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Superbowl: Intro


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

::fade in, black screen::

“This is the best day the world has ever seen. Tomorrow will be better.” – R.A. Campbell

::fade out, fade in to a jam packed Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachutes, the camera pans the to the masses in the LOVE, Manson, and Copycat t-shirts as fireworks go off::


JONATHAN MARX: The road has been long and hard, but I have a feeling that we are in for an evening to remember.

BRANDON JACOBS: We have eleven big matches tonight, two of which have been taped for DVD before the show which we will get to right after the intro. Lets starts off talking about the opening match on the show, two of the biggest stars in all of the UK will face off when Adam Benjamin will go one on with Stanley Stone who will make his debut here tonight.

JONATHAN MARX: My heart is going with Benjamin, but I’ve ever so many great things about Stanley Stone. I think he may wind up pulling an upset here tonight.

VIC WATERS: Rest assured, unlike some other feds, the only tea bagging in this match will be afterwards when they are having their biscuits.

BRANDON JACOBS: Whatever the result is, I think we are going to be in for a classic European match between the two.

JONATHAN MARX: It is the sleeper match on the show.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our next match after that is Steve Shane, making his debut here tonight, against the Aussie Pulsar who brings the fight to guys like few others.

JONATHAN MARX: Pulsar is one of the most underrated wrestlers in this sport and if he were to find a way to beat Shane here tonight in his debut, he may finally get the notice that deserves.

VIC WATERS: Pulsar may be gritty, but this match is all Steve Shane.

BRANDON JACOBS: We will see. Our next match after that will be Hacker going one on one against the Unnamed Bastard.

JONATHAN MARX: These two were really verbally ripping into each other. Hacker may have his hands full with Unnamed Bastard who seems to have a renewed fire behind him to take his rightful spot here in WFW.

VIC WATERS: Hacker is one of the most devious wrestlers in this sport and despite the Unnamed Bastard’s size, I am sure that he will have a plan to counter it.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our next match after that is a three way between Pat Gordon, BP Lightning, and the infamous…. MYSTERY MAN~!

JONATHAN MARX: Do you know who the mystery man is Vic?

VIC WATERS: Of course I do, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so you guys will have to find out with the rest of the world who it is.

JONATHAN MARX: This is awfully hard match to pick, when there is a mystery man, you never know what his opponent is up against. That being said, the Irish veteran Pat Gordon has been around for so long and has seen everything, I am going with Pat to take this match.

BRANDON JACOBS: And last but least, our last undercard match before the title matches begin, John Doe will take on Rocko Daymon and Hindustani in a Device of Death Match.

JONATHAN MARX: What all does that entail?

VIC WATERS: Its a platform raise by a pulley system that drops at random times, the match doesn't start till the device is raised up in the air thirty feet, to win you must throw your opponent of the platform down to the ground.

JONATHAN MARX: Jim Cornette once fell from a scaffold and blew out a knee. This is a very dangerous match and they aren’t careful, it could end the loser’s career.

VIC WATERS: There is nothing like some good old fashioned violence and there is going to be enough room on that platform for both men to go at it like they want.

BRANDON JACOBS: After the Device Of Death will be our first title match of the night, Jared Wells will put up the BAD World Heavyweight Title which he has held for over two years straight against Ohio State’s Finest Steve Johnson in a Strong Style Wrestling match.

JONATHAN MARX: Steve Johnson is one of my favorite up and coming stars in all of wrestling today, but Jared Wells is going to be a hard man to beat. Everytime he has the obstacles stacked up against him, he finds a way to escape with the title smelling like a rose.

VIC WATERS: When are people going to realized Jared Wells is money? As always, I am letting it ride on Wells until he finally the title because right now he is on fire.

BRANDON JACOBS: This will be a match though unlike any other Wells has fought in a long time, this won’t be some wild brawl, he is going to have to beat Johnson in a wrestling match. My money is on Johnson to pull off the upset.

VIC WATERS: Might as well flush it down the toilet.

BRANDON JACOBS: The way you loved Jared Wells, it is like he buys your Poland Spring water and lines you up with hookers.

VIC WATERS: If he did that, I’d love him more than Doc himself.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our next match of the evening is the long awaited conclusion to the WFW World Tag Title Tournament with Jean Rabesque & Steve Johnson teaming up to take on OSS and the Cameron Cruse Project in an elimination match. If one member of the team is pinned, both men are gone and the other two teams battle it out until we have a winner.

JONATHAN MARX: This is going to be a war and I think it will be awfully close, but I am leaning towards Jean Rabesque & Steve Johnson. A pure wrestling tag team like that only comes around once in a life time and Steve Johnson has learned very well under Rabesque.

VIC WATERS: The big problem is that Steve Johnson will have to wrestle two matches basically back to back, although there will be a special intermission where WFW will announce the winner awards voted on by the league elders for those who have contributed to World’s Finest Wrestling since the last Superbowl of Wrestling.

JONATHAN MARX: There is even a rumor all four may be here tonight in the ring for the announcement and that has never happened in the history of the WFW.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our next match up is our semi-main event, it will be a WFW North American Title Match: Double Steel Cage: El Arco Iris © putting up his title against Former CSWA World Heavyweight Champion Dan Ryan, former World & North American Champion Psycho, and former WFW World Heavyweight Champion and President Sean Edmunds with Lindsay Troy, Pat Gordon, Sherri, and a person of Psycho's choice in the outer cage. Shawn Hart will be the special referee in the match to call it down the middle after his neck surgery has left him unable to wrestle.

JONATHAN MARX: Shawn Hart will be our new regular head referee and from this show forward, he will call every match.

BRANDON JACOBS: And last, but not least, the WFW World Heavyweight Title Match: Falls Count Anywhere in Gillette Stadium: Anarky puts his title on the line against his arch nemesis and the main he won the title from Copycat , the former WFW World Heavyweight and Ultratitle Champion Michaels Manson, the former EW World Heavyweight Title and So Cal Rumble Larry Tact, and former BAD World Heavyweight Champion and current WFW President Felix Red with our special referee for the match, a former champion and President himself, Alex Wylde.

JONATHAN MARX: That world title match can go so many ways. Anarky is going to have a tough night, all of his main rival are in one match and they all want to be the man who dethrones Anarky from his perch.

VIC WATERS: As long as it isn’t Copycat or Larry Tact, Edmunds and I will be pleased.

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat last year got robbed by LOVE out of his So Cal Rumble shot and I know he’d love to get revenge against both Anarky & Felix Red in one night.

VIC WATERS: Manson is going to be gunning after him too after he cost him the title. I really don’t know what is going to happen.

BRANDON JACOBS: There is only one way to find out. Folks, lets take a commercial break, when we comeback, we will have a report live from the Control Center with the results of the matches that were taped before the show began. STAY TUNED!

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