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Superbowl of Wrestling: Ricky Zane vs. Scotty Michaels vs. Richard Gideon


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(The camera fades in to a man seated in a old room. Inside are various clippings of WFW matches of yesteryear, with one tying thread: the wrestler known as Richard Gideon. It is that man who is seated, and it is that man that begins to speak)

RG: The more things change...(looking down at the clippings)...There was a time, in a league far far away when I was a young upstart, trying to find my way with the likes of Psycho and Scotty Michaels and even Felix Red. Now I've moved on, as the league has. But one thing, one thing always stuck in my craw....the fact I got the recognition of being the best North American Champ in the league after the fact. I've wrestled with the big dogs and scrapped and clawed my way through the league before, and starting at the Superbowl of Wrestling, I'm going to do so again.

(Gideon gets up, stretching himself and the denim outfit he's wearing, and then walks over to a WFW NA Title Replica)

RG: See this? This was given to me the day I won the belt. Scotty, you remember this night right? A night we all bled? Well come SBoW I'm thinking you and this Ricky Zane are gonna have to bleed. Heck, you may have to do more than that - you're going to have to lose a part of yourselves to me in that match. Because, for the first time in a long time, I'm hungry. And that means God help whoever faces me, in my return engagement!

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