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Summer Movies



Hope we're able to post here too.

Has anyone else seen the big movies of the summer? Have yet to see Pirates 2. Tried to get my best friend to see it last weekend but he broke his foot in a pickup Dodgeball game. Seriously. lol We hung out and got something on ppv instead.

I thought Superman Returns was lame.

Natalie Portman should have been Lois. Or the one from Smallville. Just my opinion.



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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
DannyGilbert said:
Hope we're able to post here too.

I thought Superman Returns was lame.

Natalie Portman should have been Lois. Or the one from Smallville. Just my opinion.


I haven't seen Superman Returns yet, but I kind of want to mainly because I want to see why Bryan Singer needed a $200+ Million dollar budget and how much of that money might of been wasted.

Overall I have seen mixed reviews on the movie, but I am sure that when I get an opportunity, I will go see it.

As far the whole Lois Lane casting comment that Danny posted.

I could see Natalie Portman playing Lois as I think she could pull it off much better (She wouldn't of needed to dye her hair or wear a wig like Bosworth)

However I think that she was too busy doing what I feel was the biggest comic book let down movie of the year, V For Vendetta.

Now as far as getting Smallville cast to star in the role.

I think that the reason why they didn't cast any of them goes along with why Tom Welling (Clark/Superman on Smallville) wasn't slated to play Superman in the movie

If Welling was cast to play Superman in the movie, it would literally mean the end of the Smallville tv series and for the most part it still has quite a bit of pull and pulling good ratings for the WB (CW after September)

(Granted this was said when Brett Ratner was the latest director tagged onto direct Superman Returns (before Singer pulled out of X-3 and came on board to direct the flick)

Emily Durrance (I think that is her name in real life) The girl who plays Lois Lane on Smallville.

I personally wouldn't cast her to play Lois in the movie. In my honest opinion, if you didn't like Kate Bosworth in the role, then I know you wouldn't like her. I actually feel that Lois on Smallville...especially Durrance in the role is nothing more than just a mere supportative character and the "Lois episodes" where she might have some focus and billing on it, it just seems like to me she is nothing more than cheap t and a. Plus I feel that she doesn't fit in Smallville tv show at this time. I think that she isn't strong enough to play a character like Lois, but that is just me.


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Aug 14, 2004
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
I have seen X3, Pirates2 and Clerks II. I'm a sequel whore.

I'm a comic book fan from way back, but not to the point where I expect the movie to be canon to the comics. I have different expecations with novels and comic books. Comic books, due to several different writers, can have varied results. Novels only have one point of view. I was fine with the changes in X-Men III, and hope all these rumours of moving to just prequels and spin-offs is untrue. I want an X4.

Pirates: Dead Man's Chest could have went for another three hours and I wouldn't have cared, I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the three way sword battle was amazing. It wasn't as clever as the first, but I'm putting my marbles into the third movie. To me, it was basically one movie, at 6 hours of length, cut in half.

Clerks II was ****ing hilarious, and the ending made up for Chasing Amy. Why? The whole "if you are close to your same sex friend, you must be gay for him" ending in Chasing Amy was the ****ing worst **** I have seen anyone try to place in a movie as fact, and thats what Chasing Amy tried to say. In Clerks II, Kevin Smith finally rebutted it, and I'm happy. Ben Affleck's appearance sucked. Jason Lee's was very good. "Pillowpants" is one of the ****ing funniest things I have ever heard in my life. The music was also very good. They could have done more bashing to LOTR and Star Wars. The idea it was three movies of walking was funny, but they could have bashed it more (See: my point on not re-writing novels for your own vision, but its okay to do for comic books). Why not bash the fact the second movie barely contained anything from the Two Towers novel because it was all focusing on one big ****ing battle scene? That would have been nice to hear. Or how about some more bashing on the original SW trilogy? I would have loved that as well. Aside from it, I definitely enjoyed the movie. Hearing "Misery" by Soul Asylum sealed the deal.

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