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Superbowl: Taped For DVD


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

BLACK ROSE: Welcome everyone to WFW Control Central and we have a full report on the matches taped for DVD before the show.

In our first match of the evening, two returning WFW legends and a former NFW World Heavyweight Champion graced a WFW ring for the very first time in a year when Richard Gideon took on Scotty Michaels & Ricky Zane. Gideon had a spirited start out of the gate and busted out the G-Force rolling brainbuster suplexes on both Zane and Michaels to a huge ovation from the crowd before Zane and Michaels regrouped and began to double team Gideon. Gideon battled back but Zane clipped Gideon from behind and locked on a elevated Boston Crab while Michaels went to the top and hit the Heartbreaker right on the back of Gideon’s head. Zane then proceeded to go for the cover but Michaels pulled him off and a back and forth brawl ensued between the two former allies before Michaels drove Zane over the top with a clothesline which seemingly injured Zane on the floor which brought the ref down to the floor. Michaels looked like he was on the verge of victory as he was setting up for a diamond cutter when Luster ran out to a huge pop and speared Scotty Michaels as he turned around to see what the commotion was all about. The ref came back into the ring and then Gideon proceeded to crawl on top of Scotty Michaels to get the three as Luster escaped laughing through the crowd.

In the second match of the night, Golem took on Minion in a four corners of steel match where every turnbuckle was exposed. This was Minion’s first match back from injuries since losing the BAD World Heavyweight right before last year’s Superbowl of Wrestling when he ran through the wall at Edison Field. Minion looked like he was prepared for a war, but as the battle went on, the advantage grew more and more for Golem as Minion’s condition from being off for a year caught up with him. Minion fought back though pulling out a spike from his tights and blooding Golem’s head so badly that after the match, the ring apron had to be changed. Golem somehow was able to battle back despite the ref wanting to stop the match a couple of times but in the end, Golem used his stamina and won after he powerbombed Minion in the corner on the exposed turnbuckle right across the throat and then stole the spike from Minion and used it when he locked on the claw to which Minion promptly passed out as he began bleeding from the mouth.

In our third and last match of the evening before the PPV, The Noble Sheik took on Mighty Impala and Mike McGee in a unscheduled handicap match. As the Noble Sheik entered the ring, both men jumped him and began to started to beat on him without mercy as the Noble Sheik struggled to get his robe off. Unfortunately for Impala and McGee, Noble Sheik fought his way up and he blew a fireball in their faces which lead to an automatic disqualification. The Noble Sheik then grabbed the mic and said that he was from the old country and if anyone else wanted to mess with him, he’d lock on the camel clutch, break their back and then **** them up the ass. He called out whoever won tonight’s BAD World Heavyweight Championship to a match at the Boston Area Destruction Reunion Show to prove who the king of hardcore really was as the crowd pelted the ring with garbage.

BLACK ROSE: That is all for WFW Control Center. When we comeback from commercial break, we will have our first PPV match of the evening when Stanley Stone takes on Adam Benjamin, thanks for joining me…. AND STAY TUNED!

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