere from such an experience. They get back up on their feet, dust themselves off, and continue on with their head held up high. They care not what other unexpected surprises await them as they are determined.”

The camera pans back and shown is a dark silhouette hidden from clear view.

“But one thing's for certain - no matter what happens, will you live in regret over your decision?”

“It’s been quite awhile since my last adventure here in New Era of Wrestling. Nearly four years has passed and there are quite a few things I have questioned during that time. Is New Era of Wrestling the same as it was? Or has it changed so drastically that everything that happened prior to this point in time has become null and void?”

“I’d like to think what I and others have accomplished holds some validity, but with every new challenge facing you, it matter not what once was - all that matters is the moment at hand.”

“Mr. Doe, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? The one and only time we have faced before was in New Era of Wrestling back in 2004. And while it wasn’t a one-on-one affair, it was an early glimpse into what would be a pretty successful career for you. You were wily, sneaky, fast, and had great ring awareness. Those skills only improved with new ones added to your repertoire.”

“But we fast forward eleven years and we both are changed individuals. And while I am uncertain that I still have what it takes to continue my successes here in New Era of Wrestling, what is certain is that I am in for a fight. I could never count you out because you are someone who can take punishment no mere mortal can withstand.”

“I could say the same for myself, except this body of mine has seen battles that would make blood curdle and the hairs stand on the back of people’s necks. To be quite honest, I don’t know how much more brutality I can endure. For the past few years, something has been eating me from within and I can not shake this feeling that my destiny is not at an end. I feel like coming back and continuing on I am tormenting myself over things that may no longer be in my control.”

“However, I have had some time to realize that my destiny isn’t predetermined but something I have control over. In fact, I’ve come to realize I’m not the same man I once was before…”

“I’m much worse.”

“Mr. Doe, when that bell rings and we both stand across from one another, there will be no time to waste for my patience has been growing very thin. Win or lose, my time is right now - not what once was nor whatever random that awaits me in the future. And while you can not stop what is already meant to be at Banned in the U.S. II, you are still in my way and for that, I must take care in vanquishing you for I do not take you lightly.”

“But in the end, you will come to know who I am and what I have become… even though it may be too late.”

“‘Nuff said…”

The camera fades out as the mysterious silhouette disappears from view…

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